Associate Testimonials

HomeBridge Financial Services has a powerful combination of deep industry expertise, financial stability, commitment to efficiency and the right people making it happen every day that sets our company apart.


Greg Walker

Joined HomeBridge
March 2014
Branch Manager, Mortgage Loan Originator
Tampa, Florida


The HomeBridge Difference HomeBridge leadership makes me feel like I am a huge part of its success. This was evident by the way I was recruited and the support I have received since the day I started.

Customer Commitment Our Customer Commitment gets direct feedback from customers at the most critical time - the closing. The NPS platform tracks the service levels and holds everyone accountable.

The HomeBridge Mission If you aspire to be a true professional in the mortgage business, then your personal vision and mission will directly coincide with the Homebridge vision and mission, which contain all the ingredients that make a successful Mortgage Loan Originator.


Justin Wood

Joined HomeBridge
April 2012
Dallas, TX


The HomeBridge Difference At HomeBridge everyone is working toward a common goal. And it's not just to close a loan and move on but, rather to become the true "Partner for the Path Ahead" for our customers and business partners. At HomeBridge I know that I'm part of something bigger than myself, and it is an honor to work with this group of professionals.

Teamwork Our customers and business partners should describe their experience as positive, informative and fulfilling. Our West fulfillment center continues to get loans from application to closing, day in and day out, while being mindful of closing dates. Our Net Promoter Score is a reflection of this hard work and dedication to meeting client requests.

The HomeBridge Mission HomeBridge associates have a way of transforming their level of care to motivate those around them and bring everyone's performance to the next level. There is nothing more motivating than knowing that the person next to you is working to do their best, ultimately making your team the best it can be and driving the overall success of the group.


Teresa Erste

Joined HomeBridge
September 2013
Loan Processor
Orlando, FL


The HomeBridge Difference HomeBridge cares more about the customer than any other lender I've worked for. The company listens to its associates and actually considers and implements ideas and suggestions.

Teamwork I love coming to work each day because my team is like a family. We take care of each other, but we also push each other to succeed.

Customer Commitment We believe in our commitment. We don't just say something to sound good, we act on it every day!


Janene McGowan

Joined HomeBridge
May 2010
Mortgage Loan Originator
Bradenton, Florida


The HomeBridge Difference The management team, no questions asked. HomeBridge leaders are always there and make things happen when needed.

The HomeBridge Mission We all work toward the same goal. We love our team and everyone wants to do the best job possible to make sure we are noticed. We must be the most thought of - the most recommended - place to go when buyers need a mortgage.


Ross Murray

Joined HomeBridge
May 2014
Sales Manager, Mortgage Loan Originator
Phoenix, Arizona


The HomeBridge Difference I love working for HomeBridge for so many reasons - the outstanding people, the ability to close loans without unnecessary stress, the products and the support. But what really makes us stand apart from all the rest is we get better each and every day. I often find myself saying, "Man, we kind of rock". That's a great way to go to work!

Teamwork Regardless of your branch size or location, the HomeBridge team helps each other out with processing, set up, marketing and more. We come together as a group and want all of our partners to succeed. We don't hide behind the secrets to our success - we shout it out to the entire organization.

Growth My business has doubled since coming to HomeBridge for many reasons. Yes, there was an increased effort on my part, but I owe it even more to the support at HomeBridge. And our customer service effort that started at the executive level and drilled down to the associates was a huge part of it. You can't be the most recommended lender without having the culture to support it!