Associate Testimonials

HomeBridge Financial Services has a powerful combination of deep industry expertise, financial stability, commitment to efficiency and the right people making it happen every day that sets our company apart.


Mandy Bringuel

Joined HomeBridge
March 2013
Peachtree City, GA


The HomeBridge Difference HomeBridge, unlike other companies I've worked for, is structured for success both internally and externally. This company rises above the others with a can-do attitude.

Teamwork The operations leadership (processing, underwriting and closing) work closely to make sure all of the work needed is covered so that the job gets done. And HomeBridge has a terrific system and team that consistently updates information for associates to be on top of current policies and procedures.

The HomeBridge Mission Leading by example is not the main thing; it's the only thing. And the HomeBridge leadership team does exactly that. The team pushes me daily to do my best and be my best each and every day.


June Hillyer

Joined HomeBridge
April 2012
Processing Manager
Kennesaw, GA


The HomeBridge Difference HomeBridge is a big company with the feel of a small company. We have offices across the country and I can call any one of them for help at any time. It feels like you are talking to a friend. There is never a response like "I don't know," or "I can't help you with that."

Customer Commitment The team atmosphere means great customer service. We all roll up our sleeves to help where and when needed, one customer at a time.

Building Trust Our business partners see everyone at HomeBridge working as a team and quickly realize that they too want to be part of our team. We communicate throughout the process and work together toward a common goal.


Matthew Gratalo

Joined HomeBridge
July 2010
Branch Manager, Loan Originator
Hackensack, New Jersey
Loan Originator Profile Photo


The HomeBridge Difference HomeBridge has a sales culture, meaning there is an emphasis on providing product and service with the goal of getting and retaining customers. I recently saw a PowerPoint summary of an underwriting meeting. It contained this quote: "We are and will always be a sales-driven company. That doesn't mean we don't maintain quality. It is just a reminder that no one gets a paycheck until a salesperson makes a sale." This mindset sets HomeBridge apart from many competitors who lose sight of this truth.

Teamwork All HomeBridge associates work together to ensure that customers are at the closing table on their scheduled day and time. This may mean working late, looking at special circumstances or whatever the case may be. But, no matter the circumstance, all of our people are willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done for our customers.

Growth I have seen the size of the company grow nearly ten-fold since I've been here. Today, a Mortgage Loan Originator has all of the resources necessary to go out and sell confidently.


Janene McGowan

Joined HomeBridge
May 2010
Mortgage Loan Originator
Bradenton, Florida
Loan Originator Profile Photo


The HomeBridge Difference The management team, no questions asked. HomeBridge leaders are always there and make things happen when needed.

The HomeBridge Mission We all work toward the same goal. We love our team and everyone wants to do the best job possible to make sure we are noticed. We must be the most thought of - the most recommended - place to go when buyers need a mortgage.


Jason Harris

Joined HomeBridge
June 2014
Dallas, TX


The HomeBridge Difference HomeBridge does a better job than most mortgage companies at risk management as opposed to risk avoidance.

Building Trust I can't recall us missing a closing. This, combined with our flexibility compared to those with an identical product mix, makes HomeBridge the go-to lender for business partners.

The HomeBridge Mission It's very easy to forget that there is a human element when looking at the data in a loan. But HomeBridge associates are all very well aware that every file represents a person.