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What Our Customers Say About Me

Ira F. Aug-21
“Vince is awesome. He's the only person I would use and I refer clients to him all the time (and I work for a financial services company who has their own mortgage person).”
Kevin H. Aug-21
“The refinance process with Vince was excellent! He and his team were great to work with. The Homebridge website and portal made things so easy to follow.”
Benjamin D. Jul-21
“Vince and his team, as always, did a great job!”
Jacob H. Jul-21
“Vince was awesome! This survey was about 15 questions too long”
Heather H. Apr-21
“Vince was amazing and is an incredible asset to your company.”
Jeanine M. Apr-21
“I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and quickly the whole process took. Also, the interest rate came in lower. I have had numerous experiences with loan companies over the years; this experience was the easiest.”
Jason H. Apr-21
“Vince Patrick was recommended from my sister. He was honest and forthright through the whole process. I was very satisfied with my experience. I would recommend him again.”
Mark L. Mar-21
“Great service. Thank you”
Michelle A. Mar-21
“Vince was terrific, smart, responsive and he made me laugh :)”
Susan S. Mar-21
“I want to thank you so very much Vince Patrick and your assistant for the smooth transaction of our home mortgage loan. You were amazing to work with and everything just went so fast. Vince I will highly recommend you personally and Homebridge mortgage company to anyone that is looking to refinance or buy a new home Thank You so much for everything!!!”
Janet J. Mar-21
“Vince is great! He is professional, thorough, responsive and on top of his game! I am a Notary Signing Agent and I sign many of Vince's clients on their loans. I have always heard amazing comments about him from his clients!”
Clairissa W. Feb-21
“Vince was incredibly knowledgeable, quick to respond to any questions and clearly great at what he does. He projects a well balanced confidence in his knowledge and work that is very calming and assuring for a nervous first time buyer. This was a very satisfying process. Thank you. ”
Donovan H. Jan-21
“Awesome job! Thanks again for handling everything and being patient with me when I was not getting certain items to you within the agreed upon timelines. 10/10”
Courtney T. Jan-21
“I had a GREAT experience with Vince Patrick and the rest of the HomeBridge team. They were timely, answered all of my questions, and kept me updated throughout the whole process. Thank you, Vince and Team! I will definitely be using you and referring to you in the future!”
Kris W. Jan-21
“Vince is great to work with. He lets you know what you need and communicates through the process. My loan experience was very smooth and closed on time with no surprises.”
Patricia P. Jan-21
“Vince was very responsive and organized. He was a very good partner through the mortgage process. Thank you Vince!!”
Brian D. Jan-21
“vince, thank you for all your help.”
Daniel T. Jan-21
“Amazing customer service.”
Cindy M. Dec-20
“I would like to thank Vince Patrick for implementing the stream line tools so the refinancing process went so smoothly and hassle free.”
Amber K. Dec-20
“The experience was quick and easy. Thank you”
Elaine C. Dec-20
“Professional, knowledgeable, timely. He and his staff were great.”
Richard W. Dec-20
“Vince's team did a great job getting this done.”
Zachary T. Dec-20
“Vince is the best!”
Scott H. Nov-20
“This was one of the best experiences I have had with refinancing. It was very easy and Vince was excellent to work with.”
Michael Z. Nov-20
“Very easy process. Vince was great”
Angela F. Nov-20
“As a first time solo homebuyer who is not savvy about the mortgage business, I would have liked to have had someone walk me through the process beforehand. And as a senior who likes to think of herself as somewhat knowledgeable with technology, I found it a little challenging to navigate the process. With that said, I was overall very pleased with my experience.”
John L. Oct-20
“Good experience all round, thanks”
Sharon H. Oct-20
“This is my third mortgage with Vince and his assistants. I've been so relieved all three times that I never have to worry about how the process is going or that I'm not going to get the best possible interest rate. They go way above and beyond what I as a customer needs to know and understand.”
Julie K. Oct-20
“Amazing service. This was the best experience we have had in all our years of applying for loans. This was a breeze and so easy. Thank you all!!”
Brett H. Oct-20
“Vince did an awesome job and gave updates through the whole process. The process was extremely smooth and we were even able to sign closing documents 7 days early to ensure we could get the keys to our new home on time!”
Pam L. Oct-20
“Vince was very helpful with the process of our re-fi. He explained things we needed to provide and was very responsive when we had questions. I would definitely recommend him (and Homebrige) to others.”
Nora P. Oct-20
“Vince is great! So easy to work with, and a real problem solver. We've referred him to other people looking to buy a home and he came through for them too. He stays in contact in a kind, respectful way and I always know he'll respond quickly and have the information I need. Thanks!!”
Sharon K. Sep-20
“This is the second time I've used Homebridge and Vince Patrick. I received excellent service throughout my loan process. I will definitely use them again if the need arises and will recommend them to friends and family who are looking for a loan.”
Jill R. Sep-20
“Vince is the BEST at what he does! He's knowledgeable, professional, friendly, straight-to-the-point, and efficient! I recommend him to anyone I hear talking about buying a house or refinancing! I even recommend him to realtors I know so that they can have a go-to mortgage guy!”
Paul G. Sep-20
“The loan process went smoothly, with most actions signed electronically. Vince kept us updated regularly and was easily contacted.”
Aaron B. Sep-20
“Vince Patrick was exceptional to work with. He was to the point and answered all our questions. He does not waste time and was always very quick to reply to emails, texts, or phone messages. We have already recommended him to friends.”
Brian T. Sep-20
“As long as I can be confident in the lender's knowledge of their products, cost difference is not something I will shop for. Vince had all the answers I was looking for in an initial 15 minute conversation, the answers held true to the closing table. That is a sign he knows the lending world and his products front and back.”
Chester C. Sep-20
“Vince Patrick is very knowledgeable and responsive. We had hoped for a better interest rate on the refinance, but still received an interest rate that made the refinance worthwhile. The process has been streamlined from traditional mortgage applications which was very refreshing. Thanks!”
Hector R. Aug-20
“We were very impressed with Vince's knowledge about loan options for us, he worked quickly and professionally and ultimately got us the very best loan and interest rate for our first home purchase. Thank you!!”
Devon W. Aug-20
“Couldn't ask for a better person. He has worked with us twice now and I can't say enough.”
Joel B. Aug-20
“Vince Patrick made the process very simple and with little issues on my end. I feel what we discussed was put into play and achieved. The only issues we ran into mainly came from the title company, but were resolved within a few days.”
Linda T. Jul-20
“Vince is great!”
Charles L. Jul-20
“Vince Patrick and Kelly Forsgren where excellent throughout the refinancing process. Vince had also completed a home loan for my daughter recently with excellent results as well. Homebridge was very competitive with the many other lenders and won my business by making me feel like a valued customer. Thank you..”
Rita B. Jul-20
“We have come to expect excellent service from Vince Patrick given our past experiences and once again he has delivered! He makes the process almost seamless and is always anxious to do everything possible to ensure a positive experience with the least amount of effort required on the part of the customer. Thank you Vince!”
Linda T. Jul-20
“Vince is great!”
Jeffrey R. Jun-20
“Vince did a great job. We closed 21 days early.”
Robert M. Jun-20
“We were very happy and impressed with our total experience working with Vince Patrick...thank you”
Randolph H. Jun-20
“Thanks Vince!”
Perfecto T. Jun-20
“Vince was great like always.”
Molly K. Jun-20
“Vince did a great job explaining the process, answering questions. He is very knowledgeable, professional and accessible. He always responded promptly and had excellent communication.”
Frances B. Jun-20
“VInce and his team are easy to work with and great at customer service.”
ROBERT M. May-20
“Vince is extremely professional and very helpful through the whole process. Very pleasurable to work with.”
KRIS W. May-20
“Vince Patrick has helped me with many loans over the years and I have referred family and friends to him as well. Always a great experience!”
LYNN M. May-20
“I like Vince. He is very straight up with me and I appreciate that. What he says turns out to be true and not exaggerated.I will call him again next time.”
CAROL S. May-20
CAROL S. May-20
“Thank you Vince for answering my questions quickly and making this process smooth. I didnt have any surprise costs, and the approval process was super quick! Thanks again!”
RILEY G. Apr-20
“Thank you Vince. We appreciate all of your help.”
ROBERT M. Apr-20
“Vince is extremely professional and very helpful through the whole process. Very pleasurable to work with.”
ELISSA B. Apr-20
“Vince was amazing to work with, he helped me every step of the way. If I missed an email, he let me know right away and was available for any questions I had. He came highly recommended. This process was fast and I couldn't be happier.”
ROBERT M. Nov-19
“Vince Patrick has always had our best interest in mind and he lets us know when there is an opportunity to better our mortgage experience. We really like his expertise.”
Jill R. Sep-19
“Vince Patrick is the best I've ever worked with, and the only person I will contact for home loans and refinancing! I refer all my friends and family to him who mention buying a house or refinancing! He's the best in the market!! Professional, efficient, and very personable!”

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