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You must be looking for home financing. I can help with that! Homebridge has an impressive variety of loan programs to suit many different situations. Whatever type of mortgage you are looking for, I am here to give you the options and guide you through the process. All you have to do is start the conversation and I’ll help with the rest!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Amanda B. Apr-22
“She was amazing! So helpful and friendly. She's the best!”
Kristine D. Aug-21
“Tami helped us to purchase our first home and she also helped us refinance our same home. She made the process easy and was super efficient! Such an amazing person!”
Nancy B. Mar-21
“Working with Tami was a pleasure from our first phone call all the way through the closing. She is personable, knowledgeable, and professional, and made the process fun. It really felt like she was on my team and was working hard to get this done. I have worked with many lenders, and Tami by far exceeds expectations!”
Jeanette K. Dec-20
“Thank you Tami Hanson for providing great effort and knowledge and timely ness for me to purchase a home through Homebridge! Jeanette”
Matthew S. Dec-20
“Everything worked out great, definitely took longer then expected but, they where very busy so it was understandable. Tami was amazing, she answered every question I had and it never seemed like I was "bothering" her. We will be doing this process again in a few years and I look forward to working with Tami again.”
Amanda E. Nov-20
“I previously went to Tami on my first mortgage loan a few years ago. She was always available to answer questions, or just sit and listen to my multiple questions and concerns. For my refinance I had originally gone to the same outfit that held my loan but found that the communication was one-sided and inpersonal. I sought out Tami again, due to the previous experience, and I was not disappointed. She is friendly and outgoing. Has the ability to make you feel at ease in a conversation, and walked me through the process step by step. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, and I so happy that I reached out to Tami again. If I ever need help with a refinance or any loan for that matter, I'll always go to Tami.”
Donna R. Oct-20
“I have already recommended tami to friends. And plan to use homebridge for my next loan.”
Erika G. Sep-20
“Tami Hanson makes you feel comfortable in the stressful moments of the process, because the way she talks to you showing you she cares. She is very professional and very responsive. Keeps you updated every day of where everything is in the process. She Worked very efficient through the whole process. And treated me like she knew me the whole time, that made a huge difference for me.”
Kristine D. Aug-20
“Tami was amazing and went above and beyond the scope of duties! The process from approval to closing was so fast and efficient!”
Marisela O. Jul-19
“I started my mortgage process with IQCU. I was with them on my home buying journey for awhile until we finally found a home we loved and regardless of the fact that they ran my credit multiple times they ended up telling my realtor that they wouldn't be able to help me. Tami hit the ground running and helped us pick up the pieces when we assumed everything would fall through. I had such a great experience with her. Comparing her to my service with IQ is like night and day. She definitely brought the sunshine!”
Tanya Norby - Legal Secretary
“I want to thank Tami Hanson for all her help. This is the second loan i have done with her and she is an amazing loan officer. She is very thorough, professional and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you get the loan you need. She listens and tries her best to get the customer the best deal possible. I recommend her to all my friends and family and am glad I found her. ”
Joni Ramey - Insurance Broker and agency owner
“Tami Hanson was referred to me by a good friend and business partner at a time when I was hitting road block after road block to get approval on a house I was purchasing. By the Tami had come in I was almost two months invested in working with a different lender. I explained to Tami the situation and without hesitation she took over my account and closed the deal in less than 3 weeks. She was there every step of the way with encouragement and a calming spirit that said we will get this done. They say everyone will encounter an angel in their lifetime and I truly believe I did in Tami Hanson. Thank you is not enough Tami but please know I so appreciate everything you did. You truly went above and beyond and because of you, I will now be able to get my dream property. Warmest Regards, Joni”
Montreal Laveal Douglas Kimberly Douglas - Client
“Absolutely the best experience me and my wife have ever had purchasing something she's professional attentive straight coming forthcoming positive supportive intelligent accurate awesome person awesome lady thank you so much for all your help everything you did for me and my family we love you we also got a friend out of it thank you so much. Douglas family”
Rebecca Stapper
“Tami has been a great help not only to my husband and myself, but also to my son when he wanted to purchase his first home. She set a plan for him to follow and made sure all was ready when it was time to purchase. She is an honest and hard working person who gives 100% all the time. I would highly recommend Tami for any of your loan needs. Rebecca Stapper”
Jim Frohlich - retired
“Tami did an outstanding job of evaluating our needs, pre-qualifying us quickly, and identifying exactly what the underwriters would need to approve our loan. During our first meeting, she adeptly answered all our questions and identified the required actions and documentation we would need to get approved. Because we have recently retired, there were a number of things we needed to accomplish before our loan would be approved. Because of her expertise and clarity in articulating the requirements, we were able to close much earlier than anticipated and without a glitch. Tami kept in frequent contact with us throughout the process. She also came to the closing to ensure that everything went smoothly. Tami is a consummate professional and one of the best loan officers we've ever worked with. Her personal style was friendly, kind, caring, and helpful. We highly recommend her! ”
Debora Wonderly - Controller
“Tami was amazing to work with! She answered every question promptly as well as kept me up-to-date every step of the way. She worked hard to deliver the best loan product and kept my best interests at heart throughout the process. Her customer service is outstanding and I highly recommend her for any of your loan needs. ”
Ghen Saechao - Client
“I was referred to Tami by a friend of ours who worked with her. Tami is without a doubt the sweetest, yet most professional personnel I've ever dealt with. She kept me in the loop about our loan, what was needed and referred us to an Agent that was just as wonderful. I will be referring friends and family to her when they are in need of a loan officer.”
Jana L.S. Wilson - Managing Director, Risk Services
“Over the past few years, I have worked with Tami on multiple transactions, and true to form, her performance and level of professionalism didn't disappoint. Tami is not just brilliant at what she does, she is a consummate professional and genuinely cares about her clients. This particular move has taxed every fiber in my being, and I knew from the start, that it would never have been possible without the talents and dedication that Tami dedicates to every transaction, every interaction with her clients. To say I am grateful for all that she did for my husband and I throughout this process is a monumental understatement. Tami is simply the best at what she does. Jana & Todd Wilson”
Jumah Smith
“Tami has been a lifesaver for my family and I. She went above and beyond in securing a mortgage for us. I didn’t think she was going to get us a full approval in time since we were working with a very tight deadline. But, she did! Wow! I’m a client for life with Homebridge. Tami was calm, attentive, and responsive throughout our loan process. I highly recommend working with Her. Thank you Tami!”
Becky Konat - Realtor
“Tami Hanson did a fantastic job! She explained everything thoroughly and kept us informed throughout the entire process! Thank you Tami for making it so easy!!”
Linda McBride - Housewife
“Tami Hanson is without a doubt the best professional we have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. When we were selling our home, she made everything so much easier for my husband and myself. She answered all calls and emails promptly. She came to our home to sign all the papers because my husband works in Portland and did not get home in time to go to her office at Homebridge. She was extremely kind and considerate of all our concerns and the only person who we dealt with during our transaction that did her job !! I would recommend Tami Hanson to anyone who is looking to sell or purchase a home. Homebridge Home Loan is incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful employee to represent their company. Linda McBride”
Win Stapper
“Tami is the best loan officer we have ever worked with, I am self employed and have great credit, but it is still a very big challenge to get loans, she has pulled it off twice for us”
Karen Fallows - Children's education
“Tami is always a perfect example of customer service, her mortgage knowledge is outstanding. I have only used Tami for my mortgage needs. She is always available to answer questions. I always recommend her for people I know that are first time home buyers, refinance or HELOC. She's helped me with all three and it was very smooth. She's definitely a five star loan officer! ”
Ashley Sandell - Self Employed
“Tami was great with our home loan! Our realtor couldn't believe how fast and easy the process was! I've recommended her to everyone I know! ”
Margaret E. Clubb
“Tami Hanson has done an outstanding job for me, both in customer relations and in her knowledge of the banking world. She explains things in layman's terms (sometimes had to explain how things will work more than once because I didn't "get it") with patience, kindness and understanding. Tami was there for me throughout the entire process and I certainly appreciate her and all her help. I will truly recommend her AND Homebridge Bank to anyone that would like to get a loan on a house. She is great!”
Amy Anderson - Real Estate Broker
“I have worked closely with Tami over the last four years taking amazing care of clients needs. Tami is amazing at her care, honesty, compassion and execution of the mortgage process. Tami is proactive and her clients best interest are always in the forefront of her process. Whether you are a first time home buyer or someone that has been through the process numerous times, Tami will give you the education, service and results you are looking while also enjoying the process. I can't recommend her enough!”
April Hennerty - Office Adminstratior
“Tami was amazing, I feel like i know her so well and yet we just speak over the phone. My husband and i have busy schedules he works nights i am days and she was wonderful at accommodating us. She would let us bug her on the weekends and one night after she put her child to bed she was there. I had some questions not to long ago about refinance and felt so comfortable sending her a email asking her best advice and she was awesome to send me info and help us with the info. I would recommend her to any one i can who needs a home loan etc. i will continue to stay where ever Tammy goes for my lending needs.”
Suzanne Gaia
“Tami is AWESOME! Tami is very knowledgeable and patient, always making time for my questions. Tami has helped me purchase my last two homes. ”
Cheryl Middleton - Client
“ I would recommend Tami for any type of loan, she was amazing to work with. I would use her again if the need arises. ”

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