About Ronnie Strickler

Homebridge Financial Services Mortgage Loan Originator in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Ronnie Strickler is a Mortgage Loan Originator for Homebridge’s Kailua-Kona office on the Big Island. She loves helping homebuyers find great deals here, because the island has everything. Ronnie’s favorite things about the Big Island are that the neighborhoods are not cookie-cutter suburbs and the public has access to all beaches. In addition, there’s still a lot of land to build on and great housing prices.

Ronnie entered the mortgage industry after gaining experience of area real estate, by flipping houses. She has personally closed over 25 deals as a homebuyer, is a Certified Renovation Loan Specialist, and has many years of experience facilitating construction while house flipping. This hands-on knowledge, along with 22 years in the mortgage industry, gives Ronnie an inimitable edge to be able to see every angle from the buyer and a Mortgage Loan Originator perspective. These unique assets allow Ronnie to strategize what is best for each individual homebuyer and customize their loan program.
Ronnie owned her own mortgage brokerage called Strickly Mortgages, Inc., for nearly 13 years. She currently resides in Holualoa on the Island of Hawaii.

Contact Ronnie Strickler Anytime

Feel free to contact Ronnie anytime by phone or email for personalized service. She will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help with home financing.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Kathleen W. Jul-20
“Ronnie Strickler was a joy to work with”
TERRY O. Jan-20
“Ronnie was the reason we chose home bridge for our refinance..she made the whole process easy for us and we trust her”
STEVEN M. Dec-19
“She was as good as it gets. Can't say anything negative about her.”
CARL G. Dec-19
“Ronnie was so knowledgeable, professional, friendly and accessible. We felt like we were in good hands during the entire process and will recommend her highly.”
WALTER C. Nov-19
“Ronnie Stricker was and has been truly a great asset for us and especially in representing Homebridge Financial Services Inc throughout our home buying process.”
JOHN F. Nov-19
“Ronnie was great to work with, we will definitely recommend her to anyone who needs loan or refinancing, she went above and beyond to help us on this process. She's definitely a great asset to your company. Great job: )”
TOMOKO N. Nov-19
“Ronnie was great, just like the first time she helped me with the loan. Thank you.”
Monica S. Oct-19
“Ronnie Strickler was highly recommended to my husband and I when we were making a decision on who to use for our home buying needs. She and her team did not disappoint. Their attention to detail, the ease in the process and their communication far exceeded any of our expectations. Devra Strickler and Alana Lawler were fantastic to work with as well. They have a wonderful team! Mahalo for a job well done! I will definitely be referring Ronnie and her team to anyone that I know that is looking to finance/refinance their home.”
Donald I. June-19
“Thanks Ronnie for your guidance and direction. Everyone should be so lucky to have you and your team in their corner! Aloha, Don and Lynn Iokepa”
Matthew P. June-19
“Ronnie Strickler is one of the best things that could have happened to us. One of the other best things was our Realtor, who gave us Ronnie's contact information. I can tell you that if all the people that work for your company are like Ronnie Strickler you have the best company. Ronnie helped educate us, walk us through any questions we had, knowledge of every aspect of the process and more. We asked that our closing be delayed just so Ronnie could be with us at the closing. There was no way we weren't going to have her finish this with us. She helped start it with us and we wanted her at the finish line!!! Mahalo Ronnie, you are the best!!! Matt & Diane Papp.”
Mark H. June-19
“Ronnie was up front and explained all phases of the re-finance. She keep us in the loop during the entire process of the loan. She was a pleasure to work with.”
Edward S. June-19
“Ronnie, Devra and all we had contact with to secure this loan were all great! Ronnie is a gem! Thank you!”
Shayna G. April-19
“Ronnie was exactly what I wanted in a loan officer. She was very informative, friendly and professional. She made sure to set expectations with me so I knew what I needed to do and provide her. She didn't make me feel like I was alone during the process being it was my first house I was buying and every time I got off the phone with her I always felt at ease knowing she was doing everything to help me get the house I wanted. Homebridge exceeded my expectations. Not only Ronnie was apart of my mortgage process but she had a team including Anna, & Leslie who also helped through the process. I will recommend homebridge to everyone I can.”
Brian C. April-19
“Great communication! Super easy and quick. Superior servixe”
Terrence W. May-19
“Ms Ronnie Strickler was THE representation of a Professional. Personable and approachable and available almost immediately for any of my questions or concerns. Ronnie is very "tech" aware, using texts, emails. docusign, and other electronic assets to ensure the loan was swiftly completed. Ronnie did an amazing job. I WILL recommend her and Homebridge to any of my friends who are seeking home loans.”
Andrew R. December 2018
“Prompt and courteous.”
Steven L. December 2018
“Things went pretty well.”
Mark M. October 2018
“Great customer service, answers questions promptly, very knowledgeable.”
Jason K. October 2018
“Because everyone was super helpful and nice during the whole process, especially Leslie!”
Jan P. October 2018
“They were recommended by the agent. ”
Selena W. October 2018
“Very quick at calling back and providing answers to questions. Researched loan options and helped us pick the best fit for us.”
Francis D. October 2018
“Expedient and timely with estimates. Consistent with following up and strong staff and customer service.”
Jeremy C. October 2018
“Excellent service, good communication.”
Alexander U. September 2018
“Quality service, knowledgeable, friendly service.”
James H. September 2018
“Very timely service and response. Explained things clearly and concisely.”
David S. September 2018
“Everything was well laid out. Everyone was easy to work with.”
Derinda T. September 2018
“Attention to customer needs and easy to work with.”
Lauren H. Aug-18
“Ronnie was wonderful to work with! Every time I had a question, it was completely and clearly answered and on time.”
Arthur M. Aug-18
“Escrow worked smoothly and all the folks had a great attitude.”
Jose V. Aug-18
“Sarah is a very helpful person.”
Kevin L. Aug-18
“They were so fast to respond to any questions we had and helped walk us through all the paperwork.”
Lauren H. August 2018
“Ronnie was wonderful to work with! Every time I had a question, it was completely and clearly answered and on time.”
Arthur M. August 2018
“Escrow worked smoothly and all the folks had a great attitude.”
Jose V. August 2018
“Sarah is a very helpful person.”
Kevin L. August 2018
“They were so fast to respond to any questions we had and helped walk us through all the paperwork.”
Lauren H. August 2018
“Ronnie was wonderful to work with! Every time I had a question, it was completely and clearly answered and on time.”
Arthur M. August 2018
“Escrow worked smoothly and all the folks had a great attitude.”
Jose V. August 2018
“Sarah is a very helpful person.”
Kevin L. August 2018
“They were so fast to respond to any questions we had and helped walk us through all the paperwork.”
Cecilia C. June 2018
“HomeBridge provided lots of information and was very efficient. They kept us up to date with all developments.”
Diane S. June 2018
“I am very satisfied with the whole process.”
Kelly S. June 2018
“Quick, easy and friendly customer service.”
Bryan W. June 2018
“Friendly and organized.”
Howard G. April 2018
“The services of the HomeBridge team were very efficient and friendly. They helped us find the best terms for our mortgage.”
Jerry C. March 2018
“Everything worked out fine.”
Terry O. March 2018
“Ronnie was great. She was always there when we needed her.”
Menry M. March 2018
“From start to finish, everything went well. All questions and concerns were answered throughout the entire process.”
David W. March 2018
“Ronnie and her team were very helpful and were always in contact with us regarding questions or anything they needed from us. Awesome team!”
Donna F. March 2018
“I received excellent service at all times.”
Shelley S. March 2018
“Ronnie Strickler and Leslie Shoemaker were great!”
Christa R. March 2018
“When first meeting Ronnie and other mortgage brokers, she seemed to be the most efficient and was able to work with my financial situation and came up with the very best numbers to buy home. She was easy to communicate with, helpful, friendly and reliable.”
Nicholas M. March 2018
“Highly competent.”
Erin Z. December 2017
“Very nice and fast! Professional.”
Peter O. December 2017
“Kianna took such good care of us. Trust her and appreciate all of her help!”
Michael E. December 2017
“Everyone has been great! Provided info timely and were always available. ”
Cheryl P. November 2017
“Great people to work with!”
Elisa A. October 2017
“Ronnie is the reason I stuck with the whole process!”
Eric D. October 2017
“Ronnie and team are very knowledgeable and responsive.”
Neill B. October 2017
“Thorough and communicative.”
Ryan G. October 2017
“Ronnie explained everything so well. I will recommend this company to my friends.”
Joyce S. October 2017
“Everyone there has gone out of their way to accommodate my being in Las Vegas.”
James A. October 2017
“Ronnie was the most professional and friendly loan officer we have ever encountered. She mad the whole process a pleasure between the distance, the time zone difference and the hurricane!”
Joseph J. Kailua Kona, HI
“Ronnie was very detailed and was in constant communication with us regarding any updates.”
Taryn J. Kailua Kona, HI
“We had a great experience with our Loan Officer and her team. Everyone was so on-the-ball that it made our entire transaction flow beautifully. I can'”
Leiola A. Kailua Kona, HI
“The Loan Officer provided me with updates instead of me having to ask for them. She closed the loan in a timely manner.”
Saul B. Kealakekua, HI
“She was awesome and saved the day. A real rock star, walks the walk and talks the talk - a real pro. Ronnie is the best Loan Officer I ever met. Follow-up is great. Calls back in 1 min or less.”
Anthony P. Captain Cook, HI
“Ronnie was the greatest! Given the fact that I purchased a home on the Big Island while living in California, there was a certain level of stress involved because I just wasn 't there for the process. That being said, I really had to rely on my Loan Officer as well as my Realtor to handle everything! Ronnie did an amazing job in dealing with all of the issues that are associated with this type of transaction including the fact that she was 3 hours earlier than me given the time change. She was extremely responsive by phone and text message regardless of the time I called her. I would not purchase another property in Hawaii without her!”
Rose G. Ocean View, HI
“Ronnie was very helpful and found the best loan to fit my circumstances. She always kept me up to date with what was happening and answered my questions in a timely manner. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a home loan.”
Cyndee S. Kailua Kona, HI
“Ronnie Strickler ROCKS!!!!”
Michael S. Ocean View, HI
“Ronnie Strickler was a fantastic Loan Officer to work with during the process.”
Kendra P. Waikoloa, HI
“Ronnie Strickler was flexible and hard working!”
Gregory G. Ocean View, HI
“Ronnie Strickler was very patient and always there for us to answer our questions. She made the whole process pleasant!”
Michael M. Kamuela, HI
“Ronnie Strickler, was fantastic. She was there for us all the way through the purchase of our home and was extremely helpful to us. Her knowledge and experience was absolute, she was able to help me with all the intricacies of obtaining a VA loan and without her we would not be home owners. Thank you Ronnie, aloha.”
Timmy V. Captain Cook, HI
“Ronnie was awesome through this whole process. She made sure to keep in contact with us and kept us up to date on everything. Thank you, Ronnie!!”
George S. Waikoloa, HI
“Ronnie was awesome, guided us through our purchase with ease, thanks again.”
Dylan N. Kailua Kona, HI
“Ronnie was great, like she always is!”
David J. Waikoloa, HI
“Ronnie was punctual and had the process down to a science. She worked us through all of the common hitches in purchasing real property. Will work with her again in the future.”
Julie W. Kailua Kona, HI
“Ronnie is always very helpful to keep the buyer on task and aware of the progress of the transaction. She did a fabulous job and the buyer has told me over and over how happy they are that they were introduced.”
Julie W. Kailua-Kona, HI
“Ronnie is always very knowledgeable about the products available. This was a USDA loan and she was fantastic.”
Kendra P. Ocean View, HI
“Ronnie is outstanding. Always willing to go the extra mile, including customer service that is above and beyond with both myself and the Buyers.”
Dylan N. Captain Cook, HI
“Ronnie is the best! She is always responsive and reliable! This was a smooth and successful transaction in large part to her efforts.”
Douglas M. Kailua Kona, HI
“Ronnie is very personable and is always there to answer any questions. Also she really cares and puts forth her aloha - doing what she says is her job. Aloha and mahlo.”
Steven C. Ocean View, HI
“Ronnie made everything come together so fast and efficiently. She let me know from the start all of the things that could go wrong and right. We were never kept guessing, she was very efficient in getting the things she needed to get us our dream. We are very happy and would recommend her to our friends and family.”
Karen O. Kailua Kona, HI
“Ronnie Strickler displayed top notch professionalism in what was a difficult situation, the loan was closed and the buyer has a new condo.”
Eddie U. Kamuela, HI
“Ronnie Strickler has been stellar in working some of our most difficult transactions we have had to date. She closes on time and her communication and her willingness to go above and beyond to make sure everyone is in the loop is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!”
Edward B. Kailua Kona, HI
“Ronnie Strickler helped guide us to gather all the appropriate information to help make our loan approval not only possible but as smooth as could be. There were never any last minute surprises. She was always courteous and helpful every step of the way and driven to success for everyone involved. She seemed to be surrounded by a great team as well.”
Julie W. Captain Cook, HI
“Ronnie did a great job on this file. The borrower is very detailed and Ronnie handled them greatly.”
Carla W. Captain Cook, HI
“Ronnie got this loan through close to original close date.”
Julie W. Holualoa, HI
“Ronnie is always a joy to work with. She promised and delivered results like always.”
Khammoui L. Kailua Kona, HI
“Loan Officer kept all parties updated on every step of the transaction.”
Arlene A. Ocean View, HI
“Listen, anytime we get done it 's great! So Mahalo plenty for getting it done!!!”
Sue B. Kailua Kona, HI
“I am on the Seller'”
Mike D. Kailua Kona, HI
“Great job getting this closed early, even with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!”
Mike D. Kailua Kona, HI
“Great communication, everything was done in a timely manner.”
Ivy G. Kailua Kona, HI
“Extremely easy to work with Ronnie, always makes me feel connected with the whole process. That 's why this is my third loan using her as my Loan Officer.”
Garth W. Ocean View, HI
“Everyone we worked with were great. Thank you Ronnie and all the girls see you soon.”

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