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HomeBridge Financial Services Mortgage Loan Originator in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Ronnie Strickler is a Mortgage Loan Originator for HomeBridge’s Kailua-Kona office on the Big Island. She loves helping homebuyers find great deals here, because the island has everything. Ronnie’s favorite things about the Big Island are that the neighborhoods are not cookie-cutter suburbs and the public has access to all beaches. In addition, there’s still a lot of land to build on and great housing prices.
Ronnie entered the mortgage industry after gaining experience of area real estate, by flipping houses. She has personally closed over 25 deals as a homebuyer, is a Certified Renovation Loan Specialist, and has many years of experience facilitating construction while house flipping. This hands-on knowledge, along with 22 years in the mortgage industry, gives Ronnie an inimitable edge to be able to see every angle from the buyer and a Mortgage Loan Originator perspective. These unique assets allow Ronnie to strategize what is best for each individual homebuyer and customize their loan program.
Ronnie owned her own mortgage brokerage called Strickly Mortgages, Inc., for nearly 13 years. She currently resides in Holualoa on the Island of Hawaii.

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Feel free to contact Ronnie anytime by phone or email for personalized service. She will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help with home financing.

Ronnie Strickler is 203(k) Renovation Lending Certified

Ronnie is certified in 203(k) Renovation Lending, a program particularly well suited for buyers of fixer-uppers and REOs in need of repair. Homebuyers can finance both the purchase and future repairs on their new home with one loan.

The Renovation Loan offers some great features. The amount of money you are permitted to borrow for the purchase and renovations is based on the increased value of your home after improvements are made1. Also, because renovation costs are spread throughout the entire term of the loan, monthly payments are often lower than other financing options. With the loan, there is also no need to delay improvements. You can start in immediately after closing. Another great feature is the loan's simplicity - one application, one set of fees and closing costs, one closing to attend and one payment each month. The interest on the cost of your improvements, included in your mortgage, may be tax deductible2 as well.

Ronnie Strickler values your business and will provide you with the best professional service and mortgage solutions that make most sense for you and your unique financial situation and real estate goals.

Please contact Ronnie by phone, email or filling out the pre-approval form on the right to get more information about our Renovation Loan, or any other mortgage financing solution. I look forward to working with you!

1For 203k purchase transactions the maximum loan amount is the lesser of the sales price + renovation costs or 110% of the as-completed value, times the maximum loan-to-value. For refinance transactions the maximum loan amount is the lesser of the property value before renovation + renovation costs or 110% of the as-completed value, times the maximum loan-to-value. Loan amount must be within FHA county loan limits.

For HomeStyle® purchase transactions the maximum loan amount is based on the lesser of the sales price + renovation costs or 100% of the as-completed value, times the maximum loan-to-value allowable. For refinance transactions the maximum loan amount is based on the lesser of 1) 100% of the as-completed value times the maximum loan-to-value or 2) the balance on the existing loan plus the renovation cost plus the settlement costs. The maximum repair amount is limited to 50% of the as-completed value. HomeStyle® is a registered trademark of Fannie Mae.

2Please consult a tax advisor for further information regarding the deductibility of interest and charges.

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