About Michael Mairs

Michael Mairs is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. He understands how to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, Michael is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. Michael’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let Michael bring your home ownership dreams to life!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Steven P. December 2018
“Easy to follow. Good status updates and communication.”
James S. December 2018
“Great communication.”
Jeremy W. October 2018
“Great service.”
Tiffany S. October 2018
“Mike was thorough, patient, knowledgeable and kind.”
Jeremy L. October 2018
“Quick and easy.”
Tina L. October 2018
“Great experience. Mike Mairs was great and always helpful.”
Jacob B. October 2018
“Mike and Erin and Dena were very helpful, responsive and creative. They went above and beyond to get us in our new home.”
Anthony M. October 2018
“Originator was very helpful start to finish.”
Richard V. October 2018
“Every step of the process was easy and flawless with their help.”
Ryan P. September 2018
“Awesome experience overall. Patient, detailed, caring and diligent staff. Mike Mairs and Erin Horn were extremely responsive and helpful during the process. ”
Jun Z. Aug-18
“Friendly and fast service.”
Jun Z. August 2018
“Friendly and fast service.”
Jun Z. August 2018
“Friendly and fast service.”
Robert G. June 2018
“Nice people!”
Maurice B. June 2018
“Very responsive.”
Christopher R. May 2018
“Mike and his staff were beyond helpful! No question was unanswered or irrelevant. Every single person I meet will get recommended to Michael Mairs!”
Garratt K. April 2018
“Amazing service!”
Jonathan O. March 2018
“They were easily accessible. They were also very professional.”
John B. March 2018
“I am very pleased with the service!”
Courtney D. March 2018
“HomeBridge is very knowledgeable and efficient in everything to do with the home buying process. I know I can count on them to ensure a smooth closing. ”
James W. December 2017
“Great customer service. Michael was great with answering all of my questions in a timely manner.”
Laura W. December 2017
“Very helpful, knowledgeable and professional service throughout the refinance process.”
Douglas L. December 2017
“Great communication. Terrific service! "Magic Mike" comes through again!”
Tracy N. November 2017
“Mike Mairs was excellent. ”
Allison G. November 2016
“Mike was very thorough and efficient!”
Monica and John D. September 2017
“Michael is a great loan originator! He provided great service and great rates! I have worked with him in the past and he is always excellent to work with!”
Betsy and Michael E. December 2016
“Mike was very attentive, checking to see where we were in the process and if we needed anything. He helped us work through all of the financing options and gave us a good competitive rate. Thank you! ”
Daniel J. December 2016
“Michael provided a very smooth and easy process! Thank you HomeBridge!”
David F. August 2017
“Mike provided excellent customer service, personal contact and problem resolution! The service provided was superior! I would like to return to HomeBridge in the future because service is key and the rates are competitive! Don't change a thing!”
Melanie S. December 2016
“Michael was so easy to work with! He was very responsive and hard working! I would like to work with HomeBridge again in the future because, I trust them and they are wonderful to work with!”
Leah B. August 2017
“I have worked with Mike twice now and he has earned my trust! He has my best interest in mind and is thorough explaining the details. Everyone was very patient with waiting for documents, etc. The process was so smooth and everyone was so helpful! They called me with reminders and let me know what they needed every step of the way! ”
Shelby and Robert K. August 2017
“Mike was extremely helpful and he provided us with guidance throughout this entire process! Mike Mairs was specifically referred to us and we would absolutely refer him again to anyone with lending needs! Your customer service and warm personalities made this entire process a pleasure! Big thanks to this entire team working on our home purchase!”
Abner G. August 2017
“Michael was always responsive with any questions that we had and he made the process go smoothly! He was helpful the entire way through!”
Weldon and Veronica M. August 2017
“We appreciated the constant communication with updates on the loan process!”
Patrick and Emily B. July 2017
“Michael and his entire team did a great job! They were prompt, professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with! This has been a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Gay and David L. June 2017
“Michael was very prompt, kind and he answered all of our questions! He was very nice to work with!”
Mark G. June 2017
“Great people! I refer all of my business to Mike! He and his team always respond in a timely manner and provide great customer service! Keep doing a great job!”
Harrison S. June 2017
“Mike was fabulous with our loan from start to finish! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Matthew W. June 2017
“Michael and his team made this process so easy! They explained everything step by step! I would definitely use HomeBridge again for any future needs because I know they will get the job done! This was really a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Tracy and David H. December 2017
“Mike and his team were all very helpful on short notice and at a difficult time of year.  They were also very professional!  They took a complex process and made it very workable!  Thank you!”
Robby and Kelly F. May 2017
“Mike provided great customer service!  He was very professional and a pleasure to work with!  Thank you!”
Mayra B. May 2017
“Mike and his team were very professional and they responded to my emails and calls in a timely fashion.  Mike was very encouraging and detailed!”
Todd and Tracey L. May 2017
“Michael and his team were very personable and efficient throughout this process!  Thank you!”
Marlene and Rodney F. April 2017
“Michael and his team were very accommodating and knowledgeable!  They were always available to answer any questions that we had!  This process was made easy with their guidance!  Thank you!”
Christina and Mark B. April 2017
“Michael and his team were very helpful, competent and friendly!  They walked me through this process and made everything go smoothly!”
Minerva and Jaime G. March 2017
“Michael and his staff provided great customer service!  They made this a very smooth transaction throughout the entire process!  We are very pleased with the service that we received at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Jack W. March 2017
“Mike was very professional! He made the transaction go so smoothly and he was always on top of everything!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Reggi D. December 2016
“Mike and his team provided great customer service!  I have not gone without information during the process.  Everything was super easy and I felt well taken care of by Mike and his team!”
Phillip R. December 2016
“Michael and his team were very helpful during this loan process.  They answered all of our questions and kept us updated along the way!  They were reliable, knowledgeable, customer oriented, flexible and courteous!  They are the best lender out there in my opinion!”
Marco P. January 2017
“Michael and his team were always available for any questions that I had.  Michael was at the closing and always seemed to be looking out for my best interests!  This team did a great job!  My experience at HomeBridge was an excellent one!”
Alexander B. January 2017
“Mike and his team were very responsive and informative!  They provided great service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Chaitra and Ananth A. November 2016
“Michael and his team provided very useful information during this transaction.  They had prompt responses and were very friendly!”
Sonia C. October 2016
“Mike and his team were with me every step of the way!  They were very informative and made this process so easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Nicole B. September 2016
“Mike and his team made this process quick and easy!  They were extremely knowledgeable, courteous and a pleasure to work with!  We appreciated the online service options.  We will continue to use HomeBridge as a result!  Thank you!”
Robert and Andrea C. September 2016
“We appreciated the overall ease of process and the professionalism!  This team was professional with just the right amount of personal touch to make the process smooth!  Thanks to everyone at HomeBridge!”
Shelby H. August 2016
“Michael was very friendly and helpful throughout the process.  He was clear on required paperwork and he answered all of my questions.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Nicole H. July 2016
“Mike and his team were friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and efficient!  My questions were always answered promptly.  We closed even quicker than I expected!  This was a great all around experience!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Julia and Larry G. July 2016
“Michael and his team were very responsive and friendly!  They were always available and worked hard to keep everything moving forward.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Priscilla B. July 2016
“I was extremely pleased with Mike and his team!  Everyone was so friendly and helpful throughout the process.  They made me feel at ease!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Paul B. July 2016
“Michael and his team were professional, thorough and efficient in collecting and reporting all information.  They provided excellent communication throughout the process.  They took the time to explain the details which I appreciated.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Simia R. June 2016
“Michael was prompt, efficient and communicative throughout this process!  I would like to return to HomeBridge for any future needs!”
Robert and Adriana C. October 2015
“Mike provided excellent service with no issues at all.  Everything was perfect!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Robert and Adriana C. October 2015
“Michael and his team provided excellent service to us!  Everything was perfect!”
Constance and Nathan M. May 2016
“Michael has been very informative, patient with explanations and easy to work with!  He is a rock star!  This is our second time working with him and he continues to step up his game and provide excellent customer service!”
Robert and Betsy B. October 2015
“This is our fourth time working with Mike at HomeBridge for our loans.  He is awesome at what he does, everything is completed when it is supposed to be or sooner!  He is very knowledgeable with VA loans and is just good at what he does!”
Nicole B. October 2015
“Michael and his team were all prompt, knowledgeable and courteous!  HomeBridge provided awesome service!”
Joshua and Courtney H. May 2016
“Michael and the Homebridge team were all very friendly, prompt, patient and understanding!  Thank you!”
Marjorie P. April 2016
“HomeBridge provided such great customer service!  These were all outstanding people who were willing to go the extra mile for me.  I have had a great experience and I would definitely use HomeBridge again in the future.”
Oliver S. December 2015
“Michael was friendly and very easy to work with.  I was kept informed throughout the entire process.  Great customer service was provided!  Thank you!”
Marshall C. January 2016
“Mike and his team went out of their way to provide excellent customer service!  I will be back for future loan needs!”
Cynthia and Fernando M. January 2016
“Michael was extremely helpful, friendly and detail oriented.  Great communication and customer service was definitely provided!”
Kurt D. March 2016
“Mike and his group have always been very attentive and taken good care of me.  Keep up the great work!”
Courtney S. February 2016
“Michael always kept me informed in the process, this was very smooth and easy for me.  This is my second loan through HomeBridge and I am confident in their knowledge in the home buying process.   You are awesome!  I recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Michael and Brenda J. March 2016
“I have been very pleased with the way I have been treated.  The respectful people I've met have been very professional.  Don't change a thing!”
Arvil F.
“It has been a pleasure working with Mike and Lupe! they did a great job.  Keep up the good work!”
Jeff H.
“I have worked with Mike in the past, he is very professional and responsive.  Great guy and company!”
Andrew D.
“Mike was upbeat and always returned calls, he was very knowledgeable.  HomeBridge provided a smooth closing!  Thanks!”
Alfredo and Yvette G.
“Michael was very helpful, always ready to answer questions, very patient and understanding.  The staff was very professional!”
Sharon C. Allen, TX
“Mike has helped many of our office's clients with their mortgage needs! As a Real Estate Office, it's so great to work alongside a lender who is not only honest and trustworthy, but who gives constant updates throughout the process and is ALWAYS ready to close on schedule! Thank you, Mike, for all the hard work you put forth in helping our team's home buyers. You are greatly appreciated!”

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