About Kim Stromberg

With over 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry, California native Kim Stromberg’s knowledge and expertise allow her to help each client find the right home loan to fit his or her needs. She taught algebra and financial accounting before moving to the mortgage industry. Kim offers the best in customer service, along with the products needed in today’s ever-changing real estate market. She shares her knowledge and skills in navigating the complexity of changing mortgage conditions with her clients and her team. Kim loves all sports and competes as an amateur tennis player. She also loves traveling and learning about different cultures. Her passion for learning about others gives her perspective when working with each client’s unique situation. Kim understands that buying a home is one of the largest and most important purchases in each customer’s lifetime, and her ultimate goal is for clients to be very comfortable and satisfied with their home loan.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Tyrone B. Apr-21
“Knowledgeable, patient, focused, always on point. Just a pleasure to work with. I felt confident, and comfortable in her care. Amazing.”
William S. Dec-20
“She was awesome. She was with me the whole way and explained everything or answered my questions. That was important because I am a first time home buyer.”
Shawn R. Dec-20
“Kim was excellent and a true professional during the entire process. She routinely comes to work with energy for five people. She energetically met every challenge to include a sarcastic and condescending escrow officer with class and professionalism. I've already recommended her to a co-worker and plan to actively seek her in the future for any home loan inquiries and advice. Homebridge is an amazing organization, and she represents the business flawlessly. Thank you for everything, Kim.”
Roberto L. Nov-20
“Kimberly has been very supportive, flexible, available, and willing to meet client's needs! We would definitely recommend Kim and Homebridge!!”
Janice L. Aug-20
“Kim was very helpful and professional through the whole process. It was a pleasure working with her. I would definitely recommend Kim and Homebridge Financial Services.”
Antonio M. Jul-20
“Would like to thank Kim for reaching out to us and helping us achieve a lower interest rate, plus taking the mortgage insurance off the loan. We are very pleased with her.”
Antonio M. Jul-20
“Would like to thank Kim for reaching out to us and helping us achieve a lower interest rate, plus taking the mortgage insurance off the loan. We are very pleased with her.”
Raul S. Jun-20
“Kim Stromberg is a hard worker and really knows her industry!!!”
Pablo F. Jun-20
“thank you for all your help and this proses getting my loan i very appreciate ..!!!”
Andrew S. November 2018
“Easy and friendly.”
Isaiah P. October 2018
“Kim gave us very good service. She answered all of our questions. She quickly took care of any issues for us.”
Victor M. September 2018
“Always responsive to all of my emails.”
Omid K. September 2018
“Everyone was great!”
Robert P. Aug-18
“Very quick service. Answered questions, help preparing to improve credit rating.”
Robert P. August 2018
“Very quick service. Answered questions, help preparing to improve credit rating.”
Robert P. August 2018
“Very quick service. Answered questions, help preparing to improve credit rating.”
Steven B. March 2018
“Kim is amazing and an extremely hard worker!”
Walter R. March 2018
“Detailed and quick.”
Travis M. March 2018
“Kim is very helpful and friendly.”
Donay K. March 2018
“Loved working with Kim. She made the process easy and understandable.”
Mayra S. March 2018
“Kim Stromberg was highly recommended.”
George V. February 2018
“Great service and knowledgeable, Kim Stromberg.”
Roslyn S. October 2017
“Very efficient, helpful and reliable.”
Kehinde A. October 2017
“I like Kim.”
Alvin M. October 2017
“It has been an excellent experience. Very efficient.”
Edward M. and Maria A. August 2017
“Kim was very nice and helpful! Everyone we worked with were awesome and generous! They made this a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Becky G. August 2017
“Kim was very organized and she made this process very efficient and streamlined! She was always so responsive! She knew exactly what she needed from me with no surprises or last minute scrambling! Thank you!”
Israel C. and Soledad S. July 2017
“Kimberly Stromberg is amazing! She is very professional, resourceful and straight forward! I feel confident that we are working with people who are very professional! ”
Joshua and Brittany P. July 2017
“Kim was very detailed and efficient! She provided a quick turnaround! ”
Travis and Lisa M. June 2017
“Kim is extremely helpful and always available to assist.  We would definitely return to HomeBridge again for any future needs due to this positive experience!”
Normand and Laurie R. May 2017
“Kim was very professional, prompt and courteous!  She made this an easy, seamless transaction and she built an excellent relationship with us!”
Marshall and Melodie D. April 2017
“Kim and her staff were very informative, personable and patient!  They were in line with our preferences.  Best of all, they provided prompt response times!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Cory B. March 2017
“Kim and her staff were friendly and professional.  They were also knowledgeable and courteous!  I had a very good experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Michael G. and Teresa V. February 2017
“Kim was direct, honest, helpful and always available!  The process was fluid!  Thank you!”
Ilene G. January 2017
“Kim has been impeccable throughout this entire process!  She walked me through it step by step!  It was easy and we closed quickly thanks to Kim!”
Kenneth B. and Veronica R. February 2017
“Kim and her team were a pleasure to work with!  They made me feel like we were important!  We were walked through every step of the process and times frames were exact.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Hans and Andrea K. October 2016
“Kim is a professional!  She stays on track and kept us informed throughout this process!  We have used HomeBridge before and each time has been a very smooth transaction!”
Omar S. October 2016
“Kim was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly throughout this entire process!  Her service and expertise were incredible! I would recommend her to everyone I know!  The process was quick and painless!”
Kenneth and Jennifer M. October 2016
“HomeBridge has been excellent in the service that they provided to us!  We have used them twice so far and both times we have been so pleased!  Thank you!”
William and Donna K. September 2016
“Kim has always taken the best care of us and made it easy to process our loans.  She is so very helpful to us in every way!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lindsey K. August 2016
“Kim made everything so easy and convenient!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Leonardo and Cynthia A. August 2016
“Kim provided very easy and fast service!  She is the best!  Thank you for the great service HomeBridge!”
Martha A. August 2016
“Kim was very informative, organized and extremely helpful!  She is so patient and she goes above and beyond for her clients!”
Jared R. August 2016
“I have been with HomeBridge for a few years now, this is my second loan with them.  I have always been treated great!  Keep up the great work!  Thank you!”
Patrick F. July 2016
“Kim was very helpful, thorough and knowledgeable!  I will always use Kim for all of my home financing needs and I will always recommend her and HomeBridge to friends and family!  Thanks!”
Joseph W. June 2016
“Kim is down to earth, pleasant, professional, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable!  She was a real pleasure to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
John D. June 2016
“Kim has been very helpful and friendly.  She stayed with me during the entire signing process which I greatly appreciated! This was the easiest loan document signing I've ever participated in!  Thank you!”
Steven B. June 2016
“Kim was amazing to work with!  She was very professional, efficient and prompt!  She made this process very easy and enjoyable!”
David and Katherine C. October 2015
“Kim is super awesome and has provided us a great experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Eliseo S. May 2016
“Kim and her team provided excellent customer service and made sure that I was happy.  I would be happy to work with them again because of their help and excellent service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lindsey K. November 2015
“Kim always goes above and beyond to make herself available and to make the process easy.  I would highly recommend her to all of my friends and family!”
Hans and Andrea K. November 2015
“Kim was very efficient and worked hard to make everything smooth and easy for us.  We had a great experience with HomeBridge!”
Raquel L. April 2016
“Kim was very friendly, smart and helpful.  She always checked on me and was always available when I had questions.  Thank you!”
Kimberly L. January 2016
“Kim has superb organizational skills!  This process went smoothly and easily, we closed 10 days early!  I will definitely use HomeBridge for any future needs.”
Sergio C. January 2016
“Kim made everything so easy to understand and there were no surprises at all, she did a great job!   We received a great interest rate.  Keep doing what your doing!”
Jared R. February 2016
“It has been great working with Kim and the HomeBridge team!  This is my second loan with this company.  Keep up the good work!”

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