About Don Peters

Don Peters is a mortgage industry veteran with over 13 years of experience as a mortgage loan originator. In that time, Don has helped countless individuals and families achieve their home financing goals by offering borrowers the right financing options for them. He’s assisted first-time homebuyers as well as investment purchaser with loan products that include:

  • Refinance loans
  • FHA and VA loans
  • Conventional loans
  • 203(k) Renovation loans
  • Jumbo loans

Don is knowledgeable about every loan program and focuses on the FHA and VA loans. Through these federally funded programs, he’s helped Veterans and buyers in the San Diego area achieve the dream of homeownership—even in the toughest situations. Don uses a personal approach with each borrower, making sure he understands their goals and unique financial situation. From there, he walks them through the mortgage loan process, from start to finish, making sure they understand every step of it.

When he’s not helping customers secure the right loan, Don enjoys spending time with his wife of 31 years and his three grown children—his oldest son works on Don’s mortgage team. Don is originally from Europe and often travels back to visit family in both Italy and Cyprus. He loves watching his favorite team, Crystal Palace FC, and has coached competitive soccer for ten years.

To get the help, you need in reaching your home finance goals, contact Don Peters. Put his experience and dedication to work for you.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Lauren L. Jun-22
“Don was a great support for us through this whole process! I can't stress enough how encouraging and stress-free Don made the process for us, first time home buyers, which was such a breath of fresh air considering all the other professionals (outside of the lenders) in this process and how stressful it was managing interactions, communication and expectations with them. Don made us feel a sense of assurance and hope in this crazy housing market and was very helpful and supportive through it all. Thank you to Don and his team”
Shirley S. Sep-21
“This was the third time we went through this process in several months. The first company mishandled our private financial information so badly we did not close with them after closing docs were prepared. We then went through the process with another company which was more professional. This third time was our first experience with Homebridge. This loan was for an investment property so there was a bit more involved. Having just been through the process for a home loan I feel I have a good comparison that Don Peters and his team are very good at their job and helping get this done. Not only did they work very professionally, they were on a very tight time schedule and still got it done! Thanks again to Don, Eddie, and Amanda”
Stephen T. Oct-20
“We have used Don twice for loans and each time it has been an awesome experience! We will definitely recommend Don to our friends and family.”
Mahmood A. Aug-20
“Was very impressed with the way the entire team started and ended the process.”
Aldrin T. Jun-20
“Overall, the refinance process with Homebridge went as smooth as can be. We were, of course, anxious about the whole process and had a lot of questions. But in the end, with Don and Sharilyn's help, they continued to reassure us that the loan process will move smoothly and as initially discussed. Both of them were very patient and understanding with us throughout the process and I commend them for doing so. It helped us a lot feel certain about the refinance process. It was a pleasure working with both of them. Sharilyn was straight to the point with her communication and Don provided us with all the number details. It was a learning experience and was happy to have worked with Homebridge.”
KEVIN G. May-20
“Don was the first person I called when looking to refinance the mortgage that Don helped me with initially 3 years ago. Don will be the first person I call next time I have mortgage needs. He is consistently helpful, thorough, and detailed in his work and took the time to understand our needs in this Covid-19 world.”

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