About Curt Dalpiaz

Curt Dalpiaz is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. He understands how to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, Curt is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. Curt’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let Curt bring your home ownership dreams to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

“Curt Jenny and the whole team were extremely responsive friendly and great!!”
Brian B. Oct-19
“Homebridge Financial Services was great to work with!”
Mario T. Sep-19
“Amazing experience from start to finish! Working with the Homebridge team was easy, clear, personable, and enjoyable. Will definitely recommend.”
John T. June-19
“Curt did an excellent job of getting the loan process going and made it easy with the check list of needed docs. Thank you Curt!”
Robert W. April-19
“I enjoyed dealing with your team”
Jerry C. February-19
“Curt as well as his staff were very informed and patient when I had some difficulty obtaining certain income documents.”
Jose V. May-19
“Thank you for everything, it was great experience dealing with Homebridge”
David F. April-19
“Shannon was very professional and friendly. A pleasure to deal with.”
Josh M. December 2018
“Professional, friendly, prompt.”
Mark W. November 2018
“They are great.”
Shanon D. November 2018
“They are awesome.”
Chelby H. November 2018
“Amazing quality service.”
Patricia B. November 2018
“Nice people to work with.”
Charles M. October 2018
“I enjoy the office staff and their professionalism. I really enjoy that phone calls are answered by a person.”
Henry E. October 2018
“Friendly, professional and ease. Always answered calls promptly.”
Peter A. September 2018
“Very helpful throughout the process. Answered all of our questions.”
Karina G. June 2018
“Curt is awesome! Straight forward and to the point. Jenny was also great assistance.”
Kara J. June 2018
“Friendly and timely.”
Ann C. May 2018
“Because Curt and Shannon are awesome!”
Kevin C. March 2018
“Great team! Very responsive communication and very detailed.”
Gregory F. December 2017
“Everyone was very helpful and courteous.”
Raymond S. December 2017
“They have kept us informed through all steps and responded to any questions we had.”
Jason O. December 2017
“Great service!”
Cody Y. December 2017
“We do recommend them all the time. ”
Adrian J. December 2017
“Great customer service, always helpful.”
Cody A. December 2017
“We love the Dalpiaz team!”
Brian and Joanne T. September 2017
“Curt and his team were very efficient and friendly! Thank you!”
Melanie Y. August 2017
“Curt and his team were a great group of people to work with! They were very professional and friendly! They were also very polite and they explained the process well!”
Shaiell T. August 2017
“Curt and his team were amazing! They are very kind, patient and on top of their business. They made this experience as easy and stress free as possible. Thank you HomeBridge!”
John and Sonja W. August 2017
“Curt and his team are good people to work with! They did a great job!”
David and Mary P. July 2017
“Curt and his team were great people to work with and they made this process go smoothly! Thank you!”
Laura F. July 2017
“Curt is always very helpful in getting my mortgages done on time! I have used HomeBridge on three other loans in the past!”
Kristyn G. July 2017
“Curt provided great service! He always kept me in the loop and he answered any questions that I had!”
Penny and Lowell H. July 2017
“Curt and Shannon always made us feel like family! They were available at all hours and never left a question unanswered! They went above and beyond in assisting us! Thank you!”
Ronaldo and Elmidis G. June 2017
“I am very impressed on the quick service that Curt and his team provided!  They worked very efficiently and met all of our needs!  We would use HomeBridge again in the future because I feel familiarized with their system and their ability!”
Robert B. May 2017
“Curt and Shannon provided exemplary service and we highly recommend them to anyone needing integrity!  They went above and beyond in assisting us and we trust HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Nicole J. December 2016
“Curt was very nice, prompt and informative!  I had no problems at all and I enjoyed working with him!”
John F. December 2016
“Curt provided excellent service!  He was very responsive to a tight timeline.  Keep up the good work!”
Randall and Kathleen H. May 2017
“Curt and his team provided excellent, super service all the way!  They were amazing to work with!  We could not be happier!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Adam Y. May 2017
“Curt and his team were amazing to work with!  The process was easy, fair and honest!  I could not have asked for better service!  Thank you!”
Debra B. May 2017
“Curt and his team were great to work with!  They truly worked hard for me!  They kept me up to date and answered all of my questions in a timely manner!”
Jared J. May 2017
“Curt and his team have been very helpful and informative throughout this process!  The process was very efficient with detailed explanations.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Dale and Kim O. April 2017
“Curt and his team were very professional and provided quick, prompt service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Cinthia and Alesha G. March 2017
“Curt and his team were friendly and easy to work with!  They were awesome!”
Robert L. March 2017
“Curt was quick, professional and he answered all questions promptly!  The process was so convenient!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Robert and Tiphani H. March 2017
“Curt and his staff have been extremely enjoyable to work with!  They have made this process easy!  Thank you!”
Layton and Vicki H. March 2017
“Curt provided excellent service!  He was very efficient throughout this process!”
Kyle L. February 2017
“Curt and his team did a great job! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Sarah D. January 2017
“Curt was professional, personable and proficient!  He was always available to answer questions or explain procedures.  Outstanding service is difficult to find.  This experience was so positive that I would definitely return to HomeBridge if the need arises!”
Carla G. October 2016
“Curt was very helpful, knowledgeable and prompt!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
William and Michelle O. September 2016
“We are very pleased with Curt and his team for the service that they provided!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Douglas and Amanda N. September 2016
“Curt and his team stayed on top of things throughout this process.  They were very helpful and explained everything thoroughly! This was our second time working with HomeBridge and we love working with their entire team!  We are 100% happy with the service that HomeBridge provided!”
Mauricio and Jenny M. August 2016
“This was the easiest, smoothest transaction!  Curt and his team made purchasing our first home completely stress free!  Highly recommended!”
James and Deborah J. July 2016
“Curt has been very friendly, helpful and easy to work with throughout this process! This was the best experience that we have had purchasing a home!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Steven and Louise R. July 2016
“Curt was very professional, timely and friendly!  He provided such positive support throughout this process.  We will recommend HomeBridge to others due to our positive experience!”
Rupert and Penny L. November 2015
“Curt and his team were very professional, courteous, dependable and extremely efficient.  Everyone felt like family!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Douglas N. December 2015
“Curt and his team were very easy to work with, extremely friendly and respectful.  We have used HomeBridge twice now and were extremely satisfied both times!  Keep up the good work!”
John and Jane G. December 2015
“Curt was so helpful and understanding, he was a pleasure to work with!  We received great customer service!”
James S.
“Curt and Shannon were excellent, smart, courteous, prompt, well-dressed, available and delivered the goods on time without bull.  They have a professional staff and office team.”
Cynthia S.
“Everyone that I worked with went beyond their normal duties to help me and to work with me.  This one of the easiest home purchases I have ever made.  You have a GREAT crew!”
Isaac O.
“Curt and Shannon performed a great and professional job.  They were very easy to work with and I couldn’t ask for anything more.  My overall experience with Curt and Shannon was the best customer service I have received in a long time.”
Danny C.
“Thank you Curt and Shannon for helping us through the entire process.  The house is great, and we are now living the American dream!”
Brenda B. AZ
“Curt and Shannon were completely awesome to us during the whole process.  We are first time buyers and had a lot of questions; they never turned us away.  I know we were not the only client they had, but they made us feel that like we were.  They were always available for us, and they always had all the answers.  When we were in Prescott, I called so we could meet them in person with about a 2 minute notice.  They were totally open and happy for us to come over to their office.  I would recommend them to everyone I know, and if/when we buy another home in the Prescott area, I will only use them.”

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