About Chris Smith

Chris Smith, born in Illinois and raised in Bradenton, FL, graduated from Georgia Southern University. With more than 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry, he is familiar with all aspects of the mortgage process. Chris understands the unique needs each customer brings to the table and enjoys working as a team to build the perfect mortgage solution. Customers immediately notice and appreciate Chris’ innovative approach to business and high standards for customer satisfaction. He makes the mortgage process easy and enjoyable for everyone involved. Active in the community, Chris sits on the board of Foundation for Dreams and is a member of the Women’s Council of Realtors and Manatee Association of Realtors.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Joshua H. Aug-21
“Deidra was amazing! I could not have asked for a better loan processor!”
Glenn C. Aug-21
“Very good experience”
Kelsey B. Aug-21
“Chris Smith was amazing in providing all information I needed to complete my home buying process!”
Michael C. Aug-21
“Thank you and greatly appreciate everyone's hard work .”
Christina J. Aug-21
“It was a very stressful but rewarding. Our loan processor did every and anything to keep it stress free. We are very grateful and appreciative and can't wait to make memories in our new house!”
Timothy P. Jul-21
“Mr. Smith was excellent. He answered all my questions accurately and timely. He worked diligently to get the loan processed quickly. Thank you!”
Danielle B. Jul-21
“Overall it was a great experience. Thank you!”
Reginald D. Jul-21
“Chris was fantastic. My wife and I are so pleased with the outcome of this loan. He was very informative and helpful through this entire process. We are so pleased with how he managed our loan and it is because of him, we are in our beautiful home. We can not say thank you enough Chris. Great guy who has a heart and best interest of his clients.”
Youssef T. Jul-21
“Homebridge makes my dream comes true”
Adriana D. Apr-21
“Seamless process working with Christoper and Nadine!”
Humberto R. Apr-21
“Christopher smith is awesome, very professional him is the best.. excellent lender. Always it disponible before any question.”
Vincent S. Mar-21
“My whole experience went smoothly.”
Cordel W. Feb-21
“I am happy may the God-bless keep financial going”
Brooke D. Feb-21
“A fantastic experience overall. Amanda Nunley was a constant source of help for me and went above and beyond to answer any questions in a timely manner. Thank you all so much!”
Lakeshia B. Feb-21
“Chris Smith and his team are great. They made my dream of becoming a homeowner come true.”
Alexander O. Feb-21
“Amanda Nunley was extremely helpful on my loan process, as a first time home buyer she definitely placed the bar extremely high. Amanda was able to answer all my questions when a response was needed. Amanda was extremely nice and helpful and because of this Homebridge will be at the top of my list for any of my future loan needs. I thank Chris for his services and for having Amanda assigned to my file and making this loan experience smooth and memorable.”
Franklin T. Jan-21
“It all went well”
Edward C. Jan-21
“Chris Smith and his entire team worked diligently on helping me with my first home purchase”
Eric B. Jan-21
“Chris went above and beyond to get us into our home. Even though there were many obstacles with Highland Homes, Chris and his team made sure our family were able to have our first home.”
Justin C. Jan-21
“I had a great experience. Everyone was responsive and the tools were easy to use. I was pleased with the rate I got and the outcome of the process.”
Tiffany B. Jan-21
“Chris I thank you so much for going above and beyond for me. This adventure started off so great and I was hit with a divorce. Chris and Tina were always there to help me to get through this rough time . I so greatly appreciate them . Closing on a new home and going through a divorce and my father on his death bed . What a punch in the gut. But thank you Chris and Thank you Tina for all your help kind words to help me get the keys to my new home.”
Yajaira P. Jan-21
“I am so glad I chose Homebridge Financial to finance the purchase of my new home!!! The service was excellent and exceeded my expectations throughout the whole process. Thank you so much Christopher Smith!!!”
Kevin E. Jan-21
“Overall i had a great experience thanks toChristopher and team.”
Kiana C. Dec-20
“Mortgage process was easy and smooth.”
Maria C. Dec-20
“thank u so much to all Staff!!!!”
Jon A. Dec-20
“Colette was awesome, Chris and Robert were very responsive. The process was relatively painless. I understood the need but was not happy with having to update financial (bank accounts, 401K etc.) information. Overall a good experience, Thank goodness for portals and e-mails......and no more hard copies....”
Osvaldo S. Dec-20
“Very thankfully with you guys. God Bless You al!!”
Peggy B. Dec-20
“The staff were very responsive and personable. Things went very easily and I'm very pleased.”
Sol C. Nov-20
“I would like to thank everyone who worked with me in obtaining the house of my dreams. I had so many questions this is my first home and Nadine always answer me promptly. Nadine always gave me the information and explain thing I did not understand. She held my hand through whole process and make sure inform me every step of the way. Joel was always available addressing my concerns. The only thing I would of change about process was Closing. I wanted close before Thanksgiving to give us time to move. It was long journey but the reward was worth it. I have already recommended Homebridge to friends family. I feel so bless and happy to have my beautiful house.”
Jason W. Nov-20
“Christopher Smith and his team were extraordinary helpful with processing my loan. They made it easier than I could have ever imagined. I had a few issues on my end but they were able to get me a better rate and lower fees than I had thought. Extremely happy that I was able to work with them on this. Highly recommended”
Iwona K. Nov-20
“Thank you Christopher Smith for your helps!”
Kenneth E. Nov-20
“Chria Smith and Collette O'Kelly made the application process so very easy. Collette was there at any given moment and was easy to speak, always very patience and eager to help.Sarah Brown was fantastic. Although our decision of which home was time-consuming she never made us feel uneasy about that and had been there with every step of the way. Any concerns or questions, even while on maternity leave, Sarah made sure everything went smoothly and was quick to answer. Chase is great at being the project manager. He is in top of every building being built at every step. He is dedicated to making sure ever aspect of your home us correct and beautiful. All of these people are fantastic at their position. They know their "stuff" and are the best at it. The purchase of this home was the easiest we have ever done and service was above average in every aspects. ”
Kendra O. Nov-20
“Just want to say thanks Chris!”
Victor G. Nov-20
“Chris Smith was very professional, knowledgeable and very helpful thru out the entire process. Very satisfied with the entire process”
Isabelle W. Oct-20
“Homebridge Financial Services was the last on the list given to us by builder from which we could choose lenders. Maybe there was no particular reason by the builders to list Homebridge as last but I tend to work with the last on any group and we were not disappointed. Chris and Colette were professional in answering our questions and kept their promise in addressing any other concern. Thanks and we'll keep Chris in mind for other projects.”
Vanessa M. Oct-20
“I was so afraid coming into buying a home because of all the horror stories that I kept hearing with their loans, but it couldn't of been easier. Homebridge made it super easy and calming to do everything. I was very relieved that it was such a good experience.”
Jose D. Sep-20
“The whole process was really simple and easy to execute. I appreciate everything that homebrigde did for my family and for me. they really were very professional.”
William C. Aug-20
“Thank you for a job well done; however it would have been nice to have met face to face some time during the process.”
Richard L. Aug-20
“Mr. Smith and his entire staff did a great job. All the team members were professional, caring, well informed and friendly. Ms. Nadine was the one I had the most contact with during the process. She was all of the above, and very dedicated to our case. Thank you all.”
Kathryn H. Aug-20
“Chris helped us tremendously along the way as did Ms. Nadine Fusco. Both were so easy to work with. TY”
Domenico C. Aug-20
“Thank you for everything”
Cynthia G. Jul-20
“When I contacted Christopher, he answered the phone and began asking the necessary questions. He was pleasant and knowledgeable. He kept me informed when another person was going to follow up with me. When I had concern regarding the interest rates, he assisted me and provided me the rate at the time. And I locked it in.”
Michael R. Jul-20
“Chris is the finest loan officer I have ever worked with. Professional, knowledgeable and a great problem solver. I wouldn't work with anyone else in this regard.”
Cynthia G. Jul-20
“When I contacted Christopher, he answered the phone and began asking the necessary questions. He was pleasant and knowledgeable. He kept me informed when another person was going to follow up with me. When I had concern regarding the interest rates, he assisted me and provided me the rate at the time. And I locked it in.”
Donald H. Jun-20
“Chris and his team were easy to work with especially during covid. They kept it moving forward and got back to me when I had questions in a timely manner.”
Sophia M. Jun-20
“Chris and his team were great. They kept me informed and made sure that I had everything that I needed to close with no issues.”
ANN D. May-20
“Chris is amazing. From the beginning, it was a tough call but Chris helped me and did not tell me no. He did everything possible to get my loan approved, and to get me to even qualify for a loan. He is awesome. He answered all of my questions, no matter how annoying or how repetitive. He was very knowledgeable and super helpful. Thank you so much, Chris!”
MONICA S. Apr-20
“Great experience!”
PAUL V. Mar-20
“Thanks for taking a chance on me”
LAURA O. Jan-20
“It was great working with the team at Homebridge Financial, they are so helpful and easy to work with.”
Heiler T. Sep-19
“Since the beginning Chris Smith give us the best expectative and help during the process , Homebridge Financial Services Inc. , very serious and competitive company , in the first position than anyone”
Nicole K. Sep-19
“My mortgage financing through Christopher Smith and Homebridge was very easy. I would highly recommend their services.”
Rosa D. June-19
“Excellent service from each and everyone i am very pleased thank you so much for all your help”
Justin E. June-19
“This is my second time using Homebridge, both times I have dealt with Christopher Smith and the experience was outstanding. First time dealing with Nadine, she also was a pleasure to work with. Thanks again!”
Richard H. March-19
“Chris, Robert, Sonia and Hilary were extremely helpful in guiding me through the process from pre-approval to passing underwriting. There is always a duration of six months with financing new construction and everyone was very helpful with keeping me on a time line with submitting essential documents. Very seamless process with no surprises and very well coordinated with the builder. Thanks again, Rich”
Ebony R. May-19
“This is my second home purchase and the team at Homebridge made it so easy and seamless! I felt confident in my purchase and did not feel like I was forcing the process. I was always kept up to date and felt like they cared about me having a great experience.”
Laura B. May-19
“Chris and his team are awesome! This was the 3rd time using them and each time they have provided the best service all around. Home buying can be stressful, but they make the whole process go as smooth as possible. They truly provide the best customer service and are always available to answer questions. I would highly recommend them!!! A++++++.”
Timothy S. December 2018
“The loan processing was a seamless experience and great care was given to us through this experience.”
Jerry S. December 2018
“Everyone I dealt with was very helpful.”
Raul V. November 2018
“Excellent service! Thank you Chris and Colette!”
Keith C. October 2018
Anne F. October 2018
“Applying for mortgage and refinance was very easy and explained through the process.”
Katia R. October 2018
“Very nice team.”
Kareena M. October 2018
“Helpful and friendly.”
Dina D. October 2018
“Everyone from start to finish were very easy to work with.”
Matthew R. October 2018
“Great people and communication.”
Ryan C. October 2018
“Good communication throughout the process. ”
Jason G. Aug-18
“Very thorough.”
April J. Aug-18
“As a new home owner, they were extremely helpful in the process.”
Jason G. Aug-18
“Very thorough.”
April J. Aug-18
“As a new home owner, they were extremely helpful in the process.”
Jason G. August 2018
“Very thorough.”
April J. August 2018
“As a new home owner, they were extremely helpful in the process.”
Jason G. August 2018
“Very thorough.”
April J. August 2018
“As a new home owner, they were extremely helpful in the process.”
Jason G. June 2018
“Great service!”
Joseph R. June 2018
“They followed up with the loan process.”
Alicia H. June 2018
“Very helpful, extremely responsive and friendly.”
Lillian M. June 2018
“Good service.”
Narah P. June 2018
“Smooth transitioning of the whole process. ”
Letita A. May 2018
“This was an easy experience.”
James N. May 2018
“Great communication and ease of process.”
Amber M. May 2018
“Extremely responsive and helpful.”
Jeremy C. April 2018
“Very nice and knowledgeable.”
Andrea S. March 2018
“The service was great.”
Jason R. March 2018
“Very helpful with everything and keeping me informed of the process. Very pleased with their process.”
David N. March 2018
“Everyone has been readily available to answer any questions I have had along the way and kept me informed as well.”
Jennifer L. January 2018
“Process was pretty painless.”
Trae G. January 2018
“Great service!”
Neal E. November 2017
David W. November 2017
“Everyone is easy to contact and gets answers quickly when asked.”
Jose E. November 2017
Andrea L. October 2017
“Everyone was helpful and knowledgeable.”
Sophia C. October 2017
“Complete communication and problem solving.”
Patricia W. November 2016
“Chris and his team were very professional and friendly!”
Thomas Z.
“Chris was very thorough and professional during this entire process! When challenged he exceeded my expectations! This was an excellent experience with a refinance!”
Yamir B. November 2016
“Chris and his team were prompt and easy to reach! They provided great customer service!”
Akua B. December 2016
“Chris and his team have been very helpful and easy to work with throughout this process! They were lovely!”
David J. December 2016
“Chris and his entire team have been very friendly, helpful and efficient! They have made this a very good home buying experience! Thank you!”
Daniel M. August 2017
“Chris made this a painless process and provided great service!”
Velvet A. August 2017
“Chris Smith is great! He was very professional and helpful! ”
Chandra H. August 2017
“Chris was very helpful and easy to work with! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Arthur G. November 2016
“The information that Chris provided was always accurate and on point! There was no confusion in the process. I would like to use HomeBridge again in the future because I know what to expect and great service!”
Linda L. August 2017
“Chris was very professional and accommodating! He answered questions quickly and he made this a smooth and easy transaction! The process was wonderful and I am completely satisfied with the service I received at HomeBridge!”
Alex and Amanda B. July 2017
“Chris and his entire team at HomeBridge were very pleasant to work with at all times! They answered every question that we had on any day and at any time!”
Theresa R. and Ellen E. July 2017
“Chris and Colette have always been extremely professional, honest and trustworthy! We would be extremely likely to use HomeBridge again in the future when needed!”
Joshua E. July 2017
“Chris was very thorough and he explained the process well! He made this transaction quick and easy! This was a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Samuel and Nolia L. July 2017
“We also used HomeBridge for our original loan and they were very professional and awesome! ”
William G. June 2017
“Chris was easy to work with and he provided excellent customer service!”
Louis O. June 2017
“Chris and his staff took their time helping and guiding us through this entire process from beginning to end! We would use HomeBridge again for future needs because, we are comfortable and trust them!”
Luis F. June 2017
“Chris and his team were very friendly and they provided excellent customer service! HomeBridge is a well organized financial company that is easy to work with! Thank you!”
Julie and Marcus K. June 2017
“Chris and Billy were both very helpful in answering any questions and pointing us in the right direction during the loan process!  They were very prompt in getting us documents that were needed!”
Jayme G. June 2017
“Chris was very friendly, prompt, responsive and easy to contact throughout this process!  He was also very easy to work with!  Thank you!”
Dennis and Lorraine P. May 2017
“Chris made this process very smooth!  Everything was great!  Thank you!”
Carlos M. May 2017
“Chris and his team were very helpful, attentive and informative throughout this process!  They were so easy to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Carlos M. May 2017
“Chris and his staff were very attentive and they answered all of my questions!  They were also very helpful and easy going!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Travis W. May 2017
“Chris was very friendly, professional and efficient!  He made the loan process quick and smooth!”
Timothy and Regina S. May 2017
“Chris and his team were very friendly and worked well with us!  Everything went through nicely and now I am a homeowner!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Wilford C. May 2017
“I love HomeBridge very much!  I would like to return to them for any future needs due to this positive experience!  Thank you!”
Samuel R. May 2017
“Chris and his team were awesome to work with!  They were all very helpful and did a great job!”
Jose V. May 2017
“Chris was always on time and he made the process fast and easy!”
Courtney A. May 2017
“Chris and his staff provided excellent communication and follow-up!  They were very friendly and helpful!  I am extremely pleased with the process!  Thank you!”
Caroline D. May 2017
“Chris was very helpful, patient and efficient throughout this process!”
LeDanjeanette F. April 2017
“Chris was very prompt and he answered all of my questions or concerns!  I would recommend HomeBridge to others due to my positive experience!”
Carlos R. April 2017
“This was my first time home purchase and everything flowed smoothly!  I did not have any issues and am very satisfied with the service that I received at HomeBridge!”
Stephen P. April 2017
“Chris and his team were very knowledgeable and communicative!  This was a great team that provided a smooth and seamless process!  Keep on doing what you're doing!  Thank you!”
Lendsey M. April 2017
“Chris and his team have been very helpful and understanding throughout this entire transaction!  They made the process easy and fun!  HomeBridge is awesome!  Thank you!”
Domenico and Gemma M. April 2017
“Chris and his team were very helpful throughout the process and they provided an awesome experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Ruth P. March 2017
“The services that Chris and his team provided were superior!  They were very appropriate and helpful!  Thank you!”
Amy M. February 2017
“Chris made this a very easy and smooth process!  Thank you!”
Hilda P. February 2017
“Chris made this a quick and easy process!  Do not change a thing!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Richard R. December 2016
“Chris was very courteous and he made this a smooth and easy transaction!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Benjamin M. February 2017
“Chris and his team were always available when we needed them!  The process was streamlined and stress free!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Preston C. January 2017
“Chris and his team were very organized and helpful!  HomeBridge is very people friendly and they made the experience fun!  Thank you!”
Jorge W. February 2017
“Chris and his team were so reliable and communicative!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Mark and Elizabeth K. February 2017
“This entire home purchasing process went along better than expected.  It was performed professionally and promptly!  This home is our retirement house, but, if we were to build again, I would gladly use HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Jill A. January 2017
“Chris was very supportive from start to finish!  There were no surprises.  He provided very detailed information and explained the process well.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Luis G. October 2016
“Chris provided a great experience at HomeBridge!  He was very friendly and always made himself available at any time!  Thank you!”
Jaleesa L. October 2016
“Chris was always quick to answer questions and very detail oriented!  I had a wonderful experience at HomeBridge!”
Suzette R. September 2016
“Chris and his team were great!  They helped me understand this entire process and I cannot thank them enough!  I am very happy as a first time home buyer!”
Brooke and Adrian H. September 2016
“Chris was very knowledgeable and communicative!  He provided great customer service!”
Todd and Mandy R. September 2015
“Chris was easy to work with, timely and efficient!  The service HomeBridge provided was spectacular!  Thank you!”
Edwin M. August 2016
“Chris and his team have truly gone above and beyond!  They always kept us up to date in the process.  Don't change a thing HomeBridge and keep up the good work!”
Patricia P. September 2015
“Chris and his team were so easy to work with.  They were friendly and answered all questions promptly!”
Shalves A. July 2016
“Chris kept us informed throughout this process.  He was very courteous, informative and always available!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michael M. September 2015
“Chris and his team were very helpful and informative!  Everything was timely and accurate!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Anthony M. July 2016
“Chris always responded quickly and was very helpful!  He provided very good customer service!  I really liked the electronic documents access.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Alan and Rowena R. June 2016
“Chris was very attentive and receptive to our needs and concerns.  The process was fast and smooth!”
Donald and Bridgette S. June 2016
“Chris and his team were very knowledgeable, professional and efficient.  They were easy to reach and answered all questions promptly.”
William and Debralee T. October 2015
“Chris and his team were always available and very knowledgeable.  The process was very smooth and easy!  We will definitely recommend HomeBridge to friends and family!”
Chris and Lisa L. October 2015
“Chris and his team were very courteous and great to work with!  I will recommend HomeBridge to friends and family!”
Alyssa O. May 2016
“Chris has been very knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful throughout this process!  Keep on doing what you guys do!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Alyssa O. May 2016
“Chris was very knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful throughout this process!  Keep on doing what you do!”
Eric D. May 2016
“Chris and his team worked with me very professionally and did a very good job!  HomeBridge is awesome!”
Greg and Claudia W. May 2016
“Chris and his team were all very accomodating, friendly and professional!  We would return to HomeBridge in the future because of this good experience!”
Eric and Amanda G. November 2015
“Chris and his team were very professional, helpful and knowledgeable throughout.  The process was smooth and fast!”
Richard and Mary N. November 2015
“Chris was very helpful, he answered all questions promptly.  He was extremely friendly and professional!  He really went above and beyond!  Awesome team!  Keep doing what you are doing!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Virginia W. January 2016
“I have used HomeBridge several times now and have always received exceptional service!  Thanks again!”
Jonathan S. April 2016
“Chris was very helpful and easy to communicate with.  The loan process was very easy!  Thanks!”
Constance and Robert C.
“Chris and everyone at HomeBridge went above and beyond!  This was an easy, successful experience for us!”
Michael and Catherine L.
“Chris was very easy to work with and ready to answer any questions.   I have already referred a friend!”
Austin J.
“Chris and his team have been so helpful and kind!  Thank you!”
Bonnie K.
“From the time Chris assumed the loan package everything went smoothly.  Everything was very organized!”

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