About Bruce Cohen

Bruce Cohen is a respected Reverse Mortgage specialist who draws from his own life experiences to help his clients achieve financial freedom and added security in their retirement years. Bruce understands that each client has specific needs when it comes to finances. Those needs can include:

  • Reverse home purchase loans
  • Reverse home refinancing
  • Financial education on reverse home loans

Beginning with his own parents, Bruce has many years of experience helping seniors navigate through a variety of financial situations. Bruce believes learning about the lives of his clients and their financial goals helps him provide the best service to his borrowers. He understands the ins and outs of a reverse home loan and educates his clients every step of the way.

Bruce lives in the Hudson Valley of New York State and has been there for over 37 years. Bruce has his pilot license and flies every now and then in the area for the sheer beauty of it. He volunteers time to fly missions for various Angel Flight Organizations, taking patients and their families to and from regional centers for specialized medical care. He also flies for Animal Rescue Flight groups, rescuing animals from confinement in shelters and from areas of need to their new ‘furever’ homes. With his roots in NY, Bruce understands the needs of the local seniors and how to help them with their home finances.

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