About Brian Palatucci

With over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, Brian Palatucci has a strong working knowledge and understanding of investments, financial services, sales, and operations. For the past 15 years, Brian has focused his career exclusively on residential mortgage lending. His extensive knowledge of Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA and USDA financing allows him to find the right product to suit the specific needs of each and every one of his clients. By effectively educating each client throughout the mortgage process, he continually delivers superior service by sharing his knowledge, while providing advice and guidance every step of the way. His commitment to mortgage lending has enabled him to become a highly reputable mortgage professional among the real estate community. Throughout his career, he has helped countless home buyers achieve their goal of home ownership. Whether you are looking to refinance or purchase your home, let Brian assist you in financing that dream home today!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Robyn F. May-21
“This is our third time working with Brian and as always he was extremely helpful, thorough, and easy to reach for questions throughout the process of our refinance. We have already recommended him in the past and would again.”
Andrew F. May-21
“Due to covid, a lot of my communication was through email and phone calls. Brian took time through all this hardship to make sure I was comfortable and aware of what I need to know, do, and need from day one once I contacted him back in January. Brian and his team was professional and supported throughout the entire process. This was my first home and I know I wasn't the easiest of clients; but he made it smooth and easy every step of the way. I am proud that my realtor recommended homebridge and Brian personally. I am grateful for all Brian did for me and it was a pleasure working with him!”
James M. Apr-21
“Brian was very professional and was always available if you wanted to ask him questions.”
Lisa B. Apr-21
“I absolutely loved working with Brain. He is extremely professional and thorough. Brian established trust with me from the get go. I have already referred friends to him even before my closing because he is excellent at what he does. I always felt that everything was going smoothly and was very well informed. Brian taught me so much and I am so grateful. Not only did he get me in a position to be able to buy a home ALL ON MY OWN, but I am continuing to use what I have learned.”
Daniel R. Apr-21
“Brian is the reason why you have my business, simply put. To be honest, the process of providing documentation could be a little easier but it wasn't awful. I completed this review because of Brian. He's excellent at what he does. But I must say, if it was anyone else I would have stopped in the middle because it's too long. I'm certain that you could design a questionnaire with a third of the questions and get the same information. Lastly, if you want to have customers leave feedback on social media you could always provide a link to do that in your questionnaire (make things easier). Just my humble opinion :)”
Jacklyn S. Mar-21
“Appreciate all your help through this process and the great wealth of knowledge I have gained working with you Brian!”
Erin K. Feb-21
“Brian is the best and I would highly recommend him to anyone! He is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and takes the time to explain every aspect of the process in detail, which is much appreciated.”
Elizabeth C. Dec-20
“Brian did a great job explaining and helping me through this process....”
John C. Dec-20
“Brian was on top of every step in our refi process. We ended up refinancing 2 property at the same time and Brian made the entire process smooth and easy to understand. Giving us a secure feeling throughout the loan process. Thank you.”
Edward B. Dec-20
“Very professional and helpful.”
Mary Beth C. Dec-20
“Going through the refinancing process for the first time, I was a bit nervous. Brian was very knowledgeable and is outstanding at his job. He answered any questions we had about the process and what to expect while going through it. Brian is an asset to the company.”
Russel A. Dec-20
“If you spoke to Brian he would explain that our closing was rather atypical. We were in the process of selling and buying and our buyer and his mortgage company was awful. They deliberately mislead us on the date that they could close and strung us along for over a month. Brian and his team were very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable to deal with. They were patient and more helpful than the attorney that we were using and made the process easy to understand. Because of his knowledge and help, I was better able to ask questions of the buyer of our property. I can honestly say that if he was not as helpful, it would have taken longer and with the constant challenges, they were able to adjust within a day to make things happen when the buyer got the clear to close. Additionally, the documents that they prepared had the wrong information on them because of the title company making a mistake. On the day of closing, they were able to adjust everything so that we could close despite the errors of others. The web based ability to upload documents and Brian's responsiveness to text, emails and phone calls made us feel that he was invested in this process.”
Ashley P. Nov-20
“Brian was so great through the whole process! He was very responsive and explained everything every step of the way.”
Philip R. Nov-20
“Brian was excellent to work with during the entire process. He explained everything thoroughly and discussed all options available. I felt he had my best interests in mind at all times.”
Ryan B. Nov-20
“The first mortgage lender I worked with was not very helpful and clear on what needed to be done. Brian and homebridge made it as painless and easy as possible. Also they took financial terms put them into words I better understand”
Wayne B. Oct-20
“Brain was wonderful to work with. Thank you again for all your help.”
Michael D. Oct-20
“Great Experience with HomeBridge. I've worked with Brian Palatucci in closing/refinancing three times now and have always appreciated Brian's honesty and patience throughout the process. Would highly recommend Brian and HomeBridge!”
Deanna G. Oct-20
“I only have great things to say about Brian. Out of all the people involved in the home buying process, Brian was the most communicative and the most educational. He was available to answer any/all questions and took the time to make sure I understood everything. I would recommend working with Brian to any of my friends and family.”
Ashley K. Sep-20
“Brian Palatucci was very helpful and knowledgeable during the entire process. I always felt that he had my best interests in mind, and he explained all information clearly so that I could fully understand the refinancing process. I really appreciated feeling like I had someone "on my side" the entire time. I will highly recommend him to my friends and family.”
Jon B. Sep-20
“Brian was awesome. From the beginning he explained the process in detail and walked me through on what to do when I had questions. He even took the time to explain how to use my phone to scan documents. I also dealt with Lola briefly when I was sending documents and she was also helpful. Ultimately it was Brian who saw this through from start to finish. We are extremely satisfied. Brian knows how to build a good working relationship with his clients and should anyone I know ask for a recommendation I would not hesitate to recommend Brian. Great job Brian !! Thanks again.”
Kevin M. Aug-20
“Brian was extraordinary with the entire process. Back in March we talked about a specific interest rate value and 4 months later we hit that exact interest rate. Although the process is long overall, Brian was there every step of the way. Thanks Brian!!”
Michael G. Aug-20
“Brian Palatucci is Very Well Versed in the Mortgage Process. He Was Very Professional throughout the entire process and was a pleasure to have as my loan processor.. I would highly recommend Him and Your Bank to Other People....”
Joan O. Jul-20
“Brian is very professional and knowledgeable, while being supportive, patient and kind. Will not hesitate to recommend him/Homebridge Financial Services.”
“He is in my opinion the best very professional aiso very knowledgable”
“BRIAN WAS AWESOME!!!!! SMART, RESPONSIVE, FUNNY, all around great guy! Made this millennial feel pretty uneducated at times (which I needed) but also helped us stay on track and get the documents we needed. He was just great! Always made himself available and explained everything I had a question about. THANK YOU BRIAN!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!”
Giovanny A. Oct-19
“Brian is awesome, he's always there to explain you and help you out with anything.”
Erin K. Sep-19
“I found Brian to be extremely knowledgeable and straightforward, very helpful throughout the whole process.”
Jamie P. June-19
“Our Mortgage Loan Originator, Brian Palatucci, went above and beyond throughout our home purchase process. Brian was very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to answer the many questions we had. He made himself available at all times, even out of normal business working hours, to ensure our needs were met and minds were at ease. As first time home buyers, it can be nerve-wrecking purchasing your first house. Brian went above and beyond to keep us updated each step of the way. Abby McCarthy was wonderful and very professional to work with. She was prompt, clear, and extremely knowledgeable. We are recommending all of our friends and family to use HomeBridge!”
Victor C. June-19
“Can't say enough about Brian Palatucci he was amazing”
Derek S. March-19
“See comment before this one.”
Angela P. April-19
“Brian was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and personable. He answered all of my questions without making me feel silly for asking. He was on top of EVERYTHING at EVERY step of the process.”
Victor C. June-19
“Can't say enough about Brian Palatucci he was amazing”
Tadeusz P. November 2018
“Easy contact with mortgage company. Always calls back, everything on time.”
Robyn G. November 2018
“Very informative on all steps of the process.”
Michael B. November 2018
“Professional, great customer service, very knowledgeable.”
Glen W. October 2018
“Ease of process.”
Erik H. Aug-18
“Excellent service.”
Cynthia S. Aug-18
“Brian is excellent! Thorough and a pleasure to work with.”
Athina R. Aug-18
“Everyone at Homebridge was always available to answer any and all of our questions and always had our best interest at heart. Thank you!”
Erik H. Aug-18
“Excellent service.”
Cynthia S. Aug-18
“Brian is excellent! Thorough and a pleasure to work with.”
Athina R. Aug-18
“Everyone at Homebridge was always available to answer any and all of our questions and always had our best interest at heart. Thank you!”
Athina R. August 2018
“Everyone at Homebridge was always available to answer any and all of our questions and always had our best interest at heart. Thank you!”
Erik H. August 2018
“Excellent service.”
Cynthia S. August 2018
“Brian is excellent! Thorough and a pleasure to work with.”
Cynthia S. August 2018
“Brian is excellent! Thorough and a pleasure to work with.”
Athina R. August 2018
“Everyone at Homebridge was always available to answer any and all of our questions and always had our best interest at heart. Thank you!”
Erik H. August 2018
“Excellent service.”
Robert W. March 2018
“Very helpful and informative.”
Deborah M. March 2018
“Quick, easy and friendly.”
Deborah M. March 2018
“Quick, easy and friendly.”
Erin P. December 2017
“Excellent service and quality communication.”
Jason G. December 2017
“Brian and his team were wonderful to work with and very patient. They made the process a little less painful!”
Michael C. October 2017
“Extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Had answers for all my questions.”
Cindy R. October 2017
“Professional, concise and made the process easy.”
Bruce and Michelle A. September 2017
“Brian and Abby were wonderful! They were very attentive and helpful! Thank you!”
Corey C. August 2017
“Brian and his team were great people to work with! They made the process easy!”
Kevin and Lorine L. July 2017
“Brian and Abigail were extremely helpful throughout this process!”
William S. July 2017
“Brian is the best! He was very helpful and informative. Abby was also very helpful. I would highly recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Daniel S. July 2017
“Brian was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the home buying process! ”
James and Alison R. July 2017
“Brian and Abby are awesome! We will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to our positive experience!”
Michelle W. June 2017
“Brian was very informative and helpful throughout the process! Brian was so helpful and without his advice and guidance this would not have been possible! This was such a great experience at HomeBridge! Thank you!”
Peter and Susan L. June 2017
“I received excellent communication and cooperation with all parties involved!  Brian was very knowledgeable of the process, he went above and beyond and gave great personal attention during this entire process!”
David P. June 2017
“We had a great experience from day one with Brian and his team!  They were very knowledgeable and there for any questions or concerns that we had.  They were very thorough through every step of the home buying process!  Everything was great!”
Brendan L. June 2017
“Brian was always available to help and he guided me through this process with great ease!  Keep up the good work!”
Philip R. May 2017
“Brian was very knowledgeable and easy to reach!  He made this process easy and everyone that we worked with were able to get us to the closing on time!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Dayna K. May 2017
“Brian and his staff were very efficient and wonderful!  The process seemed less stressful with their help, it moved very quickly and smoothly!  We had no issues and everyone was very helpful and friendly!”
James M. May 2017
“Brian and his team were very kind and they responded extremely quickly with clear answers when needed!  The process was much more smooth and simple than a previous company that I used.  Thank you!”
Philip and Jessica M. April 2017
“Brian and his team were very professional and helpful throughout this process!  We would like to return to HomeBridge again due to this positive experience!”
Haley L. April 2017
“Brian has been extremely helpful throughout this entire process!  He answered any questions I had whenever I had them!  Everyone at HomeBridge was so courteous and helpful!  Thank you!”
Donald and Deborah S. April 2017
“Brian and his team were so professional!  They were easy to work with and the communication was great!  This was a wonderful experience at HomeBridge from start to finish!”
Stacey G. April 2017
“Brian and his team provided me an excellent experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
James and Regina K. March 2017
“Brian and his staff provided very professional and knowledgeable service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Brooke R. March 2017
“Brian was very attentive and paid such great attention to detail!  He was also so very patient.  I will recommend HomeBridge to others due to my positive experience!”
James and Lynn B. March 2017
“I have worked with Brian and recommended him to clients for years!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Frank B. February 2017
“Brian and his team were very helpful and easy to reach thoughout this entire process!  They also offered the loan product that we were looking for!  Brian was easy to work with, informative and he was great for a first time home buyer!”
Meggen B. February 2017
“Brian and his team were extremely responsive and helpful!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Veranika K. November 2016
“Brian provided great communication and service!  He was always willing to help!  He understands the needs of the customer.  I am very pleased with the service that HomeBridge has provided!  Thank you!”
Robert and Jenna G. October 2016
“Brian was great to work with!  He bailed us out of a very tough spot when getting the mortgage.  He was amazing and we would highly recommend him to others.  We plan to use HomeBridge again when we purchase our next home!  Thank you!”
William and Ashley J. October 2016
“Brian has helped me in the past and is outstanding!  We have already referred people to him and will continue to use him!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Charles and Roseanne M. October 2016
“I was always able to speak with Brian.  He answered all of my questions promptly.  All of the HomeBridge staff were kind and professional!  Thank you!”
Donald V. October 2016
“Brian was very courteous and knowledgeable throughout this process!  He is an expert in his field!  It has been a pleasure working with Brian Palatucci!”
Michael and Amanda A. September 2016
“Brian was very detail oriented, receptive and responsive to all of our phone calls and emails!  He provided great service!  I would definitely recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Christopher H. September 2016
“Brian and his team were all great to work with!  Being a first time home buyer, I had many questions and all of them got answered to the fullest in a timely manner.  They provided great professionalism and customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michael and Michele M. September 2016
“Brian and his team were all very knowledgeable and helpful!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
James and Holly Q. September 2016
“Brian was very detail oriented!  He explained every step of this process in a way that I could understand!  He was always available for questions or concerns.  He was honest, patient and prepared us each step of the way!  I am very satisfied with this current purchase and I highly recommend HomeBridge to anyone!”
Gregory and Lindsay G. September 2016
“Brian was so helpful throughout this process!  He was great to work with!”
Luann M. September 2016
“Brian was always available for any questions.  He readily answered all of my requests for pre-approvals on the few houses that I looked at any time of the day or night!  Everything went very smoothly!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Joanne J. August 2016
“Brian was very helpful and informative!  He answered all of my questions promptly and completely!  He provided excellent communication and customer service!”
Sarah L. August 2016
“Brian and his team were very knowledgeable, helpful and trustworthy!  They know their stuff!  I highly recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Neil R. August 2016
“Brian and his team were very efficient!  They provided excellent customer service with same day responses!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
James and Heidi B. August 2016
“Brian was extremely thorough, sincere and honest!  He was straight to the point and gave great guidance!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Anthony and Patricia C. August 2016
“Brian was very friendly and professional!  We would use HomeBridge again for any future needs due to this positive experience!”
Jacob and Kimberly S. July 2016
“Brian was always available to answer questions.  He was very professional and provided timely responses.  We will recommend HomeBridge to others and we will return for any future needs!”
Michael B. July 2016
“Brian was always easy to reach.  He answered all of my questions in detail and made the process easy to understand!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Mark R. June 2016
“Brian was very professional and was always available to answer all of my questions.  I am very happy with the service that I received from HomeBridge!  Keep on doing what you do!”
Tomasz O. June 2016
“Brian was very responsive and helpful throughout this process!  I am happy with the service he provided!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
David S. October 2015
“Brian was very knowledgeable and responsive to any questions or concerns we had.  He was extremely friendly and easy to work with!  Because of our great experience we would not hesitate to return to HomeBridge in the future!  Thank you!”
Justin and Meghann P. May 2016
“Brian and his team were all very thorough an informative.  All processing was done quickly and on time.  We would definitely recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Jonathan S. May 2016
“Brian was very easy to work with, he was always available to help and answer any questions that I had.  Thank you!”
Andrew and Kimberly K. December 2015
“Brian was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the whole process.  We have used HomeBridge's services twice now and the process could not have gone smoother.  Thank you!”
Cynthia S. April 2016
“Brian was extremely helpful and informative throughout the entire process.  He was always available, thorough, quick and he helped me secure a great rate!”
Kevin G. April 2016
“Brian was fantastic to work with.  His attention to detail and professionalism made this process run smoothly!”
Elizabeth B.
“Brian has been very thorough , responsive and communication was strong.  I felt very comfortable and had a high level of trust with HomeBridge!”
Anthony and Nicole
“The HomeBridge team paid great attention to detail and was very professional. Everyone was accessible and friendly.”
Shron M. Lakewood, NJ
“Brian is accessible, knowledgeable, responsive, and concerned with his client’s best interests. He educates clients in a comprehensive manner. Brian has been an invaluable asset to our home buying process. We feel confident in our financial choices because he has educated us every step of the way. He provided excellent service and we would recommend him to anyone!”
Manuel J. R.
“Brian made himself accessible 24/7 to answer any questions and provide direction and support during this stressful time. He really looked out for our family to get us the best rate and to make the process go as smooth as possible. He was excellent.”
Christopher M. and Jeffrey C.
“Brian was very friendly and easy to work with. We had a pleasant experience with this loan.”
Carl and Marie A.
“Brian is a diligent worker. He provided good service.”

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