About Ane-Marie Barbettini

As a licensed Homebridge Mortgage Loan Originator in California (NMLS #450740), Ane-Marie Barbettini can assist you with your home loan needs, including:

  • First-Time Purchase
  • Second-Home Purchase
  • Refinance
  • FHA and VA
  • Conventional
  • 203(k) Renovation
  • Jumbo

Ane-Marie welcomes the opportunity to serve your needs with quick and accurate real estate financing advice. Ane-Marie has the expertise and knowledge, and will make sure you understand the features associated with the loan program you choose and that it meets your unique financial situation.

Contact Ane-Marie Barbettini Anytime

Feel free to contact Ane-Marie anytime by phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Ane-Marie Barbettini will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Daniel G. Jan-22
“Ane-Marie Barbettini is a very professional woman. She helped us get the best rate and best loan we possibly could. She fought for our case having my wife a previous nasty divorce and bankruptcy and explain to the lenders why we deserved the best. Yes it was a struggle to get where we were, it was lots of statements. But I wouldn't changed a thing! Ane-Marie Barbettini helped us make our dreams possibility. She stayed with us all the way until we saw our mortgage close. If I have the chance of purchasing or refinancing I will surely look for her again. Also I'm a first time home buyer. For homebridge fianancial services inc I want to thank you for approving us for a loan to buy our dream house.”
LORENA H. Oct-21
“I just want to take the time to thank Ane-Marie and everyone at home bridge for helping me make this happen. I am for ever grateful.”
“Ane-Marie was great. Very knowledgeable and helpful in the whole process.”
MARY R. Apr-21
“Loved Ane-Marie! Honest and reliable”
JAMES W. Mar-21
“It was one of the fastest and easiest loans I have ever gotten. And-Marie and Keri were great to work with.”
CHRIS B. Jan-21
“Ane-Marie Barbettini is an outstanding loan officer with tremendous knowledge of all aspects of the business. Ane-Marie Barbettini is very informative and takes the time to make sure you understand all options available. I highly recommend Ane-Marie Barbettini for financing and refinancing and given the opportunity I will most certainly use her again.”
“Ane-Marie should be paid more. If it weren't for her, the deal would have fallen out. She is dedicated and extremely thorough. She worked harder than anyone else to make this deal happen”
“Ane-Marie ROCKS!!! My wife and I followed her over to Homebridge from WF. She helped us with our very first home, and I have to say, she will help us with our last :) We HIGHLY recommend her. TWo THUMBS UPPPPP”
“Homebridge is great!”
“She was thorough and efficient. Kept communicating with us. She gave us always the latest updates and contacted us right away when she needed something from us. If we missed an email she would text us to find out if we read them. All around excellent service. Very happy.”
“She works really hard and always has our best interest in mind. This is my 5th loan with Ane-Marie and she is always available to answer questions by phone, text or email. Thank you for helping my family again!”
“Thank you, Ane-Marie for going above and beyond to make it happen and being so professional.”
JASON B. Nov-19
“Ane Marie was amazing in staying on top of my loan, providing me information along the way, and helping my husband and I to get the house of our dreams. Ane-Marie was very good at explaining the process and helping me to understand what was needed and why! I am going to tell everyone looking to buy a house to go through her. I got the rate I wanted and the house! Couldn't ask for anything more :)”
KIRK H. Oct-19
“Very helpful, attentive, pleasant. Always on top of everything. Communicated effectively. She took great care of me.”
MADELINE T. April-19
“Ane-Marie is very professional and very knowledgeable. From our first meeting, I recognized that she knew what she was talking about and would work hard to get the loan done. I really think she's the best in this area.”
ELLIE H. May-19
“Ane-Marie and her team were amazing to work with. She educated me on what I needed to do to get ready to but a home and then held my hand during the process and gave me excellent advise. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home loan!”
Conrad C. December 2018
“Very professional and efficient service.”
Freddy M. December 2018
“Very helpful and informative. It felt very comfortable.”
Amanda B. November 2018
“Very pleasant and thorough.”
Marco M. November 2018
“Our lender was amazing. Very straight forward, knows her stuff. Always answered our calls and met us at any hour. Very professional.”
Juan V. November 2018
“Smooth process.”
Roberto G. September 2018
“Easy and fast.”
Earl S. June 2018
“They all worked hard and were dedicated to close the property. They are all nice people.”
Leydi M. May 2018
“Professional and very helpful.”
Hector V. April 2018
“Ane-Marie was very straight forward.”
Robert R. March 2018
“Very professional.”
Samantha L. March 2018
“Amazing service!”
Chris B. March 2018
“Ane-Marie always does a good job.”
Sheryl S. March 2018
“My ranking is based on Ane-Marie. She is exceptional, professional and I would not work with anyone else. Two successful transactions!”
Vladimir M. March 2018
“Communicated with us and updated us quickly.”
Carlos Z. December 2017
“Very friendly and fast assistance. ”
Lisa G. November 2017
“Couldn't have made the process any easier!”
Bryan Z. Oxnard, CA
“Ane-Marie is always a great person to work with, she is very knowledgable and always does whatever she can to help. Really appreciate her help and glad that I was able to work with her again.”
Maurice H. Port Hueneme, CA
“Worked hard and stayed after it untill completion.”
Natty R. Oxnard, CA
“Wonderful job. Well done Ane Marie, thank you for such wonderful and smooth job. Thank you!”
Gloria V. Oak View, CA
“We funded the loan as scheduled even as we struggled working with an out of state escrow company. The buyers, seller and all involved can appreciate how all was handled in a timely manner.”
Tom T. Port Hueneme, CA
“Transaction went forward in a expedient fashion.”
Wen F. Oxnard, CA
“Stellar job as always!!!”
Bulmaro S. Oxnard, CA
“She worked with us whenever we needed anything, we could count on her advice. She was very flexible to work with.”
Kiran L. Port Hueneme, CA
“She was excellent. Very proactive and gave great guidance to the buyer to ensure a smooth loan transaction.”
Desti C. Oxnard, CA
“She was ahead of everything and totally engaged with my client which made it a seamless transaction for me. I didn'”
Teresa T. Camarillo, CA
“She did the job with no hassle and no stress! And great follow through and good updates.”
Arnel O. Oxnard, CA
“Our Loan Officer was always on top of things throughout the whole process, from beginning to end. It seemed as if she never sleeps. She was always available to answer any questions we had, no matter what time it was. My wife and I were very impressed with her devotion to helping us, her clients. We couldn 't be more happier with our experience. Thank you so much, Ane-Marie.”
Araceli R. Oxnard, CA
“My wife and I are truly grateful for tremendous work that Ane-Marie Barbettini did on our refinance transaction. She is extremely knowledgeable and efficient in every sense of the word. Would highly recommend her for any mortgage transaction.”
Ryanel D. Thousand Oaks, CA
“Mrs. Ane-Marie Barbettini was a very nice person and a Loan Officer who gave us a confidence as a first time home buyer. All the transactions happened so fast and the right way. And she guided us since the beginning up to the end. I will surely, absolutely and highly recommend her. Again we thank you so much.”
Eric M. Oxnard, CA
“Great communication.”
Anita P. Santa Paula, CA
“Communication was good. Thank you! Closed on time, in fact ready to close sooner as clients decided to mutually do. Happy with the process! Good job Anne-Marie Barbettini!”
Jacqueline S. Oxnard, CA
“Anne Marie was great!!”
Randyll F. Oxnard, CA
“Ane-Marie has been our Loan Officer for the past three mortgages transactions and she consistently met our expectations. Been a pleasure to do work with her every time. Thanks!”
Cathy M. Oxnard, CA
“Ane-Marie is great as usual!”
Heather C. Camarillo, CA
“Ane-Marie is great to work with and I can always count on her to get the job done. Thank you.”
Sherryl R. Oxnard, CA
“Ane-Marie is great. She is very professional, thorough, and so friendly. She constantly kept me up-to-date. I was able to get a hold of her any time I had questions. She is the best Loan Officer! Wish all Loan Officers were like her.”
Jason F. Oxnard, CA
“Ane-Marie is one of the best in the biz!”
Maxi C. Oxnard, CA
“Ane-Marie is simply the BEST!!! Thank you so much for everything, I really appreciate her help and support throughout my home buying process.”
Marvin M. Oxnard, CA
“Ane-Marie was so good regardless what time is, she's very nice and a kind person. She helped us a lot to get this loan. Thank you Anne.”
Christopher W. Oxnard, CA
“Ane-Marie was very helpful even through the difficult times with getting our loan. She was very professional, and we had a pleasant experience. Thank you for all of your help!”
Andres M. Port Hueneme, CA
“Ane-Marie was very professional and hard working.”
Susan O. Oxnard, CA
“Ane Marie Barbettini was wonderful. We had a long difficult escrow and she guided the way.”
Null G. Oxnard, CA
“Ane Marie is patient and informs the client through the process. The transaction also closed on time with much appreciation by the buyers. I will continue to work with her on future transactions. Great Job!”
Gloria V. Oxnard, CA
“Ane Marie works so hard for her clients, most of which is behind the scenes and clients don 't know how much she does for them. She fights for them from the beginning of the process, through out of her control delays and without ever giving up. She always puts her clients first, works late hours so we don 't have to, and facilitates the process for the REALTORS, escrow and the clients. She goes out of her way to meet them after hours and accommodating their schedules. She is the best at what she does and I appreciate her hard work and commitment to her craft. Great job!”
Elizabeth C. Oxnard, CA
“Ane-marie always does an excellent job! Thank you Ane-marie.”
Manuel L. Oxnard, CA
“Ane-Marie Barbettini worked effectively and efficiently in processing and closing the loan on time even though she was not the original lender for the buyer.”
N T. Port Hueneme, CA
“Ane-Marie Barbettini, a very professional lady who goes above all the tests. She gives 110% of herself to clients and agents. I would not hesitate to refer to her in the future. Thank You.”
Patricia Z. Oak View, CA
“Ane-Marie did an excellent job! She took the time and patience to guide us through the loan process. We '”
Todd L. Oxnard, CA
“Ana is a warrior! She fights and fights for you to get your loan. She worked at all hours and was always willing to help answer any questions. I knew she was putting in her all at every step of the process. I couldn'”

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