About Alex Peters

Alex Peters has spent his career in the mortgage industry, helping borrowers in his hometown of San Diego make the dream of homeownership a reality. With each of his clients, he provides a deep knowledge of the loan products available, a precise assessment dives deep into the numbers and an advisory approach that keeps them in the driver’s seat during the loan process.

Alex is dedicated to helping his clients and offers a diverse range of loan products to help them in their home-buying journey no matter their goal, including:

  • First-time purchase
  • Second-home purchase
  • Refinance
  • FHA and VA loans
  • Conventional loans
  • 203(k) Renovation loans
  • Jumbo and Super Jumbo loans

Alex’s expertise lies in his in-depth understanding of loan guidelines. He can navigate the nuances of any program and often turns a “no” from another lender into a “yes.” Alex will also breakdown the more complex steps in your loan process to ensure that you are never in the dark. He believes in proactive communications and in providing you with the advice you need to make the best decision for yourself and your family.

When he’s not guiding customers through the loan process, Alex enjoys exploring local restaurants with his fiancé and spending time with family—including his sweet nephew and nieces! He loves anything soccer related, having played competitively between three and 18 years old.

Alex has a passion for helping his borrowers achieve their home financing goals. Put his determination and expertise to work for you!

Rent vs. Own? Which is better?

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What are the basics of mortgage financing? Watch to find out.


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What Our Customers Say About Me

Konrad T. Jun-22
“Alex Peters is truly the best. We were bless you have met him back in 2018 when we first started the home search while we lived in San Diego. Although it did not work out that our first home purchase was with Alex with Homebridge. But this second time our gut told us to reach out, even though we now in in Washington! And it worked out perfectly! Alex was very responsive and open about everything (even better than my realtor here in WA). He knew us soo well and how we liked to have info shared with us. You can beat Alex service to his clients. Truly exceptional.”
Melanie G. May-22
“Alex Peters provided the highest quality of service. He is responsive and knowledgeable. He explained everything carefully in terms anyone can understand.”
Lindsay M. May-22
“Alex Peters and Amanda Diaz were both such a pleasure to work with. The ease of everything, the thorough explanations, the guidance, etc. We couldn't have asked for a better team to help support us during our home buying process!”
Benjamin G. Mar-22
“Alex Peters is a great person to work with. I have worked with him in the past and I'm sure ill work with him in the future. Amanda Diaz was awesome as well. Homebridge Financial Services has a great asset in Alex and Amanda. They made the purchasing experience as smooth as I've ever seen it. I want to thank them for the great job they did!”
Pamela G. Feb-22
Peter K. Feb-22
“Alex and his team provided excellent service throughout the process. He was available thru text/phone any time we had questions. He was prompt in replying and patient and thorough to make sure we understood every aspect of the process. Our agent recommended Alex and we could not be happier with the recommendation.”
ELIZA F. Jan-22
“Choosing Homebridge Services was the best decision I made before I started to look at purchasing a home. Reflecting back on the entire process, I feel grateful to work with Alex Peters and his wonderful team. they held my hand throughout the entire process. They are very professional, they provided an outstanding service and they went above and beyond to explain ago me the process every step of the way. I am over the moon excited that Homebridge made it possible for me to purchase our dream home for my family! ”
David T. Jan-22
“Alex was great and did an amazing job explaining, advocating and supporting my refinance. I will definitely work with him again.”
Janie M. Jan-22
“Alex Peters and his whole team were amazing throughout my mortgage process. As a first-time homebuyer they provided me with the help and support needed to navigate this large purchase. The whole team was extremely responsive and went above and beyond to reduce delays and close on my home quickly.”
Linus U. Nov-21
“I know Alex for the last couple of years,and he does his job in a very professional way. He's very knowledgeable, very kind and helpful. I'm looking forward to refinance again through him when the time comes again.”
Andrew R. Nov-21
“This is generally a difficult process and Homebridge made it as smooth as possible. Alex was excellent, particularly in comparison to our previous mortgage provider.”
Corinne A. Sep-21
“The whole process was excellently explained to me an was done in a timely manner. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable about the process. I've gone with other companies in the past . Homebridge was superior by far. I really appreciated working with everyone on the team. Thanks so much.”
Ivan B. Aug-21
“The entire Homebridge team made the process so quick and easy!! I couldn't have asked for better communication through phone calls and emails. The portal was easy to navigate and very helpful when I needed to reference anything. My overall experience with Alex and his team was outstanding!”
Joseph S. Jul-21
“Alex and his whole team made the refinance process easy. They communicated throughout the whole process and responded to all questions in a timely manner. Very pleased with the every step of the process. Would recommend and use again.”
Minyoung C. Jul-21
Arvin T. May-21
“I highly recommend Alex Peters at Homebridge Financial Services Inc! He has excellent customer service and his team is very efficient and extremely responsive. Alex answered all my mortgage questions every step of the way and kept me updated every time there were any progress and/or changes. Alex/Homebridge was able to get us a very low interest rate on our mortgage and closing costs were kept to a minimum in comparison to other mortgage lenders. I would definitely call Alex again and recommend him to friends and families knowing they will be in good hands.”
Ferozuddin M. Apr-21
“Thank you Homebridge team for making our home buying experience easy, fun and exciting!!!”
Steven O. Apr-21
“Great service, responsive, communicated well, often, easy to work with.”
Erick C. Apr-21
“Alex and the team exceeded my expectations. I have asked Alex for assistance in the past and came through for me and my family, once again he was able to get my fiance and me into our first home together. I will be sure to be an advocate for Homebridge Financial.”
Alejandro O. Mar-21
“Alex is great, very personal and responds very quickly and pleasantly surprised that he sent fast responses even on weekends in the evenings when most are off.”
Gary L. Dec-20
“Alex was terrific start to finish. He kept us int the loo and let us know when someone else was working our mortgage. Since this was all being done via phone internet, it was not always easy to keep track of who was who especially with several different escrow company folks involved as well. Alex cam highly recommend and he did not disappoint. Thanks, Gary”
Teresa M. Oct-20
“Alex Peters kept our realtor up to date at all times and was very detailed and knowledgeable. The team working on our mortgage worked hard to close on a solid, though challenging application. We are grateful we found the right company to process our loan.”
Justin S. Oct-20
“Alex was great, it was my first time buying and he was amazing at answering questions and helping us through this. He deserves a raise.”
Colin B. Jul-20
“Alex was fantastic to work with. Very responsive and very detail-oriented & organized. He was a huge advocate for us throughout a very challenging process because both myself and my fiancee are self-employed. Highly recommend!”
Jillian A. Jul-20
“Alex was attentive, informed, responsive, and easy to get in touch with.”
Colin B. Jul-20
“Alex was fantastic to work with. Very responsive and very detail-oriented & organized. He was a huge advocate for us throughout a very challenging process because both myself and my fiancee are self-employed. Highly recommend!”
Barry B. Jun-20
“I would highly recommend Alex to anyone. Alex goes above and beyond the duty of financial needs to make sure everyone he deals with is like Family. Homebridge is lucky to have him work for the company.”
Jordan F. Jun-20
“Alex and his team was amazing and went above and beyond to get this deal done for us. He worked so hard to meet all the deadlines during the home buying process and showed his great character during the unexpected turns that life can take you on. Recommending to everyone!”
“Alex is incredibly professional and knowledgable. He was able to explain all aspects of the loan process in a clear and concise manner and ensured that I was kept up to speed throughout the entire process. I will continue to work with Alex on future home financing needs and will be recommending him to others with similar financing needs.”
ARRIK M. Mar-20
“Give him a raise.”

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