For many people, jumping into the world of homebuying can be a frightening proposition.

When you’re a first-time homebuyer, anything relating to buying a home can be filled with mystery and even anxiety.

You may wonder if you can afford the down payment amount.

You may stay up at night tossing and turning wondering if you’ll ever live in your dream home.

You might even think that homebuying is completely impossible.

Well, we’re here to help put some of your fears to rest so you can step into homebuying with all the resources you need to make your first home purchase a massive success.

On this page, you’ll find various resources to help you shine some light on myths that may be holding you back and put those fears to bed.

Is Now the Right Time to Refinance?

With home mortgage rates at their lowest they’ve been in almost 30 years, now is a great time to buy a home or – refinance. In this article, we go in-depth as to why that is and what you can expect out of a home refinance.

5 Homebuying Myths You Need to Know

There’s a lot of common homebuying myths that surround buying a house. Here’s some to be aware of, so you can be a better purchaser when the time comes. In this YouTube video, we take you through some of those myths.

Mortgage Mythbusting: Renovation Edition

What are renovation loans? How do they work? Do you need to live in your home for a million years before using one? We tackle all these and more in this post.

Mortgage Myths and their Reality

In this downloadable PDF, learn about some common mortgage myths that hold people back from buying a home and the reality behind them. Social media friendly to share with your friends and family!

Mortgage Mythbusting: First-Time Homebuyer Edition

Buying a home for the first time can be a very scary proposition filled with a lot of ambiguity, doubt, and more noticeably – myths. Learn some of the most pervasive myths affecting first-time homebuyers in this article.