About Yolanda Foster

As a licensed Homebridge Mortgage Loan Originator in Nevada (NMLS #349105), Yolanda Foster can assist you with your home loan needs, including:

  • First-Time Purchase
  • Second-Home Purchase
  • Refinance
  • FHA and VA
  • Conventional
  • 203(k) Renovation
  • Jumbo

Yolanda welcomes the opportunity to serve your needs with quick and accurate real estate financing advice. Yolanda has the expertise and knowledge, and will make sure you understand the features associated with the loan program you choose and that it meets your unique financial situation.

Contact Yolanda Foster Anytime

Feel free to contact Yolanda anytime by phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Yolanda Foster will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Thomas R. May-22
“Everything was clear and explained well. Thank you so much!”
Kristene B. Mar-22
“I have used Yolanda Foster for years. She has always been Very professional and helpful. My signing was scheduled without her knowledge but normally she is at all signings. I am a realtor and know loan and escrow documents.”
Caesar S. Feb-22
“Thank you very much for all the help”
Crisanta B. Jan-22
Kristen M. Nov-21
“Yolanda was fantastic! She was helpful and efficient, and I am glad my real estate agent recommended her! I don't really do a lot of online/social media reviews and things of that nature, but in this case I actually might! Would highly recommend her to anyone who is buying or refinancing a home!”
Evelyn E. Nov -21
“I cannot thank you enough for your most professional and efficient service!!  You are very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with, even at a time when you were going through a great personal loss. It is rare to find a person as dedicated and personable as you.  I ALMOST regret that my loan has closed and I will no longer be in touch with you daily.  The loan process was most pleasant with you as my Loan Officer.  Homebridge is very fortunate to have you as a representative of their firm.  You always go above and beyond for your clients.  I  am a very happy client.”
Ashley B. May-21
“Yolanda Foster was very helpful in this whole process. She is great!”
James D. May-21
“I chose Homebridge solely because I know Yolanda Foster.”
Thomas R. May-21
“This was my first time going through the mortgage process. Yolanda was very proactive and informative throughout. She and her team made the whole process smooth and timely.”
Laura W. Feb-21
“Yolanda made this process easy for us and was so quick to answer all of our questions. We had the best experience because of Yolanda.”
John D. Aug-20
“Yolanda and team were awesome.”
Sharon M. Aug-20
“Yolanda took care of us, just like I knew she would! I never had to reach out to her to follow up on anything; she reached out to me via email or a phone call with every update. I never had to wait for her to do anything on her end. As soon as I sent the appropriate documents, she got to work! I had re-financed a year prior with another mortgage company, Fairway, and they didn't require as many documents as Homebridge. But I didn't mind it, because I think it's important to be thoroughly vetted.”
GARETH H. May-20
“Yolanda is FANTASTIC!!!!!”
BLAKE J. May-20
“Ms. Foster did an exceptional job with our house buying process. She communicated with us every step of the way, and she explained every bit of the process in a way that was easy to understand. She is very kind and has your best interest at heart. She worked hard and efficiently which, in turn, helped the whole house buying process go quickly. Overall, Ms. Foster is an awesome person and worker. Definitely would use her again and I plan to recommend her to others.”
Crisanta B. Oct-19
“She is really handy when it comes to helping me out getting the loan. She's always been the same since day 1. She's great & We love her??”
Curtis T. June-19
“I just want to thank YoLanda so much, for being so patient so well spoken and given us the information on a timely manner always updating us you are AWESOME representative for Homebridge and a AWESOME person thank you very much .”
Marvin M. November 2018
“I was extremely satisfied.”
Anh T. November 2018
“Great service.”
Patricia L. October 2018
“Excellent service, timely.”
Thomas H. September 2018
“Outstanding loan officer!”
Thomas H. October 2017
“Attentive service.”
James K. Carson City, NV
“The service was excellent. I have referred your services.”
Yolando C. Reno, NV
“Yolanda is the best.”
Yesica I. Sparks, NV
“Yolanda kept us informed throughout the loan process so we always felt like we were her only clients. She also took the time and did a great job of explaining the many questions we had during our first-time home purchase. Thank you!”
Tami F. Spark, NV
“Yolanda remained in communication every step of the way!”
Richard R. Reno, NV
“Yolanda was FANTASTIC.”
Robert L. June Lake, CA
“Yolanda went over the top for us. She does not give up. We want to thank her. We will be back.”
Tami F. Reno, NV
“Yolanda did a fantastic job! Thanks for helping our client become a happy homeowner.”
Lorraine C. Virginia City, NV
“Yolanda Foster worked tirelessly to help us through the process and never gave up on making it happen. She also explained all questions asked in a plain and effective manner. No one ever tried harder for us on a conventional home mortgage.”
Karen W. Reno, NV
“Yolanda is super, she wowed me.”
Richard O. Reno, NV
“Very easy to talk to. Made my wife and I feel very confident about getting our loan.”
Jason S. Reno, NV
“Thank you Yolanda! We could not be more happy with your service!”
Roberto L. Sparks, NV
“Thank you for all your help! It was a great learning experience for us. :)”
Richard L. Sparks, NV
“Thank you for covering for me at signing. You saved the day.”
Steve L. Reno, NV
“Streamlined the loan process and made everything work for us better than the other loan companies we were working with. The timing was tight and she moved it along so we could make the closing work and get our house even though we came to her late in the game. She kept it focused and therefore we did not get hung up in details that could have slowed things down. Very responsive teamwork all around.”
Sarah S. Reno, NV
“She is very quick and efficient, I didn't have to worry about a thing, she took care of every little detail and kept me informed every step of the way.”
Jon S. Sparks, NV
“She did an excellent job from start to finish.”
Larry K. Fernley, NV
“Great service from Yolanda and her team.”
Jill F. Reno, NV
“Always available to answer questions.”

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