About Wendi Dierickx

Welcome to my website!

I have over 15 years of lending experience and I look forward to guiding you and your family through your entire home loan process, making sure that you are confident in your financial options and choices.  I understand that this is not just a house, it is your home.

I studied Business Finance/Business Marketing in college.

During your home loan process you can expect an authentic experience consisting of:  honesty, integrity, experience, as well as understanding.

Whether you are purchasing or refinancing a home – whether you are an experienced or first-time buyer, you deserve a full understanding of the process which I, as an experienced lender who is personable as well as respectful can provide.

Please contact me directly to take advantage of the financial opportunities that I and Homebridge have to offer together. I look forward to assisting you and your families.

Truly, Wendi Dierickx

What Our Customers Say About Me

Wendi S. Aug-21
“Thank you Wendi for making this a very smooth and easy process.”
Brian K. Aug-21
“Wendi was extremely responsive to my initial request for mortgage information. She kept me informed during the entire process which reduced the stress of securing a mortgage. Wendi was also available for the Closing but I didn't feel it was necessary since she had educated me about the process and had kept in close contact with the Title Company representative.”
Rex S. Apr-21
“Thx Wendi for helping a techno-challenged couple through in a painless process”
Zane S. Apr-21
“Wendi is a pro. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and continuously exceeds our expectations as a customer. We have grown to trust Wendi throughout the lending process and fully expect that she will always do what she says. She has unquestionable integrity and will always do her utmost to help her customers.”
Jeremy D. Mar-21
“Wendi, is first class in all ways. She is great communicator and a pleasure to work with. She is outstanding.”
Frank B. Jan-21
“Wendi provided us with complete information and support from beginning to end. Will definitely refer her to others for both first mortgage as well as refinancing.”
Darcy H. Dec-20
“Wendi was so amazing! She always responded to me right away, was super accessible, checked in with me often. I will be recommending her to others. Of all of the people I worked with for this transaction (realtors, title, etc.,) Wendi was heads and shoulders above them in terms of communication and knowledge. Thanks Wendi!”
Austin G. Dec-20
“Wendi exceeded all expectations. If there was ever a hurdle in the road, she was quick to come up with a solution. She even offered to come out and help me on her own personal time! She took very good care of me and I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me purchase my first home. Thank you Wendi!”
Linda S. Dec-20
“Outstanding service! Thank you so much!”
Shyler B. Nov-20
“I would comment on social media, but we don't have social media... We were referred to Wendi on the original purchase of our home 4 years ago by a friend. When we decided to refinance, I knew exactly who to call. Wendi is very professional, extremely knowledgeable in her job, and simply made the experience simple for us.”
James K. Nov-20
“Wendi is a great person and makes us feel more important and cares about what we are doing and is a professional all times and there are no surprises she rocks you lucky you have her thank you very much Merry Christmas”
Mark H. Aug-20
“Wendi is awesome in every way! She made this process easy.”
Anonymous – Jul 2020
“She made everything worthwhile and she made herself available above and beyond”
Stephanie N. – Jul 2020
“Love working with Wendi. She is a step ahead the entire process & adds a personal touch; it’s who she is. I highly recommend doing business with Wendi.”
David S. Jul 2020
“Wendi is the best mortgage person I've ever dealt with!”
KATIE F. May-20
“Wendi Dierickx was a pleasure to work with. She was very knowledgeable, thoughtful, considerate and warm. I would recommend her to friends and family and I would work with her again myself.”
Nicole B. May 2020
“Wendi is awesome! When my husband and I decided to do a refi we knew she was the one we would go with. She did our original home purchase with us years ago and because she is local, trustworthy, efficient and makes the process fairly easy and stress free. Wendi is the only person we will do any and all home financing with. Thank you Wendi for all you do and make it a smooth, easy understandable process!”
Brett B. – May 2020
“Wendi did an excellent job. She was very helpful the whole way. She constantly kept me up to date on what was going on. She returned all of my annoying phone calls. There were no gaps. I would recommend her.”
Chad Z. – Mar 2020
“It was a pleasure working with Wendi. A smooth transaction and good communication. Thank you!”
Pete C. – Mar 2020
“Wendi is fantastic - her in-depth knowledge, her years of experience, and her ability to break down the complex and explain it in "plain English" was truly a blessing for us in the purchase of our home. She was always available and always had the answers for us, and walked with us through every single step of the process. I cannot say enough good things about Wendi, and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who asks. Thank you SO MUCH Wendi for helping us find and secure our "forever home"!”
James H. – Mar 2020
“Wendi was a blessing to my wife and I during our first home purchase. She was very knowledgeable and got us a better rate than I would have even hoped for. Buying a home is definitely one of the most stressful things you can ever do but she really knew her stuff and that brought us great peace through the whole process. I would never go through anyone else if I ever do this again. I give her 5 stars for excellence and service.”
Wilma D. Oct-19
“Wendi Dierickx made the process as easy as possible, answered any questions in a timely manner and kept me informed every step of the way.”
Wilma D. – Nov 2019
“Wendy helped me with a refinance of my property. She was very helpful and kept me informed every step of the way. I was always able to contact her by phone, text or email and she was quick to respond. She answered any and all concerns from how to fill out the forms to procedures involved in the process. I would recommend Wendy to others looking for home financing. It all went very quickly, and I felt she made the process as painless as possible.”
Jeremy D. Sep-19
“Love Wendi she is awesome.”
Cindy B. – Sept 2019
“Wendi was great to work with! She is fast, thorough, efficient, and extremely friendly! I highly recommend Wendi for all your mortgage needs!!”
Lynett C. – Sept 2019
“I absolutely love working with Wendi. She is so professional and her extensive experience in the field along with staying well informed of the current market helped my client’s transaction go very smoothly. She answers calls, emails and texts promptly. I always know my clients are well taken care of with her.”
Brandon L. – Sept 2018
“We were referred to Wendi after talking with a few other loan officers and professionals while trying to navigate the purchase of our first home. Wendi was in stark contrast to the others we met, as she was incredibly forthcoming, knowledgeable, helpful, and took her time with both of us and our endless questions. She would take time out of her person time, and even vacation to assist us as we nervously went through all of the paperwork. Her heart of service shone through in every interaction. It was never about her doing a job, or earning a commission - she made it all about us getting the home we wanted with as little stress as possible. Would ABSOLUTELY recommend anyone work with her, and will be letting people know about her amazing service.”
DJ Ray
“Wendi has been great to work with. She's flexible, available and worked so well with us and our realtor to ensure that we were able to get the house we wanted with financing that best served our needs. Thank you, Wendi!”
Jacie Sakai - Paralegal
“It is my absolute honor to write this review for Wendi Dierickx! I randomly selected Wendi from the Homebridge website to inquire about a home loan and I could not have made a better choice. Although all of my communications with Wendi up until the week I closed on my brand new home was done long distance, the transaction went very smoothly. Even when it appeared that there might be a slight delay due to the fact that I was purchasing a new construction home, Wendi was a rockstar, ensuring that her team completed everything that needed to be done in a very tight time frame, resulting in my loan closing on time. This was very important to me as I had naively planned my relocation date based solely on the anticipated completion date provided by my builder, unaware that the builder's timeline did not necessarily take into consideration all of the steps needed before I could close on my loan. Once I closed, Wendi followed up to see how I was settling in to my new home and continues to give me welcomed advice on areas to explore in my new community! I strongly recommend my new friend Wendi Dierickx for your mortgage needs! ”
Jason T Ferguson
“She was very helpful, polite, and answered all questions. Made the refinance simple. Thank you”
Dawn McSweyn - Realtor
“Wendi is so very helpful! She has great communication skills and is knowledgeable with the ever-changing mortgage programs. You can't go wrong with Wendi!!”
Mike and Nancy Hadley
“Wendi was so helpful guiding us through all the paperwork and answering our questions. She went step by step and always answer our calls. She did this for us when we bought our home too. She is the one we go to still if we have any questions on our loans. A very good person to go to and very knowledgeable. If she doesn't have the answer she will get it and it is the right one.Thank you Wendi Dierickx”
Max Black
“My wife and I are first-time, home buyers and we had heard from all of our friends on how stressful and complicated the process can be. Wendi set the tone from the get-go by asking solid, qualifying questions to determine our wants, needs, and budget. She was flexible with her schedule, which was helpful because my wife and I both work the typical “8 to 5” work week. Wendi was very communicative on how the process worked. Finally, we even pushed the timing of the closing date up a week on her and she went above and beyond to help make sure that could happen. My wife was VERY eager to move into the new place and with Wendi’s organization and diligence she made everything go super smooth. I’d highly recommend her for her services and I’d use her again for a home loan. She took the stress out of a major purchase. It’s obvious to my wife and I she’s a tremendous asset to her team and a terrific help to us.”
David Sailer
“Wendi is the best. Went above and beyond to get us closed on a very short time frame so we did not have to live in a hotel. Thank you Wendi”
Cleve and Carol Brooks - Home buyers
“We have been with Homebridge for over 13 years in Salem, OR before moving to Vancouver. Wendi rearranged her schedule to meet with us and guided us through some difficult twists and turns along the way. Her caring goes beyond the transaction and is someone we will not soon forget. The thing we appreciate most is how she kept us informed and let us know what was next in the process. We highly recommend Wendi!”
Kimberly Roberts - Registered Nurse
“I would strongly recommend Wendi Dierickx. This is actually my second home buying experience with Wendi and everything went smoothly both times. Wendi responds to emails and phone calls within a few hours and answers all questions thoroughly. I felt very comfortable with the process knowing what was happening each step of the way. ”
Eric Pelky - Realtor
“Having worked with numerous Loan Officers, Wendi was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to refer my Clients to her because of her transparency, communication, and attention to detail. If you are a new Realtor and looking for a quality mortgage partner then look no further. ”
Katie Hertenstein - Realtor
“Wendi had excellent communication from start to finish of the transaction. She was always attentive to our deadlines & closing date. Wendi has always been readily available to answer any questions our borrowers have about the loan process. We were able to close smoothly & never had to worry about where the file was at! She was always providing us with updates before we even had to ask. Would definitely work with Wendi again!”
Mike Brown
“Wendi Dierickx was a pleasure to work with, I would recommend her to anyone in need of home financing.”
Vicki Taylor - Real Estate Broker
“Wendi was an amazing fit for my client. She is professional, kind and communicative. Every step of the loan process was explained and updated along the way, to both myself and the buyer. The transaction was smooth and easy! I would recommend Wendi to any of my clients. ”
Patricia Rennemann - RDH
“Wendi Dierickx did a phenomenal job in giving my son all proper information for him to be able for to purchase my home. Implementing proper paperwork and giving him knowledge and tools to make sure this transaction went smoothly. She gave me valuable information when I sat down and spoke with her. The closing was set up with the title company was sealed with no problems. I can recommend her as a very knowledgeable loan officer that got us the answers we needed and made us seal the deal with confidence. She stated what she was going to do with a time frame and made it happen. I would definitely recommend her for any one needing a loan or just help on how to achieve the purchase or selling of a home. Thank you!”
Lee & Joni Jundt - Retired
“We recently found ourselves in a position where we had to significantly change our debt basis and our mortgage was a big piece of it. Over a year ago we went to Wendi wanting to do a refi, and instead of just forcing ahead and doing the refi like other Loan Officers were pushing us to do, Wendi advised us to wait. Instead of making a quick buck off us, she evaluated our entire financial position and recommended focusing on resolving other debt first. It took us almost a year, and then we contacted Wendi back. Now we were ready. Wendi ran multiple scenarios and we ended up choosing a 15 year refi. Wendi made the entire process worry free and seamless. Her communication was great, even working with us while on vacation. Wendi is customer focused and excellent at what she does. ”
Nicole Brewer - Real Estate Broker
“ It was a pleasure working with Wendi! She has great communication skills and did a great job keeping the buyer and I informed as the transaction progressed. She was present at the buyer's signing appointment which you see less and less from lenders these days. Overall it was a great experience working with Wendi!”
Dameon Schaak - District Sales Manager - NAPA Filters and Heavy Duty
“Wendi has done a phenomenal job with the process of purchasing our first home. She was very responsive and understanding of our needs. Throughout the entire process Wendi went above and beyond the expectation that I had going into this transaction. I really could not have felt more at ease threw this process, especially since this was my first home purchases. A BIG thanks to Wendi for all her hard work! ”
Scott & Allison Higgins
“Wendi did a great job managing the process of getting a construction loan for our home. We didn't want to think about any of the details as we are very busy people and she made that happen. Once we set our goals she kept us updated and guided us through an easy closing process. Thank you Wendi!”
Megan Manoram-Lau - Early Childhood Educator
“Wendi was courteous and kind in all her interactions with me and very easy to work with. She was very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions in a timely manner. I felt very confident throughout the whole process that Wendi was working hard to deliver the desired loan product. ”
kim Maxwell
“I was recommended to Wendi Dierickx by my Father who has done business with her in the past. We both didn't think it would be such a tough process due to my house not passing inspection and some unforseen expenses I would need to fix. Wendi was very persistent in getting things done so we could move forward and I really appreciate all her help. I will definitely recommend her to friends and family in the future!”
Dan and Kathy Huntington - Real estate agents
“Wendy is a great communicator and is very skilled at what she does. She is really on top of things throughout the entire process and makes sure no deadlines are missed. She is proactive in reaching out, making sure all details are attended to. We particularly appreciated her successful efforts to lock in a good rate for us while rates were going up. Excellent experience throughout the entire process. We recommend her highly.”
Daniel Robinson
“Working with Wendi was a real treat. She made sure I was in the loop, communicated proactively, and followed up with any questions I had in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Wendi to anyone seeking a home loan. ”
Mary SpearsM - Retired
“After the death of my husband I was struggling with high interest loans. I applied with Wendy to refinance my home and pay off the loans. Having never financed a home I was intimidated. Wendy took me through the process with the greatest of ease. She was able to get me a low interest loan, a manageable payment, and enough money to do some major repairs on the home. I am grateful that Wendy came into my life. She is an asset to your company and really gets involved and shows concern for her customers.”
Nancy Pagano Wheeler - Realtor
“Wendi was great to work with. She was detailed and a great communicator. When she needed to talk she would pick up the phone and communicate! I would work with her again and recommend her.”
Prapatsorn, Sunshine Reinhard - Home buyer
“Wendi is truly spontaneous , efficient and thorough. She makes everything easy on us. Will have her help again in the future and recommend to friends and family. ”
Caitlin Quackenbush - Buyer
“Wendi was amazing! She made our process not only go fast but very smooth. She helped us better understand the process of financing and buying. I HIGHLY recommend Wendi! Thank you for all your amazing work! ”
Sunday Kraushaar - Ast Property Manager
“My husband and I just finished purchasing a home. We chose Wendi as our lender. We were very pleased with the way she handled our transaction and we would highly recommend her. She was very kind and professional. Wendi paid attention to each and every detail of our closing. We feel very fortunate to have had her help and guide us through the experience. Rod and Sunday Kraushaar ”
Tony Guler - Home Owner
“I needed to refinance my house this winter and I talked with Wendi about helping me with it. I absolutely didn't expect the help that I would receive from her. She answered every question above and beyond expectations. Wendi was upfront and honest and didn't give me any false expectations or sales pitches. I would recommend Wendi and Home Street Bank to anybody that is needing banking needs!”
Zane Smith - Small Business owner
“We had a great experience working with Wendi. Being self employed small business owners we have some additional hurdles to overcome with nearly all loan processes. Wendi was able to navigate and manage all the obstacles with ease. Additionally, we did a refinance of another property at the same time as our purchase (which was a VA loan) and they closed within a week of each other with no drama. We will definitely have Wendi do all of our home lending in the future. ”
Annmarie Wagner - Obstectical Peri-op/assistant
“Wendi, was great! I really felt like she took care of us during this time of buying our home. She was very on top of what needed to be taken care of. Most importantly I felt like I could trust her. We love Wendi!!!! ”
Karen Peringer
“Buying land, building a home, and then transitioning to a mortgage are very stressful and time consuming activities. In order to help relieve the stress, it is very important to have great partners during the process. To that end, I HIGHLY recommend Wendi Dierickx and Homebridge Bank! Wendi was amazingly responsive, ethical, high-touch, and extremely knowledgeable. Everyday questions, document submission, or complicated situations - It didn't matter, as she handled them all quickly and professionally. And Wendi has a talent for explaining complex matters very simply. I feel blessed to have had Wendi as our partner in this process, and would partner with her again without hesitation. Thank you, Wendi!”
Chris Roberts - SVP Sales
“I've worked with Wendi on a couple home purchases and one re-fi and my experience has always been phenomenal. Wendi is detail-oriented, calm, friendly, and she provides the highest level of customer service. I've referred her already and will always continue to work with her. I highly recommend Wendi. ”
Marian Wong
“Wendi has helped us for several years. Always available to offer help and answer any questions we may have. We highly recommend Wendi for her pleasant demeanor and responsiveness.”
Heena - Realtor
“Wendi is wonderful. She takes care of her clients through clear communication, direct contact, staying informed, being helpful, and just caring for and about her clients. ”
Jeff Deringer - Vice President/General Manager
“I have known and worked with Wendi for many years now. She is professional as well as personable. I trust that information shared with her is kept confidential, which is important to me. She also communicates clearly, which helps eliminate confusion and surprises. I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and colleagues alike. ”
Patty Holt - Retired teacher
“Wendi isn't only my mortgage broker, she's also my friend. I've known her to always be enthusiastic, kind, caring, knowledgable, organized and passionate about doing a great job for her clients. She's quick to return calls and easy to understand. I heartily recommend Wendi Diericks!”
Daniel D Pech - Retired
“We purchased our current house about 2 1/2 years ago. Wendi did all of our loan paperwork and worked hard to fulfill our needs. Thank You Wendi!! Dan and Nancy Pech”
Stephen Gerrard
“Very competent and thorough assistance on our long-distance loan application and closing.”
Bob Gipson - Bob Gipson
“Wendi was fantastic at helping us through our home loan and later refinance. We had a few small issues she had to deal with and she was patient with us and friendly. She was so informative on every step of the way. We are great full for all her help. ”
Mark and Brenda Henrichsen - Homeowners
“Wendi helped us refinance our home in 2016. She got us a great rate. She is a total professional. We would highly recommend her.”
Diana Daschel
“It is no exaggeration for me to say that Wendi Dierickx changed my life. When we met, I was at my wits end. My husband was seriously ill, and we had suffered some financial difficulties. The house we had been renting was sold, and we desperately needed to find a permanent home. Wendi worked as hard as anyone I have ever seen. I can’t imagine how she ever had time for any other clients! The result was that we were able to purchase a place where my husband could spend the rest of his life cared for in comfort and security. As I mentioned, there were financial challenges, but Wendi left no stone unturned to see that we obtained financing for our house. I lost my husband in September, and I thank God that I didn’t have to worry about a roof over our heads during his final months or in the sad aftermath. I am so grateful to Wendi Dierickx for this gift. She is a lovely person and a consummate professional. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to finance a home. ”
Shyler Brannan - Pilot
“When looking to finance our new home about a year ago, we were referred to Wendi at Home street. It turned out to be the best choice for us! Wendi was great and helped us with everything. From start to finish she eased alot of the stress that comes with buying a home. She thoroughly answered all of our questions and worked hard to get us the best possible mortgage. We highly recommend Wendi!”
Cari Arnsparger
“we have had Wendi Dierickx help us with the purchase of two homes. She is absolutely amazing at her job. Professional, knowledgeable, and relational. Our past two buying and selling experiences have been wonderful because of her and her above and beyond skill set in her profession. We are so thankful for Wendi and we will continue to have Wendi on our team with our future investments. Thank you Wendi! ”
“ Wendi is a true professional. A person that is always there to assist you in closing a transaction. Communication in our business is critical and Wendi is always there is help. If you want to get a loan done then Wendi is your mortgage professional. Bob Anderson - Windermere Real Estate.”
Mark Carver
“My wife and I worked with Wendi to buy a rental property in the area. She and her team were extremely helpful, going beyond what I have experienced with other loan transactions. While most of the credit goes to her integrity and care for our transaction, she was well supported by the Homebridge organization. This is a wonderful team and I know we'll entrust our business to her again.”
Keren Dierickx
“We were paying a high interest rate on our mortgage and Wendi suggested that she might be able to help lower it. And she did! The process was hassle-free, quick and easy. It has helped us pay extra on the principal to reduce the debt faster. She is very detail-oriented and made sure we understood every step of the process. I would highly recommend her not just because she’s married to our son but because she’s knowledgeable, helpful and above all, caring.”
Patrick Armstrong - Occupational Therapist
“Wendi helped us with both our original loan and a refinance a few years later. She was always friendly, helpful, and prompt. We would return to her without a second thought for any future needs. ”
Nancy Duncan - Real Estate Broker for kWindermere Crest Realty
“I have worked with Wendi Dierickx many times and always found her professional & knowledgeable. I would recommend her for any of your real estate loans. Thanks, Nancy Duncan”
Stacie Burnham - Stay at Home Mom
“ I would highly recommend Wendi for your next home loan! She is amazing and will work incredibly hard for you. My husband and I have purchased four homes and used Wendi each time because we know she is the best!”
Bruce & Sara Grembowski - Homeowners
“When we needed to refinance our home, we called Wendi. Wendi is a joy to work with. Everything went smoothly and professionally. ”

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