About Wayne Lancaster

With over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Wayne Lancaster has extensive knowledge of the local market and an unparalleled ability to build a mortgage solution perfect for each client’s unique needs. After growing up in the DC / Virginia area, he moved to Dallas in 1985 and began his mortgage career with Savings of America. He has worked for several national and local lenders since then as a Mortgage Loan Originator. Wayne is a U.S. Navy Veteran; therefore, he is passionate about the VA community and donates to great programs such as Wounded Warriors, USA Cares, and Paralyzed Veterans of America. With his passion for helping people and dedication to outstanding customer service, Wayne takes great pleasure in leading clients towards the American dream of home ownership by always operating with the client’s best interests at heart. Call Wayne today and let him make your home ownership dreams a reality!

What Our Customers Say About Me

David A. October 2017
“Long term relationship ”
Valerie J. August 2017
“Wayne and Vanessa were very informative and attentive! They were very accessible at all times of the day. They went above and beyond to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable! I appreciated the attention to detail and the responsiveness! ”
Connor C. March 2017
“I was considering selling my home and buying a new one using proceeds from my sale as the down payment.  I had a few general qualification questions for the price range I was interested in and posted on Zillow about different loan products that might be available to me.  Wayne replied and I saw he was local and had good reviews so, I decided to reach out to him to discuss helping me finance my new home purchase.  I had worked with another lender on a prior home purchase and felt like there was a lack of communication and professionalism.  With Wayne, I really feel like he went above and beyond to make the process of financing my new home extremely easy and stress free!  He was extremely responsive and would proactively call me or return emails, even if it was a weekend or evening.  He saved all of my documentation and uploaded them to HomeBridge's portal as I sent them to him.  This way I didn't have to worry about sending them in a the last minute.  He kept me updated on the status of my loan.  I wanted a loan amount that was technically a "jumbo" loan with only 10% down.  Wayne researched different products for me and found the best option to save me money on interest while still getting me approved for the exact loan and house I wanted, while also eliminating my PMI and escrow requirement.  He did extra things like go to my bank for me to check on a statement requirement and also spent time talking to credit bureaus and his internal company to ensure that I was able to get the rate we talked about on the new home.  Wayne came to my closing in person to meet me which, I was not expecting and my prior lender did not do.  Overall, I would highly recommend Wayne if you have any non-standard situation or simply want to work with someone you can trust to answer your questions and get the loan approved for you as efficient as possible and for a competitive rate and fee.  I had a great experience at HomeBridge!  I will definitely use Wayne Lancaster again for a refinance or if I ever move again!  Thank you!”
R. Jackson March 2017
“Wayne was great!  Fantastic!  A true professional!  He was great to work with when I used my VA loan.  He spent the time that was needed for me to understand and complete the entire process from start to finish!  I strongly suggest to any Veteran that they use Wayne as their top choice when getting a loan.  I also know that Wayne does loans of all types.  Its not really the loan that makes the experience a good one but the person you are dealing with.  Wayne is more than a mortgage professional, he actually partners with you throughout the process!  I highly recommend Wayne and he can even suggest some really good Real estate agents as well.”
Robert and Diana J. March 2017
“Wayne is a great guy who took the time to get our loan done promptly and accurately!  This has been a great experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Rosalind R. October 2016
“Wayne and his team made this process very smooth, easy and convenient!  They were professional and timely in their communications.  HomeBridge provided great customer service!”
Juan B. and Militza T. September 2016
“Wayne Lancaster provided us with excellent customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
James and Esther W. August 2016
“I have worked with Wayne over the years and he is always very professional!  I recommend him to all of my friends and family!”
Matthew M. July 2016
“Wayne was very good at making sure that I understood all the details of the rates, loan, etc.  He was very timely at returning calls and follow ups.  He made sure everything got done when it should.  I liked the ability to upload documents online.  Wayne was great to work with!  Everything went perfectly!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Albert W. June 2016
“Wayne and his team were very pleasant to work with and they made this process easy for me!  Wayne is great!  I would definitely return to HomeBridge for any future loan needs!  Thank you!”
Todd and Danielle S. June 2016
“Wayne has taken care of us for 15 years!  He did another great job!  We will recommend HomeBridge to others!   Thank you!”
James and Judy H.
“Attention to detail was always adhered to!  Wayne and his team did a fantastic job!”
Anonymous Houston, TX
“Wayne was extremely helpful to us through the entire purchasing process. We were doing a VA loan as first time buyers. He was very responsive and eager to help with our multiple questions. We were ready to close ahead of the target close date thanks to his work. I'm going to recommend him to anyone I know that is looking to make a home purchase. ”
Krishna V. Flower Mound, TX
“I have known Wayne for the last 10 years, after a close friend of mine introduced him to me. He has helped a lot of friends who are first time home buyers with their home loans. He is very courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. We have been very fortunate to have Wayne help us with our mortgage when we were buying our first home with little money down. Fast forward 10 years,he helped me once again, with a lower mortgage home refinance and cash back to pay off my credit cards and other debt. Consolidating my debt and the interest paid to my home mortgage helps me claim IRS tax credits. In short, Wayne delivers. No matter what the problem is, he's there to help out. He's done this for every friend I have referred.”
Paul M. McKinney / Crystal Beach, TX
“Wayne has helped me put together home purchase loans, home refinance loans, and cash out refinance loans since 1997. He has always provided expert guidance with respect and professionalism. Wayne has directed me to additional expertise/resources for all aspects of the home owning experience if it was not part of his service. Wayne has always been focused on his customers' satisfaction with timely and knowledgeable information! I have never been disappointed with Wayne's service or any of his team members that assist with the required collection of documentation. I have never had a surprise at closing, which is very important to me. I like it when a plan comes together and all I need to do is sign/sign/sign and smile! I know who I am calling to assist in my next home loan financing experience!”
Anonymous Grand Prarie, TX
“We have used Wayne several times in the past for our new home purchase financing needs. He is absolutely the best! He is very professional, and with his extensive experience in the field, he knows well all of the ins and outs of the business. He carefully attends to details, regularly stays in touch with and updates clients with the status of the loan process, and he sees clients all the way through the process... and even beyond. We simply can't give a more enthusiastic recommendation to any Mortgage Loan Originator than the one we can give to Wayne Lancaster!”
“I found Wayne on Zillow and read lots of advice he had for others. I liked what he had to say to people because he seemed very knowledgeable and realistic in his advice. I contacted him many months before I was ready to purchase, and he spent a considerable amount of time with us, even though he knew we weren't ready to buy yet. He walked me through everything we needed to do to be ready, and when the time came, we were prepared thanks to his guidance. Our loan closed smoothly and on time. I plan to use Wayne for all of my future mortgage lending and will advise anyone who asks me to do the same.”
Chris L. Copper Canyon, TX
“Wayne was extremely helpful, and by far the most knowledgeable, of anyone I spoke to. From the beginning, he offered us the best rates possible, and when they could be even lower, he made it so. He quickly responded to every question I had, regardless of how small. The paperwork portion of things that I heard so many horror stories about was not even close to what most people told me to expect. I kept hearing from friends "next you will have to do this and this and this, etc.," but that didn't happen. I highly recommend Wayne to anyone looking to purchase a home.”
Anonymous Grapevine, TX
“Everything went very smoothly! We had no problems at all, and Wayne was very knowledgeable. He told us what to expect and kept us informed of where we at were in the process the whole way.”
Anonymous Keller, TX
“Wayne did an excellent job. We started the loan process in mid-August and closed the first week of September. He is very knowledgeable. He is also very helpful and kept me informed at all times. I would recommend Wayne to anyone needing financing.”
Megan W. Plano, TX
“Wayne was great! He is very knowledgeable, honest and on top of things. The whole process was very smooth and we closed on-time (a day early actually!). I will definitely recommend him and go to him for all our future mortgage needs.”
Andrew R. Allen, TX
“Wayne is an excellent Mortgage Loan Originator! He reviewed my current situation and gave me very clear understanding of all the options available. He took the time to calculate my different options and send each of the calculations with detailed explanation of the pros and cons. I was in my 7th year in a 6 month libor and was convinced the way to go was a 30-year fixed. Wayne pointed me to a 15-year Conventional. After working with Wayne over two months (delays on my end) and 3 locks, Wayne came through with an incredible low rate and low closing costs. After going through a number of mortgage sharks, my experience with Wayne was definitely a breath of fresh air. He's fair and honest, and a really nice guy. I would would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. Thanks again, Wayne, for all your hard work on my refinance!”
Anonymous Garland, TX
“This was my first home purchase and Mr. Lancaster was extremely patient with me, answering all my questions. I would recommend him to anyone and hope to use him again in the future.”
Gregg B. Dallas, TX
“Wayne was 100% transparent, honest, and helpful from the first conversation all the way to the closing. He went over and above what was expected from a Mortgage Loan Originator. (He even attending the closing.) He is well connected in the region as well, so he can advise on other aspects of the home buying process.  Wayne is truly a gem of a lender.”
Joe W. Lewisville, TX
“Wayne was great to deal with. I work in the the industry and needed a quick closing for my own refinance. Wayne delivered when no other lender could. Wayne even attended the closing. Don't wait. Call Wayne today.”
Anonymous Fort Worth, TX
“Wayne responded quickly to my refinance questions. He was very professional and provided several refinance options. I wouldn't hesitate to use his services in the future and highly recommend him.”
Anonymous Allen, TX
“Wayne provided us with competitive rate/fee quotes and was courteous and helpful through the entire process. His great customer service and prompt handling of our requests allowed us to close without any issues. Thanks!”
“Wayne is very knowledgeable. He answered difficult questions with simple, easy to understand answers. He's very honest and wise. if you have questions and want to complete mortgage, you found your guy!”
Anonymous Fish Hawk, FL
“I'm not the type of person that likes to write reviews, whether good or bad. But when something or someone deserves recognition, I will definitely take the time to let everyone know about it. What makes this case different than the rest? Well I was in the process of doing a refinance and was looking for more information online. I came across a conversation between Mr. Lancaster and some buyers. The subject in question was similar to what I was looking to get answered, so I decided to send him a message and see if he answered. Sure enough, a couple hours later a response was received. Not every day I come across a Mortgage Loan Originator that is willing to take their time to answer and clarify my doubts, even though I wasn't trying to get a quote or loan from him. Kudos!”
Anonymous Bel-Ridge, MO
“Mr. Wayne Lancaster is just the right one to contact to help with any questions one may have about purchasing a home. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. He responded to an email that I sent him immediately, and also gave me some good advice to help me with my home purchasing plans.”
Al W. Flower Mound, TX
“We just closed on our new home; thanks to Wayne the process was extremely easy. He was very accessible and responsive. I cannot say enough about his support and guidance. The seller did not use an agent, and Wayne was involved in helping educate the seller on the process in support of our purchase. I would recommend Wayne to anyone.”
Andrea C. Dallas, TX
“This is my third condo/house purchasing experience with Wayne, and I will never use anyone else! He always responds right away, even between purchases, when I would reach out to ask for his advice. He treats you like a member of his family and has your best interest in mind. Especially on my first purchase as a young, single woman, I felt that he was looking out for me like a daughter. It's difficult to find someone in this industry who is this trustworthy and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend him to everyone!!
Ken O. Hurst, TX
“Wayne was awesome! We found our dream home, and with Wayne's assistance, we closed in record time. The selling agent didn't think we could close so quickly; ha! Wayne said we could, and we did. There is a lot involved in buying a home. Wayne was professional, courteous and quick to respond to any questions. The mound of documents/paperwork required was daunting, but Wayne was there every step of the way to make the process move along smoothly. He made the whole process seem easy. We found our dream home, and it's doubtful we'll be buying another. If we ever do, Wayne is our guy. We can highly recommend Wayne and can't say enough. Thanks!
“I contacted Wayne to inquire on an A-6 loan, which is a cash-out refinance in the state of Texas with very specific parameters. Wayne was able to walk me through the products he had to offer and also understand my goals with the refinance loan. After getting a deep understanding, he recommended to me a product that he didn't offer, but something that he thought would better fit my needs. As such, it's obvious he's looking out for the best interest of his customers, no matter where they end up going. He was extremely prompt and very polite the entire time of our interaction. I will keep him in mind in the future.

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