About Tyler Bahnsen

As a licensed Homebridge Mortgage Loan Originator in Florida (NMLS #362852), Tyler Bahnsen can assist you with your home loan needs, including:

  • First-Time Purchase
  • Second-Home Purchase
  • Refinance
  • FHA and VA
  • Conventional
  • 203(k) Renovation
  • Jumbo

Tyler welcomes the opportunity to serve your needs with quick and accurate real estate financing advice. Tyler has the expertise and knowledge, and will make sure you understand the features associated with the loan program you choose and that it meets your unique financial situation.

Contact Tyler Bahnsen Anytime

Feel free to contact Tyler anytime by phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Tyler Bahnsen will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help.

Tyler Bahnsen is 203(k) Renovation Lending Certified

Tyler is certified in 203(k) Renovation Lending, a program particularly well suited for buyers of fixer-uppers and REOs in need of repair. Homebuyers can finance both the purchase and future repairs on their new home with one loan.

The Renovation Loan offers some great features. The amount of money you are permitted to borrow for the purchase and renovations is based on the increased value of your home after improvements are made1. Also, because renovation costs are spread throughout the entire term of the loan, monthly payments are often lower than other financing options. With the loan, there is also no need to delay improvements. You can start in immediately after closing. Another great feature is the loan's simplicity - one application, one set of fees and closing costs, one closing to attend and one payment each month. The interest on the cost of your improvements, included in your mortgage, may be tax deductible2 as well.

Tyler Bahnsen values your business and will provide you with the best professional service and mortgage solutions that make most sense for you and your unique financial situation and real estate goals.

Please contact Tyler by phone, email or filling out the pre-approval form on the right to get more information about our Renovation Loan, or any other mortgage financing solution. I look forward to working with you!

1For 203k purchase transactions the maximum loan amount is the lesser of the sales price + renovation costs or 110% of the as-completed value, times the maximum loan-to-value. For refinance transactions the maximum loan amount is the lesser of the property value before renovation + renovation costs or 110% of the as-completed value, times the maximum loan-to-value. Loan amount must be within FHA county loan limits.

For HomeStyle® purchase transactions the maximum loan amount is based on the lesser of the sales price + renovation costs or 100% of the as-completed value, times the maximum loan-to-value allowable. For refinance transactions the maximum loan amount is based on the lesser of 1) 100% of the as-completed value times the maximum loan-to-value or 2) the balance on the existing loan plus the renovation cost plus the settlement costs. The maximum repair amount is limited to 50% of the as-completed value. HomeStyle® is a registered trademark of Fannie Mae.

2Please consult a tax advisor for further information regarding the deductibility of interest and charges.
Mortgage Loan Originator in AmericaMortgage Executive Magazine 2016
For your home improvement needs, visit Service Finance Company, LLC to find a trusted local contractor.

Homebridge may receive compensation for referring you to Service Finance Company, LLC.

What Our Customers Say About Me

April K. Aug-18
“Excellent communication from pre-qualification to the day of closing!”
Henry R. Aug-18
“Great job!”
Matthew F. Aug-18
“Good service.”
Kevin A. Aug-18
“Personable and prompt.”
John B. Aug-18
“Very helpful. Easy process. Tyler was so helpful and always available for questions.”
John H. Aug-18
“Great customer service.”
Julio G. Aug-18
“Tyler and his team were amazing!”
Nina P. Aug-18
“Amazing service and very professional.”
Christopher K. Aug-18
“I used them in the past, they made the process fast and easy.”
Jason S. Aug-18
“Very professional and easy to work with.”
Eduardo R. Aug-18
“The effort that they put into it, the reroute and changes and they make it work.”
Allan P. Aug-18
Allan P. August 2018
April K. August 2018
“Excellent communication from pre-qualification to the day of closing!”
Henry R. August 2018
“Great job!”
Matthew F. August 2018
“Good service.”
Kevin A. August 2018
“Personable and prompt.”
John B. August 2018
“Very helpful. Easy process. Tyler was so helpful and always available for questions.”
John H. August 2018
“Great customer service.”
Julio G. August 2018
“Tyler and his team were amazing!”
Nina P. August 2018
“Amazing service and very professional.”
Christopher K. August 2018
“I used them in the past, they made the process fast and easy.”
Jason S. August 2018
“Very professional and easy to work with.”
Eduardo R. August 2018
“The effort that they put into it, the reroute and changes and they make it work.”
Jason S. August 2018
“Very professional and easy to work with.”
Eduardo R. August 2018
“The effort that they put into it, the reroute and changes and they make it work.”
Allan P. August 2018
April K. August 2018
“Excellent communication from pre-qualification to the day of closing!”
Henry R. August 2018
“Great job!”
Matthew F. August 2018
“Good service.”
Kevin A. August 2018
“Personable and prompt.”
John B. August 2018
“Very helpful. Easy process. Tyler was so helpful and always available for questions.”
John H. August 2018
“Great customer service.”
Julio G. August 2018
“Tyler and his team were amazing!”
Nina P. August 2018
“Amazing service and very professional.”
Christopher K. August 2018
“I used them in the past, they made the process fast and easy.”
Jeffrey R. June 2018
“Very smooth process, very friendly and easy to work with. Very laid back and answered all our questions.”
Michael W. June 2018
John D. June 2018
“Best lender I have ever worked with.”
Hugo F. June 2018
“Professonal, thorough and responsive.”
Andrew S. June 2018
“The entire process was flawless and a pleasure in buying our new home.”
Matthew D. June 2018
“Tyler knows everything and is super fast!”
Claire S. June 2018
“Because they were quick to respond and thorough.”
Yamill N. June 2018
“Received excellent customer service throughout the entire experience.”
Nagib B. June 2018
“Fast and very responsive!”
Deah L. June 2018
“Very attentive at all stages of the lending process. They even responded after hours and on weekends!”
Elizabeth Y. June 2018
“Tyler and his team, especially Yasmina, were very responsive and friendly.”
Douglas B. June 2018
“Very knowledgeable and professional. Tyler was extremely helpful and he provided us with excellent services.”
Nathan C. June 2018
“They were quick to reply to questions and made the process quick and easy to understand every step of the way.”
Brent B. June 2018
“HomeBridge has made this entire process very smooth. Being first time homebuyers is very stressful as you don't know the process, but everyone has put us at ease and we appreciate it so much.”
Stephen L. May 2018
“The staff was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful.”
Samuel M. May 2018
“Friendly and informative.”
Shaaban A. May 2018
“Nice and prompt services. Great team! Thank you!”
Daniella V. May 2018
“The consulting process and great response time along the way.”
Taylor B. May 2018
“Very easy to deal with and very quick.”
Tania M. May 2018
“The team worked in a timely manner. They always reached out to assist in every way possible.”
Marcelo S. May 2018
“Great service and fast. Tyler's team is fantastic!”
Steven G. April 2018
“Absolute service oriented, pleasant and friendly. Always willing to explain, couldn't ask for better. ”
Craig C. April 2018
“Excellent customer service.”
Diego H. April 2018
“Smooth process, very detail oriented.”
Reilly R. March 2018
“There were several team members involved in every step of the process. Very attentive.”
Yanjanie G. March 2018
“Great customer service and very friendly!”
Michele C. March 2018
“Great service, great communication throughout the entire process.”
Alan D. March 2018
“Tyler and his team were great!”
Frederick W. March 2018
“Very efficient and fast service.”
Kelly B. March 2018
“Amazing service! Directions were very clear and Tyler did everything he could to meet our needs.”
George M. March 2018
“Easy to work with.”
Jenna K. March 2018
“Years of professional relationships.”
Raul M. March 2018
“They were extremely helpful in our process for the mortgage. Any questions and concerns we had they were always there to answer.”
Benjamin G. March 2018
“Timely responses and helpful with answering questions any time of the day.”
Melisa I. March 2018
“My second time using Homestead Title Co. Professional and caring. Tyler and team were awesome.”
Jacob G. March 2018
“Very god customer service. Whenever I called to ask any questions the team was always there and were very professional.”
Kelly C. March 2018
“Very helpful, quick and efficient to work with.”
Garrett T. March 2018
“Great response time!”
Jeffrey T. March 2018
“Easy to work with, very detailed and quick to respond.”
Kaylee V. March 2018
“Tyler and his team member Yasmina were very great and made this whole process a breeze. Truly people/company who love their job and care!”
Raul R. January 2018
“Awesome work!”
Steven A. January 2018
“Tyler and Yosmina did an awesome job! ”
Lorenzo C. January 2018
“Everything was done in a timely manner. It was very easy and understandable.”
Sreeram M. January 2018
“They are good at what they do.”
Luis P. December 2017
“Service was excellent from beginning to end.”
Jason M. December 2017
“Excellent service and response time.”
Alexis V. December 2017
“Fast, clear experience; no major issues.”
Luis G. December 2017
“HomeBridge has shown professionalism throughout our process; a friendly staff. ”
Janice V. November 2017
“ I had a wonderful experience.”
Mark R. November 2017
“Quality service.”
Sepehr S. November 2017
“Tyler and team made my new mortgage possible even though many other lenders were not willing to work with my situation. Extremely quick responses to all questions throughout the mortgage process. Best lender experience I've had!”
Bruce E. November 2017
“Customer service was excellent, all questions were answered quickly. The entire process was very smooth.”
James W. November 2017
“Excellent company to do business with.”
Christopher L. October 2017
“Very thorough and quick.”
Angela C. October 2017
“Communication was prompt, professional. The team was receptive to our concerns and questions.”
Samuel S. October 2017
“Very helpful.”
Lazaro A. October 2017
“Tyler and his team replied to messages within an hour at most. The loan process couldn't have been smoother.”
Tanya M. October 2017
“Great service!”
Giao C. October 2017
“Easy to work with and very thorough.”
Valerie S. October 2017
“Very professional and easy to work with.”
Lawrence H. October 2017
“Tyler and Yasmina are amazing!”
Javier E. October 2017
“They are one of the best solving my loan situation.”
Matthew H. October 2017
“Very responsive, pleasant and on time.”
Jon M. October 2017
Tony C. October 2017
“Tyler was quick, efficient and always available to speak to us.”
Andrew R. October 2017
“Excellent service throughout the loan process. Tyler and his team were available 24/7 and made sure the loan was processed even in hurricane conditions.”
William N. October 2017
“The entire process was made easy and convenient despite the hurricane season!”
Emily S. October 2017
“Quick response, friendly, happy to help.”
Marci N. Lake Worth, FL
“We had the best experience working with everyone we dealt with on our mortgage, they were all very helpful, no question went unanswered.”
Brian M. North Bay Village, FL
“Tyler Bahnsen was very professional throughout the entire process. He responded promptly to all questions, and made sure that the financing closed within 3 weeks. I highly recommend him as a Mortgage Loan Consultant.”
Sandra L. Carrabelle, FL
“He (and all others at HomeBridge) did a fantastic job in keeping me informed every step of the way. They were courteous and helpful with all my questions. They made me feel like I was their only client.”
Kara L. Eastpoint, FL
“Everyone I've dealt with has gone above and beyond to make things happen for my clients! BEYOND happy with the customer service!! Thank you for helping make my job as a Realtor easier!”
Douglas J. Panama City Beach, FL
“Tyler was perfect. Any questions we had at anytime were answered quickly. The whole team we dealt with made this "Our dream home" obtainable with such ease. This is our second purchase with Tyler. We could be more pleased Thank you to everyone who helped us to start living our dream!”
Michelle C. Miami, FL
“Amazing work!”
Marie G. Winter Haven, FL
“You're guys are the best Mr. Tyler and his crew are the best, they go above and beyond to help me with my loan. One thing Mr. Tyler told me when I was worried: don't worry we are here to help you. They made me feel very comfortable. Thank you so much I'll definitely tell my friends about you guys, thanks again.”
Travis S. Saint George Island, FL
Helen R. Gainesville, FL
“Working with Tyler Bahnsen was a pleasure. He was always readily available to answer any questions or work on a possible issue that might derail our closing. He thought outside the box when confronted with an unusual issue and with some collaboration, the loan closed today. I will certainly keep Tyler and his team on the top of my list for loan referrals.”
Susan G. Hallandale Beach , FL
“Wonderful, helpful, very professional people.”
Paulo C. Oakland Park, FL
“We received support and guidance through the process to get the loan. It was really nice. Thank you. Be sure next loan we will look for you guys.”
Jose C. Miami, FL
“Was very professional and knowledgeable. Kept me up-to-date with the transaction.”
Vicente R. Boca Raton, FL
“Was really fast, a lot of quality personal attention and Tyler is the best. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get my family home. With you guys from 0 to 10 my family and I give it a 100! Thanks! We tell our friends and family how good and fast you guys work. Thanks again for all the professional help given to us in time, this is the way to keep a customer really happy.”
Stephen U. Palm Beach Gardens, FL
“Was the easiest financing process I have ever gone through that was completed well within the my 30 day financing window.”
Julie M. Boynton Beach, FL
“Very pleased with the knowledge and the fact that they responded timely.”
Paul W. Miami, FL
“Very much enjoyed my experience as I did with my original closing! Tyler and his team are great...explained all details and options. Very satisfied and appreciative!!”
Sergio P. Miami, FL
“Very knowledgeable and efficient.”
Olivier G. Cutler Bay, FL
“Very fast. Nice Loan Officer. Good relationship.”
Adel A. North Bay Village, FL
“Very efficient communication and always available to help and answer questions. Very clear instructions and explanations.”
Cheryl W. Cape Coral, FL
“Very enjoyable to work with. Professional and worked hard to try and close on time.”
Ademir G. Tampa, FL
“Very easy to talk to and contact. Honest, knowledgeable and very friendly. We would high recommend to friends and family. Especially Iris.”
Pierce P. New York, NY
“Tyler was very efficient from beginning to end and helped get the loan approved in record time to meet the quick closing deadline.”
Susan B. Saint George Island, FL
“Tyler made this entire transaction go so smoothly, and helped me understand the particulars of my loan application process, so I did not have to guess or re-do. He and his team kept me informed, and let me know clearly what was needed, and when, so that my loan was processed in a timely manner, and the move to closing was even quicker than I expected! It 's always good when there are no surprises other than *good* ones! Hats off to Tyler for his handling of this loan for me. I 'd recommend him to anyone!!”
Nicholette P. Fort Myers, FL
“Tyler was awesome! He was very thorough and walked me through every step.”
David M. Homestead, FL
“Tyler was awesome. Will recommend him and his team to any and everyone who is looking to purchase a home. Was a pleasure working with him to obtain our dream home.”
David R. Miami Beach, FL
“Tyler was excellent throughout the entire process, always reachable and willing to discuss any issue. It was a complicated mortgage, but Tyler, and his team did everything to make it a smooth process. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a mortgage!”
Mayra C. Melbourne, FL
“Tyler was extremely confident and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. The team was diligent and steadfast in helping us close this loan with a clock ticking.”
Miguel C. Loxahatchee, FL
“Tyler was extremely helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable. He took us through every step of the process with a positive, upbeat attitude! Thank you, Tyler!”
Gary B. Saint George Island, FL
“Tyler was great during the entire process.”
Matthew P. Margate, FL
“Tyler was great. He and his staff were friendly and very professional. They handled everything in a very timely manner.”
Phillip P. St George Island, FL
“Tyler was helpful, and a pleasure to work with.”
Evan S. Miami, FL
“Tyler was terrific! Great rates and fast closing.”
Susan B. St George Island, FL
“Tyler does such a professional job each time he takes on a new client. As a realtor I have sent him dozens of my clients - to pre-qualify, to counsel, to finance, and to close - and he does an excellent job, each time, with each person. It makes *my* job so much better to know that he is going to do so well at *his* job!!”
John S. Cape Coral, FL
“Tyler is always 100%. I'”
Jerry T. Miami, FL
“Tyler is always very responsive and, if the deal can be done, he can get it done and beat out other competition.”
Michelle C. Biscayne Park, FL
“Tyler is amazing! All of my clients are beyond impressed with his work!”
Yuliya S. North Miami, FL
“Tyler is amazing!!! He responded immediately to me as well as to my clients. He has excellent communication skills and knows his products. He is very knowledgeable in his business and he has NOT let me down once. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a loan with no hesitation.”
Madeleine R. Miami Shores, FL
“Tyler is superb - on top of it - keeps it simple and gets the job done without headaches.”
Luis R. Miami, FL
“Tyler is the best!!”
Adam K. Miami, FL
“Tyler is the man (as always). He is a great team and I have full confidence in my deal when he is in charge of the loan.”
Connie N. Apalachicola, FL
“Tyler made me feel at ease during the entire process. Since this is the first time I've purchased a home "at a distance", I was a bit nervous, and I had numerous questions. He was extremely patient and helpful during the whole time.”
Mayra C. Melbourne, FL
“Tyler and team were outstanding! Thanks!”
Jesus A. Coral Gables, FL
“Tyler and team were very kind, patient, very flexible, always available and took the time to explain things in detail. I will definitely recommend them to everyone I know that is looking for a new mortgage or refinancing an existing loan.”
Yuliya S. Hialeah, FL
“Tyler Bahnsen and his team are beyond amazing! They make the loan process as smooth as it can be. They are a "”
Adam K. Coral Gables, FL
“Tyler Bahnsen and his team did another fantastic job for my customer.”
Cary S. Saint George Island, FL
“Tyler Bahnsen is a customer satisfaction superstar. He works hard to find a mortgage that makes sense for the customer's situation. Further, his processing team is incredibly patient and diligent with all the paperwork that precedes and occurs during the mortgage process. The government has made the process incredibly painful, and Tyler's team does the best they can to anesthetize the customer from that pain.”
Lori P. Naples, FL
“Tyler Bahnsen was a pleasure to have as my Loan Officer. I couldn'”
Clarence W. Jacksonville, FL
“Tyler Bahnsen was great. I would recomend him as a loan specialist that is well informed.”
Love M. Miami, FL
“Tyler did an amazing job in helping to get the loan done for the buyer.”
Robert S. Coral Gables, FL
“Tyler did an excellent job and was able to get my mortgage on good terms and very quickly, thank you!!”
Susan B. St George Island , FL
“Tyler and his team did an outstanding job on my loan. They guided me through the process step by step, were extremely timely, and worked through all the details with me efficiently and quickly. They were professional, always a pleasure to interact with, and kept what could be a tedious process actually fun! I recommend them to all my friends and business associates. Tyler put together a combination of loan products that worked for me just perfectly - it was not just a cookie-cutter situation, and he did a beautiful job, from start to finish.”
Love M. Miami, FL
“Tyler and his team handled every aspect of the transaction in an efficient and very timely manner. Can honestly say it was one of the smoothest loan processes I have had a client go through.”
Team B. St George Island, FL
“Tyler and his team provided excellent customer service and follow-up. Communications were timely and professional, and the transaction closed on time and with happy clients. He is our go-to mortgage agent!”
Susan B. Saint George Island, FL
“Tyler and his team were awesome - exceeded all expectations on deadlines, and were flexible when we had to move the closing date not once, but twice, to suit the schedule of the buyer and seller. It is so critical to have a great team like Tyler 's taking care of every detail, and making sure everyone is on the same page - it makes the whole transaction a success!!”
Sheri L. Homestead, FL
“Tyler and team are the best!”
Michael H. Cape Coral, FL
“Tyler and team got our deal done ahead of time. Awesome job!”
Dalmar S. Hialeah, FL
“Tyler and team went above and beyond to close my loan before my extension expired. Having been let down by a previous lender and having less than 20 days to close these guys got me approved and closed with time to spare! I am in my dream home thanks to them!”
Shirley P. Tallahassee, FL
“Tyler and team were all so professional, but personal and caring. Their attention, their explanations, their willingness to contact me on a regular basis went beyond most. I know, because I started, unfortunately, with another mortgage company. They were able to do what the other company couldn't and make it happen in a third of the time. I would use them again and I will certainly refer them to anyone looking for a mortgage. They were a great group to work with.”
Macy P. North Fort Myers, FL
“Tyler and team were awesome and always kept me up to date on what was happening in the loan process and quickly responded toy questions!”
Gregory Z. Miami, FL
“Tyler and team were great. We '”
Maria F. Miami Beach, FL
“Tyler always promptly returned my phone calls. Took the time to explain every details and followed up to solve any problems to my satisfaction. I appreciated his honesty and candor from the first telephone call through the actual closing.”
Sergio T. Coral Gables, FL
“Tyler and especially Daniel Martinez and Julie Kurtz were great. They were all very responsive to my needs and we closed very quikcly. I'”
Yordan A. Miami, FL
“Tyler and his team are gold! They are really professional and they delivered everything they promised, and on time. I would recommend Tyler and his team to anyone trying to buy a house.”
Yinelica P. Homestead, FL
“Tyler and his team are great.”
Uwe D. Fleming Island, FL
“Timely, professional, said what you needed, worked outside normal business hours when needed, just a very good experience. I cannot find anything that could have been done better and faster.”
Justa V. Miami, FL
“This was a great transaction from the mortgage point. Tyler and his team are great. I will use them and already referred another client.”
Michael C. Miami, FL
“They went above and beyond to help with everything and took to the time to explain everything as well. It was really a stress-less experience with them. I couldn'”
Marianela T. Miami Beach, FL
“They expedited the process so I could leave on vacation as I had planned. They are very professional and customer service oriented. I will recommend him to family and friends.”
David G. Miami, FL
“They are on top of things and have a great sense of urgency.”
Mark S. Bonita Springs, FL
“They did an excellent job -everything went as planned, and ahead of schedule :)”
Katherine N. Miami Springs, FL
“The refinancing process was seamless. My Loan Officer and his staff provided me with frequent updates and advice. The team was super professional.”
Jennifer C. Cape Coral, FL
“The entire Team were always very helpful and quick to answer my questions. I really appreciate how easy they made this process for me.”
Arthur S. Miami, FL
“Thank you Tyler for closing on time and helping my family achieve our goal of home ownership!”
Pierce L. Miami Beach, FL
“Stellar service as always!!!”
Lisa P. Bonita Springs, FL
“so unbelievabley happy with service of Tyler and his team!”
Shibani M. Miami Beach, FL
“Returned calls immediately, provided excellent information, was clear, concise and thorough. Always pleasant and courteous on the phone and very sharp. A pleasure to do business with.”
April K. Fort Myers, FL
“Professionalism, knowledge, integrity, excellent communication. What more could a Realtor ask for - making my customers happy homeowners!!! Thank you!”
Tamme C. Santa Rosa Beach, FL
“professional knowledgeable and outstandin”
Carlos V. North Lauderdale, FL
“Peace of mind, prompt response with every question asked by us, kindness and professionalism! You guys were great throughout the entire process! Thank you from the Vasques/Chow family!”
Thomas M. Port Saint Lucie, FL
“Our Loan Officer was super responsive, outstanding, pleasant attitude, followed up regularly, and just was extremely great to deal with!”
Adrian D. Cutler Bay, FL
“Our Loan Officer and the office staff were amazing - on top of everything, very courteous and professional. A big thanks to everyone.”
Maddie S. Cape Coral, FL
“No issues and closed on time!!!”
Cathy B. Saint George Island, FL
“Nice, timely work and very efficient and knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.”
Yuliya S. Miami Gardens, FL
“My Loan Officer was very transparent and I was always aware as to where we stood with the loan and the process. As usual, Tyler's performance always exceeds my expectations. Love working with Tyler and his team!!!!”
Raquel P. Miami Beach , FL
“My Loan Officer was fantastic! Everything went smoothly and she was on top of every issue. I couldn't ask for better service, thank you!”
Kirsten T. Miami, FL
“My Loan Officer Tyler Bahnsen and his team were so exceptional at making the process as smooth as possible. They were incredibly organized and did everything in their power to accommodate my needs and work schedule. I could not have asked for a better experience. It was very easy to contact them with questions and they always responded in a timely manner and made sure to address any concerns I may have had.”
Sally C. Mexico Beach, FL
“My clients were "”
Madeleyne S. Miami, FL
“Mr. Bahnsen returned phone calls and emails immediately, was extremely courteous, answer every single question my client or I had during the whole process. Everything was perfect!!!”
Charles C. Hollywood, FL
“Mr. Bahnsen was exeptional and extremely profesional”
James W. Carrabelle, FL
“Made me feel comfortable with the experience.”
Pedro H. Hialeah, FL
“Made everything easier to get done. Great communication. Very helpful.”
Richard M. Naples, FL
“Knowledgeable, responsive, professional, provided a high level of service. The team Tyler worked with was on top of the process and they prompted me to get the necessary information submitted and kept me informed about how the process was proceeding.”
Jersly D. Cutler Bay, FL
“Keep up the good work!”
Sanjay M. Miami, FL
“I will refer all of my clients to Tyler. He was spectacular in assisting us and getting us to a prompt and on-time closing!”
Sandra B. Hollywood, FL
“I was the listing agent so I was not in the loop as to the events that took place other than it seemed to go smoothly and closed before expected.”
Christopher B. Miami, FL
“I was able to close in 42 days.”
Sheri L. Palmetto Bay, FL
“I feel Tyler is one of the best lenders I have dealt with. He returns calls, stays on top of what is needed for the loan, follows it through all the way to closing. I can't think of anything else he can do. He is the best in my book. I refer all my buyers to him. Unfortunately is their choice who to use.”
Dollie H. Naples, FL
“I felt like I was part of a positive support team. Educating and supporting me every step by painting full and clear visuals and details.”
Kraig H. Land O Lakes, FL
“I can 't say enough about how impressed I was with both Tyler Bahnsen and Iris Rivera. They were EXTREMELY courteous, prompt and efficient. Every time I had a question they were there with an IMMEDIATE answer. They were very friendly and always made me feel like I was their priority. Things happened exactly how they said they would and I am extremely pleased with the overall customer satisfaction they provided. I would totally recommend them to any of my friends and family who are looking at refinancing their homes. AWESOME JOB!! Solid 10!!!!!”
Gustavo M. Loxahatchee, FL
“I am very happy with you! Will recommend you to all my friends.”
Marie D. Miami Shores, FL
“I am extremely pleased with Tyler's work. It is refreshing to deal with someone who knows what they are doing and who can close on time. In a market where almost all lenders requests extensions to closing date, it is a pleasure to work with someone who got the closing done prior to contract closing date. I WILL recommend Tyler Bahnsen to my colleagues and buyers.”
Ana C. Miami, FL
“Highest level of professionalism.”
Tiany M. Miami, FL
“He made the process extremely easy, was always readily accessible to answer questions, and even assisted with suggestions for homeowners insurance. His assistant Yasmina was also very helpful and friendly.”
Guy H. Coral Gables, FL
“He got it done quickly, enough said.”
Pierce L. Miami Beach, FL
“Great work in a very small window of time. Handled hurdles without thinking twice and still got the sale closed in time.”
Le V. Fort Myers, FL
“Great service, thank you.”
Jose F. Miami Beach, FL
“Great team, and fast. Would definitely recommend them to all my colleagues.”
Darlene T. Fort Lauderdale, FL
“Great job getting it done right and three weeks early!”
Nathaniel S. Naples, FL
“Great job :)”
Damaris A. Miami, FL
“Great customer service, follow up and knowledge. We will be doing business with the Loan Officer and company again.”
Timothy T. St George Island , FL
“Great and accurate communication.”
Paul P. Carrabelle, FL
“Good followup and always responsive”
Maria D. Miami, FL
“From day one Tyler and team made the process of getting a loan hassle-free. They explained everything, responded quickly and closed my loan in a short period of time. I would highly recommend them to friends and family. One thing that comes to mind is their attention to detail. This was clear from day one and made the difference in a very stressful time.”
Alan K. Miami, FL
“From initial communication to closing date, very effective in communication and expeditious in getting my client closed. Great job!”
Jose C. Miami, FL
“Frances is an excellent mortgage lender always very helpful and available when needed during the entire transaction. She helped make the finance process move in an efficient matter. Thank you.”
Steven M. Fort Myers, FL
“Fast and prompt service.”
Olga P. Miami, FL
“Excellent service, highly recommend!”
Ana C. Miami, FL
“Excellent service.”
Pierce P. El Portal, FL
“Excellent service as always from Tylerand the rest of his amazing team.”
J.L. Hallandale Beach, FL
Sheila B. Miami, FL
“Everything went really well and smoothly--thanks a million, Tyler! Everything was perfect because i had one of the best: Daniel Martinez made me feel great, and the process went so smoothly because of him; it would not have been the same without him. I think everyone should use him as an example of what to do.”
Michael Z. Cape Coral, FL
“Everyone was professional, pleasant, and got the job done - can 't ask more than that.”
Michael S. Marco Island, FL
“Everyone was very good to work with.”
Nicholette P. Fort Myers, FL
“Everyone has been so helpful. I am a first time homebuyer and they were so patient in walking me through everything! You have a great team!”
Charles G. Apalachicola, FL
“Constantly in touch. Kept us informed and moving forward!”
Prudential Apalachicola, FL
“Communication was prompt, even during holidays. Patient and responsive. His entire team was excellent.”
Alejandro M. Miami, FL
“Best Loan Officer”
M-Lunie F. Hollywood, FL
“Answered any inquiry very quickly. Very cooperative, very dependable. Resolved any issues promptly”
George R. Hollywood, FL
“An efficient process, good communication, moved quickly, and got the desired result.”
Jerry T. Saint George Island, FL
“Amazing customer service on our very first experience with the new mortgage process. Tyler's team performed to meet and exceed all expectations with our buyer clients. We'll keep 'em coming to you - we know we can trust Tyler to get it closed successfully and smoothly, every time. Consistent, thorough, and professional - Tyler's team knows their stuff!!!!”
Hazel W. Naples, FL
“Always available. Provides the information when asked and provides you guidance throughout the transaction. All wonderful! Thanks.”
Richard L. Sarasota, FL
“Always available and had great suggestions for packaging and documentation.”

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