About Tom Martindale

Tom Martindale is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. Tom is committed to providing each customer and referral partner with the highest level of service and professionalism. This is the reason so many of Tom’s clients come back to him time and again. Tom’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let Tom Martindale bring your home ownership dreams to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Nicole S. Jun-22
“Tom Martindale made the whole process extremely easy. We'd like to thank him very much and would recommend him/work with him again in the future.”
William S. Mar-22
“Perfect service I would recommend Tom Martindale to anyone looking for a home...awesome person”
John W. Dec-21
“I was referred to Tom Martindale by a realtor who was showing a house to rent. I met with him in the spring and my credit fell well short of me being approved for a mortgage. He gave me a step by step plan to improve my score and repeatedly made himself available for advice. In our initial meeting he stated that in the best case, I could get a mortgage by thanksgiving. I got it done the week before Christmas and couldn't be happier. When I thanked Tom for his assistance in getting me there he brushed off the praise saying I could easily have done it on my own. The point is though, I wouldn't have done it if it hadn't been for him. As a result, I will not hesitate to recommend Tom Martindale to anyone and everyone I know. I can't thank him enough.”
Kenneth M. Nov-21
“Tom Martindale is fabulous! We came back to Tom for the purchase of this home because he was so great during the mortgage process of our first home. We have already referred him to a friend who needed help with obtaining a mortgage. We will use Tom for any future needs. We just love him!”
Carley F. Nov-21
“Tom was terrific to work with! Very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend him.”
Abraham C. Nov-21
“Tom took a very personal interest in my account it seems. Although I've been told VA loans in today's market is difficult. Tom got me through the process effortlessly it seemed. When a problem could have accrued he guided me through the potential problems. I'd do a commercial for free for Homebridge.”
Richard M. Sep-21
“Tom was excellent, he took time to explain things to me, and he always followed up on any questions I had. He made himself available at night and on weekends if necessary, he was very professional throughout the entire process and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for financing.”
Jesse B. Sep-21
“Tom definitely went above and beyond when working with me. This being my first time buying a house, he was very patient with me and made himself available as often as he could. I'd be happy to have Tom helping me in the future.”
Jennifer S. Sep-21
“I was nervous about being able to get approved for a mortgage. Once I was put in touch with Tom Martindale, my whole experience was smooth and non stressfull. I am definitely going to recommend people to Tom. Even my Attorney praised Tom Martindale and Homebridge Mortgage on how efficient and precise the paperwork was, as well as, how great my interest rate is and how low my payments will be. I know I will obtain services from Tom again. Thank you.”
Scott S. Jul-21
“One of the biggest differences was from the very beginning. I went to two other lenders, one of them the current mortgage lender, and they both basically said my credit wasn't sufficient, improve it and come back. However, Tom said ok, your credit needs work, here's the plan. He gave me attainable goals and a path to move forward. That was primary difference and the key to me reaching closing. All in all, Tom was fantastic. Regardless of what obstacle was in front of us, he found the way through.”
April D. Jul-21
“Honestly, if Tom was not my loan originator, I don't think I would have had the experience I had. I was working with Tom for almost 3 years because my husband and I were looking for a very specific type of property. We originally were working with another company who was very unsure of how a 203K loan worked. I searched online to find a lender who specializes in 203K loans and Toms name popped up. I reached out to him and was immediately impressed. Not only was I impressed by his knowledge of all types of loans, but I was even more impressed at his customer service skills. Tom was available for everything I needed throughout the process of finding the right home. It didn't matter what time of day or night, weekend, holiday etc, he was there for me. Even after we found the home we eventually bought, Tom was my main contact person. He made submitting documents extremely easy. He was there to answer any questions. He was even my mediator with Tricia when I had to repeatedly submit documents to her. I had the best experience with Homebridge because of Tom Martindale. My husband and I will be looking to purchase a small private horse farm within the next year or two and we fully plan to reach out to Tom again to help us with that loan process as well. I can not express how pleased I was with Tom and want him to know how grateful I am to have met him and worked with him. He became a very good friend to me and I appreciate everything he has done and most importantly all the time he gave to my husband and I. Homebridge definitely has earned a very satisfied customer!”
Jason S. Jul-21
“Tom and his staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, making the experience personal and comfortable, easy and stress free.”
Joyce N. Apr-21
“Tom Martindale was great to work with. He was very responsive and did everything possible to ensure I knew what to expect and what would be required. As such, there were no surprises and things could not have gone more smoothly. This is the second home I've purchased through Tom Martindale and Homebridge Financial. Their customer service is top notch!”
Jeni S. Jan-21
“I am very thankful for everything Tom did throughout the process. He is exceptional to work with!”
Shawn S. Jan-21
“Tom was very easy going and straight forward about what it takes to get a loan and knowledgeable about the information for the needed for the process...Great job Tom”
Julianna T. Jan-21
“Hi, my name is Julianna T. and I am very pleased with the service that Tom Martindale has provided me with!! He is amazing at his job and very knowledgeable. He is extremely responsive which I appreciate very much. My sister who bought a house last year also used Tom Martindale and we both plan to work with him again in the future! I was originally "referred" to another morgage company through a friend of mine who is a real estate agent. They ran my credit report and never got back to me... not even to this day. After about three days of waiting for them to respond I reached out to my sister for advice and to ask her who she used. Thank God I did! I emailed Tom as soon as I got off the phone with my sister and he got back to me right away within minutes via email. Tom & I talked the next day on the phone and right then he had my trust. He is honest, and forthcoming, he never left me hanging. I don't have enough words to let you know how pleased I am with Tom Martindale. Thank you, Tom! ”
James G. Dec-20
“just a thanks for helping with all our needs for the loan process!! Tom Martindale was very informative and professional with everything!!!”
Ermina O. Nov-20
“Tom was absolutely phenomenal through every step of the promise. He was clear about what we needed to do to get the loan closed and delivered on everything he said he would. We couldn't be happier and will always recommend Tom!”
Khaled H. Oct-20
“Tom is the most committed, honest, and passionate about what he does. I will be referring people to homebridge because of Tom Martindale. Thanks”
Warren L. Oct-20
“Tom was very respectful and very accommodating.homebridge made me feel important and never left me in the dark about anything.”
David S. Oct-20
“Tom was great in personly and promptly being available for me when I had a question. He kept things to the point and told me what I needed to do to make things run smoothly. So they did.”
Tyrone G. Sep-20
“It was my pleasure to work with Tom Martindale. He is excellent at what he does .I would highly recommend him.”
Patricia T. Aug-20
“I have worked with Tom on a home purchase 7 years ago. When it was time to refinance, of course Tom was my first call. I contacted him in July and I closed on my loan in August. Tom made the process easy to understand. I really did like the on-line tool for uploading documents.”
Melchor G. Jul-20
“Tom provides a great and informative experience throughout the home buying process. He was always more than willing to answer any questions I had no matter how important or trivial the question seemed to be. He definitely made the process as painless as possible, in spite of the country being shut down.”
Amanda M. Jun-20
“Tom is absolutely excellent with his clients and I can't even explain how much it shows that he cares about each and every one of us and our situations. He won't sugar coat anything because he genuinely wants to help and he knows exactly what needs to be done to make the loan process go smoothly on both ends. He's professional and personable and incredibly easy to talk to, and he has absolutely no problem breaking down concepts and spending extra time explaining the process if there's anything that you don't quite understand. He really stuck his neck out there for us and we are so grateful for his help and everyone involved in the process. Our circumstances were a little strange and provided a couple of hiccups along the way, but every bump was handled quickly and efficiently and we couldn't be happier. Communication is always key and communication was never an issue with our loan!”
Lawrence Z. Jun-20
“Tom was great to work with.”
JULIA T. Jan-20
“Excellence. And knowledgeable.”
JOSE G. Dec-19
“Really nice person in one word EXCELLENT”
JOHN H. Nov-19
“My experience was better than I expected. Tom is very knowledgeable and friendly and always made me feel as though no question was a bad question. Well done!”
Alexandria B. Oct-19
“Tom was great and answered all my my questions. I will recommend him again”
Robert H. June-19
“Tom was absolutely great to work with. We had a few hiccups on documents as far as what was sent or not. This was due to the method of using email with attachments. A drop box app might improve this. Tom was incredible though after an unexpected loss of job I throughly believe another mortgage company would have walked away from us without second thought however Homebridge looked at us as people and our overall financial situation and found a way to move forward that best suited our needs.”
Patsy R. May-19
“Tom you're an an excellent person with mortgages. i would and will recommend you to anyone that is looking to purchase a home”
Louis D. December 2018
“Friendly and they did exactly what they said.”
Sergey S. December 2018
“Homebridge always answered all questions I had, informative.”
Edward S. October 2018
“Very persistent.”
Jose B. Aug-18
“Very caring group of individuals. Nice, professional group. ”
Jose B. August 2018
“Very caring group of individuals. Nice, professional group. ”
Jose B. August 2018
“Very caring group of individuals. Nice, professional group. ”
David B. June 2018
“Timely communication, easy to understand, answered all questions, responded to inquiries in the evening and weekends. Very responsive!”
Denise S. June 2018
“Excellent service!”
Raymond L. June 2018
“Took the time and was a work in progress to help get done.”
Willie S. May 2018
“Very helpful.”
Michelle P. May 2018
“They were extremely helpful and efficient!”
Michelle P. May 2018
“Extremely helpful and efficient staff.”
Sharon C. April 2018
“Tom explained everything that I didn't understand, he was easy to reach and he informed me of any changes that occurred.”
Irfan G. March 2018
“Tom was great to deal with.”
Nicholas A. March 2018
“Tom was very clear and available.”
Jamie L. December 2017
“The HomeBridge team was very responsive to every need and concern that came up during this process. The whole process went quickly and with no errors. We will definitely recommend them highly.”
Lisa A. December 2017
“Great to work with! Kept me informed the entire time. Provided suggestions for homeowner insurance.”
Shannon J. December 2017
“Knowledgeable about the 203(k) process.”
Abdul H. November 2017
“They made the process smooth.”
Joshua P. November 2017
“The HomeBridge team has been fantastic to work with. Very caring, very informative. Just genuinely nice people.”
Harold D. October 2017
“Very cooperative and efficient.”
Angela P. September 2017
“Tom provided prompt service and attention to detail. The process from beginning to end was made easier by his assistance and availability! I know I can depend on the honesty and the integrity of this group! Thank you!”
Joel R. September 2017
“Tom has been very helpful throughout this entire process! He was very hands on and answered every question in a timely manner! Tom made the process smooth and he explained every single aspect of the process as it progressed. ”
Yvonne W. July 2017
“Tom is very professional and knowledgeable! He was very helpful throughout this entire process!”
Mark and Gail L. July 2017
“Tom and his team were extremely helpful and they made this process easier than expected! They answered all of my questions in a timely manner! They really know their business well! Keep up the great level of service!”
David and Mary C. July 2017
“Tom was very friendly and he made this process go smoothly! ”
Efren C. July 2017
“Tom provided great service and was very helpful! Thank you HomeBridge!”

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