About Todd Forbes

Todd Forbes is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. He understands how to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, Todd is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. Todd ’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let Todd bring your home ownership dreams to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Lauren B. Jun-22
“I could not have gotten through this process without Todd. He always went the extra step to thoroughly explain things in order to ensure I had all the information at hand when making a decision. Todd frequently kept me updated and in the loop on progress and responded to all of my calls, emails, texts very promptly. Most of all he stayed calm, which kept me sane and grounded through the whole process that definitely had its unforeseen bumps and roadblocks.”
Russell H. Feb-22
“We couldn't have done this process without Todd, he helped us tremendously to understand and get through the whole process and was always available when needed. Very knowledgeable man”
Gustavo D. Dec-21
“Mr. Forbes was as perfect during the whole process as I could ask for. He really is great at what he does.”
Eulalio M. Sep-21
“I was very pleased with the service, Todd has always kept in touch with new loan products that become available.”
David C. Aug-21
“My experience with Todd Forbes is to say at the least, exceptional. I appreciated his forthcoming of realistic expectation for approval and difficulties which may arise. I felt blessed with Todd Forbes' handling of my loan application. It was apparent Todd Forbes applied himself and took personal interest with our loan. He navigated the complexity of our loan which left feeling empowered and in control of our decisions. Thank you.”
Lorenzo G. Aug-21
“Great communication, sharp and always updating me with process. I have used Todd for multiple deals and have referred his services to people I know looking for a home. I do not plan to try anything knew. Todd is the best in Texas!”
Eric Z. Jul-21
“From day one when I talked to Todd Forbes I knew I was going to use him to help me in buying a home. Very knowledgeable an easy to talk to. Listened to all my needs an had a great response time. Definitely made this whole process easy. Thanks again Todd an Homebridge on me and my family's new home.”
Abraham J. May-21
“Todd Forbes was great. He definitely went above and beyond to help us through the financial process. We could not have gotten through this without him. We will certainly be using him again in the future.”
Daniel R. Apr-21
“Todd Forbes is awesome. We used him on our original build, our original mortgage, and now again on our Re-finance. He takes the time to inform you where you feel like you are as knowledgeable as he is about the process. He shows person care and that is very hard to find these days. We would never use any one else! ”
Nathan S. Jan-21
“Todd Forbes is truly one of the best loan officers to have. In 15 years we bought three houses and we used Todd Forbes for all of them. He is now working with my daughters first purchase and he takes his time explaining everything to her.”
Kathryn C. Jan-21
“Todd you've worked with me for a long time! I believe that in the future, you'll be able to help my children. You've watched them grow up! Thank you for all you do.”
Omar D. Nov-20
“Todd and his team are the best!! If anyone that I know is in the market for a Home I will definitely recommend Todd and the Homebridge Team!!! Thank you very much!!”
Armando H. Nov-20
“From the very start with the first contact I had with Todd Forbes, he was very professional and polite. Todd Forbes remained consistent with being professional throughout the whole process and to closing. I was highly impressed and very satisfied with all contact with him and his team. Heather Schrader was also very professional and polite with every contact by e-mail and via-phone. The whole process meet and exceeded my expectations. I will highly keep Homebridge on my mind for the future and to refer to others. Phenomenal job Todd Forbes and Heather Schrader! Thank you all for everything and hope to continue to have business with you all in the future....”
Stephen S. Oct-20
“Mr Forbes is a consumate professional. His encyclopedic knowledge of mortgages, mortgage underwriting and insurance, and realty finance institutions and programs was immensely helpful to me in the complicated purchase and mortgage of a commercial property converting to residential use with VA financing. Yet all that mattered less than his commitment to the client, his proactive management, and his exemplary customer service. In my thirty years of buying my own property or assisting others, Mr Forbes is the best loan officer I have ever worked with. I have already referred others to him for help, and I could not imagine a more reliable reference.”
Christy R. Oct-20
“Todd and the team were awesome. He lead me step by step through the process and gave me great advice and such support. He made me feel like a family member.”
Ramon M. Aug-20
“Todd thank you for being there for me all through this and not letting me quit on the house. I really appreciate everything you did and all your time spent.”
Heriberto E. Oct-19
“Todd Forbes was very helpful answered every question that we could possibly think to ask him made the process very easy he is very knowledgeable. Can't thank him enough for the time he took to help us and he really look out for are best interest . If I could I'd give him 100 gold stars thank you Todd Forbes”
Karyn C. April-19
“We love Todd he is a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable about the home buying process. As first time home buyers he was easily accessible to answer any questions we had, and was able to break it down for us so we could understand. His team that he works with is also amazing and a pleasure to work with.”
Craig L. November 2018
“Todd has been extremely helpful and made this new home buying experience very smooth. I have felt comfortable with the knowledge that he has and Todd is very friendly which is a plus.”
Mary R. October 2018
“Worked with us every step of the way keeping us informed and explaining all that they were doing for us.”
Rodolfo T. September 2018
“Quick, easy to get in touch with and efficient.”
Fidencio M. September 2018
“Todd gave us lots of guidance and was always available to answer questions.”
Ryan G. June 2018
“As a first time home buyer, I was very uninformed about the buying process initially. Todd was able to walk me through every step to build my confidence in the process and made my experience wonderful!”
Eric L. May 2018
“Communication and patience was a key to this transaction and Todd Forbes went above and beyond in the whole process.”
Elena V. May 2018
“Todd Forbes was great to work with! He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”
Mark R. March 2018
“It had been a long process for us but, Todd did stay with us throughout the whole process.”
Samantha G. March 2018
“Because Todd went above and beyond.”
Marina C. March 2018
“Todd was very friendly, knowledgeable and made this process a lot easier.”
Dominica C. March 2018
“Todd kept us motivated. He kept reassuring us that we could get it done. Todd and Lindsey communicated and explained very well.”
Jason M. December 2017
“Todd and his staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. They made it easy for me especially with this being my first.”
Giana A. December 2017
“Todd was extremely accommodating and professional the entire time. I felt at ease knowing he had my best interest in mind. I trust Todd and wouldn't have imagined a better person to help me along the way. This is my first home purchase and I'm thrilled!”
Anthony W. December 2017
“Todd Forbes was so very patient with us. ”
Melissa O. December 2017
“Excellent service, very informative. ”
Amani N. December 2017
“The transaction and loan process was smooth. ”
Oralia M. December 2017
“Very helpful and excellent team to work with and friendly; would not trade them at all.”
Brandon J. October 2017
“I almost dealt with nothing. They made everything extremely simple.”
Vazilio and Sonya V. November 2016
“Todd and his team were very efficient and fast to work with. Todd was extremely helpful and patient throughout the entire process! They were all great people to work with!”
Marc O. December 2016
“Todd provided strong follow-up and good communication! Excellent service was provided at HomeBridge!”
Antoinette C. September 2017
“Todd Forbes was always there to help me with any questions and he always stayed on top of things. HomeBridge has a great team! I used HomeBridge initially to buy my home and then for a refinance. Both times I have had great service from Todd! Thanks!”
Christina C. December 2016
“Todd and his team provided open communication and made the process easy to understand! This was a difficult process that they made easier!”
Jose and Maria S. July 2017
“Todd was very helpful and understanding to our needs! We are very satisfied with the customer service that we received at HomeBridge!”
Jaime and Rosemary V. July 2017
“Todd and his team provided awesome communication and feedback! ”
Jessica A. December 2016
“Todd and his team were very helpful!  They answered all of my questions and helped me find a program for first time home buyers.  I liked the way they worked!”
Lorraine F. December 2016
“This was too easy!  I will definitely use HomeBridge again in the future and I will recommend them to everyone!”
Christopher and Amy B. May 2017
“Todd provided excellent customer service!  He was very helpful regarding the process and subject matter!  We had a wonderful experience at HomeBridge!”
Aurelio P. April 2017
“Todd was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful!  He made the process very simple!  Thank you!”
Daniel and Dena R. April 2017
“Todd worked very hard to help us make this happen!  Many thanks Todd!”
Christopher and Kathryn H. March 2017
“Todd was very detail oriented!  He worked hard throughout this entire process and took the time to explain all information.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Juan S. March 2017
“Todd always helped us with everything we needed.  He answered all of our questions or concerns promptly.  He made this a fast and easy process!  Everything was perfect!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
William and Ana N. February 2017
“We love the work that Todd Forbes does!  He truly cares about his clients.  Lindsey also did an amazing job throughout this process.  As long as we continue to purchase properties, we will only do business with Todd!  We always receive excellent service!  Keep up the great work HomeBridge!”
Laurey J. and Shawn B. December 2016
“Todd and Lindsey were excellent!  Their service and attention to detail were outstanding!”
Kimberly C. February 2017
“Todd was awesome at explaining the entire loan process!  He was great at communicating and answering questions!”
Kyle and Cheryl H. October 2016
“Todd and his team were very informative and friendly!  They were always willing to take the time to help and explain the process!”
Eric M. October 2016
“Todd and his team did an amazing job at making sure that we got the home of our dreams!  We had many obstacles to get through and this team did everything in their power to complete this process!  If we every buy another home, I know for sure that HomeBridge will do all they can to make the process smooth and efficient!”
Blake and Brittany V. September 2016
“Todd and Lindsey went above and beyond for us!  They were fantastic to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Manuel and Angelica B. September 2016
“Todd and his team were amazingly helpful to get us where we are now!  They got us through the process by explaining what needed to be done to get our information in order.  They helped us learn how to keep our credit in good standing too!”
Alice B. September 2016
“Todd and his team were totally awesome to work with!  I would recommend them highly to anyone!  Thank you to all involved!  You are great!”
Sarah and Dorothy W. August 2016
“Todd and his team were professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with!  They demonstrated a lot of patience throughout this process!  We will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others and we will return for any future needs!”
Robert and Cynthia T. August 2016
“Todd was very efficient and informative!  He stayed in constant contact keeping us well informed in the process!  We will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Evelyn J. July 2016
“I was trying to get this home for over six months.  My new loan officer, Todd Forbes immediately told me what it was going to take.  He was very detailed and up front on what needed to be done to get this home.  He also helped me on my credit score and what was needed to get my VA loan.  Sure enough, within one month, I am sitting here signing the paperwork!  He is the greatest!”
Miosha and Duran E. May 2016
“Todd and his team were so professional and full of knowledge!  They were always friendly and courteous and made the home buying process smooth and easy!  Due to this process being so professional and Todd being so awesome, I would not hesitate to use HomeBridge again in the future!  They did a great job!”
Galen and Monica A. April 2016
“Todd and his team worked extremely fast and were always helpful.  HomeBridge provided great customer service!”
Jennifer R. April 2016
“Todd and the HomeBridge team did an amazing job!  They worked hard from the beginning to help us through the process and I put all my trust in them.  Todd was always honest, informative and creative!”
Tiffany M. April 2016
“Todd went above and beyond to make this happen, the extra mile!  HomeBridge is a wonderful company to work with!”
Marjorie T. San Antonio, Texas
“I recently had the pleasure of working with Todd Forbes on refinancing my home. Todd looked out for my best interest throughout the process, while demonstrating the utmost professionalism and courtesy at all times. His knowledge, experience, guidance and constant communication was invaluable and very informative; making this the best experience I've had and was proven in the success of completing my loan acquisition. I also had the pleasure of working with Lindsey Bennett...WOW what a great team! Anyone that has gone through this process, or going through it, knows it isn't a smooth transaction - anything can go wrong...you're faced with unexpected obstacles. Todd and Lindsey was absolutely excellent in making it as easy as possible. They are without a doubt a great team to have on your side - the best I've ever had the opportunity to work with at any level. Both Todd and Lindsey were responsive and quick to return my calls. They provided me with updates throughout the entire process. The service they provided, well exceeded my expectations and should be commended. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you so very much for being on my side through this transaction. Keep up the good work!”
CPL Drake D. San Antonio, TX
“I am away with the military. In my absence, you worked together with my wife and helped us buy a house. The other day I got a call from my wife; she was crying. She was crying because she was so happy to be in the backyard of our beautiful new home playing with my son. Although there were concerns with my credit picture because of the unconventionality of what I do, with your help and guidance we were able to restore confidence to the underwriter for our credit worthiness. Thank you for helping us overcome the obstacles. Thank you for all you did to make my dream-home a reality. And thank you for helping us get the incredible rate that we got. Wow. I didn't think that was possible. You're awesome!”
Yvonne P. San Antonio, TX
“Let me start by saying: If you were a boxer battling the housing market and trying to knock out your loan, then Todd is the guy you want in your corner at the end of each round! My husband and I were referred to Todd through a mutual friend. From the first night I spoke with him on the phone, I knew he was the guy I wanted on my side. At the time I felt like I was trapped in a mortgage that was doomed to be my own worst enemy. Todd immediately put me at ease. It was quickly apparent that this guy knew what he was doing. At the beginning I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything, but he took the time to slow things down and explain every aspect of the process. He reassured me yet again that all would be just fine. Todd is very articulate, professional, hard-working and his knowledge of the industry is like the Grand Canyon of knowledge, he worked so hard for us right down till the end. I never felt as though he was in all this for the paycheck. It was like having a good family friend working the process with you. So, thank you Todd, for ALL the patience with my questions, for the teaching you gave to me and thank you for your wonderful sense of humor that remained steady even on those days when I wasn’t feeling so humorous myself. The magic “8” ball is on back order, but I promise I will have to you soon.”

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