About Tim Irvin

With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Tim Irvin is passionate about helping his clients achieve their financial dreams, including the dream of home ownership. As a native of the Kansas City area, he understands the local market and how to best serve each client. Tim prides himself on always being honest and thoroughly explaining the loan process each step of the way to prospective buyers. He is passionate about the customer’s experience, and his ultimate goal is always to exceed his client’s expectations. With each customer’s desires and goals as his top priority, Tim will help you secure financing.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Michelle B. Jun-22
“Tim Irvin was the greatest at working with us during the 14 months it took to build our new home. We could always count on him to answer any and all of our questions throughout this process. He went above and beyond to see it through and to extend our original interest rate lock. He was honest and forthright every step of the way so we knew what to expect. I've already referred him to a neighbor and will continue to do with other friends. He's the best!”
Nicholas I. Jun-22
“Great advisor, very prompt and knowledgeable! Always felt like he had my back!”
Merry B. May-22
“Tim, Thanks for your help with my home loan. Helping me with the application and any other things I didn't understand. Thanks Again.”
Candice S. May-22
“Tim was fantastic from start to finish! Very responsive and extremely helpful. Made the whole process easy and comfortable. I really appreciate the time and knowledge he shared with me.”
Jeffrey H. Apr-22
“Tim was absolutely outstanding. He always made himself available to answer any questions and help us organize documentation. Tim is an absolute gem! 10/10”
Trudy P. Mar-22
“Tim is awesome! We've worked with him before, and as before he took care of us, helped us through every step, very communicative and responsive. Highly recommend working with Tim & his team, they made the process so much easier. Couldn't have closed on our house in this crazy market with Tim!!”
Wendy R. Mar-22
“Tim was invaluable throught my refi experience. His expertise, willing to share knowledge, patience and professionalism are unmatched.”
Scott M. Mar-22
“Tim was incredible. He went above and beyond, was helpful during every step of the process and always answered our calls and questions with thorough and accurate information, so thankful for Tim!”
Christopher L. Mar-22
“Tim Irvin is exceptional. He deserves a raise and a promotion. I can always reach Tim and he always has the right and complete answers for my questions. I don't think anyone else can go as far above and beyond at Tim does.”
Jaden H. Feb-22
“Just wanted to say a big thank you Tim! You were very responsive and always answered every question I had very thoroughly. Would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a property.”
Robert K. Feb-22
“Thank you again Tim for helping even though you had surgery planned and then performed. You got everything rolling and moving forward even up to the point of going under. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up. Hope everything heals properly.”
Lori S. Feb-22
“Tim was awesome on my home loan. He was very informative and kept me in the loop from the beginning to the end. Never did I feel left out in the cold. He was always available to answer any question I had and responded immediately.”
Danyell H. Jan-22
“Tim Irvin so easy to work with, so nice too. Definitely made this simple for us. Tim was awesome.”
Bobbie C. Jan-22
“Thanks for giving me all the information I wanted right from the start, and not leaving me guessing.”
Brett H. Jan-22
“We ran into a lot of issues outside of Homebridge's control, mostly related to the builder. One of those issues was keeping us from closing on our home, until Tim stepped in and did some voodoo in just a few short hours that helped us close on our home. He went WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND what was expected or required of him. Throughout the process, he showed a deep knowledge of his profession, was timely to answer questions, and was always professional and courteous. I was impressed, to say the least, and I will certainly use Tim Irvin, wherever he is, as he is THE reason we had such a great experience.”
Debra G. Jan-22
“Tim directed me thru the whole process. He answered the phn when I called. You dont find that anymore. That is very very important. He is very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him. ”
Michael W. Jan-22
“We couldn't be more please and satisfied with our refinance and we accredit it all to Tim. He made this such a breeze, no matter how silly I felt a question might be when I would text or email or call him about, he was always so understanding and could always make us at ease. Thank you very much. ”
Michael B. Dec-21
“This is the second home purchased using Tim. He has gone above and beyond for us. Extremely satisfied with him. He is very knowledgeable and answered all questions. He got back with us very quickly when we reached out to him. Home Bridge and Tim Irvin will be highly recommended to others.”
Charles G. Dec-21
“Tim was so extremely helpful! He explained everything to us in great detail and was always quick to answer any and all questions!”
Elizabeth G. Dec-21
“Tim was very quick to respond to any questions that I had and was very knowledgeable about the process.”
Verna L. Nov-21
“He has been gracious, helpful, knowledgeable and caring throughout this process. He made you feel at ease when talking with you and was able to answer all questions asked. All calls to him were returned as promptly as possible. Overall, he was very professional and it was a pleasure to have him as my mortgage loan originator.”
John R. Nov-21
“Everyone went above and beyond for me. Could not have asked for better”
Denise T. Nov-21
“Tim was fantastic, he provided important information and knowledge, on how to read and work my credit report. He was clear to educate me on each part of the home owner process. Tim took the time and interest to answer every question I had. Thank you Tim!!!”
Robin B. Nov-21
“Tim Irvin was great to work with, he responded to any phone call, text message and email that I sent. He was very personable and helpful during this experience.”
Darin J. Nov-21
“Great refi process. Tim Irvin is the absolute best at what he does.”
Coy P. Oct-21
“Tim was awesome to work with. He was very responsive to all of my calls and emails. I had a lot of questions for him since I had not been through the procedure in quite a while. He answered them all and made me very comfortable through the whole process. Due to their reputation, using Tim and Homebridge was even an asset in getting my offer accepted in a very competitive buying market. There were zero hiccups and we closed on time. I highly recommend Tim and Homebridge!”
Terry M. Sep-21
“Tim Irvin was awesome to work with. Will always use him in the future.”
Christopher M. Aug-21
“Tim Irvin falls nothing short of amazing. Him and his team worked very diligently on my loan. Through out the entire process, Tim stuck by my side answering every and all questions. As a first time home buyer I had no idea where to even begin. Tim is a true leader and someone who will continue to pave paths of excellence for individuals just like myself. Thank you for everything, I simply cannot express the ample amount of gratitude I have for Tim and his team. They will always have a true place in my heart for making my dream come true. I wish all the very best. God bless! ”
Gary W. Aug-21
“Tim Irvin did an awesome job. Had great communication with him. Would recommend him to anyone.”
Mark C. Aug-21
“Tim was awesome will always recommend him to everyone”
Jason S. Jul-21
“Always kept me in the loop and used layman's terms.”
Edina K. Jul-21
“Tim Irvin and his team provide exceptional service in every respect. Tim was always fast to respond to all of my questions no matter the channel or the time of day, and unlike others he shared all of his expertise and knowledge, so I could make the most informed and best decision for my situation. I closed less than 45 days on my loan. I highly recommend Tim and his team, I will definitely use Homebridge Financial Services for my future needs.”
Steven R. Jul-21
“Tim did an excellent job. He was very knowledgeable and informative. I'd recommend his services in a heartbeat.”
Dana G. Jul-21
“Tim was very thorough in explaining every step of our loan and was always available for questions. We had selected him over another lender and was very happy we made that decision.”
Russell R. May-21
“Tim was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond all expectations.”
Kristin S. May-21
“Our lender was very prompt on an questions we had and was very knowledgeable about our loan.”
Nicole H. Apr-21
“Tim is top notch and very thorough with lots of patience to make your home buying/Refi as easy and quick as possible with no questions or concerns left unanswered! Will refer Tim to anyone who is looking to Refi or buy a home! You won't find a more sincere Knowledgeable person to deal with. Very impressive!!”
Shelby H. Apr-21
“I found Tim Irvin to be extremely knowledgable, helpful, and reassuring throughout my homebuying process. From our first conversation, he was always willing to take the time to explain things clearly and thoroughly. He also had a positive and friendly attitude which was encouraging during the stresses that come with buying a first home. I was grateful to have worked with him and I would definitely recommend his services to friends and family.”
David D. Mar-21
“Tim was very easy to work with. He took a personal interest in helping me get the loan finished, getting the rate as low as possible, and making sure I was happy with the process from start to close. Great guy to work with!!”
Matthew T. Mar-21
“I would like to say I am so thankful for Homebridge specifically Tim Irvin. If it had not been for him I honestly don't think I would be living in this home today. This is my third time buying a home, and I have never seen the dedication, personal connection and ease of talking to a Lender. I think he is truly one of the "Greats" out there. I wish more Lender's would come across the same way he did. I originally start shopping with another lender and after having just talked to Tim one-time I told him that day I am going with Homebridge. Again, I cannot say enough words to what a rock-star Lender you have there at Homebridge, and I will be posting, commenting on multiple platforms if anyone needs a Lender for home buying, refi whatnot they need to give this Company and Tim Irvin a call. Thanks again to your Company and all that made this happen for me. My family and I are forever grateful to the connections made.”
Luke T. Feb-21
“Tim was fantastic! We will be going back to him in a few years when we plan on building a new house!”
Spencer N. Feb-21
“Tim is great to work with. He is responsive and patient to make sure the client is on board and understanding the process all the way.”
Ana L. Feb-21
“Tim you were awesome throughout the whole loan process, thank you for this!!”
Aaron S. Feb-21
“Tim Irvin is very knowledgeable about every aspect of his profession. I have already recommended him to many of my friends. He is very honest and explains things very well, he's great to deal with!!!!!”
Ryan C. Feb-21
“He was the first one I talked to that didn't try to immediately get my info or run my credit immediately and was actually able to give me answers to my questions which is why I chose Homebridge.”
Billie K. Jan-21
“Tim Irvin was so nice to deal with, he met me several times to get updated documents, he drove to meet me at a meeting place so I didn't have to drive so far to deliver them. I sure appreciated that. Very helpful, knowledgeable and kind. Dianne K.”
Neal L. Dec-20
“Always there to help! He is a hard worker that was dedicated to our success! Thank you very much!”
Kathryn C. Dec-20
“Tim was great. The processor, Cyndi Beazer, was wonderful as well. She was quick to respond to emails and always kept me apprised of what was going on with the process.”
Venetia A. Dec-20
“When I tell you that Tim Irvin is a dream come true lending agent..He is top of the line. Anytime you have questions no matter what time of the day he is gonna call you back and answer your call..He makes you feel like your a celebrity and responds as such. I don't think Homebridge would survive without him period..He is what people like me want in a lender especially those who are 1st time home buyers.”
Sandra M. Dec-20
“Tim was very friendly and easy to work with during my loan process. If I called him with a question, he was very knowledgeable and gave me answers right away or called me right back. He was really a joy to work with.”
Cynthia J. Dec-20
“Great service”
Willie N. Dec-20
“Tim Irvin was honest and straight forward about everything. He made our process so smooth and I would refer anyone to Honebridge. Your whole team is awesome.”
Phillip N. Nov-20
“It was a very good experience and I highly recommend them”
Gloria D. Nov-20
“Was very knowledgeable and helpful. Felt he went above and beyond to assist with my loan.”
Phillip A. Nov-20
“Tim Irvin was fantastic throughout the entire process. He kept us informed and up to date. We were even able to close sooner than we anticipated, which was much appreciated!”
Miguel C. Oct-20
“Hands down the best service I could have ask for. Along with the hardest working people to make things happen. It is remarkable that with everything going on in 2020 these essential people make dreams come true. Thank you all for everything.”
Lynette L. Sep-20
“Wow, where to begin as Tim is simply amazing. He is extremely knowledgable in his field, clearly communicated various options in layman terms and through the entire process kept us informed of our loan status.”
Kelsey G. Sep-20
“As most homeowners know buying a house is a very stressful process. My lender, Tim Irving, was amazing at answering all my questions and dealing with my general anxiety about the whole process. I will definitely be recommending him to anybody I know who is buying a house. He went above and beyond to help us close on time and to make sure we understood the whole process.”
Rocio S. Sep-20
“I personally work in the mortgage industry and have knowledge of how the process works. Tim was excellent and kept us informed during the process. He explained in details every step of the loan, and provided status at least once a week. Everything went very smoothly and I am very happy to have worked with him.”
Bruce S. Sep-20
“Tim was awesome in every step of the process.”
Aaron R. Sep-20
“Tim was great to work with. He made this process very easy and got it done much quicker than I anticipated before starting.”
Nathan W. Aug-20
“Tim exceeded my family and I expectation. He went beyond his call of service to help me in a professional and friendly manner. I'm proud to say he is an awesome and very intelligent person. Thank you for what you did Tim. Highly upstanding guy.”
James C. Aug-20
“Tim made the whole process as easy as possible. He was always available when I had questions and made me feel comfortable during the whole process. I would recommend Tim to anyone that's in the home buying process. I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. My family is greatly appreciative of all of your work.”
Paul D. Aug-20
“Tim made himself available to us throughout the process. When Tim was on vacation, Rachael King assisted us and provided answers to questions in his absence. My family and I are extremely grateful and appreciative of all of the help and support during what is typically a stressful process. Many thanks to the Tim, Rachael, and the entire Homebridge Financial Service team.”
Louis H. Jul-20
“This was my third time working with Tim Irvin. It has always been a great experience. He is always on time with everything required from start to finish. I would not seek him out if he weren't on top of things!”
Alyssa B. Jul-20
“Tim Irvin and his team were extremely kind and diligent. They kept us well informed and made this process so much easier for us first time home buyers!”
Mark S. Jul-20
“I have used Tim seveeral times in the past and will only use tim in the future. he does an excellent job. he didnt attend closing because of covid 19.”
Danielle P. Jul-20
“It's nothing against Tim. Tim was great. I don't like the glitchy site to upload documents. It wouldn't accept some of my documents, alerts I couldn't read, and mislabeled documents. I don't like working with more than one person on a financial transaction. Especially when wire fraud warnings are plastered all over everything. 2-3 other people were requesting the same information I had already submitted Tim. I had to verify with Tim if they were legit. Does anyone talk to each other? And I'm pretty sure my mortgage is going to be sold to another company since my friend who recommended you had theirs sold. And I really hate that.”
Alyssa B. Jul-20
“Tim Irvin and his team were extremely kind and diligent. They kept us well informed and made this process so much easier for us first time home buyers!”
Thomas N. Jun-20
“Tim is TOP NOTCH. We've owned a few homes, this was the best experience and it was Tim! Thanks Tim.”
Trudy P. Jun-20
“We have worked with Tim a couple of times and every time he has been great to work with. He is honest, open and upfront with us. He worked hard to meet our needs while remaining transparent and going above and beyond. I would highly recommend Tim and his team to friends and family looking for help with a mortgage.”
Sarah V. Jun-20
“Tim was absolutely great. He was very upfront and honest about what I needed to get the loan and very helpful the whole time. He always replied very quickly.”
Leonard L. Jun-20
“Tim was always very helpful and was very quick to respond back when we had questions. Tim is very professional and friendly, it was a pleasure to get to have him be our mortgage lender, thank you Tim we really appreciate you!”
Tara W. Jun-20
“Tim has been nothing but the best.”
Donald D. Jun-20
“Tim and company did an outstanding job of putting up with the obstacles in my refinance, I'd highly recommend Tim and the entire Homebridge staff to anyone looking to purchase a new home or refinance.”
Karen G. Jun-20
“Tim handles all of our customers in a quick and easy manner. Why wouldn't we have our loan with someone we trust to give our business to daily.”
JEFF P. May-20
“Tim was great to work with and i will spread his name to anyone looking to buy a house or refinance.”
“I just want to thank Tim for all of his hard work and help through the process especially answering all my questions and keeping me updated. He is very knowledgeable and easy to communicate and work with!”
EARL B. Mar-20
“Thank you Tim for the way that you were able to keep our loan process going and closing in a record time. Thank you, Earl & Bille”
ANDREW M. Jan-20
“I can't say enough about Tim, he answered every question we had in a very timely manner. Several times I didn't expect an answer until the next day but I received them immediately. In my opinion this was above and beyond what I expected. This process was faster and easier than I expected and with none of the hangups I have heard from others using the VA loan process through different lenders. Thank you for making this process so easy.”
Toby K. Oct-19
“Tim was very kind and knowledgeable. He was very quick to response and made our first home buying experience phenomenal! Thank you from the Kitt's!!!!”
William S. Jul-19
“Tim Irvin is a genuine person that will do anything for his customers to make there dreams come true. The entire staff is the greatest people I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. They really gave me my sense of self worth back. THANK YOU SO MUCH.”
Cody H. April-19
“Tim was excellent to work with kept me informed and was always responsive to calls emails or messages! Thanks again Tim”
Sydney T. December 2018
“Tim is very helpful! I could definitely call with any questions at any time.”
Paulette M. December 2018
“No problems. All questions answered promptly.”
Christopher P. December 2018
“Quick responses.”
Nathan A. December 2018
“Very helpful and patient throughout the process.”
Ada M. November 2018
“Tim Irvin is like no other person we have ever met in the loan business. He did everything with our best interest in mind.”
Edwin C. November 2018
“Personal relationship, confidence level.”
Nicholas R. November 2018
“Great communication.”
Alexander A. October 2018
“Good communication.”
Matthew H. October 2018
“Because of his diligence.”
Jon P. October 2018
“Tim took great pains to coordinate all of the parties involved in a rehab loan.”
Wesley H. October 2018
“Very available and helpful. Explained every step of the process.”
Crista C. October 2018
“The process was very smooth and I love the knowledge everyone has of the home buying process.”
Chavon W. October 2018
“The lender was always available to answer my questions and was such a great person to work with!”
Linda G. October 2018
“A few documents we had to give two times.”
Aaron D. October 2018
“Tim is awesome!”
Rachelle L. October 2018
“Tim was very on top of things. He was very helpful throughout the process. He listens and answered all my questions. Grateful for the attention given.”
David L. September 2018
“Came referred by Nancy!! Awesome.”
Thomas C. September 2018
“Great customer service.”
Michael B. September 2018
“Tim Irvin went above and beyond helping us, even on weekends and after hours. He always answered our call and helped us out.”
Matthew F. September 2018
William U. Aug-18
“Always answered and explained all my questions and concerns.”
Danny D. Aug-18
“Very friendly, easy to work with and efficient.”
Edward P. Aug-18
“The communication was amazing. Timely and professional. Thank you Tim and Rachel.”
Ryan M. Aug-18
“Very fast, friendly and kept us on track. Good communication! Great job Tim!”
Timothy M. Aug-18
“Easy to work with, quick and orderly.”
Richard D. Aug-18
“Made everything very easy!!”
Jacob S. Aug-18
“How easy the loan was.”
Terry W. Aug-18
“Tim went to bat for us to get us to closing. We appreciate his efforts and hard work.”
Terry W. August 2018
“Tim went to bat for us to get us to closing. We appreciate his efforts and hard work.”
William U. August 2018
“Always answered and explained all my questions and concerns.”
Danny D. August 2018
“Very friendly, easy to work with and efficient.”
Edward P. August 2018
“The communication was amazing. Timely and professional. Thank you Tim and Rachel.”
Ryan M. August 2018
“Very fast, friendly and kept us on track. Good communication! Great job Tim!”
Timothy M. August 2018
“Easy to work with, quick and orderly.”
Richard D. August 2018
“Made everything very easy!!”
Jacob S. August 2018
“How easy the loan was.”
Timothy M. August 2018
“Easy to work with, quick and orderly.”
Richard D. August 2018
“Made everything very easy!!”
Jacob S. August 2018
“How easy the loan was.”
Terry W. August 2018
“Tim went to bat for us to get us to closing. We appreciate his efforts and hard work.”
William U. August 2018
“Always answered and explained all my questions and concerns.”
Danny D. August 2018
“Very friendly, easy to work with and efficient.”
Edward P. August 2018
“The communication was amazing. Timely and professional. Thank you Tim and Rachel.”
Ryan M. August 2018
“Very fast, friendly and kept us on track. Good communication! Great job Tim!”
Tommy S. June 2018
“Extremely helpful and easy to work with!”
Nancy F. June 2018
“Kind and polite.”
James L. June 2018
“Tim and everyone involved with this process have been amazing. They were very warm and welcoming!”
Jessica B. June 2018
“Tim was awesome and very easy to reach when needed.”
Lauren M. May 2018
“Tim was easily available and easy to talk to.”
Paul B. May 2018
“Great service and effort throughout. Personable to the tenth degree.”
Connie T. May 2018
“Very friendly and easy to talk with.”
Erick S. April 2018
“Tim was an amazing loan officer.”
Nancy M. April 2018
“I wanted to work with a great mortgage lender, Tim Irvin.”
Tonia G. March 2018
“Efficiency, communication, pleasant to work with and made the process painless!”
Adam P. March 2018
“Very easy and simple. Very helpful.”
Elliot K. March 2018
“Problem solvers. Great communication.”
Kevin L. March 2018
“Tim has been really good to work with.”
James G. March 2018
“Very helpful and easy to work with.”
Charles B. December 2017
“Went very smooth with no problems. ”
David L. December 2017
“Tim was very helpful and considerate during this process. ”
Sarah W. December 2017
“Always kept me updated and respond quickly. Went above and beyond. ”
Melissa J. December 2017
“Tim is awesome!”
Deborah F. November 2017
William S. November 2017
“Great experience, lots of help through total process.”
Ruth B. November 2017
“Tim has been very accommodating and easy to do business with.”
Hannah S. October 2017
“Easy to reach, answers questions readily and the like”
Dominic U. October 2017
“Tim made the process extremely seamless. He kept me well informed throughout.”
Lucas B. October 2017
“Very fast responses to questions.”
Charles E. December 2016
“Tim was very friendly and communicative throughout this process! He provided me such an ease of process and a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Daniel J. December 2016
“Tim was very friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with! He made us feel comfortable. He also has a great sense of humor! Great service was provided at HomeBridge!”
Nicholas W. September 2017
“Tim is awesome at his job! He explained everything and was very thorough and helpful! ”
David and Angela C. August 2017
“Tim was very patient and willing to explain the process until you understand! He was easy to work with and provided great customer service!”
Jennifer and Justin B. August 2017
“Tim has been wonderful! He has gone above and beyond my expectations! He made this experience very easy and stress free!”
Jason B. December 2016
“Great working partnership with HomeBridge for the past two years! Tim is great to work with and made this an easy process!”
David H. November 2016
“Tim was very helpful to me as a first time home buyer in guiding me through this process! ”
Cynthia S. August 2017
“Tim provided a wonderful quality of care and attention throughout this process! He is very professional and knowledgeable! He made the process easy!”
Aaron R. July 2017
“Tim was very friendly and easy to work with! He made this process quick and easy!”
James P. July 2017
“Tim and his team were very competent, friendly and they were very responsive! This all went very well and it was a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Patricia W. July 2017
“Tim was highly responsive and very knowledgeable about everything from the loan application to the closing and everything in between! He was very thorough and we appreciated that. He answered all of our questions very quickly. We want to Thank you Tim!”
James C. July 2017
“Tim and his team were very personable, patient and understanding! I felt that everyone went above and beyond what was required of them to make my experience fabulous!”
Kimberly and Nathaniel R. July 2017
“Tim answered all of our questions and made the process smooth! Great man, great person!”
Aaron A. June 2017
“Tim was fantastic to work with and patient with all of our needs! We highly recommend his services!”
Gary G. June 2017
“Tim and his team made this a very personal experience. They were so helpful throughout this entire process! Thank you!”
Robby R. June 2017
“Tim went above and beyond! Anything that we needed to know, he was right on it! We will recommend Tim and HomeBridge to anyone! It was all Tim! We could not have had a better, more attentive lender!”
Ronald and Carol H. June 2017
“Tim and his team were very up beat and on target!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
George W. June 2017
“Tim and his team were amazing people to work with!  I could not have had more amazing people!  Thank you!”
James R. June 2017
“Tim and his staff were very informative and patient throughout this entire process!  Thank you!”
Ronald and Nichelle B. December 2016
“Tim answered all of our questions promptly.  He worked hard, was friendly and always available to assist.  He was incredibly helpful in explaining everything well with new buyers.  He was easy to work with and he worked well with us!  Thank you!”
Katie L. June 2017
“Tim and his team were very helpful and dependable throughout this process!”
Melissi K. May 2017
“Tim and Ashley were very helpful and always answered my calls when I had questions.  They were amazing to work with!”
Yessenia S. May 2017
“Tim is awesome!  I liked how he answered all of my questions and explained everything every step of the way!  He was always very helpful and made this process easy!  Thank you!”
Thomas W. May 2017
“Tim is great!  We will definitely use Tim and HomeBridge again for any future needs! Thank you!”
Mark S. May 2017
“Tim did and always does a fabulous job!  I wouldn't ever think of using anyone else!  Tim and his staff are great people to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Holly L. May 2017
“Tim was awesome!  I was a first time home buyer and he was great to work with!  Thank you!”
Margaret M. May 2017
“Tim had excellent knowledge of requirements.  He spent time answering questions and encouraging us.  He was prompt, thorough, accurate and patient!  Thank you!”
Craig C. May 2017
“Tim answered all of my questions in a timely manner and he kept this process going smoothly!  He was great to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Pamela A. April 2017
“Tim was great to work with!  He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease!”
Lynn and Robert F. April 2017
“Tim explained this process in detail.  He always gave us plenty of time to collect and send in documents.  He was so pleasant, courteous and professional!”
Joshua C. April 2017
“Tim was very responsive and he offered such personalized service!  He and his staff were so easy to work with!”
Haley D. April 2017
“Tim was extremely easy to talk to.  He took the time to explain every step of the process to make it as simple as possible!  Everyone I worked with at HomeBridge was friendly and knowledgeable!  Thank you!”
Marilyn N. March 2017
“Tim and his team have been very patient throughout this entire process as we had many questions.  For an inexperienced home buyer, they were very supportive!  Thank you!”
Karl S. March 2017
“Tim was always available when we needed him.  He answered all of my questions honestly and professionally!  This was an easy and care free process and I would be willing to do it again!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
David and Carin R. March 2017
“Tim provided awesome customer service!  He had an excellent response time to every question we had and very good information!”
Matthew P. February 2017
“Tim was very informative and always available to answer questions or to help!  He made this an easy process so I would always consider HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Hubert and Joyce H. February 2017
“Tim was very helpful and he made our home refinance easier than we expected!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Patricia P. December 2016
“Tim and Dorrine worked very hard to get my numbers and my situation to work out.  They were available for questions at any time.  I am very happy with the service that I received at HomeBridge!  They are great!”
Henry and Damita W. February 2017
“Tim and his team went above and beyond to make sure that our process went as planned.  They made sure we were satisfied with the transaction!  We had a very good experience with HomeBridge and are happy with everything!  Thank you!”
Shane and Destiny D. February 2017
“Tim was always honest and open and I felt like he really wanted our business!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kenneth A. February 2017
“Tim has been very helpful and friendly!  He has answered all of my questions throughout this process.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michael B. September 2016
“Tim Irvin is the very best!  We were green going into this process but Tim took us under his wing and made everything easy!  Without him teaching us, this wouldn't have happened!  HomeBridge is the best out there!  Thank you!”
Paulette M. September 2016
“I was very pleased with the service!  Everyone involved was very friendly, helpful and informative!  This was an easy and successful process!”
Roxanne D. August 2016
“Tim was fast, efficient and quick to respond to phone calls or emails!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Scott and Heather N. August 2016
“Tim was available at any time of the day!  He always returned emails, texts and phone calls quickly.  He provided helpful information and he worked with us throughout the entire process.  We will return to HomeBridge again for our refinance and we will recommend them to others!”
John T. September 2015
“Tim and his team provided great customer service!  They answered the phone "always"!  The process was so streamlined!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Benjiman S. July 2016
“I had a fantastic experience all the way through this process!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others and I will return for any future needs!”
Brenda G. July 2016
“Tim was very personable, professional, compassionate and thorough!  I am extremely satisfied with the service I received at HomeBridge!”
Michael R. July 2016
“Tim helped me out in every way possible!  He was always available and a joy to work with!  The prices and rates HomeBridge offered were outstanding!  Thank you!”
Larry W. July 2016
“Tim was recommended by an agent and everything has worked out great!  I was also recommended by my brother who stated it was a great experience doing business with Tim at HomeBridge!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others too!”
Karen H. July 2016
“Tim was very friendly and easy to work with!  Keep doing a great job!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Darci and John A. July 2016
“Tim and his team were very knowledgeable, responsive and communicative throughout this process!  They provided great follow up and were very nice and efficient.  This has been a great experience for us and we will call on HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Andrew R. July 2016
“I was kept very informed during this process and any questions that I had were answered very quickly, at any time of the day.  Everyone I was in contact with was pleasant and professional!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Dolores R. June 2016
“Tim has been great to work with.  He was extremely helpful and informative!  I will recommend HomeBridge to others!  Thank you!”
Clint M. September 2015
“Tim and his team were very customer service oriented.  They definitely went above and beyond completing my loan.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Matthew M. June 2016
“Tim was very knowledgeable and helpful for a first time home buyer with a lot of questions!  I felt confident that Tim gave me all of the best options and was very honest throughout this process.  Great job HomeBridge!”
Eric F. May 2016
“Tim Irvin really went above and beyond to make this home purchase happen!  I am very impressed with the service that I received at HomeBridge!”
Casey and Eric S. May 2016
“This is our third time working with Tim at HomeBridge.  He has made all experiences pleasant and painless!  We would return again!”
Omnisha K. November 2015
“Tim was always available and provided excellent customer service!”
Abdoulie and Musa J. May 2016
“This is our second time working with Tim, I would recommend him to everyone.  He is such a wonderful person to work with.  He is very professional, patient and prompt.”
Jayson D. May 2016
“I would recommend anyone to do business with Tim Irvin.  He is a great guy to work with and is always there when you need him!”
Sara G. January 2016
“Tim helped us throughout the process, he did a very good job explaining each step as we went along.  Very good customer service was provided!”
Chad P. January 2016
“Tim was very knowledgeable, helpful and answered any questions at any time.  This lender is very friendly and would recommend HomeBridge to anybody.  They were great through the entire process and made buying my first home a fantastic experience!”
Matthew F. March 2016
“Tim was very knowledgeable and patient with us as first time home buyers.  This has been a quick and easy process, exciting and stress free.  Thanks!”
Michael H. February 2016
“Tim and the HomeBridge team were all very helpful in every aspect!  I am very pleased with this loan transaction!  Thanks!”
Ashley S.
“Tim and his staff were very helpful, they made everything as easy as possible for me.   I loved the process and I am extremely happy with all the people at HomeBridge!  Thank you for everything!”
Trisha D.
“Tim goes above and beyond!  he took the time to explain everything to me then took the time to repeat all the same information to my dad!  He was very easy to work with!”
Bodi and Dana V.
“You guys are hard workers and awesome!    Thanks!”

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