About Thomas Zachry

Thomas Zachry is a dedicated mortgage professional who’s focused on delivering outstanding customer service. With over 15 years of lending experience, he offers a wealth of knowledge that will ensure you have an easy, stress-free, and enjoyable loan process. Thomas assists Georgia homeowners and buyers through a diverse line of loan products to fit their unique situations, which could include:

  • Loan refinancing
  • First-time home purchases
  • Second-home/investment purchases
  • Home renovations
  • Home construction
  • Federal loan program access (VA, FHA, USDA)

Thomas makes sure to place the customer at the heart of the loan process and by learning their short-term needs, discovering their long-term financial goals, and then providing the right loan solution to meet both. For every customer, Thomas provides a smooth, affordable, and enjoyable loan experience.

When Thomas isn’t helping his customers secure their loan, he’s spending time with his wife and their three sons – all of whom love to fish and play sports. He enjoys watching a Georgia Bulldog game as well as exploring the outdoors of his home state. Born and raised in Georgia, Thomas understands the ins and out of local markets and how to help his customers establish roots through better home financing.

Contact Thomas today to put his passion and expertise to work for you and your homeownership goals.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Lumby D. Sep-21
“Thomas Zachry was simply awesome. Considering COVID is bad right now so most things were all virtual, he still managed to make it personal and friendly. I was impressed by how polite and patient he was, given we are new to this process. He was knowledgeable and was quick to correct the one "issue" we had. Very, very impressed and thankful.”
Scott M. Jul-21
“Excellent mortgage advisor, excellent person, helped me tremendously, felt like he fought for me throughout the process.”
Susan L. May-21
“Thank you Thomas for such excellent care you took in guiding me through this apprehensive time. It was quite easy knowing you were there to help. Everything flowed smoothly. I'm very grateful.”
Maybre Z. May-21
“Thomas was great! So glad I used Homebridge to buy my first house!”
Donald S. May-21
“Thomas was awesome to work with! He was knowledgeable, helpful, very available, and very reassuring throughout this whole process. I am very thankful for his diligence in helping my family purchase our home. Huge thanks to Thomas Zachry and the Homebridge Team for making our dream of home ownership a reality!”
Vance L. Apr-21
“Thomas was the absolute best I could have asked for. He worked around my busy schedule and stayed available to answer and re-answer questions. Thomas stayed in touch and always checked in with us about having questions. He made it so I understand and could turn around and explain it to others. Thomas did an exceptional job.”
Laurie K. Apr-21
“Thomas Zachry is highly praised and prized in this home! His professionalism in the purchase of my home is to be lauded! The timeliness of the process was EXEMPLAR, thanks to Mr. Zachry's knowledge and work ethic. THANK YOU, THOMAS ZACHRY! Mr. Zachry made the purchase of my new home so incredibly easy, fast & highly efficient! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”
Rebecca B. Mar-21
“Thomas was great! Made me feel comfortable from the very first call all the way to closing. He explained what would happen next and was only a phpne call away for any additional questions. Always returned messages or e-mails quickly. Thank you Thomas! Buying a home is a scary process..... you wonder, am I doing the right thing, will we like the house, the neighbors, the location. So thank you Thomas for what you do for people. You help place roots and grow!”
ROBERT L. Feb-21
“Great service and communication.”
Ronald B. Feb-21
“Very professional, direct, friendly, curtious and always there to answer questions!”
Matthew S. Dec-20
“Every part of the financing process was great except for the timeliness of the appraisal. Due to having a single appraiser and then that person having a death in the family caused our closing to be moved around several times during the financing process. This made it very hard for my family to make firm plans around moving, taking off of work, and transferring my children between schools and schedules. In any other business, such a critical piece of the process would not be left to a single point of failure, especially not when said service is contracted out to a third party. That the entire process was being put on hold due to an unexpected tragedy with an outsourced service contractor would be unacceptable in any other project I've managed. The feedback I would provide would be to have additional certified appraisers available to cover these instances so that business can move forward as required. You'll make more money and the customer will be much happier not having to constantly change their closing date.”
Glenda S. Oct-20
“I recently closed on my home and I worked with Zachry Thomas. Zachary Thomas was very thorough and answered all my questions in a timely manner and would some times go out of his way to assist me with printing some of my paper work that required wet signatures. If I did not understand a specific aspect of the paper work he would give a break down so that I could better understand. I truly felt like I was the only client that Zachary Thomas was working with. The interest rate and loan break down was given to me at the beginning of the loan process and the figures did not change. I would refer anyone to work with Zachary Thomas his customer service was excellent he is truly an peoples person.”

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