About Thomas King

Tom King is an experienced Mortgage Loan Originator dedicated to helping his clients achieve their financial goals through the reverse mortgage program. Working exclusively with seniors in California and Nevada, Tom offers not only personalized service but a worry-free experience and tailored financial advice to ensure you take full advantage of your reverse mortgage.

A reverse mortgage gives homeowners age 62 and up the ability to borrow against the equity in their home. They receive regular payments that can be used for any purpose including buying a second home, traveling or any other lifestyle needs. Other benefits are:

  • Continued ownership of your home
  • Repayment only if you move, sell your home or pass away
  • Continual loan payments as long as you maintain your home and pay associated home fees (taxes, insurance etc.)

When Tom isn’t ensuring the financial stability of his clients, he enjoys many outdoor sports that include golf and tennis, which he’s been playing competitively since childhood. After 25 years in the field of sales and executive management, in the last decade, Tom shifted his priorities to specialize as a Reverse Mortgage Specialist and it has been the most fulfilling for Tom as he truly has a passion for working with seniors.

Tom King’s goal is to educate his borrowers and keep their decisions at the heart of the loan process.

Contact Tom today so he can help you reach financial freedom with a reverse mortgage.


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