About Susie Ostrander

You must be looking for home financing. I do that!

I have been in housing for more than 20 years. I spent 5 years with a home builder and was involved with more than 1000 closings. Sixteen years ago I moved to the lending side and have experienced the market’s rise and fall over several cycles. I have seen it all! This gives me a vast amount of experience in all loan types and size, ranging from WA Home Advantage, VA/FHA and of course conventional, to super jumbo construction loans. This knowledge benefits all my clients as I have successfully worked with people across the entire spectrum and knows what it takes to get your loan approved.

Homebridge has an impressive variety of loan programs to suit many different situations. Whatever type of mortgage you are looking for, I am here to advise you of the options and guide you through the process. All you have to do is start the conversation and I’ll help with the rest!


What Our Customers Say About Me

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