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You must be looking for home financing. I do that! Homebridge has an impressive variety of loan programs to suit many different situations. Whatever type of mortgage you are looking for, I am here to give you the options and guide you through the process. All you have to do is start the conversation and I’ll help with the rest!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Cynthia L. Jan-22
“Steve Johnson was very thorough, prompt, and communicative with the whole process of obtaining a loan. I found him easy to work with, and he often communicated outside of normal working hours. That was helpful so I could provide any materials to him without interrupting my workday.”
Richard W. Nov-21
“Steve is awesome LO. Will use again!”
Jane V. Nov-21
“This is the second time I have used Steve and I will use him again if needed. He's very quick to respond and I never felt like I didn't matter to him.”
Dustin S. Nov-21
“Steve worked very hard to make my loan happen.kept in touch letting me kno every step of the way how the process was going and what I needed to provide.veey happy and appreciative of everything he's done for me.”
Veronica H. Nov-21
“When my landlord told me she would be selling the rental I was living in, I was devastated. She gave me the option of buying but never in a million years did I think I could ever qualify to buy a home. I was a single mother and was tired of always moving and not having a stable home for my children. My landlord gave me Steve's number and I figured, what's the worst that can happen? Well, here I am today, home owner of the rental! Steve helped me through every step of the home buying process from increasing my credit score to closing. I will forever be grateful for all that Steve has done for my family, and I'd definitely recommend family and friends.”
James F. Aug-21
“Steve Johnson is the best in the business. Period. If you're in the hunt for a refi or new home loan, call him. He and Homebridge will take care of you.”
Darron E. Aug-21
“We were very happy working with Steve Johnson, he was very efficient, and always quick to respond if we had any questions. Very friendly and knowledgeable and we would recommend him to anyone! Thanks Steve for your help , navigation and low rate through this refi!!! We really appreciate you!!”
Melody H. Aug-21
“Steve is great!”
Clark J. Jul-21
“Steve you was very professional and prompt. Highly recommend to others.”
Kimberly H. May-21
“Steve Johnson makes the process so easy, that's why I contacted him when I wanted to refinance and come back to Homebridge after my initial loan had been sold to another mortgage company. I trust Steve which makes the process non stressful, and recommend him to others!”
John F. May-21
“Steve Johnson did a great job of answering all out questions for before we started the process. He let us know how much we could save if we did the refi, and how much time we could save. Once we started the process, he was able to help us with all our questions and how to move along the process. He know's his stuff and was great and getting us the refi and saving money.”
MARK S. May-21
“My experience dealing with Steve Johnson was SUPER!”
Russell H. Apr-21
“We were impressed with the helpful explanations provided to us by Steve Johnson at Homebridge.”
Gregory B. Mar-21
“We had a number of issues that delayed the construction of our home, and along every step of the way, Steve remained flexible and successfully guided us to our closing date. We couldn't have asked for anything better!”
Nancy G. Mar-21
“Steve Johnson hung in there through a frustrating situation for all parties involved. The seller was so difficult for the whole process. And part way through Steve was in the hospital sick on his back. He still kept me informed and was always on top of everything. Had to change the loan details several times and was just A++++ through the whole process! Can't say enough good things about Steve and how much I appreciate all his hard work.”
Paul K. Mar-21
“Steve was wonderful to work with he had the answer's to any questions we had and he was always available to answer those questions he also kept us informed on what was going on and what was coming up”
Richard F. Feb-21
“2nd loan with Homebridge and Steve.. Did an excellent job. 100% recommend Steve Johnson ..The Fischers”
AHMAD E. Jan-21
“Steve Johnson was great to work with. Was incredibly knowledgeable of the process and what was needed to move the process along quickly.”
MARK S. Jan-21
“He was absolutely SUPER!”
Justin J. Nov-20
“Steve Johnson is flat out awesome and I will not use anyone else as long as he is still in the business. If he were to change companies, I would follow him as he was the reason my experience was so successful and positive. I already have a follow up appointment with Steve to gather information on a construction loan and plan to give him my future business. Again, Steve went about and beyond what was required and this was by far my best experience buying a house and I have been through this several times now. I feel if it had not been for Steve my loan would still be trying to close because of appraisal issues that came up in underwriting.”
Kamille B. Nov-20
“We will go to any financial provider where Steve Johnson is....he deserves all of the credit. I highly recommend him to people I know. He knows us, he works for us, he makes it easy for us, he makes it right for us.”
Hannah O. Sep-20
“Thank you Steve! You truly got us through this whole process! We appreciate the time and effort you put for our loan. Thank you again! We will be recommending you and use you again!”
Jason E. Jul-20
“Steve really took care of me throughout this whole process and it was a pleasure to work with a friend like him and I was honored to give him my business!”
Lindsay S. Jul-20
“Steve worked very hard to make this happen for me. I can't be happier. Thank you so much!”
Lindsay S. Jul-20
“Steve worked very hard to make this happen for me. I can't be happier. Thank you so much!”
DAVID N. Dec-19
“Working with Steve is a pleasure. He is a very professional to work with in every aspect of the transaction.”
“Steve is Great!!! Knows his business very well.. Easy to communicate with. Kept us updated every step of the way.. Will recommend him to anyone needing a loan or refinance..”

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