About Shanon Schinkel

Shanon  Schinkel has over 14 years of experience in the mortgage industry, allowing her to assist each client in finding the right home loan to fit his or her needs. Her mission is to make clients and friends for life, and to have a profound and lasting impact on people’s lives by assisting them with their mortgage needs. Her desire is to do this as stress-free and efficiently as possible with an “it’s my pleasure” attitude.
Shanon serve three types of clients:
Shanon is committed to giving borrowers the attention, dedication and information that they need. She knows that borrowers are people and PEOPLE are what matter most. Shanon serves her clients’ best interests by providing them with fair, accurate, and upfront information on mortgage loan programs and interest rates, and the associated benefits/risks.
Shanon earns the trust of her realtors by personally taking the borrower’s loan file from the beginning through closing. She understands that a referral is also a reflection of the person who referred her. She reinforces the borrower’s decision to work with the agent by providing prompt and professional service.
Watching Loan Officers increase their production and confidence is Shanon’s favorite thing about managing. With the systems and staff we have in place, it is hard NOT to close more loans AND spend less time working. She believes in freedom for LOs and lets her staff produce according to their own goals. Shanon encourages idea sharing. The market is big enough for everyone to meet their goals while working together.
Shanon’s drive to make the home buying experience as stress-free as possible combined with her expertise make her one of the top Mortgage Loan Originators in the area. Contact Shanon today to get started on your home loan process!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Tenea B. Dec-20
“The Shanon Schinkel team are rockstars!! They are consistently responsive to questions, clear in their explanations, and the entire process was fast and well-organized. My husband and I appreciate everything they did for us. Thank you Shanon and Homebridge for making our experience so pleasant and successful!”
Calvin C. Dec-20
“Both times I have used Homebridge, Shanon has been very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process.”
Charles R. Dec-20
“Shanon was fantastic to work with. She really went above and beyond which is why we knew our loan was in good hands.”
Troy H. Dec-20
“Every person I talked to or emailed was very courteous and professional and answered my questions”
Kyle S. Dec-20
“The entire Shanon Schinkel Mortgage Team was excellent from start to finish. They were all consummate professionals. One of the biggest things we appreciated during the process was their overall transparency. We were always aware of the status of our loan and anything they needed was covered at the beginning of the process. They demonstrated their expertise during the application phase of the process, answering all our questions and directing us towards the best loan product for us and our needs. We recommend The Shanon Schinkel Mortgage Team to anyone looking to obtain a mortgage. We will undoubtedly be using them again for future mortgage endeavors.”
Lukas K. Dec-20
“I was recommended to Shanon's team by my realtor, Amber Wolcott. Shanon reached out to me and sent me links and had an in depth discussion about the hom buying process with my wife and I over the phone.The survey said that I was working with Melissa Jones but in actuality most of my communication was with Anna Kitowski in the early stages of the mortgage application process, followed by Angela Micheletti. Anna assisted me in getting the application started early and assisted me with getting all my documents prepared initially. Angela took care of the rest. She was very prompt with emails, texts and phone calls, often times using two methods at any given time to ensure that I had the information I needed so that I could read, sign and produce any necessary documentation in a timely manner to facilitate a speedy closing process. As a first time home buyer, I felt as if every question was answered and never had a single doubt about the home buying process. I will definitely recommend Shanon and her team of experts to anyone that moves to the area with the intent of buying a home. On top of it all, the rates were very competitive compared to other lenders!”
Jonathan P. Dec-20
“We truly appreciate everyone's help there at Homebridge. ook forward to working with you guys again in the near future."Top Class" Thank you”
Robert L. Nov-20
“Presice, Accurate, Extremely Fast”
Rashade P. Nov-20
“I'd like to highlight that Angela was an amazing help through the process as well”
John B. Nov-20
“Very good, thank you handling mortgage.”
Brandon D. Nov-20
“Worked super hard! Their work effort and ability to beat time lines is super impressive. It is hard to find someone who is welling to strive to the extent that her and her team do. Thank you for a great first time experience.”
Joan S. Nov-20
“Shanon was very personable and friendly, in addition to being highly knowledgeable in finance area. She made herself available to me at any time, even on weekends to answer my questions or concerns. She gets an A+ from me!”
Marcial D. Nov-20
“Ms. Shanon Schinkel and Ms. Angela Micheletti are a great team. Outstanding customer service. Organized, process is great, and rapid clear to close timeline.”
Stephanie G. Nov-20
“I cannot say enough about how easy my refinance was. Excellent work for a complicated situation. Shanon S. And Angela M. Were awesome to work with.”
Kino M. Nov-20
“Thank you very much for the help, it was mush appreciated and helpful with no regrets.”
Joseph A. Oct-20
“Great service. Made my life relatively stress free during the loan process. Responsiveness to questions could have been better as it sometimes took day's to respond to my inquiries.”
Ashley B. Oct-20
“Shanon Schinkel and her team were a pleasure to work with. They made the process extremely smooth and were very informative on what to expect and explained in detail the answers to any questions we had. Shanon also added some super sweet personal touches which were greatly appreciated by my husband and I. I would recommend Shanon to anyone I know for their home loan needs!”
Jonathan P. Oct-20
“Excellent service, as always. Thank you!”
Michael R. Oct-20
“Amazing staff great to work with. These ladies mean business and are very responsive and attentive. Thank you guys for everything!!”
Kathryn B. Sep-20
“entire process was relatively easy [this was our third refi in last 11 years]. Shanon Schinkel and the other ladies we worked with were knowledgeable, pleasant and responsive to our questions. Shanon was recommended to us specifically by our financial advisor, who had just done a re-fi with her himself, and she and her team made things go smoothly for us. We were overall very pleased with the process and the result. We would recommend her to anyone looking to refinance.”
Stephanie B. Sep-20
“Shannon and her team were very responsive and answered all of my questions thoroughly. She even helped me find a better rate for my homeowners insurance.”
Erica A. Sep-20
“It was wonderful working with Shanon Schinkel! I told her my concerns and worries about the loan process but she assured me that she will make this as painless as possible, and SHE DID. Truly thankful to have worked with her. Shanon was very nice, understanding and patient with me. Would definitely recommend her to everyone :)”
Christopher S. Sep-20
“Excellent company to work with”
Joseph W. Sep-20
“The whole team was very responsive and personable. Having a team that makes you feel like more than just a transaction is vital in my opinion.”
Gregory V. Aug-20
“We worked our original mortgage with Shanon Schinkel and was very impressed with her professionalism and the thoughtful and kind way she worked with us. There was no doubt who we would ask to do our refinance.”
Diogenes C. Aug-20
“Shanon Schinkel is simply outstanding. Throughout the process, I felt she was a honest broker with us and had our best interest at heart. She was incredibly patient with us as it pertains to answering incessant questions/queries and concerns related to waiving the VA funding fee. She's the best! Angela was also incredibly helpful, supportive, and responsive. Everyone we dealt with was the consummate professional.”
Brian S. Aug-20
“Shanon and her team were amazing throughout the entire process. She was knowledgeable and responsive and went out of her way to keep me informed and to help me get the best loan available. I could not be more pleased. All my future business and referrals are going to Homebridge.”
Charles S. Jul-20
“Very responsive, very efficient”
Kenneth W. Jul-20
“Shanon and Angela were great. It's my third time using them.”
William R. Jul-20
“Shanon and Angela were a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge of the process and their professional working relationship with us was exceptional.”
Collin G. Jul-20
“Shanon Schinkel was very easy to work with, and helped me close much faster than I expected too.”
Rex W. Jul-20
“This person was very helpful and knowledgeable of the process. I again thank everyone involved to make this process easy and smooth. Have a wonderful day and stay safe!”
Jessica H. Jul-20
“Shanon's team is amazing. Everyone is friendly, professional and very responsive. They helped ensure we felt comfortable throughout the entire process.”
Ronald H. Jun-20
“It was a pleasure working with Shanon and her team.”
Brandi L. Jun-20
“Shannon was very pleasant, professional, and helpful. We appreciated having her as part of the team in our home buying process.”
Stephen C. Jun-20
“Shannon was fantastic - will use Homebridge again and recommend to others because of her specifically”
Kevin L. Jun-20
“Shanon helped me with my first mortgage when I bought the house, and she was a big help on this refinance too. She is really very knowledgeable and she is much more help than others I've worked with. I was a little uncertain when I was handed off to Angela Micheletti, but there was nothing to worry about, she was great too, helpful, knowledgeable, always getting answers to my questions and very cheerful. Its a great team.I have been recommending Homebridge since my buying my house and will definitely continue to do so every chance I get. The team is the best.”
Michael W. Jun-20
“Shannon and her team were excellent and wouldn't hesitate to use them again.”
Julia R. Jun-20
“Shannon and her team were absolutely wonderful. They were always there for my husband and I when we had questions. They guided us through the process and always kept it professional. I could not say enough great things about the Shannon Schinkel team!”
GILLES G. May-20
“I was skeptical at first because I wasn't from the area and was worried about getting overcharged or confused about the forms. Buying a house was the easiest thing I could have done with Shanon and her team. She asked for the necessary documents and took it from there. I am very pleased I went with Homebridge instead of my bank.”
JOHN K. Jan-20
“I get mortgages and refinance with Shanon Schinkel regardless of where she is. I could have gotten lower overall costs elsewhere but Shanon is the best of the best and my family and I will always go with Shanon!”
ANDREW N. Dec-19
“Shanon and her team were supremely knowledgeable on the process, pitfalls, and watch items when it cam to a VA loan. They ensured a seamless closing. We were very happy with the experience.”
RYAN T. Dec-19
“Shanon, Angela and every person we worked with were prompt and answered all questions. I would absolutely recommend Homebridge to family and friends. Great job Homebridge, we love our new home!”
ADAM M. Dec-19
“Helpful, professional, knowledgeable, friendly.”
WYATT K. Dec-19
“Great experience! We bought from out of state and Shannon and her team took care of everything fast and explained it all along the way. Awesome crew!!”
“Shanon took excellent care of my needs during the refinancing of my loan. I am very grateful to her! Thank you Shanon for being awesome!”
“This experience was beyond easy! I have had several home loan experiences and this has by far been the easiest and least stressful one!”
RONALD M. Nov-19
“Thank you!! You made buying a home ALOT less stressful!! You all were wonderful!”
“It was a pleasure working with Shannon , hope to work with you again in the near future. It was wonderful working with everyone there you made this transaction so Simple and easy, we had nothing to stress about, ( even with the problem with our former lender) everything was done so well that we had no stress whatsoever during this process. Thank you again for your Excellent work .”
Scott A. Oct-19
“I've bought several homes over the years and this process with Shanon by far has been the best! Thanks for the awesome service.”
Jose S. Sep-19
“It was a pleasure working with Shanon Shinkel and her team. They accomplished in two weeks what another broker I was working with couldn't do in six weeks. Shanon and her team are all extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond to get the job done. I would definitely work with Shanon and her team again and would gladly refer friends and family. Thanks!”
Kasey L. Sep-19
“We really had a great experience with Homebridge. They were so good at explaining and walking us through the whole process. We will definitely work with them in the future and have referred a friend their direction.”
Pedro S. Sep-19
“We had some hiccups with contractors. The team we're on them like flys on ..... They keep us updated and explained the process. Once we decide to move forward without the contractors, everything moved forward smoothly and fast.”
Stephen C. Sep-19
“Shanon and her team were fantastic. Will recommend her to my associates.”
Mathew C. Jul-19
“I have bought a house before but did not have the greatest experience. With me being in a different location, I expected it to be challenging. However, The Schinkel Team made it the best experience I have ever had with any loan(auto, home, personal etc). They were always helpful and are a true testament to quality service.”
Karsten J. Jul-19
“Very pleased with the process. Shanon and her team were very approachable and knowledgeable, which was especially important with our first home buy. If there was a question they didn't know or completely certain of, they were honest about it and got the answer shortly later.”
Jonathan D. Jul-19
“Shanon was excellent from beginning to end. She was honest, easy to work with, knowledgeable, and detail oriented. Recommend her to anyone!”
Jennifer Q. June-19
“Shanon and her team were amazing. We closed in 21 days. They explained every step of the process. Stayed in constant contact with me. Uploading my documents via the portal made it so much easier to get them my documents timely. Not only is Shanon and her team friendly and professional I felt she took the time to get to know me. She sent a thank you gift at closing and included food for our cats which really meant a lot! What an amazing employee she is to Homebridge!”
Caleb P. May-19
“Shanon and her team were fantastic and helped throughout the entire process. They were very responsive and kept me informed the whole way. Great people to work with!”
Cavell W. May-19
“Shanon, Andrea and Sharon definitely made my entire understanding of what to expect or where I was at during the process so much easier. They exceeded my expectations on so many levels I literally closed on my home in exactly 30 days of putting in an offer on my home. Best team ever.”
Trevor M. May-19
“I loved the bag of goodies Shanon bought for my wife and I. Thank you, Shanon. Don't change anything. You're doing great”
Travis W. December 2018
“Extremely thorough, responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with!”
Billy H. December 2018
“Only concern was the multiple people I had to talk to throughout the process. I would have rather dealt with one person.”
Corey W. December 2018
“Excellent service, friendly and responsive.”
Tanya R. December 2018
“I felt comfortable throughout the whole process and kept well informed.”
Travis H. December 2018
“They were always available and helpful every step of the way.”
Robert M. December 2018
“Everything was perfect. No issues, very smooth process.”
Jeffrey S. December 2018
“Shanon made everything very clear. Communication was exactly what I was looking for and she met expectations and beyond.”
Loren F. December 2018
“They were very helpful during the loan process.”
Jozlyn B. December 2018
“Everything went smoothly.”
Joseph F. December 2018
“Very easy to work with.”
Nicole W. December 2018
“Very helpful and answered all questions without confusion.”
Jason E. December 2018
“Because Shanon and company is awesome.”
Mark L. December 2018
“They have been very fun and helpful to work with. I appreciate how personal they are.”
Mary K. December 2018
“Always helpful, quick responses and fast!”
William W. November 2018
“Very easy application and process with Shanon and her team!”
John K. November 2018
“Great customer service.”
Trina H. November 2018
“Shanon always works so hard to get us the best mortgage.”
Jewell B. November 2018
“Patrick Cole was helpful.”
Melissa C. November 2018
“Very responsive and friendly.”
Tyler A. November 2018
Robert B. November 2018
“I'm stubborn and usually go back to the same place to be more comfortable.”
Blake W. October 2018
“Easily reachable agents when it came to any questions or concerns.”
Cody R. October 2018
“They were really sweet and welcoming and super friendly.”
Charles S. October 2018
“Very communicative and efficient.”
Alan G. October 2018
“Personnel are awesome and professional.”
Frank E. October 2018
“Met all my deadlines.”
Joshua W. October 2018
“I would recommend Homebridge because they had great communication and were personable.”
Jarrett G. October 2018
“Great response time and answered all my questions.”
Michael S. October 2018
“Professional, efficient, good communication.”
Michael D. October 2018
“Despite minor road blocks along the way, they were very professional and did a great job. I would highly recommend.”
Kim L. October 2018
“A couple of delayed communication. And, with website, not have all documents require signature (email stated it needed signature) like appraisal.”
Kimo B. October 2018
“Shanon is awesome. She went above and beyond to make me happy and close.”
David C. October 2018
“So kind and responsive the whole time.”
Rebecca G. October 2018
“Always excellent service!”
Mark L. October 2018
“We have used Homebridge for several purchases and have had an amazing experience. The attention to detail, communication and follow through has been incredible.”
Rudi D. September 2018
“Plenty of communication. Everything was done on time.”
Jessica P. September 2018
“Very customer friendly and responsive. Attentive to my needs.”
Troy H. September 2018
Matthew T. Aug-18
“Because the team at HomeBridge rocks!”
Roque R. Aug-18
“I have worked with Shanon for many years and have always been impressed.”
Michael W. Aug-18
“Super helpful!”
Matthew T. August 2018
“Because the team at HomeBridge rocks!”
Roque R. August 2018
“I have worked with Shanon for many years and have always been impressed.”
Michael W. August 2018
“Super helpful!”
Matthew T. August 2018
“Because the team at HomeBridge rocks!”
Roque R. August 2018
“I have worked with Shanon for many years and have always been impressed.”
Michael W. August 2018
“Super helpful!”
Richard N. June 2018
“Great communications.”
Damon M. June 2018
“They worked with me last minute and were excellent!”
Darren M. May 2018
“The team and Shannon were very helpful and informative.”
Jan L. May 2018
“Very easy to work with and easy to reach. Very attentive to all of my needs.”
Sherry S. May 2018
“The office staff was awesome. Everyone was so professional and cared about me as a person not just a client.”
David B. April 2018
“Fast, nice. ”
John E. April 2018
“Terrific support throughout the process.”
Craig R. March 2018
“Great service and communication!”
Jamie K. March 2018
“Shannon has worked hard. Love her smile!”
Wayne P. March 2018
“We love these guys!”
Amber L. March 2018
“Very knowledgeable, always helpful and very friendly.”
Nathan R. March 2018
“They explained the process well to a first time home buyer.”
Scott M. March 2018
“Very helpful in all phases and aspects of the loan process. Also, super responsive!”
Ryan T. March 2018
“Quick responses with email, etc. and availability.”
Anthony C. March 2018
“Smart and very friendly.”
Kenneth W. March 2018
“I love the special service.”
Amanda H. March 2018
“Very professional, timely and caring. Made me feel confident in purchasing my condo.”
Terry V. March 2018
“Attentive and friendly service.”
Jessica G. March 2018
“They were excellent!”
Gabriel G. March 2018
“You guys always do a great job.”
Arianna B. March 2018
“Friendly, courteous and very responsive service! I felt in great hands the entire way through.”
Julie S. March 2018
“Friendly, explained everything well.”
Christopher B. January 2018
“Repeat customer.”
Mayra G. December 2017
“They were there every step of the way answering questions and putting me at ease.”
Tenny A. December 2017
“Very helpful! Responsive to questions. Thanks!”
Jeffrey L. December 2017
“Very good attention to detail.”
Andrea M. November 2017
“HomeBridge has been great throughout the process of my first time home purchase. They have answered any and all questions I've had and were always available. I would 100% recommend them to anyone. THank you!”
Mohamed I. November 2017
“Very happy with the service.”
Charles M. October 2017
“Shanon and Licensed Loan Partner Angela Micheletti have been extremely responsive to all my questions and were very proactive in every task.”
Jason H. October 2017
“Everything went smoothly. Love the e-signing on the portal.”
Jacqueline and Timberly T. November 2016
“Shanon and Angela were extremely friendly and knowledgeable! We had a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Mitchell M. November 2016
“Shanon is very friendly and thorough! I had no issues at all!”
Brandon H. November 2016
“Shanon is very friendly and she made this a wonderful experience at HomeBridge!”
Jennifer W. November 2016
“Shanon was very professional and personable throughout this process!”
Ronald W. December 2016
“Shanon provided good communication! She was very friendly and professional!”
Lawrence and Shelby S. September 2017
“Shanon and her team made this process very easy! They explained the process to us every step of the way! Thank you for answering all of our questions!”
Jason M. December 2016
“Shanon provided amazing service and a friendly attitude! She always stayed on top of things and updated me throughout the process! She was willing, able and helpful with anything needed. Don't change a thing!”
Patrick and Susan T. December 2016
“Shanon and her team were always friendly and helpful during this entire process! They explained everything and were very easy to work with! They were great!”
Stacey and Joshua M. September 2017
“Shanon provided fast and friendly service! The process was so easy and stress free!”
Thomas and Elizabeth G. August 2017
“Shanon was easy to work with and very knowledgeable! She is great!”
Cory and Holly M. August 2017
“Shanon and her team were very helpful with all documentation and questions. They were also very timely and friendly!”
Casey J. August 2017
“Shanon was very helpful and she took all of my worries away! I would like to use HomeBridge again in the future because, I trust them and I know they are out for my best interests! They were great to work with!”
Andy and Terressa H. August 2017
“Shanon and her team were so fast and professional! I just love their work and how hard they work for you as their client! Thank you!”
Gwen F. August 2017
“Shanon was very friendly, informative and supportive throughout this process! She provided personalized service! Thank you!”
Kevin and Jami N. August 2017
“Shanon and her team were very professional! They were extremely proactive with helping us with our loan. We were very satisfied with the service that we received at HomeBridge!”
Nancy G. July 2017
“Shanon has great business sense and is always willing to help in any way she can!”
Michael S. August 2017
“Shanon and her team were on top of everything and they always kept me in the know! I enjoyed my experience at HomeBridge! Thank you!”
Franklyn N. July 2017
“Shanon and her team were friendly and they helped us as much and as often as we needed! They provided great service with everything!”
Ken and April O. July 2017
“Shanon is amazing! She always kept us informed and she made the process seamless! She set clear expectations and we closed quickly! We received great service at HomeBridge!”
Showna G. July 2017
“Shanon and her HomeBridge team were very friendly and professional! They were also super easy to work with and accommodating! Great company!”
Kenneth V. and Chene P. June 2017
“Shanon and her team were very helpful and they provided great, consistent follow-up! They took care of us from start to finish! They made us feel confident and comfortable! We loved these folks! You are all wonderful!”
Wayne and Sarah P. June 2017
“Shanon is the greatest ever! She was the first person ever to ask about a VA loan! Thank you!”
Melissa and Terry C. June 2017
“I really liked the easy online submission of paperwork and all of the pleasant employees at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Alexander J. December 2016
“Shanon provided excellent service and she was a pleasure to work with!”
Ken and Patricia L. May 2017
“Shanon was very efficient and friendly throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Nicole and Brian B. May 2017
“Shanon and her staff provided great communication and service throughout this process!”
Bradley and Sally L. May 2017
“Shanon is an excellent mortgage loan originator!  This was the easiest mortgage process I've ever had!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Elissa and Justin H. May 2017
“Shanon made this process go so smoothly!  HomeBridge is our favorite lender!  Thank you!”
Jonathan P. May 2017
“Shanon provided excellent service!  She was very professional and prompt!  She looked hard for the best deal for us!  She kept us informed and explained everything in great detail!  We had a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Tenea and Kevin B. April 2017
“Shanon and her team were awesome to work with!  They were very professional and efficient!  We are very satisfied clients!  We always refer Shanon to all who need loans!  I would do it all over again!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Christopher A. April 2017
“Shanon and her team were so professional!  They went above and beyond to help make this process go as smoothly as possible!”
Chad N. April 2017
“Shanon is highly knowledgeable and experienced.  She was able to go in depth on all subjects related to home loans.  She was easy to reach and very customer friendly!  Friendly atmosphere, great customer service, willing to go the extra mile to help a client!  I highly recommend HomeBridge to everyone!  Keep up the great service!  As a first time home buyer, I was very impressed with the service that HomeBridge provided!”
Jacqueline W. April 2017
“Shanon and her staff were honest, reliable and provided very good service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Derek R. April 2017
“Shanon is very knowledgeable and she provided great service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
James and Bahar R. March 2017
“Shanon and her team provided excellent customer service, follow up and completion of projects!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Elizabeth I. March 2017
“Shanon and her team provided very friendly service!  I enjoyed the personable folks and the Costco discount!”
Derrick S. March 2017
“Shanon and her team goes above and beyond for their clients!  They provided us great service!  Thank you!”
Daniel S. March 2017
“Shanon and Angela are a great team!  Everything was wonderful!  HomeBridge is the best lender ever!  Thank you!”
Kyle and Hannah B. March 2017
“Shanon and her team were very helpful and wonderful throughout this entire process!  They made it easy and helped us understand everything involved!  They were great!”
Mohamed I. December 2016
“Shanon was very helpful and friendly!  She worked hard at every moment!  I enjoyed this entire process!”
David R. December 2016
“Shanon and her team knows what they are doing and how to treat someone that is refinancing!  I would definitely trust HomeBridge for future financing! Thank you!”
Tiffany S. December 2016
“Shanon is a consummate professional and she provided wonderful service!  Thank you!”
Kurtis J. March 2017
“Shanon and her team provided great customer service!  I love the people who work at HomeBridge!”
Jose M. February 2017
“Shanon and her team were very friendly and great to work with!  They made this a smooth and easy process!”
Reid M. January 2017
“Shanon and her team were professional and personable!  They were all very nice!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Chong N. February 2017
“Shanon was able to work with my situation.  She provided a very fast turn around and a great working relationship!”
Jessica C. January 2017
“This entire process has been timely and everyone that we worked with have always been extremely friendly!  This is our second time working with HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Isaac and Julie H. February 2017
“Shanon was very helpful and communicative throughout this process!  She was very good at explaining everything and dedicated to helping her customers!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Dennis and April L. January 2017
“Shanon was very helpful with every question we asked.  She also offered additional information that we appreciated knowing.  Everyone was wonderful to work with!  We have the utmost confidence that HomeBridge provided us with what we needed.  Great company!  Great people!  Thank you!”
Maria C. January 2017
“Shanon and her team were very friendly and helpful!  Everyone was super professional!”
William and Cassi M. October 2016
“Shanon and her team were very responsive and personable throughout this process!  They went above and beyond to help us!”
Daniel and Brenda V. October 2016
“Shanon and her team were always available when we needed them!  They answered all of our questions and explained the process clearly!  They provided excellent service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michael R. October 2016
“Shanon and her team were amazing to work with!  Buying a home can be stressful but, this team was very reassuring and helpful throughout the process!   Great people!”
Edward and Janis K. October 2016
“Shanon and her team were speedy, courteous and efficient throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kathy C. October 2016
“Shanon and her team were very friendly and helpful in assisting me to purchase my first home!  I really want to thank them for everything!”
Roger B. September 2016
“Shanon and her team went the extra mile every step of the way throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Shelly M. September 2016
“Shanon and her team were very knowledgeable and friendly!  They were always available to answer any questions.  They were very professional and informative throughout this process!  Thank you!”
Richard B. September 2016
“Shanon and her team did a great job!  They kept me informed at all times!  I have worked with Shanon before and her group is great!  Keep it up!  I will be back!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Charles L. August 2016
“Shanon was awesome to work with and she communicated very well!  These are all great people who work well as a team!  I am very happy with the service that I received at HomeBridge!”
Justin A. August 2016
“Thank you HomeBridge for the friendly service and the good rates!”
Eugene and Martina L. August 2016
“Shanon made this such a simple, easy process!  This experience was very smooth and straight forward!  Thank you Shanon and HomeBridge!”
Milton R. July 2016
“Shanon and her team were very knowledgeable, helpful, professional and courteous!  They were all around great!  They went above and beyond my expectations!”
Jonathan and Heather W. July 2016
“Shanon was excellent to work with!  We will recommend others to HomeBridge due to our positive experience!”
Jessica H. and Eric C. July 2016
“We have worked with Shanon in the past and are always happy with our experiences!  It was such an easy process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lenora M. July 2016
“Shanon and her team have treated me with the utmost respect and dignity!  Everyone has been so understanding and kind!  I would love to use HomeBridge again in the future when needed!  Thank you!”
Jay G. July 2016
“Shanon and her team were there for us every step of the way!  They provided excellent customer service!  We would call on HomeBridge again because we trust them!  Thanks!”
Janet U. July 2016
“Shanon was very patient and efficient.  She and her staff were very friendly and worked well together!  They were always quick to respond, resourceful and fun to work with!  They are all go getters!  Thank you!”
Bryan and Jillian M. July 2016
“Shanon and her team helped us achieve our dream of buying a home for our family!   They have been wonderful communicating with us throughout this entire process!  I have already referred a close friend to HomeBridge due to this wonderful experience that we have had and we would love to use HomeBridge again in the future as well as referring more family and friends!  This whole experience has been wonderful!  Don't change a thing!  Thank you!”
Jessica C. July 2016
“Shanon was so professional and easy to work with!  She worked very efficiently and was easily accessible.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Joel L. October 2015
“Shanon and her team were excellent to work with!  They always kept me informed and were very helpful!  They knew exactly what they were doing and were prompt and efficient.  Keep up the good work!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michael K. June 2016
“Shanon provided excellent communication, follow-up and made this a great customer experience.  She made this process so simple for us!  Shanon is truly the best of the best!  This has been a great experience from the beginning to the end!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Wolde H. October 2015
“Shanon was very communicative, efficient and courteous!  I was kept informed every step of the way!  Thank you!”
Jason and Megan C. June 2016
“Shanon and her team answered all of our questions thoroughly and quickly.  Everyone was very easy to work with.  This has been a great experience for us!  You made a complicated process easy!  Thank you!”
Matthew and Brittany L. November 2015
“Shanon was very informative, friendly and organized.  This was a very smooth and easy process for us!  Thank you!”
Tristan M. May 2016
“Everything was done on the highest level of professionalism throughout this process!  I would definitely return to HomeBridge for any future loan needs!”
Matthew and Danielle T. November 2015
“Shanon and the HomeBridge team were all great to work with.  Everyone was very thorough and informative.  It has been a very pleasant experience for us!”
Janet F. May 2016
“Shanon was very diligent and persistent in processing my loan.  She was very helpful and kind!”
Bryan and Kaylen S. May 2016
“Shanon was always in constant contact and willing to help!  I have no complaints!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Aaron and Lauren L. April 2016
“Shanon was always helpful, prompt and available to answer any questions that I had.  I would definitely use HomeBridge for any future loan needs!”
William and Vannessa M. December 2015
“This loan process was highly efficient.  The exchange of information was continual and well explained.  The closing went very smoothly!”
Lisa S. April 2016
“Shanon was very helpful during this process.  I have used HomeBridge in the past and will continue to do so in the future.  I would highly recommend HomeBridge to anyone buying a home!”
Jason and Emily H. January 2016
“Shanon was very thorough, informative and always helpful.  She was easy to contact when we had questions.  This has been a wonderful experience for us!”
Gabriel and April G. February 2016
“Shanon was always available and answered all calls and questions I had.  She made this process easy and painless for me.  I would recommend HomeBridge to everyone!  Amazing job!”
Jennifer B. February 2016
“Thank you for making this so easy for me!  You all are awesome, don't change a thing!  Thanks!”
Lisa S.
“Shanon was very helpful with any questions I had, she followed up frequently to make sure I understood all procedures.  I would recommend HomeBridge in an instant!”
Roy R.
“These were all great people who care!  everyone was very helpful.  We had a great experience!  Thanks!”
Jason E.
“Shanon truly cares, she has been awesome to work with!  Keep up the good work!  Thanks!”
Geo Y.
“Shanon knows what she is doing and I trust her, it has been an awesome experience!  I would definitely use HomeBridge for future needs.  Thanks!!”
Ken W. Colorado Springs, CO
“Shanon is my preferred lender; she is always on top of the loan file. My wife, Sandy, and I have worked with Shanon for more than five years. She returns our calls and keeps in touch with us and our clients throughout the loan process.”
Ben G. Colorado Springs, CO
“Shanon was excellent and kept us in complete and constant communication about what was necessary in terms of getting financed. Both Sarah and I consider ourselves lucky to have her as our liaison to HomeBridge.”
Linda H. Colorado Springs, CO
“Shanon is a very dedicated, service oriented mortgage professional. She is a rare gem in an "industry" that has essentially become a commodity. Shanon literally goes the extra mile to make sure her customers get through the loan process easily and quickly - yet every detail is taken care of. I highly recommend that you use Shanon's mortgage lending services and let her help you own your dream home!”
Camarie C. Salt Lake City, UT
“Shanon impressed me from day one. Everyone in her branch loved her and talked so highly of her; when does that EVER happen? Positive, knowledgeable, experienced, professional, and committed, Shanon navigates this challenging industry with ease and class. I would absolutely recommend Shanon!”
John H. Colorado Springs, CO
“Shanon Schinkel is a real gem in the Mortgage Industry. She is very professional and attentive to her clients' needs. Her vast knowledge of her business makes her an invaluable resource to those looking to purchase or refinance their homes. Shanon is anything but an order taker; she takes charge and makes sure things move smoothly throughout the entire process.”
John W. Colorado Springs, Co
“Shanon worked tirelessly to get our family into the best mortgage program available. She was always available and listened to our needs. Shanon has the experience, tools and ethics to make your home purchase or refinance a stress-free and refreshingly easy process.”
Aimee M. Colorado Spri, Colorado (CO)
“We had the pleasure of working with Shanon when my son was purchasing his first home. Shanon took care of all the details in a timely, efficient and friendly manner, which made my son's first home buying experience a very positive one. You can't beat Shanon's level of competence and professionalism. I'd highly recommend Shanon to friends and business associates, but maybe more importantly, I'd recommend her to my family.”
Allen T. Colorado Springs, Colorado
“Shanon is amazing at what she does. She is somebody you want on your side for any lending situation. When she says she will do something, it will always get done. I have used her multiple times and will continue to use her. She does a great job explaining how the process works from beginning to end, and she will communicate with you throughout the process. You always know the status of your process and the next steps. She is just amazing at what she does! I recommend her to family, friends, and clients without hesitation because I know they will not find better service anywhere else. Like I said, I am very thankful to have Shanon on my side, and you will be too!”

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