About Scott Gilbert

Born in Birmingham and raised in Oak Grove, AL, Scott Gilbert has a very comprehensive understanding of the local market. He spent 15 years in automobile sales as a top performer before joining the mortgage industry. Scott is able to explain the complicated loan process in an understandable way, which allows him to guide borrowers to the right loan to meet their needs. He prides himself on helping his customers navigate the ever-changing loan process as smoothly as possible. In his spare time, Scott enjoys spending time outdoors and is an avid hunter and fisherman. Scott takes pride in his personal and communication skills. He provides exceptional customer service and has a high regard for quality in his business partnerships. With each customer’s desires and goals as his top priority, Scott is ready to assist with all your home financing needs.

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Jenny P. June 2018
“Really helpful, worked on time and answered all questions.”
Chase B. June 2018
“Very professional, very informative.”
Rhonda H. March 2018
“Exceptional customer service, communicative and friendly. They were able to work within our time frame.”
Kenny R. March 2018
“Patrick was always helpful and fast to respond.”
Ashlyn O. December 2017
“Scott Gilbert was very helpful and understanding of all of my problems. ”
Cory D. October 2017
“Very fast and friendly.”
Kimberly J. March 2017
“Scott and his staff were very helpful throughout this entire process!  They were always available no matter what questions I had.  They were able to explain everything down to the smallest detail.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Edward M. and Yasmine H. January 2017
“Scott and his team were very helpful and explanative!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Amy S. August 2016
“Scott was very friendly and efficient throughout this process!  I will recommend HomeBridge to others due to my positive experience!  Thank you!”

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