About Scott Bowling

Scott Bowling graduated from the University of Florida and has more than 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry. As Homebridge’s Orlando Branch Manager, Scott works hard to ensure his customers, as well as his employees, receive the highest level of service and professionalism. He enjoys helping families achieve the dream of home ownership, but also takes pride in training new Loan Originators to do the same. Active in the industry, Scott is Governor of the Central Florida Mortgage Bankers Association.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Teresa K. Jun-22
“Our experience with Mr Bowling and his team were absolutely outstanding. They were always eager to help in answering our questions, making sure we had all the proper documents needed at the right time, always professional and courteous to us and actually had our approvals with readiness to close early. Mr Bowling and the team are A+ in our book.”
Peter G. Mar-22
“Scott is the kind of person you want to have in your corner when going through the very big step of purchasing a home. He remained positive and upbeat throughout the process, without sugar coating or making any false promises. His advise was invaluable and he does not see obstacles, he sees opportunities. He remained responsive throughout the process and seems to treat his client as if they were his only client. I would gladly work with him again the next time I'm in the market for a home.”
Mark M. Mar-22
“Thanks for your help!”
Kameron P. Sep-21
“Scott was phenomenal. Really made the experience enjoyable. I feel that he had my best interest, and didn't feel like just another transaction. I will be passing along positive messages about Homebridge for this reason.”
Britta A. Apr-21
“Excellent company and team who stuck it out and worked with me through a complicated application to purchase a unique property. Would highly recommend!”
Holly M. Jan-21
“Scott was extremely helpful and attentive throughout the entire borrowing process. He was in constant communication with my husband and me, willing to answer any questions or concerns we may have had. He, as well as the rest of his team, made the process extremely easy and painless. We are very pleased with how everything turned out!”
Carroll K. Dec-20
“Scott Bowling and Dennis Morales were fantastic through the entire process. I was very nervous but they walked me through everything. Couldn't have asked for a better team.”
John A. Nov-20
“We have purchased multiple properties which have involved multiple mortgage loan applications. We have never worked with such a knowledgeable or responsive loan manager as Scott Bowling. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised what a different experience we had this time. We wish we had used Scott for our previous loans and will definitely use him for any future mortgages.”
Luis H. Oct-20
“The process of purchasing a home is one of the biggest and most stressful experiences my spouse and I have ever gone through. Despite relentless and sometimes repetitive questions from us, Scott was never anything other than kind, responsive and good humored. With all of the other stressors a home buyer is faced with, having Scott in your corner makes you feel confident that the financing is one thing less to worry about.”
TRACI C. Mar-20
“Scott is great! I'm in the business and worked with him over 15yrs ago. I think it goes a long way saying that I have used his services on 5 different occasions over the years. Reliable, takes care of you, and just an overall good person.”
“Scott and his team were remarkable, professional, respectful, and responsive. Couldn't ask for better service.”
Randy S. October 2018
“Scott was extremely helpful and kind! So was Tanya!”
Jeffrey H. October 2018
“Great communication. Up front and answered questions quickly.”
Celeste P. April 2018
“Scott and his team have been great! They were very responsive and diligent.”
Robert K. March 2018
“Great reputation and professionalism.”
Jennifer L. March 2018
“Efficiency and fantastic customer service. I would trust others in their care.”
Emily W. March 2018
“Everything is accurate and trustworthy! They were readily available.”
Ana R. March 2018
“They were patient. They provided details and answered questions in an amazing manner. I would rate more if I could.”
Donald M. February 2018
“HomeBridge makes the whole process seamless. Very easy and stress-free.”
Alex C. February 2018
“HomeBridge came through with 5 stars and 5 diamonds. Another lender dropped the ball and couldn't accomplish what they promised. Thank you for exceeding our expectations and helping us through the process so we didn't miss a beat with our family!”
Daniel M. January 2018
“Great group, on top of everything at all times.”
Austin D. October 2017
“Worked with them several times in the past. Great to work with, good customer service, quick turnaround times, friendly.”
Mark L. October 2017
“The entire process went incredibly smooth and everyone was easy and pleasant to work with.”
Gary R. November 2016
“Scott provided excellent service! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Adam and Laura G. August 2017
“Scott provided A+ customer service! He was always available to address all of our needs! ”
David M. July 2017
“My Sister in law referred us to HomeBridge and we have had nothing but great service from them! Thank you!”
Traci C. July 2017
“Scott Bowling is awesome! He was very attentive and helpful in keeping the process moving along!”
Kenneth and Love S. June 2017
“Scott and his team provided excellent service! They were always prompt and provided great follow up! They were in the loop and knowledgeable of all of the details of our loan!”
Michael and Mary T. May 2017
“Scott and his team made this entire process go so smoothly especially due to the fact that we had to do everything by phone from Chicago!  We know how this process can overwhelm a home buyer, especially a first time buyer but, HomeBridge made it easy!  Thank you!”
Daniel A. May 2017
“Scott and his team provided awesome service!  The communication was great which provided a smooth and perfect transaction!”
Dallas and Ruth S. April 2017
“Scott was 100% on top of everything with this entire process!  He was extremely helpful and professional!  He was so responsive to all of our needs via email, text or phone calls!  He never missed a beat!  Thank you!”
Holly F. April 2017
“Scott and his team were very helpful and friendly!  I will recommend HomeBridge to others due to this positive experience!  Thank you!”
Christopher A. April 2017
“Scott and his team have been extremely helpful and responsive!  They walked us through the process step by step!”
Christopher S. April 2017
“Scott was always helpful with any questions or concerns!  He made this process very smooth and easy!  Because this process was so nice, I would definitely use HomeBridge again for any future needs!  Thank you!”
Derek and Wendy R. March 2017
“Scott guided us through this process very well!  He made everything smooth and easy!  Thank you!”
Ray and Stacey C. March 2017
“Scott and his team were all excellent to work with!  They were highly competent and timely!”
Kevin and Yvonne N. March 2017
“Scott and his staff were terrific!  They provided updates during this entire process!  Thank you!”
Erica P. March 2017
“Scott and his team were so knowledgeable and helpful!  They kept me well informed and were very knowledgeable on what was needed to close.   I am so grateful for their assistance!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
James and Julie B. March 2017
“Scott Bowling was very knowledgeable and informative!  He was very easy to communicate with and was very fast from approval to closing!  Thank you!”
Brett and Robin T. March 2017
“Scott and his team provided great customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kenneth and Sandy R. February 2017
“Scott provided great communication throughout this process!  He was very easy to work with!  Thank you!”
Leonora and Michael M. September 2016
“Scott and his team were very professional, caring and they stayed on top of everything throughout this process!  They responded to all of our questions or concerns within the same day.  We loved working with everyone at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Jayson R. September 2015
“Scott and his team are fantastic individuals!  They made me feel like a valued customer!  This was a great experience and I will not use any other company but HomeBridge and I will definitely recommend them to others!  Keep up the great work!  Thanks!”
Michael F. August 2016
“Scott provided very good communication and was great to work with!”
Hope D. October 2015
“Scott and his entire team are awesome!  They worked very diligently to get things done on time. You guys have it down to a science!”
Jessica T. May 2016
“This process could not have been easier!  Scott and his team answered every question that we had and patiently walked us through the process step by step.  We would definitely return to HomeBridge for any future needs!”
Vincente and Sonia G. May 2016
“Scott and his team were very professional and informative.  They provided very clear communication at all times.”
Richard and Carol G. December 2015
“Scott was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, informative and always available to answer questions.  Thank you!”
Robert B.
“The crew at HomeBridge is great! They handled all the details.”
Ryan P. December 2015
“Scott and his staff were all very friendly and professional.  I highly recommend HomeBridge to all of my family and friends!”
Richard F. April 2016
“Scott has been very professional and kind. My experience was excellent.  HomeBridge has exceeded my expectations!”
Sandra C.
“Scott was always available, flexible, professional and friendly!  Thank you!”
Wilfredo and Silvia M.
“Scott has been such a great person to work with.  Everything from the beginning was explained perfectly and was easy to understand.  The service provided has been impeccable!”
Michael F.
“Scott Bowling and his team provided awesome service. They were great to work with!”
Emile P.
“Scott was very easy to work with.”
Robert H.
“Scott and his team provided great service and attention to detail.”
Wilfredo H. and Sylvia M.
“The service was impeccable and Scott was a great person to deal with. Everything from the beginning was explained very well. ”
Carynne M.
“Everyone was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I enjoyed working with everyone.This was a very seamless process!”
Heather M.
“Everything was good. I am extremely satisfied!”
Ryan P.
“They were a very professional and friendly staff that I highly recommend to all my family and friends. Keep it up!”
Kevin and Rebecca H.
“We had a very pleasant experience.”
Richard and Carol G.
“Scott and his team were extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and always returned calls. They were ready to answer any question at any time. ”
Teresa W.
“Scott and his staff are amazing.”
Michael M and Lora S.
“Scott and his team were very professional and provided great customer service.”
Samuel and Marva B.
“Everything went great! Everyone at HomeBridge is friendly and easy to work with.”
Hope D.
“The entire team is awesome!They were very diligent in getting things done and on time. You guys have it down to a science!”
Jayson R.
“Scott and his team are fantastic individuals; they made me feel like a valued customer. I had a great experience and will not use any lender other than HomeBridge. I will definitely recommend Scott and his team. ”
Rachel C.
“Scott and his team were very efficient and fast-acting.”
Theresa and John K.
“Scott and his team were simply incredible. They are like family and really cared about us. We will return again and again and again. They provided trust, honesty, and integrity out the wazoo! They also had cutting edge knowledge. I could go on and on and on! Just keep being who you are. We wish we were buying multiple houses. Thank y'all from the bottom of my heart!”
Timothy C.
“I had absolutely no issues and closed on time. Scott and his team treat their clients very well.”
Emily W.
“Scott was extremely reliable and informative. I am very happy with the service.”
Bradford and Meredith S.
“We appreciate the relationship with Scott Bowling and his willingness to get the job done. ”
Christina R.
“Scott and his team had excellent execution, timely completion of tasks, outstanding communication and great customer service. ”
Ryan P.
“Scott is an excellent person, both personally and professionally. My first time buying experience was great!”
Jayson N.
“Scott was smooth, professional and awesome. Scott Bowling is the best!”
Daniel and Sandra M.
“All the employees involved did a great job. Everything was completed as expected. They went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable.”
Nichole G.
“The HomeBridge team was easy to work with, always on their game and extremely professional.They have an awesome staff. The process was easy and the staff walked me through each step. They were extremely patient.”
Maria Orlando, Florida
“I have purchased many homes in the past and I have to say that this was by far was the smoothest mortgage process I have had. Scott and Jackie were amazing to work with, very professional and always there to answer our questions. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a home mortgage.”

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