About Sandy Edelstein & Kristian Radev

As licensed Homebridge Mortgage Loan Originators in California, Sandy Edelstein (NMLS #250745) and Kristian Radev (NMLS #1114814) can assist you with your home loan needs, including:

  • First-Time Purchase
  • Second-Home Purchase
  • Refinance
  • FHA and VA
  • Conventional
  • 203(k) Renovation
  • Jumbo

Sandy and Kristian welcome the opportunity to serve your needs with quick and accurate real estate financing advice. Sandy and Kristian have the expertise and knowledge, and will make sure you understand the features associated with the loan program you choose and that it meets your unique financial situation.

Contact Sandy Edelstein Anytime

Feel free to contact Sandy anytime by phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Sandy Edelstein will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help.

To contact Kristian Radev:

Mortgage Loan Originator in AmericaMortgage Executive Magazine 2016

What Our Customers Say About Me

Jeffrey N. Jun-22
“Communication was excellent throughout and we're *very* happy with our interest rate; they under-promised and over-delivered, which I will take any time.”
Bryan B. Jun-22
“Sandy was fabulous! He was patient, clear, and precise...and most importantly friendly during what could have been a confusing and disorienting process. I was especially grateful for the way he helped me understand my options, and for helping me find a way to make Homebridge the most appealing option; and for the way he went above-and-beyond in helping us to acquire the correct documentation for our loan. I would recommend him to anyone!”
Linda K. May-22
“I encountered a major issue. Despite the fact I had filed my 2020 tax return in a timely fashion more than 6 months ago the IRS had and still has not processed it. That concerned the lender. I was concerned the deal would fall through. Sandy and Kris devised a work around so that the loan went through and I now own the home of my dreams.”
Mark R. May-22
“Sandy was great from start to finish - very patient with me when I asked basic questions, it was my first loan, and even took calls over the weekend to answer my questions. It was a really painless experience and not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I'd definitely recommend him to others.”
Michael K. May-22
“Thank you for making the process so easy.”
Aaron B. Mar-22
“Kris and Sandy, you both are amazing. We put our full trust in you and you both delivered. We wouldn't be in our dream home if it wasn't for you. Richard and I are truly grateful to you both for all of your efforts. You are both extremely knowledgeable and instantly built trust with us. We look forward to working with you again and have already recommended you to Richard's clients. Thank you both for everything you did!”
Brian B. Mar-22
“Sandy was informed, thoughtful, efficient, diligent, and friendly. I couldn't ask for better.”
Jacquelyn M. Mar-22
“Sandy Edelstein worked with my father in the past so I trusted his compassion, efficiency and professionalism. Sandy continues to be a reliable, efficient and kind professional. Great to work with.”
Richard S. Feb-22
“Excellent service, expertise and concierge like service”
Jan H. Feb-22
“Excellent Facilitator !”
Darren M. Jan-22
“Sandy was the best I have ever worked with! I have worked with many, many lenders and he was so on top of things. I cannot ask for a better advocate to help navigate the process.”
Robert O. Jan-22
“Sandy was on point through the entire experience. He communicated frequently with me and updated me on the process throughout. He made it easy and smooth, right up to the closing.”
Dana R. Nov-21
“I was very satisfied with Sandy Edelstein and Kristian Radev, they kept me informed and helped me through the process. They are true professionals and very good at their job!! Highly recommend! Dana R.”
Daniel D. Nov-21
“Sandy Edelstein is an expert at financial services. My experience working with him was excellent.”
Peter G. Nov-21
“Sandy was my initial contact and really provided a tremendous level of comfort, this was after failing to secure traditional financing at a bank. Sandy handed me off to Kristian Radev - and he was fantastic. My whole experience with Homebridge was incredibly easy, and I felt like I was in good hands!”
Annelise F. Oct-21
“We had a great experience refinancing with Kris. He was thorough, on time, and kept us apprised of what was happening throughout the process.”
Annette H. Oct-21
“Smooth process, responsive, on time”
Eric B. Sep-21
“Sandy and his team were super responsive and made sure we knew every step along the way of our expectations and their expectations. It was exactly how I wanted and expected it to play out! Thank you so much!”
Mary L. Aug-21
“They were fabulous and very helpful during what was a complex process.”
DeeAnn M. Aug-21
“Can always count on Sandy. He manages expectations, is clear and transparent and gets things done. He's our go-to guy for all our mortgage needs.”
Adelino D. Aug-21
“The Person i only delt with was the person who took my application.HE WAS AWESOM. He returned calls he was on top of everything. I did not meet or talk to Sandy but his assistance which took my app and processed it was the best I have had , and believe me I have had Manny Manny Loans”
Janet B. Aug-21
“I am a returning client of Sandy Edelstein. Through several financing transactions, I have found Mr. Edelstein to be honest, knowledgeable, organized and very responsive. I highly recommend him for his professionalism.”
Michael F. Jul-21
“I can not thank sandy for being there every step of the way,I never felt out of the loop, AND I NEVER HAD TOO PHONE SANDY, FOR ANYTHING HE WAS ON TOP OF IT AT ALL TIMES, i never felt intimidated or rushed, it was so smooth i could not believe it closed in thirty days. THANK YOU SANDY ”
Rachel F. May-21
“Sandy Edelstein is an absolutely exceptional mortgage specialist. As a Realtor myself, I know the difference between good and great. He was great. He was timely, has excellent communication skills and was able to lighten the mood with a well-timed joke here and there. I have already referred him to three friends and would never work with anyone else but Sandy.”
Terrill M. May-21
“As my first mortgage application failed due to inept dealings with the BIA, I was worried about trying a second round with a new escrow company and a new loan company. Sandy Edelstein, who has a terrific working relationship with Liberty Escrow, removed most of the agony. I say most, as I already referred to the labyrinthine obstacles the BIA forces on applicants. Sandy helped me stay calm by providing guidelines each step of the way, for which I am extremely grateful. It was a pleasure working with you, (and I do have previous experience as a comparison). You are heads above the competition!!!”
Inga D. Apr-21
“I literally cannot compliment Sandy enough for his responsiveness and the way in which he quickly and effectively handled our mortgage. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking mortgage financing. He is THE BEST!”
Matthew B. Apr-21
“Sandy was amazing to work with! Highly recommend him if buying a home in Palm Springs.”
Loraine K. Apr-21
“This is the second time we have worked with Sandy Edelstein to refinance our home. Sandy is very efficient and very professional and we would highly recommend him.”
David C. Mar-21
“Kris was great. Very helpful every step of the way. Easy to talk to and work with.”
Ann B. Feb-21
“My experience working with Sandy Edelstein and the team at HomeBridge far exceeded my expectations. They were professional and always went above and beyond to make the process as easy and quick as possible. Ten out of ten, and I would definitely recommend and go back to Sandy and the HomeBridge team.”
Roger F. Jan-21
“Sandy was great. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Also very responsive.”
Jesus S. Jan-21
“Sandy was excellent. Thank you!”
Paul L. Jan-21
“If I could give Sandy 100 stars I would! My experience with Sandy and Homebridge was nothing less than white-glove service. From the first intro to Sandy, to the follow-up post closing, Sandy was on top of everything, serving as a guide, coach, advocate, and partner to help me purchase my home.”
Matthew B. Jan-21
“Sandy was a pleasure to work with for our Home Loan. He was knowledgeable, professional, and prompt. He kept us informed both by email as well as phone calls. We would definitely use Sandy & Homebridge for our Home Loan needs again!”
Jerri K. Dec-20
“Sandy Edelstein is the best! Have done many transactions with him and he makes the process easy and go smoothly. Would not use anyone else for home loan services.”
Scott R. Dec-20
“The best. We were so fortunate to work with Sandy + Team.”
Jeffrey W. Dec-20
“Sandy was fantastic throughout the entire process. He was empathetic, patient and very much on top of things. He worked really well w/ my finacial people and that really helped.”
Linda D. Dec-20
“Great person to work with. He explained the entire process throughly and answered all of my questions so I could easily understand the process and fees, I would definitely recommend Sandy to anyone looking for loan help or information.”
Matthew H. Dec-20
“I didn't work with Sandy directly but someone else with Homebridge. They were very prompt and professional. Some of the processes in CA was unfamiliar which caused what seemed like delays but just a different process than I was used to, but it all worked out.”
John W. Dec-20
“As a Realtor for nearly 20 years in a different state I know that the loan process can be a difficult one. This was the second time I have closed on a loan with Sandy and I can honestly say that working with him has to be the best experience I have ever had with a lender. Everything was extremely smooth, well laid out, efficient and on time! I wish I could clone Sandy and do business with him in Texas. He is a true asset to your company. I highly recommend Sandy. Job well done, THANK YOU SANDY.”
Janice B. Nov-20
“I was very pleased with the entire process.”
Grant W. Nov-20
“Sandy Edelsteins' team did a great job of seeing my mortgage process through to the finish even though it had been transferred over from another broker who couldn't manage the complexity or even offer competitive rates.Thank you all”
Matthew N. Nov-20
“Kris was Very professional and efficient through the whole process.”
Marlo S. Nov-20
“Sandy was thorough and thoughtful and a pleasure to work with. He worked very quickly to accommodate a quick close and we really appreciated his kind demeanor and responsiveness throughout the process.”
Thomas C. Oct-20
“I returned to Homebridge because I had already done business with Sandy Edelstein. I got a quote from a broker in LA ,and I enquired for a quote with my existing lender. The broker in LA was competitive and the current lender solicited my business but never offered a range of options or quotes. Very unsatisfactory experience with Mr. Cooper my former mortgage holder. I returned to Sandy because I trusted him, and value his timely and straightforward communication. He was always almost immediately available when I had a question either by phone or email. He knows the local market which makes it easier. I recommend Sandy wholeheartedly and with appreciation. Thank you.”
Victoria J. Oct-20
“Sandy was the absolute best - he was so professional and gave easy and clear direction and instructions. This was the best experience I've had either buying or refinancing”
Mitchell L. Oct-20
“We worked with Sandy when we purchased our condo. He was recommended by a friend. He did a great job and came through when our original mortgage company was experiencing problems. I called Sandy as soon as we were even considering buying a house to find out his opinion on different financial issues. He did a great job as did everyone from the company, CV Escrow and Bruce Dahnke of Bennion DeVille. ”
Robert A. Oct-20
“working with sandy edelstein was pure joy...he is beyond professional and extremely knowledgeable and patient while explaining everything we needed to know...we would recommend sandy to anybody looking to finance their home...he is simply 'THE BEST"...homebridge is fortunate to have him as part of their executive family... THANK YOU SANDY...WE LOVED WORKING WITH YOU...TAKE CARE, HOLLEY AND BOB”
Keith R. Oct-20
“Sandy Edelstein was great. He communicated everything in a timely way, often answering emailed questions right away. He was pleasant, professional, and interested in doing a good job for us. Thank you, Sandy.”
Reichen K. Oct-20
“Sandy remained very engaged with me throughout the process and was very specific as to the reasons for each step. Thank you.”
Demetria C. Oct-20
“Very pleased w/ my outstanding experience working with Sandy. Truly terrific! I wouldn't do anything differently. :) He's the best.”
Karen K. Oct-20
“Sandy Edelstein made the process easy to use and was efficient in all respects. He is awesome to work with as he communicates every step of the process clearly and timely.”
Patrick N. Oct-20
“Sandy Edelstein is such a gem. We have never met a mortgage broker like him. He goes above and beyond for his clients. He communicates clearly, only requests information once, is very detailed and makes the entire process so smooth. He is by far the best we have met in the industry in our 25 years of seeking loans. What a gift to find and work with Sandy Edelstein!!!”
Steven L. Sep-20
“Sandy was wonderful. Third loan I have worked with him on. Always a pleasure.”
David K. Sep-20
“Being a first time home owner Kris was very patient with helping me to understand all the steps along the way to purchasing my home. It was flawless during the entire process. Thank you so much.”
Jane G. Sep-20
“Sandy Edelstein provided excellent information. More importantly, he was generally available to answer questions or concerns and if he was busy on another matter he responded as soon as he was finished with the other matter. He provided exceptional service to me and my sister.”
Prue K. Sep-20
“Sandy is so personable and was great to work with.”
Gerald A. Sep-20
“Great team.”
Kevin S. Sep-20
“Wow! I was referred to Sandy by our realtor and I can't say enough about how satisfied I was with working with Sandy. Extremely patient (I was a first timer home buyer), transparent, efficient, and responsive to all of my many questions and needs. Refreshing to know that there are still people in this world that know what GREAT customer service is supposed to be. Sandy made this stressful process as painless as possible. I can't say enough about Sandy. Thank you!”
Thomas W. Sep-20
“We worked with Kris who's customer service was superb. The smoothest loan closing process we've ever had, Thanks Kris!!!!”
Ronald H. Aug-20
“Sandy is the consummate professional. He keeps you informed each step of the way and he provides clear, understandable instructions. Sandy is without a doubt the best in the business.”
Kristen H. Aug-20
“Sandy was great”
Douglas M. Aug-20
“Sandy Edelstein is very knowable and efficient! He stays on top of the process and makes sure the process is moving along for an on time transaction closing! He is the best mortgage broker I have ever worked with in 40 years of obtaining loans!”
David B. Aug-20
“This was our second transaction with Sandy and his team. They were very consistent and did an amazing job. Will definitely refer them and use them again.”
Michael L. Aug-20
“Sandy is amazing!!! He's super responsive, and all of his instructions were crystal clear. A pleasure to work with.”
John M. Aug-20
“Sandy Edelstein is the consummate professional. We were ecstatic to learn that he was still in the business having used his services for the first time in 2007. Sandy is affable, thorough, attentive, and responsive. In fact, we think that Sandy is quite possibly the fastest person on the planet when it comes to responding to emails. If there's a Superman of Loan Officers, Sandy Edelstein fits the bill. Sandy is a credit to Homebridge's team of finance experts. Be careful that your rivals do not woo him away! We owe a profound debt of gratitude to Sandy. Please convey our heartiest thanks. We shall not hesitate to recommend Sandy's service to any who inquire of us. (We did just that last evening, recommending Sandy to two friends who are purchasing a property in Rancho Mirage.).”
Tanya G. Aug-20
“I was very impressed with Sandy and his team. From start to finish, they never took their eye off the details or the process. Due to Covid-19, we were working in a highly changeable environment. This team proactively anticipated and mitigated risks, were always available and responsive, and kept the entire process (and all parties) moving at the appropriate pace.”
Michael D. Aug-20
Terry W. Aug-20
“Sandy is the best. Our loan required an incredible amount of information from us. Sandy kept us informed of all the tests and turns. Great experience. As I mentioned, our only negative experience was with the escrow company”
Matthew S. Aug-20
“I worked with Kristian Radev, for the second time. He is knowledgeable, friendly, extremely efficient, and helpful. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.”
Nancy M. Jul-20
“I dealt with Kristian Radev on Sandy's team. He was great. We communicated frequently and kept me up to date on everything. There was a slight delay at the end with the title company but my rate stayed and it was fine. I was very satisfied beginning to end on both mortgages that I got through Homebridge.”
Craig R. Jul-20
“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sandy Edelstein. The process was seamless and without any surprises or complications. I would work with him again without any hesitation and wholeheartedly recommend him to other potential borrowers.”
Christopher D. Jul-20
“SANDY EDELSTEIN IS A FRIGGIN STUD. GIVE THIS MAN A RAISE IMMEDIATELY! He was timely, courteous, engaged, caring, accurate, witty, knowledgeable, and very handsome. I am sure there is a myriad of other positive adjectives to describe him, however, I need to get back to work. Make sure Sandy is there for my next home purchase please.”
Eric K. Jul-20
“Sandy is the BEST! Totally takes care of his clients, and we were well informed on our journey to buy our new house!”
Eric K. Jul-20
“Sandy is the BEST! Totally takes care of his clients, and we were well informed on our journey to buy our new house!”
Christopher D. Jul-20
“SANDY EDELSTEIN IS A FRIGGIN STUD. GIVE THIS MAN A RAISE IMMEDIATELY! He was timely, courteous, engaged, caring, accurate, witty, knowledgeable, and very handsome. I am sure there is a myriad of other positive adjectives to describe him, however, I need to get back to work. Make sure Sandy is there for my next home purchase please.”
Richard C. Jun-20
“Sandy you are the best! Thanks Again for making this process as least painful as possible. Lol”
Paola A. Jun-20
“For the first time ever, I never felt like I was going through a mortgage process! It was painless, pleasant and u believably speedy and efficient!”
Kevin E. Jun-20
“Sandy was incredible!! After all these years, we have purchased several homes and never have we enjoyed with anyone quite like Sandy. He gets the job done quickly and as easily as possible for the customer. We could not recommend him more and we are grateful for all he did to make this process seamless and enjoyable. Thanks so much!”
Christopher S. Jun-20
“Sandy was very helpful and efficient to work with. Definitely would recommend.”
Elaine T. Jun-20
“Sandy Edelstein was great to work with. He explained the process clearly and was always available to answer questions. Thoroughly recommend him.”
JOSE P. 20-Apr
“Kristian Radev was very attentive, very knowledgeable and quick to answer any question I had. I would highly recommended him”
JOSEPH G. Mar-20
“I have either purchased or sold several homes including primary, secondary, commercial and residential investment properties. I can without hesitation say that Sandy Edelstein has been the single best that I have ever worked with. He could not have been more professional, pleasant, prompt, clear and concise and made a potentially cumbersome process actually enjoyable. I would and will give him my highest possible recommendation!”
GARY C. Mar-20
“Sandy did an incredible job every step of the way, highly recommend him at anytime to my friends. Great guy, knows his stuff, very efficient.”
“Sandy and his team are the best.”
RONALD H. Jan-20
“Sandy Edelstein is simply the best I have ever worked with in managing the process of obtaining a mortgage loan. Our experience with him on the original loan made it a lock to use him on the refinance. He is an excellent communicator and makes sure you know what to expect each step of the way.”
JOSEPH O. Nov-19
“Sandy was professional throughout the entire process from start to finish. Initially he told us what to expect and then kept us informed throughout -- up until closing. Closing was quick and easy. Definitely will recommend him to others.”
John C. Sep-19
Eric K. Sep-19
“Sandy does an excellent and timely job keeping you informed at all times and assisting with keeping the process moving. In my opinion, this is the most important function of processing a loan in today's mortgage environment.”
Gary C. Jul-19
“Sandy is a rrue professional, very efficient, helpful, and always courteous”
Michael O. April-19
“The person I worked with, Kristian Radev, was terrific. He was helpful and professional from the beginning to the end of the entire process. You should be proud to have this man working for you, I was.”
Ralph M. April-19
“Sandy Edelman was excellent to work with . He was thorough, professional; calm when we were feeling stressed... Kept in daily communication with us. He was demanding, justifiably so. We needed to get this loan in a short period of time and he stuck with us to make it happen. We really appreciate all Sandy did for us. We would definitely recommend him.”
James S. April-19
“Sandy was great!”
Susan S. April-19
“Sandy was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He answered all questions quickly and stayed in touch on a daily basis until mortgage was approved. I would highly recommend Sandy Edelstein.”
Anthony D. December 2018
“Good communication and availability.”
Thomas G. December 2018
“Third time with Sandy and Homebridge. Each application was processed efficiently.”
G C. December 2018
“Kristian was always available to answer any questions. Pre approval within 48 hrs.”
Paul S. December 2018
“Sandy Edelstein is a consummate professional. We have been with him for years due to his quality and work ethics.”
Robert S. November 2018
“Sandy Edelstein was very helpful.”
Ross H. November 2018
“Sandy is a pleasure to work with. Professional, kind and informative.”
Mark T. November 2018
“Always easy to work with, Very professional.”
Anton M. November 2018
“Sandy Edelstein is a very professional broker. Very easy to deal with!”
Andrew B. October 2018
“Great, fast service.”
Robert S. October 2018
“Excellent guidance through the process by Sandy Edelstein.”
William F. October 2018
“Prompt and efficient, quality service.”
Russell H. October 2018
“Recommended by CU Escrow for facilitating with Indian Head lease.”
Douglas T. October 2018
“Kris Radeo was friendly and great to work with.”
Catherine G. October 2018
“Sandy Edelstein was excellent and very detailed. I would absolutely recommend him.”
Steven L. October 2018
“Fast, efficient, honest.”
Carolyn N. September 2018
“He and his team are very good at what they do.”
V T. September 2018
“Sandy Edelstein has made the entire process clear cut and comfortable.”
Julie M. September 2018
“Sandy was very responsive and knowledgeable. I also appreciated the issues/ questions he addressed for me/ advised me on.”
Robert V. September 2018
“The process was very smooth.”
Mark N. September 2018
“Excellent experience.”
Mark S. Aug-18
“Sandy was incredible! Fast, efficient, accurate, honest and unbelievably knowledgeable!”
Michael S. Aug-18
“Easy to work with.”
Kevin F. Aug-18
“Responsiveness, flexibility and service.”
Susan B. Aug-18
“Available and knowledgeable.”
Leon H. Aug-18
“Excellent communication with us and easy to work with.”
Keith A. Aug-18
“Terrific service, great communication, rapid response and thorough answers to all questions.”
Mark G. Aug-18
“I have many choices in the lending world. Sandy always does a great job!”
Christopher H. Aug-18
“Sandy was quick and knowledgeable.”
Dennis O. Aug-18
“Very quick turnaround and great customer service.”
Ronald S. Aug-18
“Excellent service.”
Kevin F. August 2018
“Responsiveness, flexibility and service.”
Susan B. August 2018
“Available and knowledgeable.”
Leon H. August 2018
“Excellent communication with us and easy to work with.”
Keith A. August 2018
“Terrific service, great communication, rapid response and thorough answers to all questions.”
Mark G. August 2018
“I have many choices in the lending world. Sandy always does a great job!”
Christopher H. August 2018
“Sandy was quick and knowledgeable.”
Dennis O. August 2018
“Very quick turnaround and great customer service.”
Ronald S. August 2018
“Excellent service.”
Mark S. August 2018
“Sandy was incredible! Fast, efficient, accurate, honest and unbelievably knowledgeable!”
Michael S. August 2018
“Easy to work with.”
Ronald S. August 2018
“Excellent service.”
Mark S. August 2018
“Sandy was incredible! Fast, efficient, accurate, honest and unbelievably knowledgeable!”
Michael S. August 2018
“Easy to work with.”
Kevin F. August 2018
“Responsiveness, flexibility and service.”
Susan B. August 2018
“Available and knowledgeable.”
Leon H. August 2018
“Excellent communication with us and easy to work with.”
Keith A. August 2018
“Terrific service, great communication, rapid response and thorough answers to all questions.”
Mark G. August 2018
“I have many choices in the lending world. Sandy always does a great job!”
Christopher H. August 2018
“Sandy was quick and knowledgeable.”
Dennis O. August 2018
“Very quick turnaround and great customer service.”
Jon A. June 2018
“Efficient service, attentive staff and clear communication.”
Robert T. June 2018
“Great service, fast and efficient!”
Anna M. June 2018
“Excellent service. Handled in a timely manner.”
Elizabeth A. June 2018
“Great service and very helpful. I would recommend highly to family and friends.”
Kelly L. May 2018
“Sandy has been great to work with again.”
Karen D. May 2018
“Easy to work with and professional.”
Mark T. April 2018
“Smooth and professional!”
Curtis T. April 2018
“Sandy and the team were responsive and very thorough in answering all of my questions.”
Joseph S. April 2018
“Sandy was extremely helpful in helping me move through this process. He is very knowledgeable and was responsive to all of my questions/ concerns in a timely manner.”
Jane M. April 2018
“Fast, professional and a good experience.”
Maureen H. April 2018
“Sandy is detailed, trustworthy and thorough.”
Marisela C. April 2018
“Great service. Sandy was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”
Joseph S. April 2018
“Sandy did a fantastic job!”
Billy W. April 2018
“Fast and efficient.”
Jeffrey B. March 2018
“Pleasurable experience.”
Brian O. March 2018
“Great communication with Sandy who did an excellent job explaining the loan options, etc.”
William S. March 2018
“They are extremely professional, clear, focused and easy to work with! Sandy is a pro!”
Jeffrey F. March 2018
“Everything went smoothly and professionally. Sandy was always available for questions or clarification.”
Andrew M. March 2018
“The team was very efficient and easy to work with.”
Michael L. March 2018
“Everything was smooth and organized from beginning to end.”
Augustine M. March 2018
“Prompt, available, pleasant and quick to communicate.”
Donald W. March 2018
“Quick, smooth and professional transaction.”
Donald W. March 2018
“Quick, smooth and professional transaction.”
John W. January 2018
“Awesome customer service, very knowledgeable.”
David T. December 2017
“Great Service.”
Yolanda B. November 2017
“Completely satisfied.”
Debra H. October 2017
“Great communication.”
Sheldon A. October 2017
“Efficient and timely.”
Christopher K. October 2017
“Great service.”
Scott G. October 2017
“Ease in process of refinancing.”
David W. October 2017
“Thorough and great follow through.”
Jacqueline T. October 2017
“Excellent, proactive service.”
Kristen H. October 2017
“It was easy, no hassle.”
Jerry M. October 2017
“Easy and quick.”
Preston L. October 2017
“Sandy was recommended to us.”
Cary B. October 2017
“Availability, attention to detail, responsiveness, accuracy.”
Robert Z. Cathedral City, CA
“Very helpful and had good information for us. Made everything very straightforward.”
Richard W. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy was very informative and quick to answer any questions I had. His help was greatly appreciated.”
Brandon S. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy was a pleasure to work with. Sandy let me know exactly what was needed and was very responsive to my needs. I have worked with many Loan Officers over the years and Sandy was by far the best I have ever encountered.”
Stephanie T. Rancho Mirage, CA
“The communication was fantastic and the loan came in early!”
Kristin R. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy Edelstien provided outstanding customer service to both the buyers and the agents. This was a stress-free transaction thanks to Sandy's excellent communication skills and dedication to success.”
Tony O. Palm Springs, CA
“I like that he kept me informed throughout the process. He met everyone's deadlines and worked closely with the Escrow company and his clients.”
Alan K. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy Edelstein was friendly, super competent and very clear about what our options were and what was required of us. He was a pleasure to work with and extremely responsive. I would highly recommend him and your company to anyone.”
Bradley H. Yucca Valley, CA
“Sandy did an excellent job getting the client through the loan process. Thank you Sandy!”
Timothy G. Palm Springs, CA
“This was my 15th or 16th loan and I've never had a smoother process! Sandy is the best!”
Lawrence B. Palm Springs, CA
“Property is on a land lease. We discovered an issued where the existing loan had not been correctly recorded with the leaseholder. Sandy Edelstein worked with the leaseholder to find a compromise option that was good for everyone. Kristian Radev kept me informed and on-track with all required documents, signing, etc. This guy is efficient! Thanks everyone for success with the most challenging refinancing I've had to date.”
Dean S. Palm Springs, CA
“Worked with an extremely difficult client and was still able to close the loan in a timely fashion. Sandy went out of his way to make this transaction happen.”
Jacqueline T. Idyllwild, CA
“We buy and sell real estate for a living and without question this is one of the best experiences we 've ever had. Sandy Edelstein is organized, detailed and proactive. The process was smooth and we were informed every step of the way. We wish all of our transactions were this seamless. We wouldn 't go anywhere else if we were going to take out another loan. We will definitely refer him to all our friends and associates.”
Jeffrey M. Palm Springs, CA
“Very smooth process and very professional. Sandy was awesome!!”
Quentin K. Palm Springs, CA
“Very timely and proactive communications/ instructions throughout process.”
Kenneth M. Palm Springs, CA
“Very responsive”
Erin D. Cathedral City, CA
“Todd was able to help problem solve an issue with regards to a low appraisal! Really outside of the box thinking! Thank you, Todd.”
Clifford C. Palm Springs, CA
“This was the third time Sandy helped me with my loan. He is efficient and thorough. He explains everything he is doing and where we are at with the process. He is always receptive to questions and he gets things done fast. He is impressive.”
Mark S. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy was very efficient and thorough, very timely on follow ups and made the transaction hassle free.”
R D. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy was very efficient. He kept us informed as to what was needed and made signing loan documents easy through the e-sign system. He answered questions that I had in a timely manner and was very pleasant and professional to work with.”
Andrew T. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy was very prompt with replies to our questions/concerns. Excellent service!”
Ira S. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy Edelstein moved things along very efficiently, helped me, explained everything in detail and was a wonderful mortgage person to deal with. This is the second mortgage he helped me with and I highly recommend him to people.”
Christopher M. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy Edelstein was exceptionally attentive and kept us well informed. Also expediting through the BIA was greatly appreciated.”
Diane G. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy Edelstein was informative, efficient, and understanding. The loan process went smoothly and quickly. Sandy is a great asset and I will him recommend to anyone and everyone needing a loan.”
Jeffery K. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy led me through the entire process and was so professional and patient. I hadn '”
Fredrick F. Cathedral City, CA
“Sandy told me at each step what documents were needed and gave me an honest explanation of the options available for the down payment, mortgage terms and rates.”
Terry N. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy was always current and provided necessary updates through the process. Even offered to walk me through online document signing, too. (Which for techy ' inept, was a great offer!) He is very trustworthy and most sincere, too.”
Anthony W. Altadena, CA
“Sandy was consistently knowledgeable, patient and helpful throughout the process of securing our loan, making sure we were informed of all the options available to us and advising from a position of experience. He was very responsive and proactive, making sure that the process moved along as quickly as possible while also ensuring that we understood each step. Sandy always has an upbeat attitude making the process very pleasant - quite a feat given all the paperwork and stress entailed in getting a mortgage these days. We will always turn to Sandy in the future for re-financing or additional purchases.”
James H. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy was extremely efficient and professional, and took the time to carefully explain next steps and answer our questions. An excellent experience overall.”
Patrick R. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy was on top throughout the process. Couldn '”
Samuel T. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy was prompt, courteous and helpful in directing us to all of the paper work that was needed to put together the loan package. We could not have been served better.”
Hugh W. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy E. is a doll to work with”
Tamera B. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy Edelstein and Kristian Radev made the loan process so easy for my buyer. Communication with updates were great. I will highly recommend these guys to any buyer needing financing.”
Joseph S. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy Edelstein has always been consistent and professional. I continue to refer him and use him on my personal home loans.”
John S. Los Angeles, CA
“Sandy Edelstein has been our Loan Officer for years. He always finds the best options and expedites the process.”
Lynne B. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy Edelstein is a professional. He is knowledgeable and really put my buyer at ease. I would recommend him again with confidence.”
Gil R. Rancho Mirage, CA
Gil R. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy Edelstein is the consummate professional.”
Alex H. Orange, CA
“Sandy Edelstein made the entire loan process easy and painless. It was not stressful at all. Sandy kept us informed of everything, and was great in explaining terms and the entire process.”
Byron L. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy and his team make our sales go so well! I shared with another mortgage broker today that they make a good back up source but no one gets it done like Sandy and team!”
Thomas M. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy answered all question we had with courtesy and knowledge. He took the time to explain each aspect of the loan process and made the experience smooth and easy. Thanks!”
Fred A. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy did a fantastic job! I would recommend him any time.”
Janet B. San Diego, CA
“My Loan Officer Sandy Edelstein is the consummate professional. His counsel, guidance and instructions helped me anticipate and meet the challenges I faced in navigating the loan process. I am so appreciative of his professional and calm demeanor in guiding me during what has been a very stressful time in my life. I am forever grateful.”
Daniel T. Palm Springs, CA
“It was a challenging situation, and lots of paperwork had to be done but Sandy made all possible he has great patience and resources. A stellar ending for a stellar expert.”
Susan C. Palm Springs, CA
“I have worked with Sandy before. Even though this process is never fun, Sandy makes it a little less painful. Sandy is able to come up with solutions to challenging situations, and for that I am thankful.”
Judson F. Rancho Mirage, CA
“I did not have a real estate agent so Sandy Edelstein helped me through the entire process and provided great support in many areas.”
Alex G. Palm Springs, CA
“He gives a new meaning to efficient. I was completely comfortable working with him.”
Colleen P. Palm Springs, CA
“He got this loan done faster than I have seen anyone perform in recent history. Every deadline was met, most of them ahead of schedule. There was not a single hiccup, question or delay at any point. Bar none, this was the best lending experience I have had in my 14-year career in real estate. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it. ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!”
Randy S. Palm Springs, CA
“Finished well ahead of schedule. Well done!!”
George A. Palm Springs, CA
“Fantastic job. Very clean. Very quick.”
Thomas B. Palm Springs, CA
“During much of the process, I was traveling. While I had internet access, I didn 't have a printer. He understood my frustrations at times and found ways to work around the problem and find solutions.”
Patrick R. Cathedral City, CA
“Could not be happier. Sandy, his team and all the staff at Holly 's Homes were great throughout this entire process. Sandy was clear, patient and extremely helpful in explaining to us the purpose of everything that we had to submit, complete, explain, throughout the entire process.”
D C. Palm Springs, CA
“A major move is never easy, particularly as one gets older. Our Loan Officer, Sandy Edelstein, was more than helpful. We felt comfortable asking questions, even though we thought they may be stupid. Neither my husband not I are particularly computer literate, but Sandy guided us through and made it much easier for us to get through this transaction. We highly recommend Sandy.”
Tina G. Palm Springs, CA
“Sandy was a dream to work with, fast and friendly, he understood all the issues for us as small business owners, and made our loan happen within our time constraints. Always available to answer questions.”

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