About Richard Mahan

Richard Mahan is a Pennsylvania native who thoroughly understands the area’s growing and diverse real estate market. He is a veteran of the United States Navy and holds more than 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry. With this, Richard is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. He understands how the ever-changing mortgage guidelines affect each buyer and applies them to building a mortgage solution perfect for each client’s unique needs. Active in the community, Richard is a supporter of local youth baseball and soccer programs.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Jace H. Apr-22
“This is our Third mortgage and we couldn't be any happier to have someone like Richard and the Homebridge Financial services group representing us through the process! Very professional, knowledgeable, and informative.”
Kathleen L. Mar-22
“Richard is the absolute best in the business! I couldn't ask for a better lender to work with and help me get through this process. He is so knowledgeable and helped problem solve every issue in order for me to get approved. Tricia was also so helpful and I appreciate how quickly she responded to all my questions and concerns. They are the BEST team to work with!”
Linda A. Nov-21
“Richard kept me very informed and answered any questions I had. I would recommend him to anyone.”
Emma K. Oct-21
“They stuck with me for almost a year. Richard always answered my questions and got my prescription approvals almost immediately. Totally recommend them with USDA and FHA help. They have advanced knowledge in assistance programs as well to help with down payments and closing costs. Wouldn't have my mortgage without them.”
Surbrena H. Jul-21
“Richard Is the best very patience understanding and very kind. He cares about his clients and take pride and what he does. Good Job!”
Crystal D. Apr-21
“I was referred to Richard Mayan by a friend and I will be referring my friends to Richard Mayan when they are I looking for an honest and professional home buying experience. Thanks Richard”
Shona H. Apr-21
Anthony H. Mar-21
“Thanks for all your help Richard”
Lisa L. Jan-21
“I really enjoyed this process with homebridge. We used a broker for our first home buying experience about ten years ago and it was a positive experience, we did not use one with the purchase of our last home but did decide to use homebridge for our re-fi and I was quickly reminded how great it is to work with a broker. The process was easy and hassle free and everyone was friendly and informative.”
Michael L. Jan-21
“It would have been great if someone would have contacted me about when closing was and not leave me out of the decision making of when and time. I was told at the last minute what time to be at the closing. No one asked me if it was a good time for me, but Homebridge changed the date for the Sellers agent without any concern to my availability for the day and time. What was suppose to be a great day for me, was a horrible day as I had to leave work without permission to go to closing and hurry back to work. The borrower should be the priority, but in this case, I wasn't. That pretty much ruined my experience with HomeBridge.”
William H. Dec-20
“Richard is a trusting person and I would recommend him to friends/relatives if they are in the market for a refinancing. Thank you”
Gary M. Dec-20
“Everybody that worked with us did a FANTASTIC job. Thank you Richard for always being there when I needed ya!”
Robert H. Nov-20
“Richard was very responsive and courteous. Definately a pleasure to work with!”
Scott P. Jun-20
“Richard was very accommodating with my requests”
Patricia T. Aug-19
“Richard was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain things. He really went above and beyond to ensure that things went as smoothly as possible. I would definitely recommend him to friends.”
Rosa H. January-19
“He's great guy! Works hard to get you approved!”
Kasey H. November 2018
“Plenty of excellent service.”
Ishya B. October 2018
“They were very helpful with everything.”
Dennis R. October 2018
“Richard and his team are a pleasure to work with. The process started over a year ago and I couldn't be happier.”
Talia C. October 2018
“Fast communication.”
Surinder A. September 2018
“They were very helpful and timely. Quick to answer questions and concerns.”
Geralee O. September 2018
“Friendly, helpful, professional and efficient.”
Richard G. Aug-18
“Rich was responsive and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. His expertise added comfort and value to me.”
Dianne F. Aug-18
“From day one, it has been a great experience.”
Richard G. August 2018
“Rich was responsive and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. His expertise added comfort and value to me.”
Dianne F. August 2018
“From day one, it has been a great experience.”
Richard G. August 2018
“Rich was responsive and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. His expertise added comfort and value to me.”
Dianne F. August 2018
“From day one, it has been a great experience.”
Jay L. May 2018
“Great service!”
Rebecca W. March 2018
“A lot of moving parts and they got it done.”
Nathan P. March 2018
“They were very friendly.”
William S. March 2018
“Great people to work with. Spot on all details. Great follow-up and communication.”
William S. March 2018
“Richard did a great job putting this loan together.”
Wayne P. March 2018
“Very knowledgeable and easy to work with.”
Eric T. November 2017
“Great customer service; always available for questions.”
Norman C. October 2017
“Details were taken care of.”
Lee and Stacy C. November 2016
“Richard and his team were always available and willing to assist and answer questions. They were all friendly and provided great communication!”
Thomas and Debra D. November 2016
“Richard was very attentive and communicative throughout this process! ”
Kaneesha B. August 2017
“Richard and his team made this entire process go so smoothly! Richard kept in contact with me throughout the entire process and was available to answer any questions quickly! ”
Roger S. August 2017
“Richard provided open communication and user friendly, quality service! ”
Amanda B. August 2017
“Richard was always available to assist in any way possible! ”
Robert B. July 2017
“Richard was local, friendly, efficient and very helpful! Thank you!”
Stephanie and Stephen C. July 2017
“Richard was very helpful with all of the questions that we had and he was also very easy to work with!”
Geneen R. and Peter V. June 2017
“Richard was always responsive via email, phone and text. He answered all questions and he showed patience and understanding! These were all great folks that we worked with at HomeBridge!”
Lavern and Gina M. June 2017
“Richard and his team were very efficient and the communication was excellent!  They were all very friendly people to work with!”
Nakeesha F. May 2017
“Richard was very helpful and easy to reach when I needed anything!  He was very professional and knowledgeable about the process!  He always called me back and knew all the answers!”
Jeshanah M. April 2017
“Richard provided great service!  He helped make this process easier despite all of my personal difficulties.  This was a great process and I received great service!  Thank you!”
Jody M. March 2017
“Richard was very thorough during this process.  He went above and beyond to get everything done and made the process go smoothly.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Glenn S. March 2017
“Richard and his team were extremely efficient and professional!  They were also very courteous and kind!  I will definitely recommend others to HomeBridge so they could have the same positive experience!”
James F. February 2017
“This team has been very helpful and responsive in getting everything done on time!  They always communicated every step of the way!  This was a great team that provided great customer service!”
Brent P. February 2017
“Richard was reliable and easy going!  He made this process simple!   It went as smooth as possible and everyone at HomeBridge was respectful and thorough!”
Janette K. October 2016
“Richard and is team provided very friendly and trustworthy service!  I really liked working with them!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Avelino C. September 2015
“Richard and his team provided a fast and smooth process!  They were all very friendly and reliable!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Todd and Candace J. June 2016
“Richard helped us step by step through the entire process and was very patient.  We greatly appreciated it!  Because of our familiarity and comfort with HomeBridge, we would love to return for future business!  Thank you!”
Matthew and Zoriber W. October 2015
“Richard really worked hard on our behalf.  HomeBridge provided excellent service and what I consider, the best interest rate!”
Maya and Jarrod J. November 2015
“Richard and everyone that we worked with at HomeBridge were very responsive and easy to work with.  We appreciate the great customer service!  We are very pleased!  Keep up the good work!”
Nicole R. April 2016
“Richard and his staff were on top of everything and made the closing easy.  They were all well organized which made the process simple for me.  Keep on doing what you do!”
Barry M. December 2015
“Richard and the HomeBridge team were all professional, courteous and helpful throughout this entire process!”
Gerald and Deborah K. January 2016
“Richard was available 24/7, several of our conversations were on weekends and evenings.  Everything was great!  Keep doing what you are doing!”
James T.
“Richard and his team were so quick and respectful, everything went very well.  HomeBridge was so professional,  everything was excellent!  Job well done!”
Dylan W.
“Richard was very efficient, friendly and helpful.  HomeBridge was very organized and had everything done in a timely manner.”
Thomas B. Williamstown, Pennsylvania
“I want to say out of all the people I met to talk to about buying a home, I’m glad I trusted in Richard Mahan. I was able to talk to him about my home loan, he listened to my needs to be able to recommend the right home purchase options, made the pre-approval process straightforward, returned my calls and e-mails promptly, and was always there to help when needed. I thank you Richard for your help in making my home decision a pleasant one.”

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