About Raymond Jalbert

As an experienced Mortgage Loan Originator, Raymond Jalbert has extensive knowledge of the local market and an unparalleled ability to build a mortgage solution perfect for each client’s unique needs. He has operated net branches as well as owned and operated his own brokerage. Raymond is passionate about making a difference in his clients’ lives by helping them realize their dream of home ownership. He believes that the toughest files come with the greatest rewards for both himself and his customers. Raymond has a lot of experience with renovation loans such as the FHA 203(k) and Fannie Mae HomeStyle. He can help you turn any house into your dream home. In his free time, Raymond loves working with local charities, as well as drag racing at Lebanon Valley Dragway. Raymond is driven to provide quality service and a positive customer experience throughout the home financing process. With access to numerous loan programs and a willing and dedicated operations team with a wealth of experience, he looks forward to being your professional Mortgage Loan Originator for life. Call Raymond today and let him make your home ownership dreams a reality!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

David C. December 2018
“Because from beginning to end everyone was pleasant and very friendly to work with.”
Kareem P. November 2018
“Raymond and Eileen were great, a power team!”
Liza D. November 2018
“Good customer service. Easy process to complete all the steps. Good and fast communication, good support.”
Margerida C. October 2018
“Everyone was very nice and time manageable with documents and submitting all information.”
Elizabeth P. October 2018
“Ray is the best!”
Katherine P. October 2018
“The people I worked with were very knowledgeable and patient. They were thorough and willing to explain things that I didn't understand as a first time home owner.”
Eliud R. October 2018
“Great service and very helpful.”
Jamie V. Aug-18
“Ray was great to work with. He was always available for any questions we had.”
Amber H. Aug-18
“Ray Jalbert and the entire team at HomeBridge were very dedicated to helping us.”
Charles S. Aug-18
“Working with Ray Jalbert.”
Jamie V. August 2018
“Ray was great to work with. He was always available for any questions we had.”
Amber H. August 2018
“Ray Jalbert and the entire team at HomeBridge were very dedicated to helping us.”
Charles S. August 2018
“Working with Ray Jalbert.”
Charles S. August 2018
“Working with Ray Jalbert.”
Jamie V. August 2018
“Ray was great to work with. He was always available for any questions we had.”
Amber H. August 2018
“Ray Jalbert and the entire team at HomeBridge were very dedicated to helping us.”
Alicia P. June 2018
“The mortgage process was smooth and easy.”
Joey J. March 2018
“Ray Jalbert was really great. ”
Mary-Kathryn W. January 2018
“I found Ray to be organized and knowledgeable. He explained everything in a concise manner. He made it easy to communicate with the company by meeting with me to sign papers.”
Tanvir M. December 2017
“They were professional and courteous.”
Jennifer W. December 2017
“Ray was always helpful, he updated the process as it went along.”
Philip and Sharon C. December 2016
“Ray was very supportive and attentive throughout this process! We would like to work with HomeBridge again for future needs! Thank you!”
Stephen and Kelli P. December 2016
“Ray was extremely helpful and easy to work with! We had a wonderful experience at HomeBridge!”
Veronica L. December 2016
“Ray was excellent! He met and exceeded my expectations! He worked with us to keep our monthly payment down. He was very easy to work with! Thank you!”
Meranda A. August 2017
“Raymond and his staff did an excellent job helping me during this loan process! They worked very hard to help make sure I had everything I needed!”
Tammy C. August 2017
“Raymond was very competent and helpful! I have recommended HomeBridge several times due to previously working with them!
    You're the best!”
Aaron H. August 2017
“Raymond and his team were very quick and helpful! ”
Tara S. July 2017
“Ray walked me through this process every step of the way! He made sure that I understood and was comfortable. He was extremely responsive as well. Thank you!”
Harrynaraine S. June 2017
“Raymond is very knowledgeable and he provided very good communication throughout this process!  He made buying a home easy!  He is very good at what he does!  Thank you!”
Norbert and Demys M. April 2017
“Ray was quick in responding and he provided great communication!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Gregory and Loretta S. April 2017
“Raymond and his staff were readily available, very thorough and professional throughout this entire process!  They were very knowledgeable and always made sure we were well informed of all things associated with our loan.  Ray was awesome and he found ways to help us during a difficult purchase from a bank owned property.  We have a lot of confidence in HomeBridge and we would like to use them again in the future when needed!  Everything went well!  Thank you!”
Jennifer D. April 2017
“I love Ray!  He is a pleasure to work with!  Eileen is very responsive and paid great attention to detail!  They made this process very easy!  Thank you!”
Nicholas E. March 2017
“I appreciated the great communication with Ray!  Every question was answered and explained to me thoroughly!  The ease of process really put me at ease!  Thank you!”
Kristen S. and Timothy D. February 2017
“Ray was fantastic to work with!  He made this a smooth process and he worked well under strict deadlines.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Brittney M. January 2017
“Raymond and his team were very helpful throughout this process.  Raymond always called to explain things and he answered all of our questions.  The entire team were great to work with and made this experience easy for us.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
David S. October 2016
“Raymond provided great follow up and he was very detail oriented!  He was always available to answer questions or concerns.  He provided great service!  Keep up the great work HomeBridge!”
Raymond and Julia L. September 2016
“Raymond and his staff were all very helpful!  They provided clear instructions and made excellent recommendations for home owner's insurance.  We will return to HomeBridge soon for a refinance!”
Tracey L. September 2016
“Ray was very good to work with!  He always returned my calls in a timely manner and he worked very well with my schedule!  I have already recommended him to a friend of mine that is refinancing.  I highly recommend HomeBridge to anyone!  Keep on doing what you do!  Thank you!”
Eileen W. August 2016
“Raymond and his team were very courteous and helpful!  They were very patient and thorough throughout this process!  Excellent work!  Thank you so much!”
Lionel and Colleen S. September 2015
“Raymond and his team were always available to address any questions or concerns that we had no matter what time of day!  They made home buying much less stressful!  The team was friendly and professional and willing to help us in any way that they could!”
Carmen O. August 2016
“Raymond and his team were very friendly!  They worked beyond hours to come to me to pick up documents.  I will recommend HomeBridge to others due to this positive experience!”
Stacey K. August 2016
“Raymond was very helpful throughout this process!  He answered all questions in a timely manner!  I will recommend HomeBridge to others!  Thank you!”
Joeline V. July 2016
“Raymond was amazing to work with!  He was always very helpful and supportive throughout the process!  I will recommend him and HomeBridge to everyone I know!  He really went above and beyond for me!  Thanks!”
Kevin and Melinda J. July 2016
“Raymond and his team made this process very simple.  They were professional and kept in contact during the entire process.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jose M. October 2015
“Raymond was great to work with!  He was very informative and quick to respond.  I am highly satisfied with the service that I received at HomeBridge and will definitely recommend to others!  Everything was great!”
Ella F. October 2015
“Ray was extremely helpful during this entire process!  I would recommend HomeBridge to everyone I know!”
Joan C. May 2016
“Raymond provided great services, assistance and help!  Everyone involved were true professionals!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to family and friends!”
John G.
“Seamless and efficient work by Ray and his team.  Great work!”
Dustin and Kristen R.
“Ray has been incredibly kind, helpful and informative.  Everyone has been quick to respond to any questions I had. We had a great experience!”

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