About Rachelle Thomas


Rachelle Thomas has spent more than half of her life working in almost every facet of the home finance industry. Starting as an escrow officer, gaining valuable experience in finance as a bank manager, she worked her way up to become a leading Mortgage Loan Originator in her hometown of Bend, Oregon.  Rachelle’s customer-focused approach and unique knowledge base means that she’s been able to maintain long-term relationships with borrowers and colleagues built on trust and the expertise she brings to every transaction. Many of these relationships have required her to expand her reach into Washington and California.

Rachelle works to educate borrowers before, during and long after the loan process with clear communication and follow up. She identifies and resolves gaps in the needs of each customer by asking the right questions, learning their goals and providing solutions and options that meet the immediate need as well as future financial goals.

With her extensive knowledge of available loan programs, Rachelle can offer the following options and more:

  • VA Loans
  • Conventional loans
  • FHA/USDA loans
  • Renovation loans
  • Refinance loans
  • Jumbo and Super Jumbo loans

Though she has helped countless homebuyers with these programs, Rachelle has vast knowledge and experience in FHA and VA loans. She is incredibly proud of her family’s contribution to the country—both of her grandfathers served in the U.S. Armed Forces, and her father is a retired Master Chief of the U.S. Navy who taught her integrity, honesty, and a strong work ethic. She understands how important it is to access the benefits earned through service to our country.

When she’s not helping customers reach their mortgage goals, Rachelle is spending time with her family, either dining out, watching movies or watching sports. She has two beautiful girls and three interesting dogs who she spends her spare time with.

Rachelle’s attention to each of her customers, together with her understanding of the loan process, makes her the perfect Mortgage Loan Originator to have in your corner. No matter your unique situation, Rachelle Thomas will help you achieve your home finance goals.


What Our Customers Say About Me

Chris U. Dec-20
“Rachelle was amazing in both my original home loan as well as refinance! She provides concise, clear, and quick responses and made sure everything was taken care of every step of the way.”
Alexander M. Nov-20
“Rachelle was Wonderful. Although she had many other applications in process, she always got back to me in a reasonable amount of time and communicated clearly. She fought through some of the problems encountered and MADE THE LOAN HAPPEN. We couldn't have done this without her.”
Constance F. Oct-20
“Top job, as usual. Her team is first class, too. Thanks for an easy experience”
Jaimie W. Sep-20
“Even though it was an incredibly busy time in home buying I was able to get my questions answered quickly by either Rachelle or the team. They were very helpful and patient with first time how buyers. I have already given contact info to interested buyers.”
Angela B. Aug-20
“Rachelle as always makes it easy and a pleasant experience. I was very thankful that I was able to go to title local instead of having to drive to bend. Will always use Rachelle and tell everyone to call her first.”
Richard H. Aug-20
“Very helpful thank you all”
Adam M. Jul-20
“Rachelle, you are simply the best in the business! Extremely satisfied with the service you provided. Your attitude, communication skills and reassurance you provided us are unmatched. Thank you for being amazing!”
Donald P. Jul-20
“Rachelle is a pleasure to work with. Very smart, organized, and work very well with her team at Home Street.”
Adam M. Jul-20
“Rachelle, you are simply the best in the business! Extremely satisfied with the service you provided. Your attitude, communication skills and reassurance you provided us are unmatched. Thank you for being amazing!”
Donald P. Jul-20
“Rachelle is a pleasure to work with. Very smart, organized, and work very well with her team at Home Street.”
Jesse B. Jun-20
“Rachelle was very helpful throughout the process, I would recommend her to a friend for sure.”
Cheryl H. Jun-20
“Be sure to get you home loan with Rachelle Thomas! She will not disappoint!”
Sidney H. Jun-20
Stephanie H. Jun-20
“This was a very simple and easy process especially during a pandemic. Rachelle made the process really easy and stress free for me.”
Lillian B. Jun-20
“We had the best, most ideal experience imaginable working with Rachelle Thomas at Homebridge in Bend, OR. The entire process from first start to finish was smooth and transparent. There were no unexpected or bad surprises and no hidden fees or costs. This was our first time buying a home and we were prepared for an anxious and difficult process, but working with Rachelle and team couldn't have been further from that. She was always available any time to answer questions and keep our timeline on track. Everything was handled very professionally but we felt comfortable and at ease like they truly understood and were serving our needs throughout the entire process. Killer team at Homebridge, Bend OR, and also thanks to Emily Jonas for recommending this fab group!”
SEAN M. May-20
“Rachelle is always accessible and knowledgeable in all the processes that come with buying a home. Even when moving out of state I decided to continue working with Rachelle because of how great she was during my first experience with her.”
LAURA M. Apr-20
“Rachelle is Always helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt to respond. She's the best!”
“COVID-19 caused some delays, so not at all the problem with Rachell and her staff. Since we don't live near Rachelle, and travel was severely restricted, Rachelle was unable to attend our closing. She is the reason we reached out to Homebridge Financial. Rachelle is a great employee of the company, and has an energetic and positive personality, which made the process much better.”
IAN K. Jan-20
“You are by far the best person for me to work with. Thank you so much for all your help and you are a superstar in the loan business.”
SOFFIA S. Dec-19
“Rachelle is a great person, who really knows what she is doing. She is great about making sure I understood what was going on throughout the process! She is AMAZING!”
COLIN P. Nov-19
“We love Rachelle and would go through her again in an instant!”
DANIEL K. Nov-19
“Thank you, Rachelle!!!”
Simon M. Oct-19
“It was a pleasure working with the team at Homebridge. As we were moving from out of state it was vital that we could proceed through the process using online resources. Rachelle's responsiveness to every question and need (even the ones we didn't know to ask) certainly made our lives easier.”
Molly H. Sep-19
“Rachelle, thank you for your expertise and efficient handling of our loan! It was So nice to meet you in person after hearing about you from my sister and brother in law! You we're truly amazing! We love our new house! Thank you again!”
David H. Jul-19
“Rachelle Thomas provides excellent service and is truly professional! You are lucky to have her representing Homebridge Financial Services!”

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