About Peter Minarich

Peter Minarich graduated from the University of South Florida and has more than 25 years of experience in home financing.  He is committed, qualified and equipped to implement mortgage, cash flow and real estate equity management strategies that help you build and conserve wealth, become debt free sooner and achieve financial freedom.  Peter enjoys educating buyers throughout the mortgage process and sharing in the excitement of closing on a new home.  In the end, his innovated approach to business, commitment to working as an integrated team and dedication to providing outstanding service makes the mortgage process easy and enjoyable for everyone involved.  Active in the industry, Peter is a Rotary Club member, Women’s Council of Realtor member, Realtor Association of Sarasota Manatee member and served on numerous business partner committees and is a past business partner chairman.  He was “Business Partner of the Year” for outstanding service and support to the Realtor Association.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Sarah E. Apr-22
“Pete was fantastic. I initially reached out to him about applying for a mortgage on a Friday evening, after business hours, and I had a response by the time I woke up in the morning. The entire process continued to be as quick and easy as that - I felt like the Homebridge team just made everything happen for me with very little stress and effort on my part and I truly appreciated and was impressed by that. I was also extremely impressed with Haley - when we hit an issue with underwriting regarding my husband's green card, she researched and obtained information about it so that she was able to resolve the issue without me having to do anything else. I was prepared to have to fight that battle myself because it is an uncommon situation and we encounter problems with it from time to time, and I was so impressed that she went and learned about it so she could go to bat for us. I cannot thank Pete and his team enough for such a stress-free process! ”
JENNA S. Jan-22
“Pete, Rachel, and Haley were great to work with! This was my second home so I generally knew how the process went but they were each very accessible to answer any and all questions that arose! I would 100% recommend them and would use them again (and likely will!) in the future.”
GARY C. Jan-22
“Well done!”
David M. Nov-21
“Homebridge Financial Services made sure the financial part of building a new house went as smooth stress free as can be expected”
JACKYE H. Nov-21
“Thank you so much your professionalism and quick response for my mortgage.”
KAREN C. Oct-21
“Pete and the rest of the Homebridge team did a great job. Thank you to everyone involved!”
Stephanie B. Sep-21
“I just want to thank the entire team for providing and supporting me on my new home. Thank you so much”
Marcos M. Aug-21
“Great experience overall. Especial thanks to Nick & Deidra.”
Kenneth P. Aug-21
“I have been trying on and off for three years trying to purchase a home. At every point Homebridge has been there. When I was finally ready, Pete was awesome and our realtor, Kim Griffith was super amazing and we completely felt like part of the family. I am so amazed at the great work they did from the beginning of the process to the end. Can't say enough about how awesome the whole team is. Thank you so much.”
Sharon T. Aug-21
“This was a great experience. Thanks so much. Nick was very helpful throughout the whole process. He did an awesome job and answered all of our questions in a timely manner.”
“Pete and the team are fantastic. I have done many closings and this by far has been the best experience ever. I would recommend Pete and his team if you want an experience that will be enjoyable. Many Thanks to Pete and his team. I will be contacting Pete for future endeavors. Many Thanks. Michael”
Trisha H. Jul-21
“Great! Flexible. On time. Easy process.”
Carl D. May-21
“Peter Minarich has a great team. Tony Lyles is and exceptional person he's patient and very knowledgeable about the mortgage process. Thanks homebridge”
Angela K. May-21
“As a first time homebuyer I am very satisfied with the process and the excellent service I got from everyone involved. I would definitely recommend the company to others. Thank you.”
Ransford M. May-21
“Thank you! Everyboby was great on their part. Thank you so very much. I would definitely recommend homebridge . Great!”
Kesi B. Apr-21
“Well done thank you guys”
BRIAN C. Apr-21
“We've used Pete Minarich several times over the last 10 years. He's such a professional and an absolute pleasure to do business with! We will definitely contact Pete for any of our future endeavors!”
Todqushia R. Apr-21
“The home buying process doesn't have to be hard. Thank you Pete, Colette and the always available Nicholas Stehle.”
Jonathan M. Apr-21
“Pete, Haley, and Monty were tremendous through the entire process. Every step was handled with care and precision. I was constantly being updated and asked if I had any questions or concerns during every step. Each question I had was answered almost immediately, or I received a response within an hour from another team member. I can't say enough for the entire team. They're excellent.”
David M. Apr-21
“The process was timely and easy to understand and to work with”
Larry R. Mar-21
“Very satisfied with Homebridge!”
John K. Mar-21
“Collett was very helpful and always answered our questions and helped with paper work.”
Diane B. Mar-21
“The process was great.”
George S. Feb-21
“Everything went well as expected.”
Thomas D. Feb-21
“This was a very unusual loan process in that I never saw the loan officer face to face. In this day and age maybe that's the new way things are being done. My only complaint is the several times I had to send the same documents in. I didn't know what was going on there. Peter seemed to be always busy when I called, but he always called back. He always answered and explained whatever questions or concerns I had. Other than my one complaint I think the process went very well.”
Nickole S. Feb-21
“This best ever”
Mark J. Jan-21
“Nick Stihl was "the best" person we've ever dealt with in any previous business dealings. Always a very calming force....very informative, kind, considerate. He never seemed annoyed at the many phone calls and questions posed to him. He was the best part of this experience. On the negative side, there were MANY people we were receiving e-mails from for various parts of the process.”
JASON C. Dec-20
“Peter and his team were great with communication and we were referred by our realtor her name is Denise and very thankful she helped set us up with that team because we are from Michigan and needed help with the mortgage! Thank you Peter and Homebridge Mortgage”
DERIC C. Dec-20
“Peter Minarich is very knowledgeable in the mortgage industry and also very correspondent as well during the loan process with questions and answers. I appreciate all of his help (and his whole loan team) in getting my new loan done!!”
Beth H. Dec-20
“Everyone was very efficient and timely. Easy stress free experience”
Michael M. Dec-20
“I will recommend Homebridge to anyone needing a mortgage. Very easy to work with.”
Glendally R. Dec-20
“Excellent Mortgage Team, Bleesing”
DONA P. Nov-20
“Peter was very thorough and kept me informed at every step of the process. We were actually able to close prior to initial closing date. I appreciate the communication throughout the entire process.”
Keyshonna K. Nov-20
“Thank you all for making this process as smooth as possible!”
“excellent service and professional......”
Wilson P. Oct-20
“I would like to thank Mr. Peter Minarich for a easy loan process. I also like to appreciate Mr. Nick Stehle, Mortgage Loan Originator, who always helped me , explained me, each and every step of the process from day one till closing. Thank you all staff at Homebridge. It was a wonderful experience to work with you all.”
Alan B. Sep-20
“Peter and his team handled closing professionally. They handled every issue that came up quickly and was very pleased with overall experience.”
SHANA M. Sep-20
“Very professional, organized, and easy to work with.”
CLARK S. Sep-20
“Very informative”
Suzie B. Sep-20
“I had a great team, working on my loan application. They exceeded my expectation. Thank you for your hard work.”
KACIE H. Sep-20
“Homebridge Financial Services was amazing and I 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a loan. Each person I worked with was professional, responded quickly, and answered any question I had.”
LYUBOV K. Sep-20
“Great team of professionals. The whole process was easy and very pleasant. Thank you very much.”
“Thanks for making my first experience buying a home a good one!”
LIdo C. Jul-20
“Peter was very professional and level headed. He helped me through the process with Nicholas and Colette. I'm very satisfies with there professionalism.”
Jeteria S. Jul-20
“Thank you”
Stephen T. Jul-20
“Peter Minarich was great to deal with and kept the process moving along as quickly as he could. He was very helpful in answering any questions we had and worked hard to get it done.”
THERON R. Jul-20
“Pete was great, just as all of his team was. For all the extras we were guided through the steps thoroughly and efficiently. This was a great experience for us and we are grateful for Pete's professionalism.”
Stephen T. Jul-20
“Peter Minarich was great to deal with and kept the process moving along as quickly as he could. He was very helpful in answering any questions we had and worked hard to get it done.”
“Peter and his team did an outstanding job in the financing of my home purchase. Very responsive and professional. I would highly recommend them for anyone needing to home mortgage.”
SHERRY S. May-20
“Peter always returned my calls promptly and was always friendly.”
SHERRY S. May-20
“Peter always returned my calls promptly and was always friendly.”
“Peter is very personable and knowledgeable. He goes the extra mile to help person seeking a mortgage.”
PETER U. Apr-20
“Pete goes above and beyond to ensure customer is kept up to date on the loan progress and knows what to ask for from customer up front to ensure a smooth transaction He is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!”
STEVEN B. Apr-20
“Worked with Nick and am very satisfied”
DAWN P. Jan-20
“Pete was very supportive and informative throughout the whole process. He was also very "available", whether that meant being able to reach Pete by cell or office phone or email. I appreciated his time and thoroughness of explanations, especially when my loan was very small in comparison of others in our market.”
LINDA B. Jan-20
“Peter Minarich was very helpful and went above and beyond to make the financing of my home happen. I would highly recommend him.”
JAMES F. Dec-19
“Pete Minarich and his team were amazing. This was our first time going through the process, and they made it go very smoothly for us. Couldn't have done it without them!”
G W. Nov-19
“Pete did a great job!”
Louis A. Oct-19
Leonard G. June-19
“The experience was easy, and the person that lead us thru the closing. was the best of the best!!!!!”
Emily P. June-19
“We had a wonderful experience with Homebridge Financial. Pete took great care of us, explained the process throughout the loan . I still can't believe we closed in less than 30 days and the process went so smooth!!! Thank you Pete and your group for everything you did behind the scenes to make this happen.”
Jon W. April-19
“Thank you very much for a seamless process”
MILTON M. February-19
“Thank you Pete”
“I am a repeat customer of Pete Minarich and Homebridge. Pete is extremely knowledgeable in his field and also very personable with his clients. Always just phone call away, even on a Sunday afternoon, he was never short of information if we had questions - it was like having a lender in the family! I highly recommend him and his team. Thanks again.”
Shannon S. December 2018
“Pete is wonderful.”
Lance H. December 2018
“Peter Minarich was very professional as well as knowledgeable and we had the utmost confidence in him. He did an excellent job.”
Harry S. December 2018
“Pete Minarich was outstanding. He helped us with obtaining construction financing. Chris Gilpin was very patient and walked us through the closing process.”
Chadwick W. December 2018
“Easy to work with, recommended by realtor.”
Mark C. December 2018
“We have used your company in the past and had a great experience. Always got prompt responses.”
John S. December 2018
“I was kept informed all along. Easy to work with.”
Horace A. November 2018
“Very helpful. Helped get quick closing. Very personable.”
Francis D. October 2018
“Both Pete Minarich and Chris Gilpin were extremely professional and very helpful. The process was very easy and not intimidating. Thank you.”
Charles R. October 2018
“The team was very knowledgeable on their product and great to work with.”
Ruth L. October 2018
“Very professional, prompt and courteous.”
Jennifer D. October 2018
“Everyone went above and beyond to help me.”
Richard Q. October 2018
“Everything went great.”
Jason L. October 2018
“Pete Minarich and his team are wonderful to work with.”
Heather R. October 2018
“Helpful, thorough and professional.”
Allan S. October 2018
“Nick and his team were exceptional. They went out of their way to ensure our loan was done promptly.”
Juan C. October 2018
“The people are very friendly and helpful. They will go step by step with the customer since day one to the end of the process.”
Christopher F. October 2018
“Peter Minarich is the best!”
Dawn S. October 2018
“Pete and Chris are amazing and made it easy and fun some times.”
Lizette W. October 2018
“They were very helpful and always answered questions timely.”
Mark S. September 2018
“Good service.”
Sean H. September 2018
“Homebridge was professional and courteous throughout the process.”
Veasna K. Aug-18
“They have been great helping me reach my goal.”
Richard L. Aug-18
“Great to work with!”
Richard G. Aug-18
“Specific details explained. Took calls as needed.”
John H. Aug-18
“Peter was awesome. He was very helpful and encouraging.”
Michael F. Aug-18
“Very helpful and always available.”
Veasna K. August 2018
“They have been great helping me reach my goal.”
Richard L. August 2018
“Great to work with!”
Richard G. August 2018
“Specific details explained. Took calls as needed.”
John H. August 2018
“Peter was awesome. He was very helpful and encouraging.”
Michael F. August 2018
“Very helpful and always available.”
John H. August 2018
“Peter was awesome. He was very helpful and encouraging.”
Michael F. August 2018
“Very helpful and always available.”
Veasna K. August 2018
“They have been great helping me reach my goal.”
Richard L. August 2018
“Great to work with!”
Richard G. August 2018
“Specific details explained. Took calls as needed.”
Brian C. June 2018
“Very professional and informative.”
Rodrigo B. June 2018
“They were very helpful.”
Eric P. June 2018
“Everyone was very kind and very quick to respond!”
Randal C. May 2018
“Peter was always available to us. Kim was always quick to respond.”
Leslie R. April 2018
“Peter did great. He always answered questions with patience and a very out going person.”
Sara B. April 2018
“Everyone that assisted us with our purchase was nice.”
Alan B. March 2018
“Professional services.”
Jerry B. March 2018
“No issues.”
Antonio L. March 2018
Christine C. March 2018
“The process was smooth and quick.”
Brett S. March 2018
“Communication, fast paced and worked over and beyond for an early closing.”
Christopher W. February 2018
“They worked hard to complete our loan request and kept us updated as to what was happening.”
Sunil D. January 2018
“Pete was very efficient with providing information as well as being professional.”
John G. January 2018
“Very good service.”
Andrew G. December 2017
“They made the process go very smoothly and were very kind and easy to work with. ”
Cody C. December 2017
“Easy to get in contact with and understand what was being asked.”
Justin H. November 2017
“All staff was readily available.”
Dale A. October 2017
“Extremely helpful.”
Philip H. October 2017
“They do great work.”
Farhad D. October 2017
“They were very friendly and helpful from the beginning to the end.”
Cheryl D. October 2017
“Everything went very smoothly.”
Michelle P. October 2017
“Smooth closing and loan process. Great team!”
Carol A. October 2017
“Extremely professional, knowledgeable, friendly and exceptional customer service. ”
David and Alice M. November 2016
“Peter provided very professional service! He and his team knew exactly what to do and guided us through the process! I would especially recommend Peter Minarich and look to him for help with our next home mortgage!”
Brenda H. November 2016
“Peter and his staff were very helpful obtaining my pre-approval and in expediting the closing date! Thanks!”
Harvey S. November 2016
“Peter provided no hassle service! The information and documents during the process were clear and fast! The transaction was flawless with no delays! Straight forward, easy group of people to work with!”
Zhora and Olga O. September 2017
“Peter was very professional and easy to work with! I would work with HomeBridge again in the future because I trust them!”
William and Barbara F. December 2016
“Peter was exceptional in helping us obtain our home! This is a dream come true! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Renee U. November 2016
“I was recommended to HomeBridge and the service has been great! Thank you!”
Anthony P. September 2017
“Peter made this process smooth and easy! He provided great customer service!”
Heidi S. December 2016
“Peter is very professional, helpful, thoughtful and knowledgeable! I will certainly recommend HomeBridge to friends and family! Great job!”
Rachael F. August 2017
“Peter was great to work with! He was very helpful throughout this entire process! I was treated awesome! ”
Walter and Kimberley C. December 2016
“Peter was very responsive and he provided good communication throughout the process! He was easy to work with and he made this a great experience at HomeBridge!”
Deidra L. December 2016
“Peter was great at keeping me updated and with working on my file! I would like to work with HomeBridge again because, I know the ins and outs now and I have also formed a great working relationship with them! ”
Nichole G. August 2017
“Peter and his team did a wonderful job! They provided quick processing and closing time! All was great!”
Beverly M. August 2017
“Peter and his team provided me a great experience at HomeBridge! I would use them again because, everything was really well done and my experience was great!”
Michael and Katonya N. July 2017
“The professionalism was outstanding! Peter and his entire team were extremely helpful, courteous and very detailed! This was a very pleasant buying experience!”
Ricardo R. August 2017
“Peter and his team made this process very easy! This was the best experience of my life! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Louis S. July 2017
“Peter and his team provided excellent service! They were always available, very friendly and helpful! Keep up the great work! I am happy to do business with HomeBridge!”
Jany M. July 2017
“Peter and his team were very nice and professional! They helped us a lot! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Connie G. August 2017
“Peter was very attentive to questions and always had prompt responses! Thank you!”
Peggy S. July 2017
“Peter and his team were very efficient and friendly! They were always prompt to respond! ”
Dillan L. July 2017
“Peter and HomeBridge were very helpful and they worked with us well. Pete was wonderful and he really went the extra mile! This was a very easy process! ”
Page and Bert L. June 2017
“Peter and his team were very helpful in every aspect of this process! They were great to work with!”
Luci M. June 2017
“Peter and his team provided very good customer service and care! Keep on doing the great job that you are doing!”
Kenneth and Sharon R. June 2017
“Peter and his team provided excellent customer service! They stayed on top of my application and called me frequently to check in with us. They were very professional and patient! They explained every detail and walked us through the electronic signature process. The people at HomeBridge were very kind yet professional throughout the entire process!”
Caleb D. June 2017
“Peter and his team were excellent to work with! I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to this positive experience!”
Jaclyn T. December 2016
“Peter and his team were a great team and were very easy to work with!  This is my second time working with Peter and I have no reason to ever go anywhere else!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Brett and Mayra T. May 2017
“Peter and his team were very helpful and knowledgeable!  HomeBridge made our home buying experience pleasant and much less stressful than we expected!  Thank you everyone!”
Marcia S. April 2017
“Peter and his team were very helpful and they worked hard to help us get to closing on time!  They were very professional and diligent!”
Caroline W. April 2017
“Peter and Kim were very patient, helpful and easy to work with!  Thank you!”
Nancy and Mark W. March 2017
“Peter has been very helpful and he has communicated well!  This was a very pleasant experience at HomeBridge!  I am very happy with the process!  Thank you!”
Ian and Valerie F. March 2017
“Peter was always friendly and willing to help!  He was very honest and helpful with the mortgage process.  Thank you!”
Patasha L. February 2017
“From the beginning until the end of this process the HomeBridge team was very professional, kind and they explained everything perfectly!  I will definitely refer clients to HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Robert and Lynne N. March 2017
“Peter was extremely helpful and communicated well with us!  We would likely use HomeBridge again for any future needs since they met our needs as well as they did!”
Stuart and Paula P. March 2017
“Peter and his staff made this a great experience throughout this entire process!  Excellent service was provided at HomeBridge!”
Sean and Carolyn B. March 2017
“Peter was highly recommend by our realtor!  He was very organized with all of the paperwork!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Ernest and Cassandra R. February 2017
“Peter and his team were extremely helpful, very patient, caring and friendly!  They were so helpful throughout this entire process!  The entire team was awesome to work with and we are very grateful for all they have done!”
David and Barbara B. February 2017
“All transactions were smooth and without delay!  Peter provided very good communication and service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Nemer and Clara D. January 2017
“Peter and his team were very knowledgeable, professional and efficient!  They were straight forward and kept us dated well!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Mark F. September 2015
“Working with Peter at HomeBridge was great!  The entire process, from the application to the closing, went super smooth!   Thank you!”
Philip H. September 2016
“Peter was very friendly, accommodating and professional!  He made us feel at ease!”
Gerald and Geraldine B. September 2016
“Peter was very easy to work with and prompt in answering any questions that we had!  The transaction was explained clearly and completely!”
Diana and Patrick Z. September 2016
“Peter and his team were prompt, efficient, friendly and helpful!  They answered all of our questions and led us through the process step by step.  We had no issues and they made the process easy and enjoyable!”
Robert W. September 2016
“Peter and his team made this process easy!  They were hands on from start to finish!  They all did a fantastic job!”
Alejo A. September 2016
“Peter and his team were great people to work with!  They were all very helpful!”
Albert and Catherine L. September 2016
“Peter and his team provided prompt and pleasant service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Roger S. August 2016
“Peter and his team were quick, efficient and knowledgeable!”
Marlin and Diane B. September 2015
“Peter and his team provided prompt and courteous service!  I am glad that we were referred to HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Andrew F. August 2016
“Peter and his team have been very helpful and informative.  We were very pleased with the service that we received at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Marilyn F. August 2016
“Peter was very informative, knowledgeable, friendly and supportive!  He showed such expertise throughout the process!”
Randa and Maz G. August 2016
“Peter and his team were very pleasant to work with!  They answered all emails and phone calls promptly!”
Scott and Barbara D. July 2016
“Peter and his team processed our loan quickly and professionally!  We enjoyed working with everyone at HomeBridge!”
David F. and Michael A. July 2016
“Peter and his team provided great service!  They were very responsive and they made the process quick and easy!”
Raymond and Cynthia F. July 2016
“This process went very smoothly and was completed on time!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Robert M. June 2016
“Peter and his team made this experience for me as a first time home buyer very easy.  I will recommend HomeBridge to friends and family!”
Aaron P. June 2016
“Peter and his team worked with me very closely getting everything done in a timely manner!  I am extremely satisfied with HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Deborah P. June 2016
“Peter was very responsive and timely.  He provided guidance and accurate information throughout the whole process.  He was wonderful to work with!”
Robert L. June 2016
“Peter and his team were very friendly and easy to work with!  Everyone worked hard to get me a good deal!  The process went smoothly!”
Liam and Stephanie L. May 2016
“Peter was extremely quick to respond to questions and he was very active in making sure everything went smoothly!  Don't change a thing! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lisa L. May 2016
“Peter was always very helpful and available!  I was so happy for the communication and clarification of the procedures.  All was excellent!”
Paul and Sue D. May 2016
“We enjoyed working with Peter and everyone at HomeBridge!  They explained everything in detail and handled the entire process fast and efficiently!  Peter was very patient with all of our questions and concerns!  Thank you!”
Stanley and Faye L. May 2016
“Everything went smoothly, we were well informed at every step of the process.  Assistance was always available when we needed it.”
Jeffrey and Camilla W. May 2016
“Peter was outstanding to work with and is a trusted advisor.  This process has been smooth and transparent!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
David and Kelly W. May 2016
“Peter and his team were extremely easy to work with, quick and efficient!  From initial contact to final closing, all aspects went smoothly.  Every question that we had was answered promptly.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Heather D. May 2016
“Peter and his team responded quickly to all questions that I had.  They were all extremely helpful and kind.  I really enjoyed working with everyone at HomeBridge!”
Leona B. November 2015
“This is our second loan through HomeBridge.  Everyone there has been very professional, efficient and kind!”
Matthew and Joanna S. December 2015
“Everyone we worked with was very informative and accommodating, they were available to answer questions at any time of the day.  There were loan options to choose from that best fit our needs.  Because of the speed and efficiency of the staff, I would definitely use HomeBridge again for any future loan needs.  They made us feel very confident and at ease in our loan process.  You guys did an awesome job!”
Pavel H. December 2015
“Peter has been very efficient, easy to work with, courteous and prompt on all transactions!  This was our second experience with HomeBridge and it has been great!”
Joyce J. April 2016
“Peter and the HomeBridge staff were excellent to work with.  They provided wonderful communication, quick responses to any questions we had.  I hope to work with them again in the future.  This was a perfect experience!”
Dustin and Tara S. December 2015
“Peter and his team were always extremely helpful!  We received wonderful quality of service!”
John K. April 2016
“Peter and his staff were all responsive, courteous and kind.  I had an excellent experience!  Thanks!”
Quantas S. December 2015
“Peter and his staff were awesome!  They were all very helpful and made everything easy for me.  This has been a great experience!”
Joan F. December 2015
“This was a very smooth process!  Everyone involved at HomeBridge was friendly and provided prompt service!”
Jason E. December 2015
“Pete was very helpful in explaining the home buying process, he made everything clear to us.  I was definitely comfortable working with Pete because I knew he had our best interest at heart!”
Kassondra C. January 2016
“This process was made to be very easy by the help of the HomeBridge staff, each individual involved in the process was readily accessible and responded quickly to concerns.  Thanks!”
Cameron A. January 2016
“Peter and his staff were so easy to work with and were very helpful through the application process as well.  Everyone involved was very knowledgeable and efficient!”
Erica and Paul D.
“This process was super easy.  Peter Minarich was amazing!”
Lisa D.
“Peter kept me informed and was a pleasure to work with!  Everything was done in a timely manner.  Thanks!”
Deborah C.
“Peter made the process easy and fun!  On the ball!  Very knowledgeable, no better. A++”
Gina U. Bradenton, Florida
“I am a Realtor and Branch Manager for Wagner Realty. I never hesitate to recommend Pete for a mortgage. I have had over 10 years of experience with him and have many happy clients that have obtained their mortgages with Pete Minarich. This long list includes myself and family members too! What is so impressive is the number of deals that other lenders cannot close that come to Pete and HomeBridge, and get to closing. Follow-up, customer service and knowledge of the industry is an A+++. Pete knows how to close deals, and that is the number one goal in our business. Thank you, Pete, for making the mortgage process for myself and my clients smooth and painless. You are the best!”
Alice Ohme Parrish, FL
“Pete is just the best at taking care of my real estate customers' mortgage needs! His follow-up is terrific and his knowledge is impressive. In our office, our motto is "Pete or Cash"!! I highly recommend Pete for your mortgage needs. You won't be disappointed!”
Ed K. Bradenton, FL
“I am a Realtor and over the years I've worked with many different loan officers.  I have to say that you are the best at following up and staying on top of the deal to "keep it together". Thanks for your quick response to my buyers that call to get pre-approved, too! They are nervous when they make the call and you get them relaxed and informed about the process. Keep up the good work!! Thanks!! Ed Kinkopf - Wagner Realty”

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