About Patty Berg

Making it possible for people to buy a home is the most gratifying way to make a living I can imagine.

I feel it is an honor and a privilege to work with clients to discover the perfect financing scenario for their particular situation while making the entire process as stress-free as possible.

Let me assist YOU! Your loan process will be explained and expedited in a timely manner. My goal is to provide you with streamline choices of the best loan type, interest rate/fee combination that works for your unique situation. Know I go the extra mile in service and have a team of professionals assisting me to fulfill your needs.

What Our Customers Say About Me

MEGAN R. May-22
“We worked with Patty for almost 2 years while trying to find a house to buy. She was always extremely responsive and so knowledgeable with all of our many questions day and night and even on weekends. I can't recommend her enough! Will definitely use her next time we need her services!”
DEAN A. Apr-22
“Patty was very attentive and answered all my questions in a timely manner. She and homebridge asked important questions of each potential real estate unit towards the end of protecting their and my interests. Very knowledgeable and efficient”
JILL R. Apr-22
“Patty has worked with me over the years for several home loans. She has always been quick to respond and explained the loan process well. She is the reason I went with Homebridge for the mortgage loan. Her associate Barb was also very helpful and responsive. I would highly recommend them both! My daughter is using them for her home loan once she gets a real estate contract.”
“Patty was wonderful to work with. She was able to get our pre-approval letter quickly and guide us through the entire process. She went out of her way to answer any questions we had and made sure we felt comfortable with all documents. I could not have done this without her help and am extremely thankful to have found her to work with.”
Christina D. Sep-21
“Patty Berg and her teammate Barbara Larson were pretty amazing! They made our refi process so easy and uncomplicated. They were patient, kind, and very responsive to any of my emails, texts, and calls. I really appreciate being treated like I mattered and Patty ensured our interests were just as we requested. She didn't try to upsell us or make us feel like our refi had to be a certain way. We were able to lead the way and she was so accommodating and fun. She really made it easy for me to be a willing participant in our process so I could explain exactly what was happening to my husband. Patty was like an old friend...so easy to talk to. Patty and Barbara make a great team! we were so blessed to have them on our side. I just cannot say enough...everything was a breeze with them! Things happened like they said, when they said. They met...no, exceeded our expectations! We got to buy another house just so we can work with them again!!! LOL! No, just kidding about buying another house, but not kidding about we would work with them again.”
JOHN S. Jul-21
“Patty went above and beyond the whole way. Personal touches and caring personality are really great. I will definitely call her again for future financing.”
“Patty Berg was absolutely exceptional. She was able to expedite the process for my family and get all of the documents and approvals done in a few days, which would have taken at least a month with another lender. She was very communicative, explained the process when questions arose, and was very detail oriented and organized with the documents we provided. I cannot say enough how valuable Patty was to us closing the new home. The process was long and painful because of an easement issue between the seller and their neighbor, but Patty was able to walk us through the process and help lock our rates. I would recommend Patty Berg to anyone looking for a home loan.”
STACY L. Jul-21
“Patty and Barb are a great team. I'll be looking to purchase in the new few years and they will be the only ones I reach out to.”
CALVIN E. Jul-21
“Patty was soooooooo amazing to work with! Every step of the process was explained perfectly and if I ever had a question about anything (even at 7PM) she would respond. She was recommended by a friend who I trust, and I see why he recommended her!!! She was AWESOME!!!”
DAVID A. Apr-21
“Patty is the best, very responsive, all hours of the days and weekends. I've used her three times now and will do so again.”
JOHN B. Mar-21
“Patty was amazing! Couldn't have asked for a better person to me through the process of refinancing/buying my first home. Patty was amazing :)”
TY M. Jan-21
“Patty was very friendly and helpful. She knew everything that needed to be done and got it done in a timely manner. Anything I asked about she was on top of it. She was also very energetic and enthusiastic which was awesome! She made me feel very important and taken care of and that was re-assuring. Can not say enough good things about her and her service. She is very good at her job and seems to be a great person. Thank you Patty.”
“We have been working with Patty Berg for years and she has always given us 100%, she is our first and last stop for mortgages. Thanks again Patty!”
CHAD H. Dec-20
“Patty Berg and her assistant Barbara Larson were great. They made it clear what needed from the outset, kept us informed throughout the process,and made the entire loan process as smooth as possible. We'd gladly work with them again.”
JOSIAH W. Nov-20
“Patty was excellent! Very helpful, on top of the process, and able to answer all of our questions!”
SANDRA O. Nov-20
“I have worked with Patty Berg (and her assistant Barbara Larson) for many years. They are very professional, explain the loan process in detail, and continue to update me along the way. I would highly recommend Patty to anyone with confidence.”
“Patty is the best. We have worked with her for years and will continue to do so as long as she is working! We can count on her to be right on top of things, deliver as promised, and keep us informed every step of the way.”
DALE P. Sep-20
“I thought the whole experience was really very easy. I appreciated not having to go anywhere to sign papers because of the pandemic. And - it was also so convenient. I have referred people I know who are interested in refinancing their house to Homebridge and Patty Berg. I know one person who has contacted her already.”
“Patty was great through the whole loan process and was very knowledgeable and informative. She helped make our loan experience very pleasant and would recommend her to anybody looking for a home loan.”
LINDA S. Aug-20
“Working with Patty was such a pleasure. She was very positive and informative through the entire process. She answered all my questions or found the answer for me, and always very expediently. She seemed to always have my best interest in mind and did all she could to make the process easier for me. She was absolutely fabulous.”
GINA F. Aug-20
“I have worked with Patty Berg on a few other occasions and find her to be excellent. Good communication, timely responses and wonderful customer service.”
MARK H. Jul-20
“Patty is a true advocate for her clients. She is professional, knowledgeable, and communicative. Homebridge is lucky to have her.”
ALLAN G. Jun-20
“Patty Berg is an amazing person. We came to you because we worked with Patty in the past. I have done several loans but I have never worked with any like Patty. She is honest, ethical, responds quickly, and a overall awesome person. Please keep Patty on your team for a long time!!!!”
“I cannot say enough great things about Patty Berg. Before finding Patty, I never cared who my loan officer was. Now she's the only person I want to work with.”
“Patty Berg kept me informed throughout the entire process. Thanks to her I was informed about every step, costs, processes and timelines. She is awesome!”
GRACE W. Mar-20
“Patty Berg was an incredibly professional, helpful, and dedicated loan officer. She answered all my questions, no matter how small, and helped me feel completely comfortable with the whole process. Her communication was exceptional and I felt incredibly taken care of and cared for as an individual. I loved working with her and would highly recommend her to others.”
TODD G. Oct-19
“Patty and her team are great to work with. I appreciate their speed and accuracy.”

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