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You must be looking for home financing. I do that! Homebridge has an impressive variety of loan programs to suit many different situations. Whatever type of mortgage you are looking for, I am here to give you the options and guide you through the process. All you have to do is start the conversation and I’ll help with the rest!
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What Our Customers Say About Me

TONY V. Feb-22
“Nick was great. He answered all my questions and helped to streamline the process and helped to provide a quick and easy re-finance of our home.”
Mechelle S. Feb-22
“We really appreciated Nick, he was on top of everything and communicated with us quickly. He made the process easy even when there were hickups. He gave great advice that helped us in the long run. He took the time to answer our questions but was in control the entire time that we just had to collect the documents. Even when we had to get multiples he was clear as to why and gave me enough heads up for me to get them by the end of the day. He was great and we will be using him again if we need to. Wonderful, easy, quick expirence.”
DONALD T. Dec-21
“Nick is a very experienced, knowledgeable, loan officer. He is easy to work with and did an excellent job for us. Thanks, Nick!”
RONALD P. Oct-21
“Nick is very knowledgeable and professional. Kept me updated along the way. He was very easy to work with.”
“This was a very smooth process. I enjoyed working with Nick and his associates. They were patient and helpful.”
KURT S. Aug-21
“Everyone with whom we dealt was professional and compassionate, tolerant of our limitations and even willing to walk us through the processes. I would recommend Nick and his team to anyone!”
PETER S. Jul-21
“Nick is/was awesome. I have never worked with anyone as informed in my specific application as he was. I have purchased (2) homes and re-financed (3) times prior to this. If it was his responsibility or one of his team, he either had the answers or got them quickly. I might have had a few problems with some of the automated forms, but Nick was very reassuring on what was important and what would be worked out through the process and not to be concerned. He was correct at every step. He should consider doing this for a living! Pete & Kay S.”
“Nick has been consistent, keeps me informed. I trust him.”
“Nick did an excellent job taking care of my loan and all my questions.”
KEVIN K. Dec-20
“Nick is awesome. He went above and beyond to help us. He is friendly and professional. Helpful through the complete process.”
“Nick has been an incredible help throughout this whole process, I really appreciate his willingness to answer all my questions and the quickness of his responses”
“We have used Nick multiple times and he has always done a fantastic job.”
RONALD P. Sep-20
“Nicks knowledge and professionalism is outstanding. He kept me informed along the way answered all my questions, it's nice to have some with his vast knowledge and personable skills . He is a asset to Homebridge!”
“Nick was very professional and through the whole process I would highly recommend him again.”
“Nick Perovich was very professional in all the process of applying and completing my loan. I for sure will use him again for future needs.”
“I had a previous mortgage processed by Nick. I reached out to a couple other financial institutions and loan officers. Nick was again the most honest and respectful and trustworthy person. I am glad he was able to process this mortgage for me. He will hopefully be there when I need him again.”
TERI D. Nov-19
“Nick knows what he's doing experienced and trustworthy. I would recommend Nick to all my friends and family”
“Nick, Thanks for the Help! The process was great and so much better than the online-only lender we were looking at. I appreciate your personal service.”
“Nick has always been wonderful to work with. He assisted in getting years off our loan, lower interest rate from what we previously had and keeps things very realistic & manageable. He has always been thorough in explanations and shown us multiple options. The processing of this loan was a breeze having an online portal to upload the documents in and being able to have both parties e-sign. As always, a pleasure working with him through this process.”
SUSAN J. Jul-19
“He was awesome!”

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