About Milton Hall

With over 15 years in the finance industry under his belt, Milton Hall has assisted homeowners in various capacities. He is passionate about working with Realtors and customers on a daily basis and loves being able to provide the customer with a safe and stable long term mortgage solution! Milton is dedicated to listening to customers’ needs and presenting them with viable options to help them achieve their financial goals. His passion for helping others combined with his enormous experience in the industry will help any homeowner feel at ease. Let Milton help you secure financing for your dream home today!

Q&A with Milton

How long were you in the military service?

8 years of active duty

How long have you been in the mortgage lending business?

Since 2009

What did your military experience teach you?

How to strive for excellence, how to overcome adversity, and how to sacrifice for the greater good.

Why did you get into the mortgage lending business?

I originally did it in order to stay in the church my wife grew up in. I was going to transfer to Orlando or Atlanta for my job in a previous career field. My wife asked to stay in Brunswick, her home town. I told her I would accept a position at a bank and the rest is history. The mortgage industry is the greatest business in America!

What drives you to succeed?

I am passionate about exceeding the expectations of my clients and referral partners. I truly believe Homebridge provides the tools and loan options that I need to excel.

How do you bring your military experience into your mortgage lending business?

The Marine Corps taught me that when a disciplined process is applied to any situation, it will allow you to overcome obstacles and achieve success.



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