About Mike Hartunian

Mike Hartunian (NMLS #247330) is a veteran with over 33 years of experience in the mortgage industry. As a native of LA, Mike knows the city and Southern California like the back of his hand.

Working with Mike, you’ll benefit from his knowledge, guidance, and access to a variety of home loan options. Mike and his dedicated staff provide expertise, attention, and understanding throughout the entire mortgage lending process.

L.A.’s Premier Mortgage Lender

Mike provides his services to people in the Greater Los Angeles area and Southern California in general. As the premier mortgage lender in Los Angeles, he is committed to providing an unequaled level of support.

Who Mike Serves:

Mike Hartunian finds that the following people would be best served by him:

  1. People in the entertainment industry
  2. People in the medical profession
  3. Businesspeople of all kinds
  4. All first time and repeat homebuyers

Mike Hartunian establishes a strong case as to why he’s an excellent choice for being your mortgage loan originator (MLO) and helping you secure your dream home.

Here’s why:

  1. Mike is knowledgable – Mike is one of the most knowledgeable loan originators in the Greater Los Angeles area. He understands diverse communities and knows that most people’s mortgage experience would be better served with someone like him on their side.
  2. Mike is local – Mike is an L.A. native who understands the culture, the people, and the heartbeat of the city. He knows the best spots to eat, drink, shop, and most importantly – live! 🙂
  3. Mike is experienced – Mike has over 33 years of experience in the mortgage industry.
  4. Mike is reliable – In Mike, you can be sure that you have a trusted partner, confidant and an ally, to guide you through the entire process. He is the most reliable source who knows how to represent his clients when it comes to their job/profession.

Mike has achieved the greatest qualifications met by someone in his field, ensuring your utmost satisfaction. He is able to grasp the complexity of each individual case, based on income, debt, credit, and assets to meet and exceed his client’s goals.

Mike has been chosen by his clientele as a Five Star Mortgage Professional repeatedly for many years!

Whoever you are, whatever you do, and wherever you come from; you are not going to meet another Mortgage Loan Originator who understands you, your needs, and your story better than Mike Hartunian.


“Mike and his team get the job done! He’s super transparent and incredibly efficient. I would absolutely work with him/them again, no question about it. Our first loan with a different lender fell through at the last minute (we’re still not sure why) and Mike grabbed the bull by the horns and just made it happen for us in record time.”  – Diego P.

Mike Is On Social Media!

Find Mike on the following social media outlets:

Instagram Icon @mikehartunianmlo


LinkedIn Icon @mikehartunian


Mortgage Loan Originator in AmericaMortgage Executive Magazine 2016

What Our Customers Say About Me

Jackeline J. Feb-22
“Rachel Andrews was great from beginning to end of the transaction. She is excellent at explaining options and has great knowledge of what products work for individual loan needs. I will continue to refer Rachel to clients. ”
Ryan L. Jan-22
“Thank you very much. Rachel Andrews is the absolute best there is.”
Robert N. Jan-22
“Mike and his team were great and understanding. Walked us through the process Perfectly! Thank you. ”
Stephen M. Jan-22
“Mikes assistant was Steve, not Alex who helped me through the process and he was excellent!”
Daniel M. Dec-21
“Mike and Scott made the process very smooth.”
Lawrence K. Nov-21
“Thanks so much Mike and Steve. I know I'm not the best with paperwork and I was overwhelmed with work etc during this process. I REALLY appreciate all the special help and attention you gave me!”
Barbara J. Nov-21
“We very much appreciated the efforts of Steve Masuta.”
Robyn S. Nov-21
“Mike, simply put, made it easy. Best part was how unbelievably responsive and always available Mike was. Would definitely use again and recommend to others.”
Kathleen P. Nov-21
“Thank you Mike as well Steven who patiently help us through the process.”
Sarah M. Oct-21
“From the moment Mike and I were introduced he was informative, responsive, and reliable. For over a year while I looked for a home, he understood my situation, was always there to answer my questions and provided myriad pre-approval letters in a timely manner. When it came time to process my loan, Mike was, once again, right there eager to provide information and make the whole thing more or less painless. I really attribute my smooth closing to Mike and his team and could not have done this tearlessly without him! Highly recommend”
Joshua I. Sep-21
“Mike was very helpful and knowledgable in all aspects and had very good advice.”
Margery S. Sep-21
“Thank you for your professionalism, good humor, and patience.”
Davin C. Aug-21
“Mike Hartunian was an incredible resource for me, especially considering I'm a first-time buyer. He gave me solid advice as I started my search and then provided great insight once I was ready to follow through with purchase. He and his team were very responsive to my numerous questions and I felt as if the process was very smooth.”
Jonathan D. Aug-21
“I worked with Rachel Andrews, a member of Mike Hartunian's team. She was absolutely amazing. From the start to the finish, she was always honest, straightforward and respectful. She would answer questions in a way that was easy to understand. She would often go over details several times just to help me understand the process completely. She was so patient throughout the loan process. We are completely grateful for Rachel and the Homebridge team and would definitely use them again if we needed to do another refinance.”
Helena D. Aug-21
“Would like to send my thanks to Rachel Andrews, who was the one who really dealt with my me and my loan trajectory.”
Christopher P. Jul-21
“Mike was very responsive and very helpful and overall was a pleasure to work with.”
Cheryl M. Jul-21
“Thanks for all your help”
Adam S. May-21
“Steve was awesome, he answered any questions as soon as they cropped up. 100% recommend!”
Josh C. May-21
“Mike Hartunian and Steve Masuto are why I used Homebridge. They are both incredibly trustworthy, reliable and diligent.”
Lorena S. May-21
“My experience with Mike, Rachel and the rest of the team was wonderful. They were knowledgeable, prompt, available and took the time to explain the process. I always felt like I know what was going on and what was coming next. We had really short contingencies on our contract and the Mike Hartunian team really stepped up to help us close on time. They made our home owing dream come true :)”
Charles T. Apr-21
“Mike & Steve are brilliant, I am a customer for life!”
August M. Apr-21
“We have worked with Mike for over 17 years always been helpful and trustworthy.”
Anthony B. Mar-21
“It's all about Mike and Steve -- they are the best possible team and always make everything so easy and efficient. While I appreciate Homebridge, I would follow Mike and Steve anywhere! You are very lucky to have two such amazing professionals in your company. They deserve all the praise and credit (give them a raise!).”
Brendan H. Mar-21
“Rachel is absolutely incredible. She made our dreams come true. She locked in a low rate just in time. She was a fantastic communicator. We felt totally taken care of and understood.”
Scott B. Mar-21
“Mike Hartunian is the best mortgage broker ever, bar none. I've worked with him for more than 20 years and will continue to do so.”
Kevin V. Mar-21
“Outstanding service. Quick and easy process from start to finish.”
Olivia B. Mar-21
“Mike Hartunian and Steve Masuta are THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS- hands down. Return clients, refer them always, couldn't be happier”
Suzanne Y. Feb-21
“Mike was always responsive, helpful and clear. A real pleasure.”
Eduardo I. Feb-21
“Yet again, another successful refine of my home!! Thank you Mike!”
Alexandra M. Feb-21
“Mike was great, as usual. Thank you!”
John V. Feb-21
“Thank you Steve Masuta, great job!”
Sonbol M. Jan-21
“As l started working with Ms Rachel Andrew as my Loan agent in Homebridge, l felt l am in a very good hand as l find Rachel very knowledgeable and professional and trustworthy. She helped me step by step with lots of caring and efforts to make my loan approval and processing easy. I am really grateful for knowing and working with Rachel and highly recommend her to anyone needs to get a loan to choose her as a Loan agent. Definitely she is one of the best in her profession and on top of everything and very reliable and deserve to get promotion. Very Truly, Dr Sonbol”
Evan C. Dec-20
“Mike and Rachel were terrific and took very good care of me. I would absolutely refer them business and actually already have.”
Geoffrey D. Dec-20
“Mike Hartunian save our butts after a disastrous go around with Wells Fargo.”
Brian C. Dec-20
“Mike Hartunian is a pro and a trusted personal advisor to me for all my residential real estate needs. I've worked with Mike many times in the past and wouldn't work with anyone else.”
Halsted S. Dec-20
“Both Mike Hartunian and Steve Matsuda were excellent and shepherding me through the process, answering questions in a timely manner and meeting all me needs. I would definitely work with them again.”
Debra W. Dec-20
“Mike Hartunian is honest , professional and closes a refinance quickly. I would not use anyone else. I trust him completely.”
Jasper T. Nov-20
“Mike is great. Patient, friendly and professional. He is why I went with Homebridge. The rates were comparable to others. I will want to work with on my next transaction. Mike and his team are the best.”
Benjamin B. Nov-20
“Thanks, Mike and Rachel!”
Michael P. Nov-20
“Mike was always willing to talk and help to me about any questions I had along the way”
Luke S. Oct-20
“Mike is fantastic. Loved working with him. Couldn't imagine a better guide through this process. Thank you Mike!”
Alan M. Oct-20
“An excellent experience. Please note that, along with Mike Hartunian, the other Homebridge official we dealt with, who was also excellent was Steve Matsuda”
James F. Oct-20
“Mike provided really great white glove service, great experience with Homebridge.”
Harry D. Oct-20
“Mike Hartunian is amazing at what he does. I would not trust anyone else with this process. I am confident that he provides the best service.”
Tammy T. Oct-20
“Rachel Andrews was TOP NOTCH!! Very professional and kept her word during all steps of this refinance experience. I previously worked in a mortgage complaint position for a large bank. Most often dealing with people that claimed were never told about various aspects of their mortgage loan. I will tell you that if Rachel Andrews had assisted those people, I would have NEVER had them in my complaint queue. I would recommend HomeBridge / Rachel Andrews to anyone!!!!!”
Frank J. Sep-20
“Mike and his team, Steve and others, were incredibly attentive and very informative! They answered every question perfectly and quickly. The process was so perfect and will definitely be using them over and over.! Highly recommend them! Happy client, Frank”
Molly J. Sep-20
“Mike Hartunian is a real professional and I highly recommend Mike as a lender to friends and clients.”
Leila N. Sep-20
“The reason I use HomeBridge is Rachel Andrews. She is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, responsive, calm, helpful and just has a great attitude. Financing is a stressful process and she makes it as methodical and stress free as possible. Her support, creativity, hard work and dedication makes a difference.”
William V. Sep-20
“Mike is the best.”
Lewis B. Sep-20
“Rachel Andrews organized and processed my loan, and she was excellent.”
Richard M. Aug-20
“Everything went as expected and was constantly informed of progress by Rachel. She made the whole process extremely easy and comfortable”
Douglas W. Aug-20
“Mike is the best we have ever worked with. Truly outstanding.”
Christopher V. Jul-20
“Mike Hartunian went above and beyond helping me to close my refinance. Due to the condo conversion process we were engaged in as a TIC, there were obstacles to coordinating with my neighbors to simultaneously close the refinance. Despite numerous times of being misinformed by one of the neighbors as to when they were going to be able to close, Mike was able to navigate my loan to keep up with the ever moving deadline at every turn. His relationships & knowledge of the process made the moving target significantly easier. He was fantastic and I couldn't have better things to say about his help throughout this process.”
Kevin V. Jul-20
“Mike Hartunian and Steve Masuta are an outstanding team. Their professionalism and follow through are second to none. We would never go anywhere else for our mortgage needs. They have also been incredibly responsive and helpful to our son who is refinancing his home. Thank you to the best team out there!”
Richard F. Jul-20
“Friendly, professional, direct, and quick to process my loan.”
Sharon C. Jul-20
“Rachel Andrews from the Sherman Oaks office was my representative and she was excellent”
Richard F. Jul-20
“Friendly, professional, direct, and quick to process my loan.”
Christopher V. Jul-20
“Mike Hartunian went above and beyond helping me to close my refinance. Due to the condo conversion process we were engaged in as a TIC, there were obstacles to coordinating with my neighbors to simultaneously close the refinance. Despite numerous times of being misinformed by one of the neighbors as to when they were going to be able to close, Mike was able to navigate my loan to keep up with the ever moving deadline at every turn. His relationships & knowledge of the process made the moving target significantly easier. He was fantastic and I couldn't have better things to say about his help throughout this process.”
Kevin V. Jul-20
“Mike Hartunian and Steve Masuta are an outstanding team. Their professionalism and follow through are second to none. We would never go anywhere else for our mortgage needs. They have also been incredibly responsive and helpful to our son who is refinancing his home. Thank you to the best team out there!”
Carol H. Jun-20
“We found Mike Hartunian to be excellent with our past mortgage and I would not hesitate to use him again. He is miles above any of the big banks - faster, more personal service, does what he promises, etc. There's no comparison between my business dealings with Wells Fargo and BofA and Mike and I do not want to leave out the amazing job of Steve Masuta. Lastly, please remember that all of our answers were given about service that was provided during a pandemic (i.e. Mike not attending our closing since it was impossible.). The fact that they got an inspector and a notary public to our house during this time and closed our loan in the time they did is simply stunning.”
Anne R. Jun-20
“Mike made the home mortgage process transparent, seamless, and easy - he answered all my questions, and got me a home mortgage product with a great rate and terms that matched my needs perfectly. He was available and responsive throughout the process. I will work with Mike on all my future real estate transactions, whenever possible.”
Nazrin C. Jun-20
“Honest, professional and highly effective and efficient. Will definitely continue to work with Mike in the future.”
KIM O. 20-Apr
“I have been working with Mike since my first home twenty years ago! It's always a perfect and straight forward process. I trust Mike completely and really appreciate the ongoing relationship. He is one of my favorite people to deal with in business - I wish everyone worked this way! Steve in Mike's office is also really really great, helpful and organized. They are both the best!! thank you!”
ELISA R. Mar-20
“Mike Hartunian is the best in the business. I'm a realtor and have recommend him to all of my clients for the last 19 years. He's never failed any of them. I also use Mike for my personal financing needs. He's trustworthy and very established in the lending world. He always closes the deal as expected and often exceeds expectations.”
“Happy to refer him anytime!”
SAMAN A. Dec-19
“Mike is knowledgeable, transparent and efficient. Its always a pleasure working with Mike!”
JAMES B. Nov-19
“Mike, Pleasure working with Mike. Always available to answer questions.”
ROBERT M. Nov-19
“Mike and Steve are true professionals and a pleasure to work with”
Phillip M. Jul-19
“Great overall experience. We closed sooner than expected. Our family is so happy.”
Steve W. June-19
“Mike and Steve are great to work with. This is the third time I have worked with them on my home loan. They are very responsive and patient. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of getting a home loan or refinancing their home loan.”
Paul C. December 2018
“Ease of conducting business.”
Corinne J. November 2018
“Mike has been outstanding. Very helpful and patient with me.”
Arman M. November 2018
“Excellent service.”
Jane H. October 2018
“Very helpful and responsive. Happy with the rates and loans they helped me get.”
Cameron P. October 2018
“Mike has been great and very helpful!”
Jennifer C. September 2018
“Excellent service, prompt, professional. Best rates and costs.”
Debra W. September 2018
“Very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable.”
Ryan F. September 2018
“Mike is great!”
Dino C. September 2018
“From start to close, Mike and his team have given us the best possible guidance and care.”
Peter S. Aug-18
“Mike has been helpful and professional.”
Paul M. Aug-18
“Thank you!”
Peter S. August 2018
“Mike has been helpful and professional.”
Paul M. August 2018
“Thank you!”
Peter S. August 2018
“Mike has been helpful and professional.”
Paul M. August 2018
“Thank you!”
Erin M. June 2018
“Mike made the process easy and very manageable for a first time buyer!”
Michael S. June 2018
“I've used Mike Hartunian for all my loans for the last 30 years. He is the best!”
Bennett W. June 2018
“Helpful and great!”
John P. May 2018
“Mike was extremely patient and knowledgeable answering all my questions thoroughly.”
Margery S. May 2018
“They answered all of our questions and have been very helpful.”
Phyllisa C. May 2018
“They were efficient and made the process easy. Mike was very helpful and worked to negotiate the best rates.”
Alexis L. May 2018
“Very helpful.”
Patrick N. April 2018
“Mike, Steve and the team are very proactive and professional.”
Andrew D. March 2018
“History of service.”
John Z. March 2018
“I appreciate the access into a competitive market that HomeBridge provided me. Not sure I could have owned a home in this neighborhood otherwise.”
Robert I. March 2018
“Fast, easy, understandable, accurate, dependable service.”
Gregory S. December 2017
“Process seemed as easy as could be, all things considered.”
Stella F. November 2017
“Really liked Mike Hartunian. I would definitely recommend him to friends.”
Hector V. November 2017
“They have made things very smooth and easy.”
Kurt C. October 2017
“Excellent service, knowledgeable staff, courteous service.”
Michael C. October 2017
“Mike was really good.”
Mark A. October 2017
“Everything done with our loan was professional and done smoothly.”
Amy H. October 2017
“Always available, very friendly, meticulous, thorough. Just excellent!”
Jeffrey S. October 2017
“Mike was very clear in explaining the terms of the loan.”
Sophia C. October 2017
“Great service and organized.”
Patrick C. October 2017
“We like working with Steve Masuta”
Eva B. October 2017
“Responsive and informative.”
Kimberly P. October 2017
“Mike Hartunian and his associates were extremely responsive and explained in detail my options, my questions and the general process.”
Thao N. Pasadena, CA
“Thank you very much, am very happy.”
Marvin A. North Hills, CA
“Accessible and more than willing to make sure the transaction was done on time.”
Corey N. Sherman Oaks, CA
“You guys were great as always. Thanks!”
Peter B. Los Angeles, CA
“We worked with Mike Hartunian and Steve Masuta to get a mortgage in a short time with good terms. They were efficient, courteous and caring every step of the way. I 'd absolutely recommend them.”
Allen S. Los Angeles, CA
“Very thorough and helpful.”
Teresa S. Oak Park, CA
“Very professional and no surprises. I refer him to ALL my clients!”
Kevin V. Studio City, CA
“This was the easiest and fastest loan we have ever secured. Always a pleasure to work with Mike and his team!”
Diane Z. Los Angeles, CA
“Thanks Mike!!!!”
Nicholas C. Los Angeles, CA
“Steve is amazing at his job and a pleasure to deal with. His quick responses and guidance throughout the process made the whole process feel much easier than it actually was.”
Heather M. Los Angeles, CA
“Steve Masuta was excellent to work with. He was timely with his responses and very easy to work with. Thank you, Steve!”
Dustin H. Lakewood, CA
“Reliable and consistent communication. Knowledgeable and extremely helpful during the whole process.”
Jessie E. Sherman Oaks, CA
“Outstanding service. Everything went smoothly”
Pauline S. Los Angeles, CA
“Organized, listened and followed through all the steps that were necessary.”
Saewon Y. West Hollywood, CA
“My Loan Officer, Mike Hartunian, and his staff were wonderful. He was extremely knowledgeable and capable. Always prompt and always patient. Mike guided and helped me through a very difficult and stressful process. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you!”
Stephen S. Sherman Oaks, CA
“My Loan Officer was helpful all the way through the rather short process and made it very easy on me in every way. I would and already have recommend Mike for any loan in the future.”
Geraldine R. Sherman Oaks, CA
“Mike was wonderful with his advice and his knowledge. Everything was as he said it would be.”
Patrisha H. Highland Park, CA
“Mike was always attentive, informative, and seemed like he really cared about my experience getting a loan. Whenever I had questions, it didn 't take long for him to explain complex terms to me. If he didn 't answer the phone right away, he called me back swiftly. It was so easy dealing with Mike and his team.”
Ron D. Los Angeles, CA
“Mike was totally on top of everything and always comes through.”
James M. Valley Glen, CA
“Mike Hartunian and his team made the whole mortgage process simple and straightforward. He got important documentation turned around very quickly, enabling us to make a last-minute bid on a property we would otherwise have lost. His professionalism and attention to detail were key to getting us into the house of our dreams within 30 days.”
Elizabeth J. Oakland, CA
“Mike Hartunian is amazing, his team (especially Steve) is efficient and calm. He answers questions (often the same ones when I forget the answers!) promptly and with clarity and gave consistent and helpful direction and status reports. Counseled me to the best loan I found, jumped over hoops and closed smoothly, can't imagine using anyone else.”
Elisa R. Los Angeles, CA
“Mike Hartunian is fantastic. Great service. Great communication.”
Kevin M. Palm Springs, CA
“Mike Hartunian is top of the class - incredibly responsive, creative, hard working and results oriented. There 's no better mortgage partner as far as I 'm concerned.”
Victoria P. Los Angeles, CA
“Mike is awesome. So professional, efficient and responsive. Wouldn't recommend anyone else. Thank you for making it happen in such a short time frame.”
Dino C. Los Angeles, CA
“Mike and Steve provided me the best service and I am completely happy with their performance. It is a pleasure working with them and I would not hesitate recommending them to my closest friends.”
John F. N Hollywood, CA
“Mike and Steve were complete professionals every step of the way. Always providing me with the necessary assistance to help me complete my mortgage process.”
Michael S. Cathedral City, CA
“Mike and team were awesome, very professional and extremely helpful.”
Marcia T. West Hollywood, CA
“Mike and team were fabulous in helping me to obtain a loan, and keeping me posted step by step. I will highly recommend them to my clients.”
Alan C. Sherman Oaks, CA
“Mike Hartunian and his team are the best. We '”
Lucy J. Los Angeles, CA
“Loan Officer was great. Supportive, helpful and very knowledgeable.”
Heidi M. Los Angeles, CA
“I was new to the process and they were always available to answer any of my questions.”
Mark P. Playa Del Rey, CA
“He was on top of it every step of the way!”
Richard M. Los Angeles, CA
“He is always upfront and familiar with any questions I have to ask and return calls promptly. He'”
Richard D. Camarillo, CA
“Facilitated the process efficiently.”
Jamie G. Glendale, CA
“Excellent, clear communication - really good at explaining every step.”
Charles T. Burbank, CA
“Always replied swiftly to all communications, very knowledgeable, polite and friendly. I would not hesitate in referring him to my personal or professional colleagues.”

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