About Michelle Bruto da Costa

With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, I’ve built my career on integrity, transparency and securing the funding my clients need. I ignore the one-size-fits- all mentality and provide loan options based on your needs. Doing this ensures fewer bumps in the loan process and a happier outcome. This approach, along with my decades of experience and understanding of home finance guidelines, has led to countless successful and stress-free home purchases.

When I’m not out closing a loan, I’m spending time with my husband and our five children. I enjoy traveling, photography and giving back to my neighborhood through volunteer work at Housing Hope and other local charities. I believe in serving the community and do so not just through volunteer work, but as a mortgage professional working to help my clients realize their homeownership dreams.


What Our Customers Say About Me

Daniel N. Jun-22
“Working with Michelle was very professional and the process went extremely smooth! I was totally satisfied with the mortgage loan process. I can not think of a way if could have been better.”
Jordan D. May-22
“Michelle really helped me to processed a very smooth application and all of her team were very helpful to us. I has exceeded my expectation. We closed sooner than the expected date. We are very happy and very satisfied. Great job! very much recommended.”
Daniel N. May-22
“Michelle wass fantastic from start to finish”
Gilbert M. May-22
“I will recommend Homebridge Mortgage, Michelle in particular, to any body I will come across. She is a tireless , calm , professional and fun to work with. I met many lenders and brokers in the past but Michelle is an exceptional person . Great job Michelle, I got the house I was looking for, but the quality of your work with me will be a life long experience. Long live to Homebridge Finance.”
Nathan J. May-22
“Michelle was great, very knowledgeable. The house I purchased needed some work, enough to make me concerned about it passing the appraisal. Michelle knew exactly what might be an issue and gave/prepared multiple back-up options in case we had problems. Her understanding of each nuance to the process resulted in less management on my part, less stress, and more smiles ”
Frank M. May-22
“Michelle did an amazing job keeping us in the loop and providing us with up to the minute info on any changes or anything regarding our loan process. She made our process easy and painless. She provided a Superior customer experience!”
Debra S. Apr-22
“I live in Arizona and purchased a home in Gig Harbor, WA, so everything was done via phone, text message and email. I couldn't have asked for a more positive experience! Michelle was simply wonderful ... so attentive, patient, understanding and kind and kept me in the loop every step of the way. The process of purchasing a home in a different state is not a simple process and Michelle and her assistant, Leah Volesky, were just great in every sense of the word. I just recently retired and am on a very limited income, so my main goal in the lending process was to find a home I would love and keep the monthly mortgage payment at an affordable amount. Michelle and Leah worked tirelessly to make this happen. Thank you so much, Michelle and Leah! I am now the proud owner of a beautiful home with a payment I can afford. I am confident I will be very happy there and can breathe a whole lot easier knowing I won't have to scrimp to pay my mortgage. Fantastic job, you two!”
Erick A. Apr-22
“Michelle Da Costa is honest, straight forward and professional. I love the fact that Michelle makes you feel like a friend and not just one more costumer, while at the same time keeping everything organized and professional. I will definitely be contacting Michelle again in the future and she will be highly recommended to friends and family.”
Christian M. Apr-22
“Michelle is an amazing broker and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone”
Howard S. Apr-22
“Michelle is a consummate professional and helped me from beginning to end, the only delay was the title company they said they refused to be rushed.”
Peter H. Mar-22
“I have worked with Michelle on several loans and she is amazing. I wouldn't call anyone else!”
James C. Mar-22
“Michelle and Leah where both very professional and very good in explaining in detail all the complexity's of home buying . Always very quick at answering questions in detail. I would strongly recommend these two professionals to anyone who is in the home buying market.”
Stephanie H. Feb-22
“Derek Lui Assisted me throughout this process while Michelle is on maternity leave. Derek did a fantastic job from the beginning of the process answering all of my questions And securing me a low interest rate. This was my 3rd interaction with homebridge and I will be a forever customer due to the fantastic customer service and ease of this complicated process”
David G. Jan-22
“Michelle and her team were beyond excellent in our home purchasing process. The communication (and we had many questions) was never lacking, no matter what time we called or emailied. We can't speak highly enough for the hard work and dedication put in by Michelle Bruto Da Costa and Leah Volesky in getting our VA loan and condo purchase approved. High marks for the Condo team (Abby) for her efforts and daily staying on top of the VA requirements for this particular unit. Thank you to all!”
Howard S. Dec-21
“This was the most attentive person I have ever worked with.”
Gregory B. Dec-21
“Thanks to Michelle and team.”
Dana P. Dec-21
“Michelle Bruto Da Costa is the best. I have never had anyone every explain everything the way she does. This lady is the best . I will recommend her to everyone. 5 stars . This lady will drop everything to help you. She is a wonderful woman. Thank you so much Michelle your the best.”
Andrew K. Nov-21
“Michelle and her team were the easiest part of our purchase. Pure class and attention the entire time, from emails to phone calls.”
Carolyn R. Nov-21
“Michelle was very hands on and responded to any questions we had within moments. Although she was not at our closing she called us from the hospital to check-in with us. We could not believe she called us just after giving birth. We love Michelle. Hands down the best rep we have ever worked with.”
Garlen A. Oct-21
“Michelle was referred to me by a friend, and I didn't know what to expect. However, Michelle's approach to my application was so professional that I was feeling like God has sent me a Guardian Angel to help me throughout the process. I can only be grateful to God that Michelle was referred to me. Michelle was so exceptional and unique that she will be my family's to go person for all the future needs. P.S. I was helped by Allison Potter too, during the process. I wanted to take this chance and thank Allison too. In the end, I'm truly honored to have had the help of such wonderful team. Thank You All! God Bless! ”
Charlene C. Oct-21
“Michelle is very professional, knowledgeable and responsible in my loan process.”
Adam W. Oct-21
“Michelle was fantastic. I look forward to working with her in the future if we buy another home.”
Cherilyn S. Oct-21
“Michelle has been exceptionally professional and done a superb job with my loan. I am very happy and satisfied with the process of my loan. I would recommend her to all my friends and family!”
Isaac P. Oct-21
“Michelle did a very good job of always being responsive to questions I had and was always very pleasant to talk to over the phone. Thank you for all of your hard work!”
Craig F. Sep-21
“Thank you again for assisting us with this process! You make it a breeze! You and the whole team have helped us over the years and there is no one else we would rather go to!”
Barbara I. Sep-21
“Thanks once again for a wonderful experience.”
Elizabeth W. Sep-21
“Michelle was fantastic. She is a busy gal, but she would always call back and explain and answer all my questions. She was easy to work with and extremely fast. Everyone, seller and agents, all commented on how fast she was and how easy it was to work with me and my lender. I am so happy I was introduced to Michelle- she was great!”
Kristina D. Sep-21
“I have used Michelle Bruto Da Costa for several loans over the past decade. She is superb in all aspects of mortgage loans. Not only is she extremely well educated on different loan products, she is the nicest and most genuine person I've ever done business with. Michelle will always be my mortgage broker, and I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone who needs a mortgage loan.”
Miltiadis V. Sep-21
“Michelle was quick to respond, and always available. She is always understanding and trying to help out wherever she can. She was made for this job, and I don't have any complaints! She is great!”
Dennis E. Aug-21
“Michelle is great to work with. She answered all our questions and even followed up after the signing to just say hello and make sure we were happy.”
Edward G. Aug-21
“Michelle was prompt, professional, trust worthy and gave the time and attention needed to get the beat deal. She was always available and explained everything.”
Nicole L. Aug-21
“Thank you Michelle and Derek for all your hard work! You are greatly appreciated.”
Kenneth G. Aug-21
“Michelle did an awesome job on helping us get our home. We will always be recommending her to anyone who needs a loan or to refinance.”
Brian M. Aug-21
“Michelle and her team were amazing. They dedicated countless hours and late nights helping us make our dream of owning a home come true. They are so nice, friendly, quick, and all around wonderful. I would go to them in the future for any other home needs.”
Jason M. Aug-21
“Thank you”
Bethel B. Jul-21
“Michelle was always extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.”
Mark B. Jul-21
“Michelle was extremely helpful throughout the entire buying a home process even before I knew I was going to pull the trigger!! Will definitely recommend Michelle, Allison and their team to anyone looking for an easy home buying experience! Thank you Michelle and team!”
Trevor W. Jul-21
“Michelle is incredible, she is a rockstar, she is a big deal. she worked so hard to make sure everything went through correctly and that I understood everything. I am so lucky to have a had her. there were a ton of issues on my end that she helped work thought, going above and beyond. I literally could not have done this without her help and I couldn't have asked for anything better. she deserves a raise.”
Natalie D. Jul-21
“Michelle is awesome. Very attentive and we love her a lot. Will never consider anyone else for our mortgage needs!”
Blake B. Jul-21
“Michelle was so helpful and any questions I had she was super fast at getting back to me. I will definitely be using her in the future!”
Edward E. Jul-21
“I have been in the real estate business for 40 + years. I am a real estate broker in two states; plus, I worked for the Dept. of HUD for 22 years. Michelle is one of the best loan officers I have worked with over the years. Very professional; knows the business; and, most of all, has great customer services values. I will use her again.”
Tim T. May-21
“Michelle was confident we could overcome challenges due to my self-employment and the late stage of the process, and she worked very hard and expeditiously to live up to it.”
Michael M. May-21
“Michelle was always available, answered our questions and helped us move through the process quickly and seamlessly.”
Keith B. May-21
“Michelle was excellent. Despite some bumps in the road, she paved the way for mortgage approval. She was very responsive and willing to explain things down to the smallest details.”
Ronald B. Apr-21
“Michelle was wonderful in all aspects of the process”
Tamam B. Apr-21
“I just want to say thank you so much everyone. Michelle is honest; experienced and very patience. She explained everything what we ask and what we need to know. We are lucky to have her as a loan officer. Again thank you so much. I really recommend to anyone Homebridge fincial service.”
Amanda K. Apr-21
“Michelle is a go-getter and willing to do what it takes to get the home loan completed. I trust she's giving me accurate information and has my family's interest at heart.”
Duane S. Apr-21
“Michelle is as always sweet, helpful, and super smart, she really knows her business. We love dealing with Michelle and everyone that works for her, everyone on her team is great. Candy was wonderful, helpful and in the past Derek has been awesome too.”
Brooke G. Apr-21
“She did awesome with expediting the process.”
Teresita O. Mar-21
“Michelle is very thorough and always updated me with process of my loan. Always calls if I have any issues or questions anytime. Glad to work with her again with my refinancing”
Thomas L. Mar-21
“Michelle is outstanding! Would never go anywhere else! Above and beyond in customer service. Give her a raise please. Refer her all the time to it here's. Prior realtor. Homebridge rocks!!”
Michael W. Mar-21
“Michelle is the best!!”
James B. Mar-21
“Grretings, Michelle and Candi Minken were the complete package. Professional, caring and attentive. They are the opposite of any horror story you hear regarding home buying. We had some struggles with our realtors during the process, but Michelle and Candi worked us through those problems, went above and beyond what I think any lender should be required to do and saw us through to the close. The next time we buy a home our first stop will be Home Bridge and that is due entirely to Candi and Michelle.”
David E. Mar-21
“I have worked with Michelle Bruto da Costa on several purchase and re-finance loans and feel comfortable working with her. I would contact her again when I need financial services.”
Jennifer V. Mar-21
“Michelle is GREAT! I love working with her! She's always available for questions no matter what time. She jumped right in if we had any problems. Definitely have recommended her to friends and family already!”
Zane W. Mar-21
“Michelle Brito Da Costa was amazing throughout the whole process from start to finish DONT get a loan anywhere else. She really cares And she is a rock star .”
Margaret T. Feb-21
“Michelle is an amazing representative and advocate. On a scale of 10 she is a 20. She handled my initial purchase financing so when I started exploring refinancing she was the first person (and only) I contacted. She is extremely knowledgeable and the one time question I had about the closing amounts she made sure got resolved. Love working with her.”
Dustin H. Jan-21
“Michelle Bruto Da Costa is a great person, and such a hard worker! She worked so hard to make sure everything was right for us. She stays up late working extra hard to make sure everything that we needed was prepared, and researches the best routes for us. She was great to talk to over the phone, and would always make sure we had the documents we needed. Michelle also made sure that we understood everything, and shared her knowledge with us. We highly recommend Michelle to work with!”
John S. Jan-21
“Michelle is impressive and so impressive that our realtor who would recommend her as well.”
Dennis H. Jan-21
“Michelle was amazing and did exactly as promised. 30 days no problem. Best experience with a lender. Will recommend. Dennis”
Andrew H. Jan-21
“Michelle was professional and so helpful long each step. She even came to my home one night to pick up some papers that I had left out. She mad the process easy and was patient with me if I did not understand one of the steps. In fact we closed a bit quicker which was nice. I give Michelle a 10.”
Vanna S. Jan-21
“Thank you Michelle!”
Dennis E. Jan-21
“Michelle and staff were great. Michelle does her job well....informative and follows up to make sure you understand. Works hard and long hours. It took awhile to get this done but it was expected with such low rates. Thank you!”
Robert P. Jan-21
“Michelle Bruta Da Costa & Derrick are terrific to work with and the entire process was professional and all was explained to me along the way up through closing.”
Andrew M. Dec-20
“Michelle is very personable and sweet. She is highly dedicated to her job and truly cares for her clients. I suggest the whole process begin with an email chain between the Michelle and all involved parties so that everyone can be introduced in their role and everyone kept in the loop about the process.”
Wendy O. Dec-20
“Michelle went above and beyond to help me refinance. I don't think it could've been done without her”
John A. Dec-20
“Michelle was personable, extremely knowledgeable and offered incredible customer service. It was refreshing to work with someone so kind.”
Robert H. Nov-20
“Michelle was very good. I think see doesn't sleep. Very responsive, easy to work with. I have already referred her to two people.”
Benjamin H. Nov-20
“Huge shout out to Michelle. She was excellent to work with. She made the whole refinance process a breeze. She went above and beyond what I expected. She was able to answer my questions even if I've already asked them before. She made the whole experience great. I look forward to using Michelle and Homebridge in the future. Thank you so much.”
Edward R. Nov-20
“Michelle is wonderful. She is very caring and professional. She answered all of our questions and there were no surprises that we weren't told about. Michelle is very easy to work with and available to us most of the time when we contact her. She is also a very sweet person.”
Robert S. Nov-20
“She is the best! Explained everything and was so helpful. Such a hard worker! I'm not all that great on a computer and she walked me through the process.”
Michelle H. Nov-20
“Michelle was amazing to work with! Best refinance experience I've ever had. Derek was wonderful too! I will highly recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you Homebridge, Michelle and Derek!!”
Scott H. Nov-20
“Michelle is the very best professional asset that Homebridge has. Ours was a difficult type of loan, but Michelle handled it with ease. She always had the answers to our questions and kept us updated as our loan was processed. We will use her again and recommend our friends and family. She is a gem! A pleasure to work with. And so knowledgeable.”
Paul P. Nov-20
“We have worked with Michelle several times. She is great - very knowledgeable, good listener, returns calls, and is patient and friendly. I would recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a mortgage.”
Aubree G. Oct-20
“This was our first time buying a house and Michelle was amazing and a huge blessing as well! This process was easier than I ever expected due to her! She called me every so often to explain any next steps or to let me know we're on the right track to closing! The communication was great and she explained things in a way us beginners could understand! The process was so simple! We will definitely be reaching out to her again when we buy a home in the future and will recommend her to others as well! Thank you so much! Aubree & Lance S.”
Amy R. Oct-20
“Michelle was amazing. Can't thank her enough!”
Jesse N. Oct-20
“We loved our experience with Michelle! I felt taken care of and like she was always available to answer my questions and concerns! Michelle goes above and beyond for her clients!”
Michael W. Oct-20
“Pleasure to work with Michelle . She is a true professional. Passionate about her work. Thank you Michele”
George K. Oct-20
“We had a wonderful experience. It was a plus to have a knowledgeable and professional as a neighbor. Michelle was positive throughout the process of our refinance. Thank you..”
Aaron E. Oct-20
“Michelle and Derek are hands down the best team, professional and communicative throughout the process. They do an excellent job keeping their clients on track and communicate every step of the way. I've worked with them on several transactions and have always been impressed, I refer Michelle often. Thanks again for your stellar service!”
Emma M. Oct-20
“Michelle is incredible. She is personable, upbeat during this very stressful process of purchasing a home (which is important), and VERY hardworking. She went above and beyond to overcome all obstacles in the process and truly exceeded our expectations. We will never purchase another home without her!”
Danielle L. Oct-20
“Warm,sincere, personable and empathetic professional. Michelle made me feel confident with her own confidence in her area of expertise-reassuring me that she will fight for me and she doesn't have the word "no" in her vocabulary especially when it comes to VA loans. Through COVID19 and all the flaming hoops that she jumped through first before she asked me to, I was able to build a relationship of trust with her regardless of the world which seemed to be falling apart as she helped me refinance in the worst of circumstances. I will absolutely have Michelle help me in the future for anything that would need her elite expertise! Thank you Michelle and HomeBridge for ALL your time and help securing my asset for my family.”
Alexander B. Sep-20
“As a fellow loan officer myself, I can say with confidence that Michelle and her team are the best of the best. They did exactly what they said they'd do, which is close my purchase loan on time with minimal headaches. I would trust them to handle a future purchase or refinance for me down the road, without question. Great job team!”
Mohamed S. Sep-20
“Michelle was the best loan officer that I've worked with , hands down the best in the business”
Enos M. Sep-20
“She's great to work with and very informative, this is the 3rd time working with her, very happy!”
Derek J. Sep-20
“This was our third time working with Michelle and, like the previous two, it was seamless. She works tirelessly to make sure our questions are answered in a timely manner and keeps us informed during the whole process. She is wonderful to work with.”
Jonathan B. Aug-20
“Michelle Bruto Da Costa was an exceptional loan officer (and we've worked with several in the past). She was always available for questions and clearly explained all aspects of the loan throughout the process. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for superior servicing of a home mortgage.”
JORGE D. Aug-20
“She is personable, always has time to respond, is thorough. I know she has a large pipeline, but I felt as though I was the only loan she had. Whenever something needed answered or taken care of, she was right on it, didn't matter time of day, day of week. Derek was also very helpful, a great listener, excellent coordinator, explained things with ease, efficient. Michelle and Derek are an awesome dynamic team.”
Ahmed A. Aug-20
“Thank you very much Michelle and Derek and it was so nice to know you.”
John N. Aug-20
“Michelle was the most amazing person we have ever experienced. Her kindness and professionalism was so much greater then expected during the mortgage process. And Derek took exceptional care of us as well. Your organization was so amazing to work with and the guidance and support we received was beyond our expectations. We will recommend your organization to everyone! Thanks to all of you that made this journey so incredibly easy and rapid! Yay HomeBridge...our Mortgage Heroes!”
Basim M. Aug-20
“Thank you”
Suzanne N. Aug-20
Michael T. Aug-20
“Worked through all the hurdles and got the job done .”
Edgar B. Jul-20
“Michelle and Derek were absolute stars getting my REFIs in order and closing. Best team hands down! It is always a pleasure working with these two.”
Hannah W. Jun-20
“Thank you for a stellar experience!”
Derek W. Jun-20
“Work with Michelle was a great experience.”
MARTIN J. May-20
“Michelle you are very professional! You know your business and you have been very helpful to us! Thank you”
“Excellent knowledge, excellent communication, available all the time for even a little tiny question... Thank you very much!”
JACOB L. Apr-20
“Michelle Bruto Da Costa was excellent to work with! She got us an amazing rate and walked us through every step of the process. We did everything remotely and it all worked out great.”
“Professional ,Well Educated in the loan products And process.”
DANA P. Mar-20
“Shes the best. 10+ in every aspect. I would and will recommend her to everyone I no. Just a pleasure to work with. So professional. Helped me to understand all. First time buyer. She knocked it out of the park. Cant thank her enough.”
“Michelle Bruto da Costa explained thoroughly and patiently helped educate me throughout the loan process; very quick to respond to my questions. She is so knowledgeable and yet able to explain where a novice can understand. Very, very, pleased with Homebridge. Thank you Michelle and Derek!”
TAD H. Jan-20
“This is our second time working with Michelle Bruto Da Costa, and the experience from start to finish was absolutely seamless. Michelle is a pleasure to work with, she is an exceptional communicator and is always positive and full of energy. What else can I say but she is AWESOME!”
KANE A. Dec-19
“This was my second time working with Michelle Bruto da Costa and she is wonderful to work with. Our situation was slightly out of the ordinary and she was patient and helpful through it all.”
Edward H. Sep-19
“She did an excellent job!”
Edward R. Sep-19
“Michelle is the nicest, sweetest and very professional person. We are so happy that we did business with her. She kept us well informed all the way through and even called us from New York when she was there on business to check on us. She was sincerely excited for us and congratulated us on our home. She is the best. We would recommend her to everyone. Thank you!”
Jeffrey Z. Jul-19
“Michelle and her team consistently exceeded my expectations. Her and her tean were very respectful and professional. She was always so nice, she took the time to explain everything- (sometimes twice). We will definitely refer her to our family and friends. When we refinance, we will be calling her! Thank you Michelle! Job well done!”
Joshua M. June-19
“Thank you for all that you do for your customer. You answered all our questions and went out to your way to make sure we were happy and well informed.”
Terrance G. April-19
“Derek was very professional and helpful. Always prompt with answers!”
Andrew I. April-19
“Michelle Bruto Da Costa actually helped me the most. She was absolutely amazing and answered so many of my questions. She deserves a raise or praise for the commitment she has to her customers! Thank you Michelle!”
Warren E. December 2018
“Michelle has gone above and beyond any level of customer service we have experienced!”
Ruben R. December 2018
“They always do a great job.”
Anthony W. December 2018
“Ease of doing business.”
Fabian H. December 2018
“Fast and easy service. All questions answered thoroughly and quickly.”
Curt B. December 2018
“Michelle is very good.”
Cathi S. November 2018
“The entire team was very informative and helpful through the entire process.”
Eugeniy K. November 2018
“Great customer service, speed.”
Martin J. November 2018
“Because of Michelle.”
Michael D. November 2018
“he walked us through the whole process. We really appreciated Michelle hold our hands throughout this stressful milestone. We have no idea when this woman sleeps! Amazing customer service at all hours of the day!”
Kosol S. November 2018
“Great communication.”
Robert H. October 2018
“Very responsive and pleasant to work with. Was able to explain all documents and figures.”
Nhianny P. October 2018
“Great services.”
Douglas D. October 2018
“Excellent service.”
Robert Q. October 2018
“Michelle was awesome at keeping us informed.”
Phillip B. October 2018
“Excellent all around.”
Michael H. October 2018
“Excellent communication in a timely fashion.”
Joseph B. October 2018
“Very knowledgeable, accessible and helpful.”
Calvin O. October 2018
“They've done very well by us in this as well as in our previous home purchase. Their customer service was much better than other Financial institutions we contacted.”
Tad H. October 2018
“Michelle was fantastic. She gave us current information and guided us through the loan application process seamlessly. She is knowledgeable, friendly and professional.”
Catherine M. October 2018
“Michelle was very helpful and did whatever she could to make things happen.”
Michael A. October 2018
“Michelle was helpful and personable. She has a great attitude.”
Jason M. October 2018
“Excellent customer service. I was well informed and had regular phone and email updates.”
Henry L. September 2018
“Michelle was very focused on helping us get the best deal and have the best experience possible.”
Amy J. September 2018
“Customer service and communication.”
Jordan Q. September 2018
“Homebridge was very helpful every step of the way in buying our first home.”
Joseph S. Aug-18
“Great service and follow-up.”
Claudia D. Aug-18
“Michelle was intelligent, informed and available. Amazing!”
William B. Aug-18
“The process was very quick and easy.”
Shaun B. Aug-18
“I always recommend Michelle at HomeBridge. She is awesome!”
Tavis M. Aug-18
“Michelle has been very helpful in getting us where we want to be and always took the time to answer any/ all questions.”
Fazal N. Aug-18
“Excellent service.”
Aprill H. Aug-18
“They were very helpful. They explained everything very well.”
Jason H. Aug-18
“Great service from Michelle!”
Joseph S. August 2018
“Great service and follow-up.”
Claudia D. August 2018
“Michelle was intelligent, informed and available. Amazing!”
William B. August 2018
“The process was very quick and easy.”
Shaun B. August 2018
“I always recommend Michelle at HomeBridge. She is awesome!”
Tavis M. August 2018
“Michelle has been very helpful in getting us where we want to be and always took the time to answer any/ all questions.”
Fazal N. August 2018
“Excellent service.”
Aprill H. August 2018
“They were very helpful. They explained everything very well.”
Jason H. August 2018
“Great service from Michelle!”
Shaun B. August 2018
“I always recommend Michelle at HomeBridge. She is awesome!”
Tavis M. August 2018
“Michelle has been very helpful in getting us where we want to be and always took the time to answer any/ all questions.”
Fazal N. August 2018
“Excellent service.”
Aprill H. August 2018
“They were very helpful. They explained everything very well.”
Jason H. August 2018
“Great service from Michelle!”
Joseph S. August 2018
“Great service and follow-up.”
Claudia D. August 2018
“Michelle was intelligent, informed and available. Amazing!”
William B. August 2018
“The process was very quick and easy.”
Aprill H. May 2018
“They were very helpful. They explained everything very well.”
Catherine M. April 2018
“Michelle has been extremely helpful throughout this process going above and beyond on more than one occasion. In fact, I have already recommended HomeBridge to a co-worker.”
Tony K. April 2018
“Quick closing.”
Joshua W. March 2018
“They were extremely friendly and helpful.”
Barbara C. March 2018
“Willing to work with you and very efficient!”
Raffi P. March 2018
“Michelle was extremely helpful and great to work with! She made everything smooth.”
Thomas D. March 2018
“The best service. They made everything very easy.”
Emmanuel C. March 2018
“Michelle was very helpful.”
Mark S. March 2018
“They are great!”
Ranita W. March 2018
“Excellent service and communication.”
Taylor L. March 2018
“Very hands on, patient and accommodating. Easy to communicate with.”
Brandon B. March 2018
“One reason is Michelle Bruto da Costa.”
Mary V. March 2018
“Very personal service.”
Fazal N. January 2018
“We are very satisfied with the service provided by Michelle and Derric. They have made this process easy for us.”
Gerard W. January 2018
“Communication with Michelle was excellent, clear and concise.”
Lamia K. December 2017
“Timely responses, nice team.”
Margaret T. December 2017
“Communication and attention to detail even when there was a couple of glitches. Michelle is fantastic!”
Jackie D. December 2017
“Quick, effective service.”
Jackie D. November 2017
“Excellent customer service from Michelle Bruto da Costa and Licensed Loan Partner Derek Lui”
Paul P. November 2017
“Michelle was always there to answer my questions and concerns.”
Veasna P. November 2017
“Michelle is always on top of everything and quick. Love her attitude!”
Michael D. November 2017
“HomeBridge being complied of a great team of crew members make the home buying and/or refinance experience a great one. Super-friendly and thorough from first step to the last.”
Bette G. November 2017
“Michelle was very thorough.”
Tyler D. November 2017
“They worked through fast and digitally to get my process through. Extremely friendly.”
Charles B. October 2017
“Michelle is awesome! I would and will refer people to her at every chance!”
Lydia R. October 2017
“Michelle Bruto Da Costa is am amazing teacher/mentor. When things need explanation she was like an angel!”
Kevin P. November 2016
“Michelle made this process easy and she provided great customer service! ”
Michael L. November 2016
“Michelle and her team are very friendly and helpful! The rates were good and Michelle is great!”
Jackie and Lisa H. September 2017
“Michelle walked us through this process in a simple and effective way!”
Enos and Lisa M. November 2016
“Michelle and her team were friendly, reachable and very knowledgeable! They took the time to answer all of my questions and walked us through the process!”
Gordon and Nina N. December 2016
“Michelle is very efficient and customer oriented! She always answered the phone when I had questions and helped with the process all the way through! ”
Angela P. November 2016
“Michelle and her staff were respectful, reliable, available and patient! Michelle is extremely nice and caring! Thank you!”
Lenora E. December 2016
“Michelle provided great quality service and commitment! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Allison B. December 2016
“Michelle provided excellent customer service and an ease of process! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jeffrey W. and Sarah L. September 2017
“Michelle and Derek were always available to assist us and more than happy to answer any questions! Our experience at HomeBridge has been smooth and easy!”
Ben M. and Summer A. September 2017
“Michelle has been very helpful and she streamlined the refinance process! ”
David M. December 2016
“Michelle was very responsive, knowledgeable and honest! She answered all of my questions and worked really hard at every step of the process! I would be extremely likely to use Michelle again in the future when needed!”
Richard and Mawete N. December 2016
“This process went very quickly and perfectly! Don't change a thing! Thanks!”
Alicia and Antonio S. August 2017
“Michelle was a pleasure to work with! She helped us with everything and was always there for us. HomeBridge is an excellent company to deal with and has a very friendly staff!”
Luke H. and Anna T. August 2017
“Michelle is the best agent and she was a pleasure to work with!”
Dean M. August 2017
“Michelle kept in contact almost every day and she kept me up to date on the status! She did an awesome job on my loan!”
Mark and Jessie P. August 2017
“Michelle is the best! The team work was awesome! They all worked together quickly to fix any problems!”
Daniel S. August 2017
“Michelle has been fantastic all the way through this process! I have already referred a co-worker to her. She was always very easy to reach and provided excellent communication skills!”
Jean C. August 2017
“Michelle was very helpful and she made the process easy! She guided me through this transaction step by step! Thank you!”
Gary and Virginia M. August 2017
“Michelle and her team worked very fast and professionally! ”
David M. August 2017
“Michelle provided great customer service! Everything went well! Thank you!”
Stephanie P. July 2017
“Michelle and her team provided exceptional customer service! I would be very much interested to use HomeBridge again in the future because you gave me this chance! Thank you!”
Ruben R. July 2017
“Michelle and her staff have been very helpful throughout this entire process! They made the loan transaction easy and Michelle did a great job! Thank you!”
Wesley M. July 2017
“Michelle was very responsive and supportive! She was recommended by family. There were no problems at all and the process was smooth!”
David and Lisa D. July 2017
“I have worked with Michelle and her team personally and professionally throughout the years and she is simply the best! I always refer Michelle first to everyone! ”
Sean and Sarah M. July 2017
“Michelle provided friendly, quick, in house financing! She was recommended by a family member! ”
Michael and Michelle W. June 2017
“Michelle and her team were very professional and easy to work with! We are very pleased!”
Alexander and Emily R. June 2017
“Michelle and her team were very easy to work with and more helpful than other local lenders that we have worked with in the past. Thank you!”
Joel and Jennifer W. June 2017
“Michelle and her team provided excellent service! These were all great people with a high level of professionalism and expertise!”
Mario B. June 2017
“This is my first home and I had a lot of questions and the team answered all of them! They were very patient and kind as they walked me through the process! I loved the fact they they helped me so much! I don't think I could have made it without HomeBridge!”
Gregory C. June 2017
“Michelle provides great communication with her clients!  I felt very comfortable working with her and her team!”
John and Stephanie G. June 2017
“Michelle and her team were a pleasure to work with!  Our loan process was extremely quick and easy!  We got top notch service and everything went exactly as planned.  Michelle was professional, kind and efficient!  We loved working with her!”
Bijon J. December 2016
“Michelle was absolutely amazing, patient, knowledgeable and readily available!  It felt like she truly cared and was looking out for our best interest!”
Jose C. and Anne M. December 2016
“Michelle was very supportive and knowledgeable!  She walked us through this entire process step by step in a smooth way!  She is a great professional!”
David and Sally R. December 2016
“Michelle provided great customer service and she was great to work with!  She met all of the deadlines and was great at explaining everything to us!”
Kristin H. May 2017
“Michelle and her staff were so great to work with!  They were so helpful throughout this entire process!”
Vince R. May 2017
“Michelle is very knowledgeable and she takes the time to explain the details very thoroughly!  She also did a great job updating me on the status of my loan!  I really like the design of the HomeBridge website!  It was easy to navigate through and easy to make recurring payments.”
Luke L. May 2017
“Michelle provided excellent customer service!  She was very communicative and helpful throughout the entire process!”
Ryan and Nicole M. May 2017
“Michelle provided excellent customer service!  She was extremely honest, efficient, prompt and communicative!  We would highly recommend her to others!”
Kenneth and Heidi M. May 2017
“Michelle provided great communication and customer service!  She made the process easy!  Thank you!”
Paul and Tove P. May 2017
“Michelle and her staff were very helpful, easy to work with and always returned my calls promptly!  Keep up the good work!”
Ronald and Florence V. May 2017
“Michelle rocks!  This was my parents transaction and we would not consider using anyone else!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Gregory S. April 2017
“Michelle was very helpful and friendly!  She was available whenever we needed anything!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Wayde and Suzette S. April 2017
“Michelle has been the best ever!  She is such a nice lady!  She was always happy and bubbly and she made us feel comfortable!”
Mark O. March 2017
“Michelle kept me well informed throughout this process!  She was excellent to work with!  I am very satisfied with the process and will happily use HomeBridge again if needed and refer others to them!  Thank you!”
Manuel and Maricel Y. February 2017
“Michelle provided great customer service and a detailed estimate on my loan!  She answered our questions any time in detail!  Thank you!”
Garrett S. March 2017
“Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and helped my wife and I throughout the process!  Thank you!”
Fazal and Fathima S. March 2017
“Michelle has made this process easy for us!  She kept us updated on every turn.  We appreciate her professionalism and her assistance!  The service that Michelle provided was excellent!”
Tess H. February 2017
“Michelle and her team worked really hard for us!  I was having troubles regarding my credit and they did everything possible to try to help me purchase my own home!”
David J. February 2017
“Michelle is amazing!  She was always very helpful and quick to respond to any questions!  She was so easy to work with!  Always fast and I can always trust Michelle to get us the best rates!  Michelle and Derek rock!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Craig and Mallory F. February 2017
“Michelle is the best!  She is very thorough, responsive and professional!”
Matthew K. February 2017
“Michelle was very efficient, organized and hassle free!  We had a great experience at HomeBridge and would not trust anyone else!”
Robert P. January 2017
“Michelle is very professional and timely!  She is always on target and attentive!  She returns calls immediately and responds to any questions or concerns.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Valiesha B. January 2017
“Michelle and her team were very knowledgeable and nice to work with!”
Samuel and Masuma H. January 2017
“Michelle was always available!  She answered questions easily and with great explanation.  We would use HomeBridge again in the future because we trust Michelle!  Thank you!”
Isaac and Kristen T. January 2017
“Michelle and her team were so accommodating and easy to work with, as well as friendly!”
Robert and Laura P. January 2017
“Michelle was very helpful, informative and patient with questions!  This was our first experience buying a home and we had a good one!”
Aaron and Sarah L. January 2017
“This HomeBridge team was extremely responsive and they took the time to ensure that we were comfortable with every step.  They were a great team to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Zhiye and Patricia W. October 2016
“Michelle and her team were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful!  Everyone was very responsive, even outside of normal business hours.   The process was easy to understand and user friendly!”
Christine L. October 2016
“Michelle and her team were always available and kept me informed throughout this process!  They did research to find the best rates that worked for me!  They felt like friends!  I would definitely go with HomeBridge again in the future when needed!  Overall, I had a great experience from beginning to end!”
Forrest and Carly D. October 2016
“Michelle provided great care and service!  She showed great interest in making sure the process was running well!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michael B. October 2016
“Michelle provided a great home buying experience!  She was very thorough and paid great attention to detail!  She is super friendly and confident!  She was very professional and reliable in the process!  She went out of her way explaining the products and quick fixes if needed.  She was reassuring and in total control to maintain my confidence to never go anywhere but HomeBridge!   Michelle is simply amazing, the best in the business!  Keep up the good work and, as always, thank you!”
Dylan and Rebecca W. October 2016
“Michelle was super easy to work with!  She provided a fast, smooth and easy process!  Keep up the good work!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Brandon and Rachelle B. September 2016
“Michelle and her team were very informative and friendly throughout this process!  They were amazing people to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Rebecca A. September 2016
“Michelle provided great customer service and excellent communication during my loan.  I am refinancing with HomeBridge because of the great reduction in my interest rate and because they treat me like family!  I cannot imagine using any other lender!  Everything was wonderful!”
Laura T. September 2016
“Michelle and her team were very helpful and friendly!  They made this a smooth and easy transaction!  This was another great experience at HomeBridge!”
Karlen M. September 2016
“Michelle and her team were reliable, helpful and easy to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Brandon and Jenna B. September 2016
“Michelle always kept us informed and she got us the best rate!  She had our loan processed in a timely manner and she did a great job with everything!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Patrick and Kathleen H. September 2016
“Michelle and her team were very professional and enjoyable to work with!  This was a painless, quick and efficient process!  Don't change a thing!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Joshua P. September 2016
“Michelle was truly 100% accessible all of the time!  She was so very helpful and clearly worked hard to help us make purchasing our new home possible!”
Joseph and Rachel D. September 2016
“Michelle was very responsive and knowledgeable!  She was very easy to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Chenoa and Jesie A. August 2016
“Michelle and her team did their best to make this process go smoothly and on time!  They were all good to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Caitlin D. August 2016
“Michelle and her team were very prompt to respond to all of my questions and concerns!  They made this process very easy!  They got everything done promptly and effectively.  They communicated with me on any updates as they were available.  Everyone was great to work with!”
Michelle V. August 2016
“Michelle and her team were available 24/7!  They were so accommodating and informative throughout the process!  This was an amazing team to work with!  I had a great first time home buying experience at HomeBridge!  I will recommend them to all of my friends and family!”
Amy F. August 2016
“Michelle and her entire team were always prompt with responding to questions via email or by phone.  They always made sure that I could completely understand everything!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Andrew and Sarah I. August 2016
“Michelle is great!  She was very fast and efficient in processing our loan!  We are very happy with the service that we received at HomeBridge!”
Thomas and Brittany S. July 2016
“Michelle was very responsive and friendly!  She took the time to figure out the problem with Tom's student loan payments and helped us close on time!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jesse S. July 2016
“Michelle was so fantastic to work with!  She answered all of my questions and was quick to get things done!  We loved our experience and would love to work with HomeBridge again in the future when we need to!  Thanks!”
Jacklynn K. July 2016
“Michelle helped me get my deal closed real quickly when I was in a huge time crunch!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others because of my positive experience!”
Becky L. July 2016
“Michelle and her team went above and beyond in processing my refinance.  They were very professional and trustworthy!  I will recommend HomeBridge to others and I would return for any future needs!  Thanks!”
Barbara L. July 2016
“Michelle is the smartest, quickest, most thorough loan originator in town!  Because of this positive experience, I will recommend HomeBridge to everyone!  Thank you!”
Brian and Marjorie O. July 2016
“We love Michelle!  We've used HomeBridge in the past and will gladly use them again because of our positive experiences each time!  Thank you!”
Andrew D. July 2016
“Michelle was there every step of the way in this process!  She is a hard worker and I knew that she loved and was good at what she does!  This has been the easiest loan process I've ever been through!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Chad and Tammy M. June 2016
“Michelle was very helpful, provided a quick closing and great customer service!  I will absolutely recommend HomeBridge to others!  Thank you!”
Akachi I. June 2016
“Michelle provided prompt support around the clock!  She provided great service and availability to me throughout this process!  Thank you!”
Bryan and Darcee R. June 2016
“Michelle and her team were extremely helpful and navigated us through this process smoothly!  Because of our positive experience, we will return to HomeBridge for any future needs!”
Ronald B. June 2016
“Michelle provided exceptional service!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others!”
Robert and Sharon A. October 2015
“Michelle was very efficient, knowledgeable, prompt and thorough when asking for all of the necessary paperwork so we could close in two weeks!  We received great service from very nice people at HomeBridge!”
Michael K. and Garrett M. October 2015
“Michelle was very friendly, professional and efficient!  She had everything done early!  She did a wonderful job!  Keep up the great work!”
Alexander N. October 2015
“Michelle and her team were very helpful and professional throughout this process.  They made my experience a good one for a first time home buyer!  You did a great job!”
Michael B. May 2016
“Michelle is simply amazing!  She saved my loan and went beyond the call of duty with a smile.  Kudos to her whole team!  These people brought compassion to the fore front and made me feel comfortable every minute throughout this process.  I was always in the loop as they were.   You are the experts!  Keep up the great work!”
Barbara I. May 2016
“Michelle is the best!  She made everything so easy for me.  She provided great communication, good rates and promptness!”
Sidney and Hollis G. May 2016
“This process was very smooth.  We were impressed by the efficiency.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Robert and Cassandra Y. May 2016
“Michelle and her team were very friendly and always free to help when we had questions.  We were kept informed and the process was made easy and smooth for us!”
Moses and Tasha M. November 2015
“Michelle provided exceptional customer service!  She was very efficient, patient, detail oriented and professional.  We truly have received exceptional service!”
Daniel Q. November 2015
“Michelle and her team have been wonderful throughout this process.  They always provided excellent service.  It has been a great experience.  I will definitely use HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Blake B. April 2016
“We have used Michelle a couple of times now and she has always been so helpful and knowledgeable!  She was always available to answer questions or to help in any way.  She is awesome!  Keep her forever!  We will always use Michelle and recommend her and HomeBridge to everyone!”
Jennifer V. December 2015
“Michelle and her team were great!  This was such an easy process. Everyone at HomeBridge was super friendly and provided amazing customer service!”
Curtis C. December 2015
“Michelle was a great communicator throughout this process.  She answered all of our questions and explained every document in detail.  We would definitely return to HomeBridge for future needs.  This has been a very pleasant experience!”
Lavi and Emily R. April 2016
“Michelle went above and beyond to process our loan and to ensure everything ran smoothly.  We would definately use HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Ken and Robbin F. April 2016
“Michelle was very organized, friendly, efficient and communicative throughout this process!”
Robert P.
“Michelle was so efficient and kept me well informed along the way with all the details even giving me updates in the evening.  The service provided was perfect and went above and beyond my expectations!”
Misty L.
“Michelle was awesome!! Communication was consistent and everything went very smooth!  Everything was great, I would definitely use HomeBridge for future loan needs!”

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