About Michaela Stamm

Michaela Stamm is a dedicated mortgage professional whose focus is on delivering the most enjoyable loan experience possible for her customers! As a University of Central Florida graduate, she works to ensure that all Floridians can reach their financing goals. Michaela does this by offering a diverse line of loan products that fit their unique situations, including:

  • Loan refinancing
  • First-time home purchases
  • Second-home/investment purchases
  • Home renovations
  • Home construction
  • Federal loan program access (VA, FHA, USDA)

For Michaela, providing outstanding service means clearly communicating options and recommendations to ensure you are in the driver’s seat throughout the process. Her thorough approach means you’ll get the loan solution that’s right for you; her lighthearted attitude means you’ll have a simple, stress-free, and enjoyable loan process!

When Michaela isn’t helping her customers, she’s likely out socializing, enjoying laughs, and dining at her favorite ma-and-pa’s! Michaela also regularly supports NextStep Orlando, a community-based paralysis recovery center. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen her out and about in the City Beautiful, as she understands what it means to support her local community and does so both in and out of the office.

Contact Michaela Stamm today to put her passion to work for you!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Tracy L. Nov-20
“Michaela stood by us every step through the process. She addressed any questions we had and made sure we knew where everything stood in the process. She is very pleasant to work with and we would recommend her to anyone who is searching for a lender/advisor who can get the job done”

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