About Michael Healey

Michael Healey is a life-long Rhode Island resident with extensive knowledge of the local market and an unparalleled ability to build a mortgage solution perfect for each client’s unique needs. With over 10 years in the mortgage industry, he began this journey after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Rhode Island. Upon graduating, he launched his career as a stockbroker in Boston, Philadelphia and Rhode Island, later switching to the mortgage industry. With his passion for helping people and dedication to outstanding customer service, Michael takes great pleasure in leading clients towards the American dream of home ownership by always operating with the client’s best interests at heart. Outside of the office, Michael volunteers with Meals on Wheels and Good Samaritans of Rhode Island. With access to numerous loan programs and a willing and dedicated operations team with a wealth of experience, he and his group look forward to being your professional mortgage team for life. Call Michael today and let him make your home ownership dreams a reality!

What Our Customers Say About Me

Roy R. May-22
“Mr Healey's rapport is unsurpassed. PR and patience his signatures best. Honesty and straightforward info and up to date activities is ideal ”
JEMAL H. Oct-21
“Michael did a excellent job with me and i have already recommended him ti my family and friends”
MATHEW D. Sep-21
“Mr. Healey made our dream into a reality. He exceeded our expectations by keeping us informed throughout the process. Not o my by email but also by phone, late in the evenings and even on the weekends. With his assistance the process was seamless and all transitioned with ease. Mr. Healey and his team excelled in removing any barriers for us to close in a timely manner. We are grateful for his knowledge and excellent customer service.”
Roy R. Aug-21
“The devotion and true concern to help especially seniors who otherwise are unaware of many options regarding mortgages and paying off high intereet credit cards.”
JAMES B. May-21
“Mike was extremely timely and very professional and all of our dealings. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with and followed through on successfully getting us what we needed. Thank you!”
“Mike Healy did a great job again!”
WILLIE K. Apr-21
“Micheal healey is very professional and hard working representative”
TYSON W. Feb-21
“Mike is amazing! We keep in contact constantly, he is available immediately when I have questions. Everything has always gone smooth and I will be using him again for my next refinance. He is literally the best agent I have ever dealt with and I use homebridge specifically for him.”
“I'm glad we had Mr. Healey for each of our refinancing. Thank you Mr. Healey!”
Charles S. Jan-21
“Michael is a complete professional and very easy to work with. Always makes the process as simple as possible.”
“Michael Healy is the best out there doing this type of VA refinancing.”
JEMAL H. Jan-21
“Michael was great and his team was great also no problems with process whatsoever”
“Michael Healey was professional and very helpful throughout the entire process. He was always very responsive and moved things along very well. He was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him highly.”
JOHN W. Dec-20
“Michael was exceptional and guided us very professionally through another refi with Homebridge. I would recommend him highly.”
Matthew H. Dec-20
“Michael was very responsive and kept me informed. A very polite gentleman with professionalism. I feel that Michael did all the work and all I had to do is check on the progress. Perfectly pleased.”
“Michael Healey was one of the best loan officer I've ever worked with and will be recommending all my family and friends that plan on refinancing to him directly was a great and easy experience thank you”
MAYRA R. Nov-20
“We consider Michael Healey part of our family. We've been working with him for years and he's been nothing but a blessing. From providing countless numbers of preapproval letters, helping us get our financials ready for a next purchase or having our backs when situations got sticky. He's a very important asset to the company and the only reason we've been working with Homebridge on about 3 refi and 2 purchases.”
Keith A. Nov-20
“I have refinanced numerous times however the level of of service I received from Michael and Homebridge far exceeds my previous experiences. Michael came highly recommended and again was nothing short of superior from start to finish!!!! I will remain with utilizing Hombridge in the future and will refer always! Thank you!”
Richard M. Oct-20
“Michael Healey is your #1 Superstar! He is the best in industry. You want to screw your company up let this guy go! Not only should you be rewarding him with his wants and needs you should be thankful that no headhunter has taken from you. If you want to remain success full you better clone this man ASAP! Best I have worked in 40+ years in the industry!”
“Outstanding performance by mike”
Russell M. Oct-20
“Michael Healey has been great to work with. He was available and ready to answer any questions we had along the way.”
“Mike Healy once again did a great job handling all issues concerning our refinance. Great person to work with.”
DONALD R. Sep-20
“Michael was great as usual. Overall I am satisfied.”
ROY R. Aug-20
“Very satisfied with ease and peace of mind especially with the guidance of the loan advisor”
“Excellent guy!. Answered all of my questions quickly and follow-up to make sure we were complete for closing.”
December G. Jul-20
“Mike Healy was great.”
ANDREW H. May-20
“Very Attentive to any questions asked and emails I sent him. Fully explained the process and had patience with me. Would recommend him to anyone.”
ARNOLD B. 20-Apr
“He has always made things easy and without stress, he makes the process easy and keeps you updated.”
JEMAL H. 20-Apr
“I just want to thank Michael for valuable information and customer service”
“He is the best !! He always update us and reassured that we will get our answer soon . He goes above and beyond expectations.”
JUAN C. April-19
“Thank you Michael for helping us with our refinance and making the whole process easy to understand!”
JOHN W. April-19
“Michael Healey was exceptional. He was the consummate professional. He and I developed great rapport and I would recommend his services highly.”
Gerald M. December 2018
“Michael Healey was helpful and responsive.”
Arnold B. November 2018
“Good service.”
Edward A. November 2018
“Immediate and professional service.”
Mayra R. September 2018
“They went above and beyond.”
Earl F. June 2018
“Michael was up front, honest and walked me through everything.”
John A. May 2018
“This was a good experience with HomeBridge. Michael did a professional job.”
William J. March 2018
“Answered questions directly.”
Michael T. February 2018
“Quick and painless process!!”
John W. December 2017
“Very professional and considerate. It was a pleasure dealing with the HomeBridge crew, especially the exceptional Michael Healey.”
Ajamu H. October 2017
“Customer service is great.”
Dionisio and Anabella D. November 2016
“Michael provided excellent customer service! He provided frequent emails, phone calls and great follow-up regarding our loan! Thank you!”
John C. August 2017
“Michael and his team have been extremely helpful throughout my application process! HomeBridge is an outstanding company! I had a wonderful feeling and treatment from the personnel at HomeBridge! Thank you!”
Frankie and Merle J. August 2017
“Michael provided professional and friendly service! He was efficient, accurate, patient and a pleasure to work with! I was kept updated every step of the way throughout the loan process! We are completely thankful and satisfied with the service that we received at HomeBridge!”
Thomas and Katie E. June 2017
“Michael provided excellent follow through and he paid great attention to personal detail.  He had an awesome flexibility in adjusting to the unforeseen.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Gail H. March 2017
“Mike is very professional and he made this process smooth and easy!  I appreciated that he was straight forward!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Charles and Arlene C. January 2017
“Michael and his team kept us informed and were constantly involved in the process.  This is our second time using Michael Healey for a refinance and we would not use anyone else!  Keep up the great work!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Donald and Linda R. October 2016
“This refinancing experience at HomeBridge was outstanding!  Michael was on top of things throughout the entire process as he kept me up to date.  HomeBridge is very customer oriented looking out for our best interests!  We were very comfortable.  Thank you!”
Philip and Helen S. September 2016
“Thank you for the timely, thorough and pleasant experience at HomeBridge!”
Gideon and Marisa A. October 2015
“Michael was quick, professional and accommodating!  Because of this nice experience, I will recommend HomeBridge to friends and family!”
Gary and Tonya G. May 2016
“Mike was amazing to work with!  He was always available and quickly answered any questions that we had!  We would definitely recommend HomeBridge to anyone!”
Gary and Tonya G. October 2015
“Michael was very thorough, communicative and always available!  I never worried about the process.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Manuel and Corazon D. November 2015
“Michael and his team worked very quickly.  Everyone I worked with was extremely professional!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Edward and Andrea A. April 2016
“Mike provided such fast and friendly service!  He was the most professional I've ever worked with, I will provide all of my friends his contact information.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
John and Patricia E. April 2016
“Michael was extremely helpful, organized and personable.  HomeBridge made the refinance process very smooth.  Keep up the good work!”
David and Denise C. April 2016
“HomeBridge was quick and clear in all communications.  I am on the west coast, the company is on the east coast and it was still a very smooth process.  Thanks!”
Robert and Maria K.
“Michael Healey found me a mortgage with a low rate and did great job doing so, he was always helpful and honest! Thank you!”
Dominic and Francine C.
“Michael was very courteous, very informative and always available!  Thank you!”
“I express my greatest satisfaction with your services for my refinances. You have a very high standard of professionalism. I really appreciate how you guided me through the whole process, making it easy and understandable. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends.”
Young K.
“I would like to take a moment to thank Mr. Healey for his quick and helpful ways throughout this refinance. Typically, one would think that his experience would be more of a painful one, but with his expertise, he led us through this quickly and smoothly. Updates on the refinancing were given when needed. Mr. Healey definitely showed that no only was he good at his job, but he cared about our well-being. I would recommend Mr. Healey in the future, as he was an invaluable asset to helping us move forward.”
Ralph S.
“Mike identified a suitable loan program that met my stated objectives, helped me to pull together all of the necessary documentation, and saw the process through its completion. He even followed up the day after the scheduled signing to ensure that all went as expected, and I am happy to report that it did. I have been involved in multiple refinance situations over the years, ut this was the first where I was dealing with FHA. Mike was definitely sensitive to this fact and made sure that I was well-informed before we moved ahead. His attention to customer service and apparent depth of knowledge in the industry have made me a very satisfied client. If I ever encounter the need to engage these types of services again in the future, I would not hesitate to contact Mike.”
Michael and Denise D.
“Sometimes you get a little skeptical about change. I was afraid of hidden fees and Mike reassured me that there were none, and sure enough, there were none. He was very professional. He was constantly in contact with me about appointments and making sure that they were keeping these appointments (title company, appraisal, etc.). He made it an easy transition for us. I would definitely contact Mike or recommend Mike to anyone for financing.”
Debbie J.
“Mike Healey handled the refinance of my mortgage. Mike did a fantastic job of explaining the process to me and making sure I understood all the legalities and fine print involved with these types of transactions. He was professional, respectful and kind. He set an expectation and he exceeded that expectation. He provided information when he said that he would, called when he said he would, and he was in constant contact with me to ensure that I knew exactly what was going on at all times. He was patient and answered all my questions. But aside from all that, the most important thing for me, was that I trusted him. With all that is going on in the financial industry today, having trust in the person that has all your financial information and is guiding you financially is essential. Mike made the complicated process of refinancing smooth and easy. I knew from the beginning that I could depend on him. Mike is truly an asset to the industry.”
Charles N.
“Michael Healey successfully originated a loan for us to refinance a mortgage for our home. He kept us informed in a friendly and professional manner throughout the entire process. During my career, I was transferred across the United States by the federal government, which required us to relocate. Over the years, we have purchased nine homes and had experience with many Mortgage Loan Originators. Michael Healey ranks at the top of the list of efficient and thorough Mortgage Loan  Originators.”
Omar and Claudia P.
“Michael has helped us with two refinances and completely made us feel at ease. Michael handled everything in a professional manner, and my wife and I are happy with his services. We will recommend him always.”
Lillian and Roland K.
“We found Mike to be very helpful, very pleasant and extremely professional. My husband and I were both satisfied and pleased with the outcome of our loan. It's obvious that Mike's expertise led to a smooth and speedy process. We wouldn't hesitate to refer all of our friends and family to Mike in the future.”
Bill and Debbie N.
“The time period from Michael's first response to our settlement was less than 2 months. Most of this time was taken up by us sorting things out. Michael helped me improve my credit rating. He sent out a great appraiser who helped us with the value of our 100 year old farm house. He turned us onto a homeowner's insurance agent who saved us lots of money. He was always there for us with ideas and encouragement. He was always upbeat and professional. Michael always answered our questions quickly and in good humor. And at the end, he sent out a great lady to close the deal. We cannot say enough about Mike Healey. He helped change our lives. Thank you!”
Bill and Kristen S. Port Monmouth, NJ
“My wife Kristen and I worked with Michael on the refinancing of our home in Port Monmouth, NJ. While our relationship with Michael was without a personal or face-to-face meeting, he was able to instill confidence in us that led us to making a major business decision regarding our home. My wife and I were quite happy with the overall results and outcome. Regarding Michael's communication, professionalism, and his field of knowledge, we would have to say that his overall approach, both over the phone and in e-mail was very reassuring. He kept us abreast of any developments and / or further requirements during every step of the refinancing process. In our opinion, we actually made the communications process harder on Michael than it had to be. Dealing with me on some occasions and my wife on others, he had the ability to put it all together in the end, and ensure that Kristen and I were happy with the results. Michael has, what we would consider, deep product knowledge, very sharp communication skills and the ability to instill confidence in his clients that he will "lead the charge" in these financial transactions. We will happily recommend Michael to any of our family or friends who are interested in similar endeavors.”
Zachary L. Galloway, NJ
“Mr. Healey helped me refinance my primary residence in Galloway, NJ, and managed the entire deal professionally and effectively with success. In the recent past, I have had experiences with several Mortgage Loan Originators and Mr. Healey ranks at the top position among all. He clearly understood the nature of the loan program I qualified for and exactly what needed to be done. Mr. Healey answered my questions promptly and appropriately without delay. He did not hesitate to answers even during off hours and on weekends. I was just amazed and charmed the way he responded to many requests with a positive attitude. I enjoyed working with him thoroughly.l He is very knowledgeable and a valuable person for anyone with refinancing needs.”

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