About Michael Beagan

New Jersey native Michael Beagan graduated from William Paterson University with a Bachelor’s degree in biology. A passion to work with the public drove him toward the mortgage industry, where he has been helping clients for over a decade. The core of his philosophy is to educate clients so they are more comfortable with the mortgage process. “When clients are educated and know what to expect, they are more relaxed and less stressed… they can actually enjoy purchasing a home!” Michael’s business partners say his best attribute is his ability to communicate clearly which keeps everyone involved and updated on a loan status throughout the duration of the transaction.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Claire P. Sep-19
“Michael Beagan is and always has been wonderful, extremely knowledgeable and patient. We couldn't be happier with our initial closing and now refinance. He is dedicated to his clients and thoroughly explains everything and answers all questions and concerns in an extremely timely fashion. Abby and Suzanne I'm the office are also wonderful and very attentive!”
Robert F. Jul-19
“Everything went smooth”
Victoria D. Jul-19
“Suzanne was also activity involved and was excellent.”
Gregory T. March-19
“Mike Beagan and his team are awesome. They minimize the stress that comes with buying a property. I look forward to working with them in the near future.”
Maria S. May-19
“Michael called me just to check on me see if I was okay and not to get stressed out.”
Kelly F. December 2018
“Great company and service. Patient, friendly customer service. Attentive to our needs.”
Marina T. December 2018
“They are all awesome, polite, kind and wonderful. Filled with love, compassion and empathy.”
Wallace C. December 2018
“Very knowledgeable, efficient, great communication skills.”
James V. November 2018
“We were extremely satisfied with the service we received.”
Laura J. November 2018
“Excellent partnership with the customer.”
Mary J. November 2018
“Michael Beagan was extremely detail oriented and explained everything perfectly. Everyone else was easy to work with from beginning to end.”
Marybeth W. October 2018
“Exceptional service.”
Katharine S. October 2018
“Everyone at Homebridge was amazing, professional, responsive and kind. Michael, Suzanne and Kyle made this process so seamless.”
Patricia B. October 2018
“Very detailed follow up, constant communication, professional and always available.”
Samuel P. October 2018
“Michael and Kyle were very helpful. Loved the weekly update.”
Louis V. September 2018
“Repeat business, great experience.”
Marissa L. September 2018
“Kyle and Michael are very knowledgeable and helpful.”
Jaclyn B. September 2018
“Easy to deal with. Premier Abstract Title was terrific.”
Eleanor M. Aug-18
“Competence, reliability, etc.”
Edward F. Aug-18
“Friendly, helpful, efficient and kept us in the loop with every step.”
Meredith T. Aug-18
“The HomeBridge team was friendly, responsive and extremely professional throughout my entire experience.”
Edward F. August 2018
“Friendly, helpful, efficient and kept us in the loop with every step.”
Meredith T. August 2018
“The HomeBridge team was friendly, responsive and extremely professional throughout my entire experience.”
Eleanor M. August 2018
“Competence, reliability, etc.”
Edward F. August 2018
“Friendly, helpful, efficient and kept us in the loop with every step.”
Meredith T. August 2018
“The HomeBridge team was friendly, responsive and extremely professional throughout my entire experience.”
Eleanor M. August 2018
“Competence, reliability, etc.”
Lisa S. June 2018
“I felt like I was treated fairly and I received all of the information that I requested.”
Andrew G. June 2018
“Very responsive and provided accurate answers.”
Matthew D. June 2018
“Excellent service! Great information provided the entire way through.”
Talaya B. June 2018
“Great worker!!”
Kara K. May 2018
“Michael was very nice and easy to work with.”
Judith B. May 2018
“Knowledge, experience and courteous. A seamless purchase of our new home. We are so happy that we chose HomeBridge!”
Nohemi P. April 2018
“They are the best!”
Kristina N. April 2018
“Service, communication and sincerity! A++”
Ariel R. March 2018
“Very helpful people! Michael helped us during the whole process. He is a great guy!”
Marcus D. March 2018
“Excellent service!”
Rolf R. February 2018
“They made everything so easy and we truly appreciate them all.”
Robert H. January 2018
“A+ service from everyone. I am so happy and thrilled with the entire team. Michael was excellent! ”
Michael D. December 2017
“The HomeBridge rep was very forthcoming as to how the process would work and what it might cost before I decided to proceed.”
Janice W. December 2017
“I was kept up-to-date on every step. Everyone at HomeBridge was very informative and answered all questions.”
Jennamarie D. December 2017
“Michael Beagan took the time to explain and teach me about the process. As a teacher and person who wants to have a clear understanding of this new experience, I appreciate that added explanation.”
Erin B. December 2017
“I have recommended them to others.”
Jeffrey P. December 2017
“Everything went well.”
Vladimir S. December 2017
“Excellent service and education. A pleasure!”
Megan M. December 2017
“Michael was very helpful and timely. ”
Richard G. November 2017
“Michael and the rest of the team have been amazing to work with from start to finish.”
Stephanie H. October 2017
“Michael Beagan is amazing!”
Byron S. October 2017
“Worked very hard for us and with us.”
Patrick G. October 2017
“Great service”
Adam and Tracy C. November 2016
“Michael was very responsive and attentive! He answered all of our questions promptly!”
Felicia S. December 2016
“Michael and his team were responsive and easy to work with! Everything was explained in a way that a consumer could easily understand! ”
Edward L. September 2017
“Both Michael and Kyle did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them to others! ”
Anthony C. September 2017
“Michael was very responsive and informative on all information regarding my loan. I felt very comfortable working with him!”
Dean and Olga A. August 2017
“Michael was very helpful and closed our loan quickly! Thank you for the excellent interest rate!”
Melissa L. August 2017
“Michael was very friendly and helpful with my mortgage process! Thank you!”
Sven S. and Karen H. August 2017
“Michael and his team were great with communication and follow-up! We had a great experience with HomeBridge! The quality of service that we received was great!”
Jessica S. December 2016
“Michael Beagan goes far above and beyond taking care of his clients! He was upfront about all expenses and reachable whenever questions or problems arose! Thank you!”
Kevin and Lauren C. August 2017
“Michael provided great communication! This entire process felt much easier than we expected! The easier the process, the better! ”
Michael and Alice P. August 2017
“Michael provided very friendly and professional service! ”
Patrick and Sandra P. August 2017
“Michael was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout this process! All is perfect!”
Kenneth and Colleen H. August 2017
“Michael and his team were professional and quick to answer any questions! They helped us with our rehab loan without any problems. This is the second time we have used HomeBridge and both times we were more than pleased!”
Anthony G. August 2017
“Michael was very quick, informative and helpful!”
Edgar D. August 2017
“Michael Beagan is the best mortgage guy around! I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to this positive experience!”
Jeffrey and Megan D. July 2017
“Michael and his team were helpful and responsive throughout this entire process! ”
Peter M. July 2017
“Michael and his team are amazing! I would and do recommend them any chance I get! The process is easy and HomeBridge has great pricing and rates!”
Kaitlyn C. June 2017
“Michael was very helpful, informative and always there to help! He was confident in his knowledge which helped us feel confident in our choices! Keep on doing what you are doing! ”
Satyen and Kadambari L. June 2017
“Michael provided excellent customer service, phenomenal response time and exceptional knowledge!  He and his team were great to work with!”
Janie H. June 2017
“Michael was very responsive and on top of the process!  He had a great team too!”
Katherine and Ryan C. June 2017
“Michael is very patient, helpful and transparent!  We have worked with Michael for all of our needs since we've been home owners!  He has a very responsive team as well and HomeBridge offers competitive rates.  Thank you!”
Samuel and Chelsey D. June 2017
“Michael explained everything in a very simple and informative way!  He guided us along the way and was always available to talk whenever we needed!  He was very efficient and held to his word of a closing date within 45 days.  Thank you!”
Katie L. December 2016
“Michael was very helpful and clear!  He guided us through every step of the way prior to and during the process of buying.  He made the process easy and was pleasant to work with!”
Claire G. June 2017
“Michael and his team have been wonderful!  They answered all of our questions in detail!  I could not have had a better experience!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Steven and Deana M. May 2017
“Michael was always available and able to give good guidance!  Thank you!”
Alexis H. May 2017
“We like Michael!  He and his team made this process extremely organized and informative!  They kept us up to date and made it as simple and stress free as possible!”
Lee S. May 2017
“Michael was very easy to work with!  He was very thorough and communicative!  I feel like a good relationship was established with HomeBridge!”
Jennifer O. May 2017
“Michael and his team were extremely helpful and efficient!  They made the process much more smooth!  I was very pleased with this process from beginning to end!  The team was organized and the communication was excellent!”
Jason W. May 2017
“Michael was very professional and he went above and beyond in helping us!  We will only recommend HomeBridge going forward!  They made us feel very comfortable, explained the process thoroughly and made sure we understood it all!  Thank you!”
Leigh and Patricia P. April 2017
“Michael and his team were always there for us!  They were all very personable, friendly and caring!  They were so efficient and accessible!  Great rates, on time and convenient office location!”
Jillian O. April 2017
“This process moved along smoothly!  Everyone was so accommodating and informative!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Deborah R. March 2017
“Michael Beagan and his entire team are amazing!  They were very responsive, proactive, patient and informative!  I love HomeBridge!  You are as close to perfect as you can be!  Thanks for everything!”
Garrett R. March 2017
“Michael made this process seamless!  He really knows how to work with people!  Everything was exceptional!  Thank you!”
Janet G. February 2017
“Michael was very efficient and informative!  I am very happy with the service that I received at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Lori C. December 2016
“Michael and his team were extremely helpful and friendly!  They did such a wonderful job that I would use them again!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Maureen G. December 2016
“Michael and his team provided friendly and efficient service!”
Uma and Anshumat P. February 2017
“Michael and his team provided prompt and efficient service!”
Anthony G. February 2017
“Michael always gets it done for me in my real estate ventures!  I cannot even imagine using anyone else!  Keep up the great work!”
Dave C. January 2017
“Michael was always expedient to all questions or concerns.  The process seemed very seamless!”
Sean and Lauren F. February 2017
“Michael was very friendly, informative and responsive throughout this process!  We would return to HomeBridge again in the future because we are familiar with working with them and we enjoyed their professionalism!”
George and Edna C. January 2017
“Michael and his staff were extremely helpful with email updates every day.  They explained each step along the way!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Christopher and Joan G. November 2016
“Michael was easy to work with and very efficient!  Thank you for providing excellent service and competitive rates!”
Nicole H. October 2016
“My experience at HomeBridge was very smooth and pleasant!  Michael and his team always answered my questions in a timely manner!  Again, my experience was great and I will definitely use HomeBridge again in the future!  Thank you all for a great experience!”
Megan C. September 2015
“Michael communicated with me about every detail throughout this process!  I really appreciated all of his hard work!  It was great to work with such helpful people!  They made this possible and I cannot thank them enough!”
Thomas C. October 2016
“Our experience with HomeBridge was truly the very best!  Our time was valued and we were always treated like top clients!  No question we had was ever unanswered.  We would definitely return to HomeBridge in the future, we wouldn't trust anyone else!”
Colleen F. October 2016
“Michael was very responsive and a pleasure to work with!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others and I will return for any future needs!”
Sarah L. September 2016
“Michael was very knowledgeable, helpful and patient! He provided very good customer service throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Marcus and Karen D. September 2016
“Michael and his team were very professional and detail oriented!  They provided great service!  We are very comfortable with this team, this was our second transaction with them!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kurt and Victoria W. August 2016
“Michael was very friendly, positive and communicative!  He explained everything thoroughly!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michael and Sandra B. August 2016
“Michael was very through and he provided excellent customer service! We will recommend HomeBridge to others and we will return again for any future needs!”
Megan C. September 2015
“Michael communicated with me about every detail throughout this process!  I really appreciated all of his hard work!  It was great to work with such helpful people!  They really made this possible and I can't thank them enough!”
Edwin and Laura G. September 2015
“Michael and his team were organized and efficient! They were all lovely people to work with!  All was good!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michael and Nicole K. August 2016
“Michael was very thorough and I would recommend him highly to first time home buyers!  We will use HomeBridge again due to this positive experience!  Thanks!”
Richard C. August 2016
“Michael and his team were so professional!  It has been great working with them!”
Seth and Jodi M. August 2016
“We appreciated the diligence, personal attention and the commitment from this team!  We had an overall positive experience at HomeBridge!”
Ara B.
“I did not use an attorney for this purchase and Michael did a very good job answering all the questions that I had in assisting with the closing.  Thank you!”
Kristen S. July 2016
“Michael and his staff were excellent!  We enjoyed working with this HomeBridge team!  Thank you!”
Debra F. July 2016
“Michael and his team were extremely helpful in guiding me through this process.  They were very informative and professional!”
Annette S. July 2016
“I have worked with Michael in the past.  He is extremely knowledgeable and friendly!  He responds in a timely fashion and is always available to answer questions.  I will recommend HomeBridge to friends and family and I will return for any future needs!”
Troy C. June 2016
“Michael and his team were very easy to work with, very understanding and very friendly!  They made this process so easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lorena C. June 2016
“Michael was very friendly and clear in explaining everything.  I will definitely call on HomeBridge again if the need arises!  Thank you!”
Heather C. May 2016
“This was a very smooth transaction!  I received excellent service from HomeBridge!”
Leonard C. May 2016
“Michael is a true professional and a master of his craft!  Everything went perfectly in the process!  I will recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
William and Ellen C. November 2015
“Michael was very helpful,  accessible and knowledgeable!”
Nikita and Charles G. May 2016
“Michael and his team were excellent to work with.  Everyone at HomeBridge was very professional, available and helpful with all questions and concerns that I had.”
Jose and Alicia P. February 2016
“Michael is an extremely knowledgeable person who answered all of our questions promptly.  This is a refinance of our original mortgage that was also with HomeBridge.   We would not use anyone else for our loan needs!  Thank you!”
Joe W. March 2016
“Michael was very helpful and on top of what was needed, he made the loan process very easy for me.  I feel I have a great relationship with HomeBridge and I would definitely utilize for future needs!”
Paul and Kristen M.
“Working with Michael and Kim was by far the best part of the moving process. They provided the best customer service ever! I cannot say enough wonderful things about these two. They were able to accommodate a quick closing change and made sure we were able to move in as scheduled. We were so impressed with their customer service from start to finish.”
Vahid W.
“Michael and his team guided me through every step and put my mind at ease. I appreciated my initial experience.”
Roy James M. Jr.
“Michael Beagan was terrific to work with.”
Kaitlin M.
“Everyone was helpful and made the process easy. Everyone was easy to work with.”
Harold R. G.
“Michael was wonderful and helped with every step of the process.”
Richard and Marla G.
“Mr. Beagan was fantastic and his diligence was impeccable.”
Marcus and Karen D.
“Michael and HomeBridge provided excellent service. They were very professional and responsive.”
Dean O. C.
“Both Kelly and Michael were great and explained the process in detail.”

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