About Mark Pfeiffer

Mark Pfeiffer is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations, and management. He understands how to build a mortgage solution perfect for each buyer’s unique needs. With this, Mark is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. Mark’s innovative approach to business, emphasis on working as an integrated team and high standards for customer satisfaction make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Let Mark bring your homeownership dreams to life!

What Our Customers Say About Me

JANICE D. May-20
“Stress Free! This was my 3rd time utilizing Mark Pfeiffer. I appreciate his knowledge of the interest rates and response time when I have questions. The document collection portal is so easy to use and the reminder emails when documents are needed is exceptional. The timing of the loan was smooth and I rarely had to check in and see where we were at with closing dates - Everything was automatically set up by his team members with no wait time!”
DAMON B. 20-Apr
“Great communication with loan officer.”
“I have closed on two houses with the help of Mark Pfeiffer. I have always been totally satisfied with the knowledge, professionalism and accurate advice from Mark, Tamara, & Joel...they make a great team.”
“Mark and his team were very helpful from start to finish throughout the process. As a first time home buyer, they were patient with all of my questions. They explained things to me so that I could understand them. They didn't try to hide anything. They were also supportive and solution-oriented when I ran into issues with my student loans.”
“Mr. Mark made the whole process painless and simple. He was very knowledgeable and kind on the phone every time we talked which made me feel more comfortable with the process. He answered all of my questions and explained to me things that I should have known but did not at the time. Mr. Mark has an amazing team and helped me do back to back closings selling and buying my homes. I was able to pre-sign paperwork and drive to my new home and pick up my new keys from the real estate agent as I pulled in to the driveway. Homebridge (specifically Mr. Mark and Mr. Joel) made this US Army veteran's dream come true and for that I am very grateful. I will now be able to afford my home and pass it down to my newborn one day. Words can not truly explain this feeling, so the only thing I can say is... Thank you Mr. Mark and Joel. From the entirety of my heart, Thank you. I appreciate you both and have the utmost respect for you amazing gentlemen.”
LATOYA S. Nov-19
“Tamara Polwalny was wonderful through the whole process. She kept us updated and was very straight forward about everything. There were only a few times that I couldn't 6 ahold of her but it was completely understandable being that she is working mother and wife as well. She never faltered or gave up on us but instead encouraged us to push through to the end when we felt it was nearly too much to handle. I would recommend anyone to work with her in a heartbeat. She's extraordinary at what she does. Thanks for everything Tamara!!! S/n The only question I answered no to was accidental. I give Homebridge a perfect score”
“Christy was outstanding to work with, very responsive and helpful.”
CRAIG W. Nov-19
“Mortgage Mark made the refinance process amazingly simple and pleasing. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for a mortgage.”
Paula H. Sep-19
“Mark and his team made our home buying experience enjoyable. We have never had such an easy transition from contract signing to closing. Kellie was extremely easy to work with and always very professional and understanding of our needs. Joel also went above and beyond to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. Mark checked in with us numerous times through the process to update us and inform us on the next steps. It's easy to see why Homebridge is such a success and we will happily refer people.”
Rochelle L. Jul-19
“Mark Pfeiffer and his team are fantastic to work with! I highly recommend them and have referred them to others as well.”
Michael A. Jul-19
“I was originally working with Wells and it was a disaster from the get go. Within 3 months they had changed who was working with me 4 times. They were constantly losing my documentation (even though it was uploaded on the site) and asking me for the same things over and over again. They also would not clear items that were impossible to clear even though I explained. For example, they had a condition from Underwriter for proof of gift funds deposited into my account. The problem was, the gift check was written directly to the builder which I provided proof of at least 5 times. So, I cannot provide something that never existed... There were several other more pressing issues with the lender/appraiser making mistakes that were just crazy for one of the largest lenders in the country. Please note: I have been in mortgage industry myself for over 20 years and I kept having to point out mistakes Wells was making with tax rate, LE wrong, etc. BUT, this is about Mark and team. I finally talked to my builder and she recommend she have Mark call me. He was great from the get go. He listed to my issues with Wells and explained what they could do for me without pressuring me to drop Wells. At this point, I was still trying to fix it. Finally dropped Wells and Mark and team was up and running. They understood the short window in which I needed to close and worked hard to hit that deadline. Justin Wood was also great to work with. He was prompt and always answered my questions quickly. If/when I need a new loan (2nd home? Sale?) I will be contacting Mark first!”
Tracy S. April-19
“Mark Pfeiffer and his team were great! The entire process was handled very well, communication was excellent and they were there for any questions or reassurance my husband and I needed. We will certainly recommend Homebridge and Mark Pfeiffer & team to anyone we know needing a home mortgage or refinance!”
H P. May-19
“Christian and Mark were both outstanding!!!”
Lynzie O. December 2018
“Excellent communication. Walked us through the process. Pushed us to make sure all our documents were in to meet closing date.”
Edward H. December 2018
“Tamara has no quit!”
Scott D. December 2018
“Justin was extremely helpful from beginning to end of the process! He answered all the questions we had and made our first home buying experience awesome!”
Khameron E. December 2018
“Went above and beyond to get the loan done.”
Mary M. December 2018
“Tamara and Joel were extremely helpful. They kept me informed of everything they were doing.”
Carolyn B. November 2018
“Loved working with Kellie.”
Keith M. November 2018
“Incredible customer service. Willing to answer any questions. Thank you!”
Michael H. November 2018
“Very efficient.”
Cris S. November 2018
“Very helpful.”
Nathan B. November 2018
“Great people.”
Richard O. October 2018
“Joel and Tamara were so awesome to work with!”
Robert B. October 2018
“Justin did a terrific job and was constantly in contact with me with updates. Also, very, very patient, friendly and courteous.”
Judith C. October 2018
“Prompt and friendly service.”
Elizabeth B. October 2018
“Easy to work with. Patient with all questions and explained so easy to understand. Listened carefully to our needs and objectives. Helped us achieve all our objectives.”
Erika B. October 2018
“Homebridge is the best!”
Emily W. October 2018
“They were extremely effective and communication as very thorough.”
Jimmy T. October 2018
“Everything was clearly explained and everyone was very attentive to the whole process.”
Patrick W. October 2018
“The home building process has been amazing, from start to finish, we were kept aware of every single detail and step.”
Bruce P. October 2018
“Excellent service.”
Melissa H. October 2018
“Tamara is a rock star (and Mark's not so bad either).”
Christopher R. October 2018
“Customer service.”
Jessica A. September 2018
“Justin is the best! Thank you so much!”
Christopher K. September 2018
“Very professional and easy to work with.”
Paul W. September 2018
“Justin is absolutely amazing and top notch customer service. In addition, the flexibility in product offerings. The process was straight forward and very smooth, which we appreciated very much.”
Tracy S. September 2018
“After my original team left company, the 2nd group really took care of me with a lot of hand holding and step by step.”
Katie M. Aug-18
“Great communication and customer service.”
Steven W. Aug-18
“Awesome service and experience dealing with HomeBridge. Very thorough!”
Tad D. Aug-18
“Mark and his team are the absolute best in the business. Always friendly and always professional.”
Richard K. Aug-18
“Exceptional service and clear, concise instructions.”
Ignacio M. Aug-18
“Excellent service.”
Steven W. August 2018
“Awesome service and experience dealing with HomeBridge. Very thorough!”
Tad D. August 2018
“Mark and his team are the absolute best in the business. Always friendly and always professional.”
Richard K. August 2018
“Exceptional service and clear, concise instructions.”
Ignacio M. August 2018
“Excellent service.”
Katie M. August 2018
“Great communication and customer service.”
Ignacio M. August 2018
“Excellent service.”
Katie M. August 2018
“Great communication and customer service.”
Steven W. August 2018
“Awesome service and experience dealing with HomeBridge. Very thorough!”
Tad D. August 2018
“Mark and his team are the absolute best in the business. Always friendly and always professional.”
Richard K. August 2018
“Exceptional service and clear, concise instructions.”
Jerry R. June 2018
“Everyone was quick to respond, answering questions and returning calls. Excellent at explaining the complete process.”
Tony B. June 2018
“They were very accommodating with every phone call and every question was answered well.”
George H. May 2018
“Great customer service and prompt communication.”
Adriana G. April 2018
“Very personable and easy to work with!”
Michael M. April 2018
“Great communication.”
Teresa F. April 2018
“Very knowledgeable, accurate and efficient in answering questions. I felt very much welcome, they were friendly with us.”
Elizabeth S. April 2018
“Expectations and requirements were clear. Easy to upload documents and friendly staff.”
Frank S. April 2018
“Mark and Kellie are an amazing team! They go over and beyond.”
Francisco T. April 2018
“Joel did a really great job with everything that he had to deal with.”
Deborah W. April 2018
“Referral from Realtor.”
Travis F. March 2018
“Mark worked well with us and was responsive to requests.”
Damon B. March 2018
“Quick and friendly!”
Jeffery L. March 2018
“They were very friendly, always available and answered all questions we had.”
David R. March 2018
“Excellent origination, credit advice, customer service and good communication.”
David B. March 2018
“They were very helpful answering all questions.”
Ronald M. March 2018
“Did a great job, fast.”
Vanessa L. March 2018
“They were very helpful and provided excellent customer service. They always answered questions promptly and were helpful!”
Lisa M. March 2018
“Because Justin Wood is awesome.”
Elizabeth G. March 2018
“The service was great.”
Kimberlee D. March 2018
“Great customer service.”
Ryan P. January 2018
“Easy to use and to submit documents.”
Kristie N. December 2017
“My first home is with HomeBridge.”
Michael N. December 2017
“Licensed Loan Partner Tamara Podwalny was a god-send! She poured herself into this process and kept me calm. Without her it would have been a nightmare.”
Amanda C. December 2017
“Tamara handled most of my experience and she was amazing! She remained in constant and always explained things clearly. She really made me feel like I was always her priority. All requests were prompt and handled quickly.”
Frank I. December 2017
“I really felt I knew what was going on every step of the way. They were very helpful! Easiest loan process ever!”
Kody H. December 2017
“Organized and professional.”
Matthew O. December 2017
“Great customer service.”
Michael B. December 2017
“They followed up regularly throughout the process of the build. They were very easy to communicate with and explained my situation and concerns if needed. Licensed Loan Partner Tamara Podwalnywas particularly helpful and supportive throughout this lending experience.”
Graydon P. December 2017
“Very good to work with.”
Robert P. December 2017
“Very responsive and up front.”
Daniel F. December 2017
“Very easy process. Online document upload was very easy to use.”
Jonathan A. December 2017
“All questions were quickly answered.”
Andres C. December 2017
“Great customer service!”
Joseph J. November 2017
“All HomeBridge contacts were courteous and knowledgeable.”
David G. November 2017
“Service was great!”
Patrick H. November 2017
“Communicated with us hourly regarding documents. ”
Andrea L. October 2017
“Very organized, constant communication, easy to use systems.”
Michael D. October 2017
“Very flexible, attention to details and even saved us money the day before close.”
Scott G. October 2017
“Very happy with service and responding quickly to issues that arose.”
Heather E. October 2017
“The team communicated regularly and answered all questions promptly.”
Matt R. October 2017
“Service was over the top in every way especially at the top.”
Andrew J. October 2017
“Diligence, efficient, responsive.”
Andrea R. October 2017
“Great customer service, great in explaining the steps, very educated, overall amazing service.”
Jane E. and Gregory P. November 2016
“We are grateful for all of the effort put into securing our mortgage! Excellent work done by HomeBridge! Thank you Tamara, Joel and Mark!”
Steven and Bethany M. November 2016
“I feel like Mark and his team were up front and honest! They seemed to care and worked well with us throughout this process!”
Mark and Carol D. September 2017
“Mark and his team did a great job! They took care of all of our needs! Thank you!”
Matthew R. December 2016
“Mark is the best loan officer ever created! He and his team are 24 kt gold! They provided 1st class service unlike any I have ever seen in any service industry! ”
Mark W. September 2017
“Mark and his team provided great communication and outstanding customer service every step of the way! ”
Christopher R. December 2016
“Mark was very helpful and easy to do business with throughout this entire process! He gave good instruction on filling out the paperwork that was needed.”
Kimberlee W. December 2016
“Mark was very helpful and timely in all responses. He was also very easy to work with! He made this process so smooth with no difficulties. I have closed on several homes over the years and this process with HomeBridge was the best experience I've had!”
Samuel and Helen A. December 2016
“From the moment that I contacted Mark and his team, they have been very helpful, forth coming and flexible!”
Shelly and Robert D. December 2016
“Mark provided great service! He thoroughly explained the process and went the extra mile to complete the loan! He always made time for any questions and provided excellent service! The quality of all personnel was outstanding! Thank you!”
Barbara C. December 2016
“Mark was very easy to work with and always available when needed! He is very knowledgeable and he made this process easy!”
Marivel R. September 2017
“Mark is very knowledgeable about the process and provided clear communication! I am very satisfied with this experience at HomeBridge!”
Steven and Deborah R. August 2017
“Mark and his team were excellent with communication and insuring that all documents were done and processed. They were quick to respond to any questions that we had!”
Michael and Whitney D. August 2017
“Mark and his team were on top of every aspect of our loan process! Hopefully we will not be moving any time soon but if we do, we will use HomeBridge again in a heartbeat!”
Rebecka N. August 2017
“Mark was very responsive and professional! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kathryn and Michael A. September 2017
“Mark and his team were beyond amazing! They were so helpful and knowledgeable! From the get go Kellie was also extremely helpful with any questions and fully explained everything, most of the time over and over! The process was extremely smooth. The team reached out anytime they needed something and were always available! The service was amazing! Thank you for making a very stressful time smooth sailing!”
Raven and Matthew O. December 2016
“Mark and his team made this entire process very friendly for us as new buyers. Each step was explained and questions were welcomed! The process was very clear and even when there was a snag, they were eager to help! Everyone was great!”
Rumbidzo T. December 2016
“Your customer service is exceptional! Great work!”
Christopher S. December 2016
“Mark and his entire team were very professional and accommodating throughout this process! Everything was perfect!”
Nicole and Christopher S. August 2017
“Mark and his team were very responsive and communicative! ”
Stephen and Pascha K. July 2017
“Mark provided easy, fast and friendly service! I would be happy to use HomeBridge again in the future if given the choice!”
Jayna and Kevin S. July 2017
“Mark and his team were very helpful and they made the process easy! They did a great job! ”
Bart and Tikka W. July 2017
“Mark and his team provided awesome service! Everything was great! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Clifton and LaDonna H. July 2017
“Mark and his team were all very personal and professional! The process was easy and streamlined!”
Tiffany L. July 2017
“Mark and his team were able to expedite my closing and they were very easy to work with!”
Daniel and Sara P. June 2017
“Mark and his team provided exceptional service and everything was done in a professional manner!”
Amanda D. July 2017
“Mark and his team were very quick getting me information and getting back to me. They answered all of my questions and were great to work with! It was very easy to work with HomeBridge! They were great!”
Glenda S. July 2017
“Mark and his team provided good communication and I was made to feel like a priority! ”
Danny M. June 2017
“Mark and his team were extremely knowledgeable, patient and resourceful! The communication was great! Thank you!”
Ronnie J. June 2017
“Mark and his team were all very knowledgeable and helpful throughout this entire process! Best rate and best service! It has been a great experience at HomeBridge! Thank you!”
Jeffrey and Elda C. June 2017
“Mark and his team were very nice and helpful throughout this entire process! Thank you!”
Michael and Andrea F. June 2017
“Mark answered all questions quickly! The portal worked well online and the follow-up was good. We had no issues at all!”
James and Zhenyan Z. June 2017
“Mark was very courteous and pleasant to work with! We had a good experience at HomeBridge and would love to do business with them again! ”
Laura L. June 2017
“Mark provided very open communication and was easy to work with!  The process was very simple!”
John and Lori C. June 2017
“Mark and his team did a great job!  This was a difficult loan to close but Mark and his HomeBridge team pushed it over the finish line!  Thank you!”
Richard and Kimberly A. June 2017
“Mark was very professional, flexible and easy to work with!”
Megan and Oliver S. June 2017
“Mark and his team stayed in constant contact and they made this experience a great one for us!  They were excellent to work with!  Thank you!”
Elizabeth R. June 2017
“Mark and his team were great!  They were very responsive and easy to work with!  They took the time to answer all of my questions very clearly and I highly recommend them to anyone!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
John and Chelsea O. May 2017
“Mark was extremely thorough throughout this process and he communicated with us in a timely manner to keep us updated!  He sent over documents and returned phone calls quickly!  We have already discussed refinancing for a lower interest rate in six months.  Thank you!”
John and Sarah S. May 2017
“Mark was very helpful and informative throughout this process!  He responded to my many questions and locked in a favorable rate during a time when the rates were fluctuating!  Thank you!”
Alison A. May 2017
“Mark and his entire staff were wonderful to work with!  They put up with my craziness and made me feel that it was all going to be taken care of with no problem!  I would use HomeBridge again in the future when needed because they got me through this stressful time with ease!  Thank you!”
Dana S. May 2017
“Mark and his staff made this process so easy!  As a first time home buyer, closing on a house seemed daunting but, they made it so easy!  The online portal is awesome!  Thank you!”
Tina H. May 2017
“Mark was very competent, thorough and easy to work with!  Thank you!”
Kimberlee D. May 2017
“Mark and his team made this process easy and provided excellent service!  They were awesome!”
Jeffrey and Julie C. May 2017
“Mark and his team were very responsive and great to work with!  The document exchange portal made corresponding much easier!  Thank you!”
Jose M. April 2017
“Mark and his team provided excellent customer service!  Thank you!”
Matthew and Cynthia L. May 2017
“Mark and his team provided excellent service!  They are all extremely competent professionals!”
Sandi and Jeffrey G. April 2017
“Mark and his team made this process quick, painless and easy!  Thank you!”
Dylan and Jenna S. April 2017
“Mark was very responsive and he gave us accurate estimates.  He kept our best interests in mind throughout the process!  Thanks!”
Jessica B. April 2017
“The communication was top notch!  This was a quick and easy process!  Thank you for this great experience at HomeBridge!”
Geoffrey and Ashley G. April 2017
“Mark and his staff were very helpful and responsive throughout this process!  We will recommend HomeBridge to others due to our positive experience!”
Roger K. April 2017
“Mark and his team are true professionals!  Because of this positive experience, I will certainly return to HomeBridge in the future!  Mark and his team are outstanding!”
Alyssa S. March 2017
“Mark was very efficient and easy to work with!  Everything was perfect!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Gregory and Danielle R. March 2017
“Mark and his team were friendly, efficient, effective and helpful!  You can't really ask for more than that!  Thank you!”
Rebecca P. March 2017
“Mark was knowledgeable, friendly and always helpful!  He was very easy to work with!  Thank you!”
William and Lauren W. March 2017
“Mark was extremely proactive and responsive!  We really enjoyed our experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Rhonda G. March 2017
“This is my third time working with Mark and his team.  They always provide the best customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Vishnuprabhu R. March 2017
“Mark and his team are so good at what they do!  The process and the communication provided was great!”
Newell and Elizabeth B. March 2017
“Mark was very professional and friendly throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Mason and Sophie G. February 2017
“Mark and his team were extremely clear and concise with communication!  They were also very helpful in explaining the process!   They were all fun and nice to work with and they made the process seamless and stress free!  It was so easy!  Don't change a thing!”
Stephanie S. December 2016
“Mark and his team were very efficient and explanative!  They made everything easy for me!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Charles and Donna W. December 2016
“Mark was always prompt, thorough, friendly and accessible!   He made this a very simple process!  We had a perfect experience at HomeBridge!”
Albert and Tracy H. February 2017
“Mark was very professional and efficient!  He provided excellent service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kevin and Stevon J. February 2017
“Mark and his staff were very informative and communicative throughout this process!  Each person took time to work with us from start to finish!  We would definitely feel confident in working with HomeBridge again on any future endeavors!”
Jeffrey and Jenny L. February 2017
“Mark and his team were very friendly and knowledgeable!  They were very helpful and always responsive!  This process has been the smoothest one we have ever experienced!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Mark K. January 2017
“Mark and his team were terrific!  They provided excellent service!”
Jesus C. February 2017
“Mark was very efficient!  Others could not meet a tight deadline.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kanosha and Adrian D. January 2017
“Mark and his team were easy to reach when needed and provided great customer service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Marla and Bill J. January 2017
“Mark and his team were very responsive, thorough and friendly!  They paid great attention to detail and were good to work with.  We would use HomeBridge again when needed because of this positive experience and because of their reputation in the industry.  Thank you!”
Andrew and Melinda L. January 2017
“Mark and his team were very accommodating.  They kept us fully informed throughout this entire process.  They made our home purchase a smooth transaction!  Keep up the great work!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jonathan and Brittney D. January 2017
“Mark and his staff provided great communication and organization throughout this process!  We had a great experience at HomeBridge!  Thank you!”
Rodney T. October 2016
“Mark and his staff were very detailed, knowledgeable and they provided excellent communication!  We appreciated the pleasant closing process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Chandler J. October 2016
“Mark was very courteous and knowledgeable!  Keep up the great work HomeBridge!”
Boris and Jelica A. October 2016
“Mark and his team were very well organized!  They provided fast, smooth and easy service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Mark H. September 2016
“Mark and his team were awesome to work with!  They made this process very easy for me!  The rates were lower than I had hoped for !  Everyone has been great in making this process painless!  Quality people, quality product and quality service!”
Eric H. September 2016
“Mark was very easy to work with!  We had no issues at all!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kenneth and Cheryle S. September 2016
“Mark and his team were very prompt, courteous and competent!”
Michael and Abby P. September 2016
“Mark and his team provided quick responses and an ease of process!  Thank you for a great experience HomeBridge!”
Desiree D. August 2016
“Mark and his team made our experience at HomeBridge great!  They were very knowledgeable and they really went the extra mile to explain the whole loan process.  They were all very easy to work with and were excellent in communicating with us!  We would definitely use HomeBridge again for our next home purchase!”
Beverly and Michael A. August 2016
“Mark and his team were extremely helpful and caring!  They were always available to answer any questions or concerns that we had.  This has been the smoothest and least stressful process that we have ever had!”
Binu N. August 2016
“Mark provided excellent service!  He was very friendly, dependable and prompt to respond to all inquiries!”
Robert and Amber D. August 2016
“Mark and his entire team worked together to make this as easy on us as they could!  They were all awesome!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Ryan P. August 2016
“Mark and his team are awesome!  They rock!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Corey G. August 2016
“Mark was very helpful, prompt and efficient!  I would call on HomeBridge again in the future because I trust them!  Thank you!”
Caroline G. August 2016
“Mark has been extremely helpful throughout this process!  He took the time to explain every step and to answer any question!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Julio A. August 2016
“Mark and his staff were knowledgeable and extremely helpful!  They made this process so easy and streamlined!”
Stephen and Julia S. August 2016
“Mark and his team provided great support and service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lee T. July 2016
“Mark took on a challenging loan situation after I dropped my first lender.  He was very responsive and fast in every aspect of this process!  I felt that this team was highly capable in the execution of my loan!  Great work!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jason and Jodi L. July 2016
“Mark was very accommodating and he answered all of our questions promptly.  He was able to meet our needs with the interest rate and cash out.  The overall experience at HomeBridge was great and I appreciate their help!”
Jeffrey and Bobbi V. July 2016
“Mark and his team were very professional and thorough in explaining every step of the process!  The friendly and knowledgeable staff made the process easy!”
Na H. July 2016
“Mark and his team were very responsive and made the process smooth and easy for me!  I will recommend HomeBridge to others because of my positive experience!   Thank you!”
Gregory and Amanda H. July 2016
“Mark and his entire team were friendly, professional, helpful and enjoyable to work with!   This was our first home purchase and they couldn't have made the process easier or more comfortable for us!  Because of this positive experience, we would definitely return to HomeBridge in the future when needed!  Thank you!”
Arturo H. July 2016
“Mark guided us through every step of this process.  He answered every one of our questions and was always available when needed!  We used HomeBridge for the initial purchase of this home and now for the refinance.  We will call on HomeBridge again for any future needs!  Thank you!”
Summer G. July 2016
“Mark and his team provided amazing customer service!  Communication is key and the Pfeiffer team is the best in the business!  They provided a smooth transaction from beginning to end!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Christina L. July 2016
“Mark provided constant communication via telephone and email.  I was always made aware of the status of my loan.  All questions were answered promptly and often I received follow-up calls to clarify information provided via email.  The process was very easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Raymond and Pamela V. June 2016
“Mark provided us a great experience!  Everyone we worked with was very helpful and cooperative!  Because of this positive experience, we will recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
William and Pamela C. June 2016
“Mark was very thorough and easy to do business with!  He went beyond the call of duty to get us approved!”
Regi C. June 2016
“Mark worked with my needs in mind, provided great rates and took the time to work through any issues.  I would like to work with HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Emily and Ryan H. June 2016
“Mark is awesome!  He provided wonderful customer service throughout this transaction!  He always went above and beyond!  Thank you!”
Taylor and Kelsey K. June 2016
“Mark and his team were very knowledgeable and informative.  They made this process easy and were all great to work with!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Brett and Amy G. May 2016
“Every step of the way went smoothly!  All information was thorough and prompt.  All people that we worked with were extremely helpful, courteous and knowledgeable!  HomeBridge provided exceptional service!  Thank you!”
Evan B. May 2016
“Mark and his team were great to work with!  I had a great experience!  HomeBridge is the best!”
Vicki M. May 2016
“Mark and his team were so friendly, helpful, informative and prompt throughout the process!  I would use HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Willie and Amy H. May 2016
“Mark and his team were all very knowledgeable, helpful and courteous!  I would definitely recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Michelle T. May 2016
“I absolutely loved working with Mark and his team.  They were always nice to talk to and provided amazing follow-up information.  The closing was on time as expected.  Thanks!”
William and Melinda G. May 2016
“Mark was very professional, efficient, communicative and thorough!  We would definitely use HomeBridge again for any future needs!  Thank you!”
Bryan and Jonna S. May 2016
“Mark and his team provided excellent communication, they had a very proactive approach!  Quick response times and answered all questions thoroughly.  You made us feel appreciated and respected.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Melissa and Patrick D. May 2016
“Great partnership and communication.  This is our second loan with HomeBridge and we will return as needed.  All was great!”
Helen G.
“Mark and his team were all extremely knowledgeable, prompt and patient.  They repeatedly answered the same questions over and over until it was understood.  I would use HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Jose B. April 2016
“Mark and his team were all very knowledgeable, respectful and professional!  Working with this HomeBridge team has been great!  Everyone did an amazing job!  All of my wants and needs were met!”
Shawn and Brittany D. January 2016
“Mark provided great, fast service.  He was friendly and treated me with respect!  Everything has been great!”
Stephen R. January 2016
“Mark and the HomeBridge team was extremely easy to work with.  The electronic format made it easy to deliver documents and all discussions were handled with either emails or short phone calls.  They provided excellent customer service!”
Nova and Mindy P.
“Mark provided such helpful information throughout the process, he is very knowledgeable, a great communicator and prompt.  HomeBridge provided such quality service!”
Brandon and Collette J.
“A real understanding of how to do business with Veterans!  Thank you!”

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