About Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is a seasoned mortgage professional with more than 30 years of experience in lending. He has been recognized year after year as one of the top-producing loan officers in the Country. 

Mark began his mortgage career in 1986. He attributes his success to his adaptability and dedication to remaining up-to-date on the latest changes in the marketplace. While the mortgage loan industry changes constantly, Mark ensures he has access to the appropriate products and resources to meet the needs of his clients. No matter how complicated the client’s situation may be, Mark ensures that he and his team performs to meet the client’s goals.

Mark is an expert at asking the right questions to pinpoint the specific end goals of his clients. He spends time getting to know his clients, making sure that he completely understands their individual needs and wishes. He says that it is his best way he can help his clients determine the most suitable loan, and give them the best solid financial advice. 

Mark relishes the opportunity to help others and solve problems. He views his work as a puzzle, and his task is to find a creative solution to any client’s specific needs. He enjoys working with clients who have complicated finances or who are self-employed. Mark remains relevant, and able to provide his clients the highest levels of service by constantly learning himself. 

Mark grew up in Tisbury, England where he discovered his sense of humor and a degree in human interaction watching the patrons of his father’s pub. He started working at one of England’s premier banks at the age of 17. He participated in their accelerated management program until 22, when a vacation to Santa Barbara, CA resulted in a permanent move to the US. Southern California has since been Mark’s home, where he works and plays. Mark’s business started initially in the San Fernando Valley, from Studio City to Calabasas, his clients and families now span the state of California. 


Contact Mark Johnson Anytime

Feel free to contact Mark anytime by phone or email for personalized service and knowledgeable advice. Mark will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help with home financing.

Five Star Mortgage Professional (multi-year winner) as seen in Los Angeles Magazine

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What Our Customers Say About Me

John D. Feb-22
“Mark Johnson is outstanding and goes above and beyond to meet our loan needs and has proven a skilled professional with all our refinances.”
Kenneth Z. Feb-22
“I had to change lenders at the 11th hour. The guy I was working with, who my family has used for 20 years just dropped the ball. Mark was recomended to me by my realtor and he got everything done over the weekend. He just absolutely saved this process for me and I am very grateful for his hard work and understanding to my circumstances.”
John A. Jan-22
“Mark, and his associate Shay Moody, are extremely knowledgable, kind, responsive, cooperative, patient and facilitating. They were easily and readily available. Questions were answered same day. I have worked with Mark Johnson's team before and I believed I have followed them from different agencies. Mark and Shay are wonderful. I trust them so much I really didn't comparison shop.”
Joel H. Dec-21
“Mark Johnson and his team provided excellent service during our mortgage process and we couldn't be happier with the outcome - we bought a house with their help!”
Colton I. Dec-21
“Mark Johnson is a straight shooter and did everything he said he would do. He was the one person I fully trusted throughout the purchase of my house. Whenever I needed guidance, not just with the loan, he was the first person I went to.”
Shannah T. Dec-21
“Mark Johnson and his team at HomeBridge are the best! I would recommend their services to anyone.”
Michael C. Oct-21
“Mark Johnson and his team were absolutely exceptional. They kept us informed through the entire process and made everything so easy for us .”
Stephen K. Sep-21
“This was my second mortgage origination with Mark Johnson and his team. 6 years ago, he got me back in the homeowner market again after the market collapsed in 2008, and got me into a newly built home in 2015. 6 years later, Mark was able to refi my same house at a much better rate and terms. I've recommended him to 2 family members and 2 friends, and will use him again myself in the future. He's incredibly knowledgeable and personable. 5-Star service!! Thanks you SO much!!”
Melvin S. Jul-21
“I have know Mark since 1988. He is the best period! I have dealt with other brokers over the years but always come back to mark!!!!”
Louis G. Mar-21
“Mark is extremely knowledgable of all aspects of the market and is very strategic on all unique loan situations. Would highly recommend and use again.”
Jonathan B. Mar-21
“Mark did an excellent job and he was very helpful during the entire process.”
Jeff H. Mar-21
“We have worked with Mark on a few occasions, and I would never go to anyone else. Mark and his team made it a pleasant experience.”
Joel M. Mar-21
“Mark is very pleasant, well informed, and did a fine job with my two Homebridge loans”
David N. Feb-21
“We've worked with Mark several times before, and he continues to provide excellent service. He is always knowledgeable, responsive tailors his services to our needs. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anyone looking to mortgage or refinance their property.”
James M. Dec-20
“We couldn't be happier with Mark and his team's customer service. hey were very attentive and explained all our options with our home refinance and the various steps of the application and closing process. And the online portal to upload all of our documents made the process very efficient and easy. There were a lot of documents and signatures and coordinating, and Mark and his team made it seem effortless. We will definitely recommend Homebridge Financial. Thank you to Mark and team! And a special shout out to Tina Rojas!”
Scott B. Dec-20
“Mark Johnson and his team of loan processing agents did an amazing job! They were very informative and handled our loan with the utmost care and professionalism.”
Asaf A. Nov-20
“Mark is amazing - found the best product for me, and got the job done! highly recommended”
Jaspreet D. Oct-20
“Mark and his team are a pleasure to work with. This is the second time I've gone through the process with them and they are consistently patient, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and make the process easy. I cant imagine working with anyone else. I have and will continue to refer them with 100% confidence that they are the best and most caring team out there. Thank you Mark and thank you to your whole team!”
William T. Oct-20
“Mark and his team get high marks for being patient, helpful and accurate.”
Robert R. Aug-20
“Awesome team! The only delay was due to escrow and NOT Homebridge”
Jonathan P. Aug-20
“Easy process great loan. Thanks!”
Virginia T. Aug-20
“Mark and Tina were wonderful shepherding my refinance through the loan process. Mark understood what I was trying to accomplish and was gracious and creative in meeting my needs. Tina coordinated communication with all parties involved and anticipated problems before they occurred, which reduced stress usually involved in the loan process. Mark and Tina are an exceptional team - I would recommend them to anyone wanting a loan! ”
Raymond C. Jul-20
“Thank you Mark and team for your hard work and professionalism.”
Kathryn L. Jul-20
“Great team of professionals!”
Kathryn L. Jul-20
“Great team of professionals!”
Jeff H. Jun-20
“I will always go to Mark Johnson for anything mortgage related. Working with him was like seeking advice from a trusted friend.”
Trevor P. Jun-20
“Mark and his team did a wonderful job! We couldn't have closed in the short time frame we had without his expertise and service!”
SHARON S. 20-Apr
“I highly recommend working with Mark Johnson. He is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He responded quickly to my questions and made himself available if I needed anything.”
“Mark Johnson makes getting a loan easy, informative and even a little fun.”
DAVID N. Nov-19
“Mark provided an outstanding service, and helped us move home very smoothly. He always answered questions promptly and accurately. Thanks to Mark and the whole team for all your help and professionalism!”
Michael R. Jul-19
“I have been working with Mark Johnson for many years and have been extremely happy with his professionalism and expertise.”
William O. Jul-19
“Mark Johnson made sure that everything went smoothly and that we were well informed the entire way. It was a pleasure working with him through this process. If you want things to go well and to enjoy the ride, I can't recommend Mark enough.”
Carlos d. Jul-19
“Great service by Mark Johnson and his team.”
Carl F. June-19
“I expected excellence from Mark and his team and I got it.”
Michael S. May-19
“Mark single handedly raised the customer expectation bar tremendously. Mark's shear knowledge of the financial steps to consider in choosing the right type of purchase and cost helped me find the right place. Once I picked the right home, Mark was there every step of teh way in preparing and guiding the customer though the maze of the State and Federal financing process. The experience was lightyears ahead of the competition in every way. Mark's confidence in finding the best path to achieve the best results was key in my shifting my finance needs from another institution which had already approved me, over to Homebridge. I can't thank Mark and the team enough and shall most certainly recommend your services to all friends and on social media.”
Jaspreet D. May-19
“Mark exceeded my expectations. He explained the process to me and worked with me showing extreme patience, competence and actually made the process enjoyable and pain free. I never felt rushed, and he answered every question and made himself available whenever I needed him to answer or explain any questions I had. I felt like Mark was honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable, ethical and went above and beyond to help me through this process. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark, and hope to work with him again in the future. Thank you VERY MUCH Mark!”
Terry B. December 2018
“Mark and team (Tina, Alex, etc.) went way above to provide excellent service. They are knowledgeable and professional to a degree that is undescribable. ”
Christine E. December 2018
“Because you guys are awesome! Seriously, you made it so easy!”
Damon F. December 2018
“Friendly, quick, helpful and experienced.”
Maryann G. December 2018
“They explained everything and were very helpful.”
Yong L. November 2018
“Customer service was most important.”
Steven B. November 2018
“Friendly, good explanations, answered all questions, kept in the loop.”
Barry S. October 2018
“They are knowledgeable and have the resources to find the best loan.”
Ignacio C. October 2018
“Excellent communication skills and good follow up.”
Brian E. October 2018
“Tom Cortesi was helpful through all the road bumps. Great representative.”
Lydia S. October 2018
“Knowledgeable, professional and helpful.”
Andrew D. October 2018
“Mark Johnson and his team go above and beyond to help their clients.”
Bryan W. October 2018
“Michael McVey was tremendous in helping to guide us through the loan process. He was always available to take calls and provide assistance. I can't say enough good things. Thank you Michael!”
Marcel P. September 2018
“Broker Michael McVey was very responsive, calm and walked us through the paperwork carefully. Mark was very sharp! Thank you guys!”
Benjamin C. September 2018
“Courteous, efficient and great service.”
Dena W. Aug-18
“Mark Johnson and Jason Lasar have gone above and beyond to help me in this process. I would recommend them to all of my contacts.”
Susan P. Aug-18
“They always make it so easy. Great communication and instructions.”
Scott B. Aug-18
Ronnie H. Aug-18
“Closed smoothly, great communication, answered questions.”
Donald F. Aug-18
“Good service.”
Dena W. August 2018
“Mark Johnson and Jason Lasar have gone above and beyond to help me in this process. I would recommend them to all of my contacts.”
Susan P. August 2018
“They always make it so easy. Great communication and instructions.”
Scott B. August 2018
Ronnie H. August 2018
“Closed smoothly, great communication, answered questions.”
Donald F. August 2018
“Good service.”
Scott B. August 2018
Ronnie H. August 2018
“Closed smoothly, great communication, answered questions.”
Donald F. August 2018
“Good service.”
Dena W. August 2018
“Mark Johnson and Jason Lasar have gone above and beyond to help me in this process. I would recommend them to all of my contacts.”
Susan P. August 2018
“They always make it so easy. Great communication and instructions.”
Bernie C. June 2018
“It was an easy and quick process.”
Joyce S. June 2018
“The process was easy, well organized and everyone was professional!”
Curtis H. June 2018
“Mark Johnson and his team were great to work with. Great job! Thank you!”
Adriana A. June 2018
“Tom was really helpful and patient! He really helped me out going through this process for the first time.”
Jeremy L. June 2018
“Great personal care. Honest and clear on all steps.”
Keith A. May 2018
“Everything has gone fairly smoothly with the loan process.”
Tyler J. May 2018
“Very professional and prompt.”
David S. April 2018
“Great service and organization. The speed and accuracy of the loan origination and completion.”
Britney J. March 2018
“I was pleased with the help and service I received.”
John D. March 2018
“Outstanding service!”
Angela A. March 2018
“Very helpful.”
Hanibal A. March 2018
“They are very helpful.”
Omri E. March 2018
“Tom is well knowledgeable and he helped all along the way. He always explained and notified us in the stages of the loan in a very nice way.”
Gregg W. February 2018
“Mark Johnson and his assistant Michael McVay have been fantastic at every step of the journey. Thanks Mark and Michael!!”
Janet C. December 2017
“Immediate, friendly responses. Felt that they had my best interests in mind.”
Jayne K. December 2017
“Always a good experience.”
Kevin N. December 2017
“The professional treatment we received was outstanding.”
Ronald S. December 2017
“Mark Johnson has knowledge and expertise. ”
Beth T. December 2017
“Mark is skilled and easy to work with. ”
Fergus H. November 2017
“Very easy and great communication.”
Juan B. November 2017
“They were very helpful and professional.”
Hector L. October 2017
“Mark and his team were very helpful and patient with our loan application.”
Yosef S. October 2017
“Mark and his team are a rue pleasure to work with!”
William S. October 2017
“Best lender around. Very impressed, expedient and easy to work with.”
Maria M. October 2017
“Excellent service, friendly, patient and professional.”
Gustavo A. October 2017
“Great service, answered all of our questions in a timely manner. Very courteous.”
Ira F. October 2017
“Service was good and efficient.”
Manuel J. Tarzana, CA
“All I can say is Praise the Lord, I'm a Minister and I was completely satisfied with flying colors on how HomeBridge worked out my special loan within 30 days give or take a day or two, I will totally refer HomeBridge out to all my friends in the ministries who need a home loan or refinance I'm looking forward to doing more business with them in the near future.”
Henry C. Stevenson Ranch, CA
“Your team was excellent. We had some issues with our credit and you guys would not give up. We finally got our home thanks to all of you. Thank you again.”
Michael N. Woodland Hills, CA
“Wow, wow, wow. I worked with Mark Johnson and his incredible team. We worked together for nearly 5 months at a casual yet purposeful pace. Professionally, Mark and his team kept thinking out of the box to elevate my financial position. Obtaining a loan is much harder than in 2002, the last time we bought a house. Knowing ahead of time that mortgages are a steep climb, Mark 's team primed me on all the documents we would need. Ultimately, there were no surprises, we secured funding and closed on the house that met all our needs. Thank you Mark and your incredible team.”
Jose R. Los Angeles, CA
“Will always be thankful and grateful for all the help and respect that was given to me and my family, can 't thank everyone enough :)”
Peter P. Saugus, CA
“We were away on vacation or out of the country during most of the time the loan was being processed. Tom and his team worked hard to keep us informed and made it possible to sign documents even though we were on a cruise ship. Thanks Tom!”
Richard R. Sherman Oaks, CA
“Very professional. Got the job done with minimum of hassle. Would definitely recommend to others.”
Larry C. Hawthorne, CA
“Very pleased with the professional service.”
Barbara P. Thousan Oaks, CA
“Took care of my needs.”
Gustavo A. Van Nuys, CA
“Tom was terrific. He was very patient with us, answered all of our questions, explained the process in detail and was always accessible.”
Lori V. Chatsworth, CA
“Tom assisted me on an ongoing basis throughout this experience. He really was available much of the time and exercised patience and professionalism.”
Mary G. Camarillo, CA
“Tom Cortesi stayed on top and kept us informed every step of the way allowing us to close a week early!”
John S. Encino, CA
“This is about our sixth loan with Mark Johnson and his team. We have also sent my brother and his wife as well as a manager with whom I work to Mark. Great job. Got a great rate and 3 of our 4 properties have been refinanced by Mark. He and his team have helped us meet our cash flow retirement goals based on the rates we were able to secure. He is first rate, as is his team. I hope you pass along these kind of comments because so often all we hear in a work environment is when there's a problem. Thanks.”
Tamera V. San Luis Obispo, CA
“This is my fourth time working with Mark Johnson and his amazing team. I will never work with anyone else.”
Keith N. Canyon Country, CA
“They worked hard, fast, and kept us well informed. We worked through some minor challenges and there was always support and confidence that the loan would get done.”
Ira S. Encino, CA
“They were always ready to answer any questions or concerns. We felt that they were looking out for our best interests throughout this transaction.”
Mario M. Lancaster, CA
“The experienced with the Loan Officer was fantastic, very reliable and he was able to close on time. I will recommend this Loan Officer to my buyers.”
Elizabeth W. Los Angeles, CA
“Thanks to Mark and Team for a flawless transaction!”
Mary G. Camarillo, CA
“Thanks so much to Tom Cortesi and the Mark Johnson Team for making a dream come true. Professional, friendly, informative, and all in a very timely manner. You have all my referrals! Gratefully, Mary Gregoryk”
Mary G. Camarillo, CA
“Thanks so much to Tom Cortesi and the Mark Johnson Team for making a dream come true. Professional, friendly, informative, and all in a very timely manner. You have all my referrals! Gratefully.”
Beth T. Oxnard, CA
“Super easy, very efficient!”
Steven B. Valencia, CA
“She kept us informed at all times. She answered all our questions thoroughly and expeditiously. I would definitely refer Marilyn Williams to all my friends and family! She is truly the best!!!”
Richard R. Sherman Oaks, CA
“Professional, courteous, efficient.”
Holly P. Northridge Area, CA
“Personal attention to needs. Responsive to questions. Patience with questions. Providing clear, understandable answers. Thank you to Tom Cortesi!!!”
Susan H. Glendale, CA
“Negotiating with Mark Johnson and his "”
John G. Santa Clarita, CA
“Neil was very helpful as I am not too hot with filling out forms.”
David B. Oakland , CA
“My wife and I couldn't be happier. Mark Johnson and the team we're there for us during the entire process, keeping us informed and educated, which as first-time home owners was both needed and so very welcomed. Couldn't say enough good things!”
Eric F. Newbury Park, CA
“My Thanks to Kevin.”
Cesar V. Fontana, CA
“My Loan Officer Tom Cortesi was great. He has a lot of knowledge. He answered every question I had in the best, simple way. Great service!!”
Gavin Z. Woodland Hills, CA
“My Loan Officer found a better loan and rate after we were 90% done with the first loan. Thank you for constantly looking out for my best during the process.”
Julia B. Castaic, CA
“My Loan Officer and assistant calmly explained the process. Provided comprehensive answers to all my questions. Promptly and professionally handled the application process. Very efficient problem free experience all around.”
Joyce R. West Hills, CA
“Mark was fantastic at keeping me Informed and returning my calls and emails. He made it a painless experience. I would definitely recommend him personally to anyone seeking a loan.”
Amy B. Venice , CA
“Mark Johnson is the best!!”
Tamera V. Morgan Hill, CA
“Mark Johnson, Tom Cortesi and Tina Rojo were all incredibly amazing. They were professional, courteous and worked hard for me. My loan was a difficult case to complete and we got it done but I know that I would not have my beautiful home if it weren't for the Mark Johnson team. This was the third time I had used them for a home and I will always use them and I refer my friends and family as well.”
Mark L. Van Nuys, CA
“Mark Johnson and his team were absolutely incredible during the entire process of this home loan. I could not be more pleased with the level of professionalism I received from start to finish. I will highly recommend Mark and his team to anyone with interest.”
Alan L. Mammoth Lakes, CA
“Mark Johnson and his team were all very up front, honest, and quite obviously working in my best interest to not only secure a good loan but make this whole process seamless and easy for me as the buyer. I couldn't be happier with all of them and will continue to refer them to friends as well as clients.”
Sandra M. Chatsworth, CA
“Mark Johnson and his team were always responsive to questions, and delivered the product as promised and in the time frame promised.”
Boris S. Woodland Hills, CA
“Mark Johnson and your Team, thank you very much for your perseverance and creativity. I don't think anybody in the city (may be in the Nation!) could close such complicated deal. So, our congratulations go to you!”
Minh L. Simi Valley, CA
“Mark Johnson did a fantastic job. He was informative, helpful and showed an extensive knowledge in the mortgage process. We came to rely upon Mark more than our own broker. He is by far the best person we have worked with in this stressful process. We will be recommending Mark to all of our friends.”
Edwin K. Burbank, CA
“Mark Johnson did a terrific job.”
John S. Port Hueneme, CA
“Mark Johnson is really remarkable. Over the past 10 years and, more recently, over the past 5-6 years we have purchased 4 investment properties with Mark and his team. He has become a key part of our asset and retirement planning by providing straightforward, knowledgeable advice as my wife and I work to put together a small portfolio of real estate that acts as a key part of our future retirement income. I hope you compensate him well because he has done a fantastic job for our family. Thank you.”
Zhan K. Santa Clarita, CA
“Mark Johnson is the best Loan Officer we ever worked with. Great and professional team. He will get your loan closed. Just trust him.”
Michael P. Sherman Oaks, CA
“Mark Johnson is the best! He was always there when we had a question or needed some assistance. Absolutely wonderful.”
Ayser S. Los Angeles, CA
“Mark and his team were there at EVERY step, to answer any and all of questions and allay my fears, taking time to acknowledge and explain even my most silly concerns or questions. At times he even took the place of my realtor in that regard. I value him immensely and would recommend him to everyone. He actually made the mortgage process fun! What else can I say? He's THE BEST.”
Daniella C. West Hollywood, CA
“Mark and team did a fantastic job accommodating our special situation, offering multiple options and guiding us through the entire process. Whenever we had a question, Mark was always quick to answer and put our minds at ease. He and his team were fantastic and made the process feel very easy. I appreciate his knowledge and advice and will definitely recommend him to our friends!”
Adam F. Calabasas, CA
“Mark and the entire staff were absolutely perfect and made the whole process painless. Cannot recommend enough.”
Donnie F. Simi Valley, CA
“Mark communicated throughout the process and took every step to assure that my client'”
Julie A. Newhall, CA
“Mark Johnson and Gabino Diaz worked as a fantastic team to get my client into the home of her dreams, when her previous Loan Officer failed us! I 'm so happy to have given them a call, and I will always refer these guys from now on!”
Tomi S. Ojai, CA
“Mark Johnson and his team are the BEST. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Mark's expertise is beyond amazing. And his team is always knowledgeable, polite, and prompt. I refer this group every chance I get.”
Stephen K. Valencia, CA
“Mark Johnson and his team got me back into the homeowners market after my short sale and recovery from the mortgage meltdown. I'm very impressed and grateful for their expertise and customer service, and have already recommended them to a friend and colleague. Thanks guys!!!”
Vahik S. Stevenson Ranch, CA
“Mark Johnson and his team went above and beyond to make our loan experience painless, pleasant and stress free. Top notch service from an amazing team!”
Andrea B. Los Angeles, CA
“Mark and his team are fabulous, extremely responsive and knowledgeable about the process. I have been using Mark for the last 20 years and will keep returning to him for my mortgage needs.”
Krista B. Bell Canyon, CA
“Mark and his team are the best!”
Michael B. Thousand Oaks, CA
“Mark and his team continued to go above and beyond my expectations. They simple blew me away with their level of dedication and commitment to insuring I had the best experience. I will recommend them to ANYONE who might need a new loan.”
William K. Ojai, CA
“Mark and his team have been extraordinary throughout the process.”
Carl F. Los Angeles, CA
“I appreciated the personal care I received each step of the way and the ease of dealing with all the documents.”
Miriam A. Newhall, CA
“Helpful, explained options well, searched for my best scenario.”
Deanna R. Santa Clarita, CA
“He was over the top amazing. Closed on time and kept me updated. Absolutely loved the experience!”
Kathleen G. Thousand Oaks, CA
“He was amazing. Dependable, upfront and timely. I will absolutely use him again!”
Mizella H. Oxnard , CA
“He made sure I received the best loan for me.”
Hugo M. Van Nuys, CA
“He did everything and went the extra mile. I am very pleased and thankful.”
Hugo M. Van Nuys, CA
“He did a great job!”
Christy H. Westlake Village, CA
“Good follow through, polite, punctual”
Pardhasaradhi T. Northridge, CA
“Explained the product thoroughly.”
Marie A. Woodland Hills, CA
“Excellent communication.”
Jimmy I. La Canada Flintridge, CA
“Everything went smoothly and we were able to close on time. Everyone always kept us informed on what to do and what was going on. Great communication! Excellent team!!”
Richard P. Simi Valley, CA
“Everyone on the team was extremely helpful and walked through things step by step when we had any questions or concerns.”
Kim P. Canoga Park, CA
“Efficient, courteous and informative during the process. On a personal note, sensitive to a difficult situation. Thank you again!”
Carlo G. Reseda Area, CA
“Easy back and forth communication with quick responses whenever we had questions. And the online docs saved a lot of time.”
Donna H. West Hills, CA
“Communication great-did have one gliche that was resolved upon his return from vacation.”
Deborah B. Los Angeles, CA
“Closed on time.”
Nancy K. Los Angeles, CA
“Checklists, follow through, personal touch, accuracy, great team, clarity, timeliness, making a time consuming and often difficult process pleasant and simple.”
Tony A. Van Nuys, CA
“Available 24/7. Great when you don '”
Stephanie V. Los Angeles, CA
“Awesome as always!!”
Lisa S. Agoura Hills, CA
“As always, Tom Cortesi and Mark Johnson are awesome! Thank you so much for the wonderful service to me and my clients.”
Larry T. Castaic, CA
“All transactions were completed in a timely and thorough manner.”

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