About Mark Greene

Mark Greene is a 25 year veteran of the mortgage industry with a degree in Finance from Villanova, and a unique and varied perspective from the front-end of the mortgage arena.  Mark’s primary business is working with Realtor-referred buyers to navigate the mortgage approval process; he understands how to build a mortgage solution for each buyer’s individual needs. Mark is knowledgeable in all areas of the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management, and is committed to providing each customer with the highest level of service and professionalism. He has an innovative approach to business, working as an integrated team with high standards for customer satisfaction to make the mortgage process easy for everyone involved. Mark supports military Veterans by creating employment opportunities and through financial support for Veterans organizations.

What Our Customers Say About Me

David M. Mar-22
“Mark Greene is simply the best. He goes above and beyond in every way and was an amazing support and comfort through the whole process. Thank you Mark!!”
Jillian G. Jan-22
“Mark Greene is fantastic”
Lisa S. Aug-21
“Mark could not have been a better person to work with as my husband and I purchased our first home. From the first phone call to talking to us post-closing, he was always available to us and extremely knowledgeable and able to answer EVERY single question we had. He was always pleasant, positive and balanced the hand-holding we needed while also helping us feel empowered in all our decisions. One thing that really stood out to me in a great way is that Mark said a few times he was "happy to be a part of the team" in our home purchase. Him saying that really did make it feel like a team, and we were so thrilled to have Mark on ours. We also emailed a few times with Jennifer Albinson who was also terrific: extremely clear and kind in her emails and helped make things run smoothly!”
Karl C. Aug-21
“Mark, Jennifer and team were incredible. Throughout the entire process no question was left unanswered or unclear, and they made the whole process so smooth and painless.”
Jasmin M. Jul-21
“Homebridge, Mark Greene and Jennifer were professional, timely and considerate when managing the process, my questions and helping me navigate my first time home buying journey. It was a pleasure working with them and I want to say thank you for your time, patience and keeping me through the finish line right on time!”
Nalini R. Jul-21
“My great experience with Homebridge Financial had EVERYTHING to do with Mark Greene. Mark and I worked together in 2020 and that venture didn't come to fruition but I kept Mark in my for when I began my house search again because of his kindness, consideration, patience and overall excellent customer service. He always made time to chat with me as verbal conversation is really important to me based on the numerous questions I ask. Mark was always there and met the tight deadline that was placed on me. If I had to do this all over again, I'd choose Mark and will definitely send others his way should the need arise. There is a lot to be said for knowledge and experience and Mark is the best at what he does. Please see that he knows and sees this feedback as it is important to let great employees know how valued they are. Thanks, Nalini Rambahal.”
Shahreen H. May-21
“As a first time home buyer this experience can be daunting. Mark took the time to explain everything to us and never rushed us. He also was very understanding of our work schedules and kept us in the loop every step of the way. He is excellent!”
Jaime G. Mar-21
“Mark was excellent from start to finish! Informative, clear, and very helpful. Was willing to work with us around our schedule and help us connect all the dots and close as planned. Thank you Mark! Will recommend him and Homebridge to all.”
Joan G. Jan-21
“Since I work for an attorney who specializing in real estate transactions I have had the pleasures to work with Mark Greene many times of the years. I have always found him very professional and knowledgeable. I have recommended him to clients and family members. When I decided to refinance my own mortgage, there was no question in my mind as to who to call. I will continue to recommend Mark Greene.”
Yadira H. Nov-20
“Mark Greene was a pleasure to work with from day 1. A true professional and always responded to my questions promptly! I truly enjoyed the experience of purchasing our first home thanks to an amazing team of professionals we had that most importantly included Mark!”
Lisa L. Sep-20
“I have worked with Mark on a previous purchase and he was always attentive, gave me the information I needed and spent time carefully explaining every process to me. So I went back to him and got the same "white glove" treatment again. He takes the time to explain it all- with me and my planner brain he gave me targets by tax and purchase price/down payment so I could stay within my budget and not end up in love with a house that I couldn't afford. I LOVE his service and I would recommend him and his team to ANYONE that needs a Mortgage- you are lucky to have him. Thank you so much for servicing my loan. It was so easy and such a pleasure to work through. ”
Nicole S. Sep-20
“Mark Greene was amazing and this was by far my best home purchase of the 3 with HomeBridge. If I ever need to use a mortgage company again, I will be contacting Mark immediately. I cannot thank him enough for making this a painless, quick, easy process!”
Diana H. Sep-20
“Mark is very cooperative and was very informative with anything I needed to know. He answered everything truthfully and kept his word with the interest rate I received. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to purchase a home. He's the best .”
Daniel P. Aug-20
“Mark Greene was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and responsive to all questions comments and concerns we had. Being first time home buyers the process can be overwhelming and Mark did a great job keeping us updated and explaining the process. He also locked us in with a superb interest rate which I am forever grateful for. Excellent experience all around.”
Andrea R. Aug-20
“I am a returning customer to Homebridge Financial Services primarily because of Mark Green. He has in the past, and again for my refinancing, provided exceptional customer service through-out the entire process!!! He's a true asset to HFS. Thanks Mark!”
Frances P. Aug-20
“Mark Greene, possessed great knowledge and provided me with all the answers during my refinance application process. Mr. Greene's displayed such a commitment to great customer service...as well as, Carla Misdom, Processing Manager and they are to be commended. These employees are an asset to Homebridge Financial Services. You can be sure that I will continue to do business with your financial institution for years to come, as I am a Realtor and will be recommending your bank to clients, as well as family, friends and co-workers. Please know that at every interval of the loan process, I was provided with excellent service. Respectfully, Frances Povolny”
Firdaush C. Jun-20
“Mark Greene is awesome.”
Jennifer P. May-20
“When we bought our first home 9 years ago, Mark Greene sat us down and said that his goal was to bring all of our stresses of buying a home from a volleyball size to a tennis ball size and to give it to him. He said we could reach out to him at any point we were nervous or unsure and we took him up on it. It was no question that we would use him again when purchasing our forever home. Again, he stood by his word - no question was too silly and he and his team helped us/held our hands through the process (even when we had technology issues!). Everyone was professional and responsive and truly made buying our dream home a reality. The seller of our home wanted a QUICK closing which to us seemed impossible, but his team moved and got it done for us in under a month during a pandemic, no less! We are forever grateful!”
Ashley M. Mar-20
“As a first-time homebuyer, I began the process very intimidated and overwhelmed, especially while shopping for lenders. But as soon as I first spoke with Mark Greene, he made me feel like he had my best interest in the forefront. Mark always made sure I understood all options and elements as we moved through the process, and he always told me "all questions are good questions"...so I asked plenty, and he delivered answers quickly and thoughtfully. I always felt I was in good hands with Mark and the Homebridge team, and I'm so appreciative of how hard they worked to quickly turn around everything I needed. I will definitely be referring my friends and family to Mark and the Homebridge team for their future needs!”
“Mark provided great insight into the process and was easy to contact. He was prompt in meeting us and explaining the process. We value Mark for his time and this thoughtfulness throughout the process.”
Lloyd L. Oct-19
“I was referred to Mark by a close friend. He exceeded my expectations and was available all the way through the process. Kudos to Mark!”
Emily D. Sep-19
“We worked with Mark Greene and Abby McCarthy and they both were awesome and so easy to work with. They both kept us very up to speed and notified us of each step as it was taking process. Mark called us every week with an update and they each sent reminder emails of what was coming up. They both happily answered our one million questions. I would highly recommend both of them.”
Nadia V. Aug-19
“Our experience with Mark Greene during our home mortgage process was excellent. He helped us obtain approval quickly and walked us through each step of the way. He always personally reached out to both of us with important updates during the mortgage process. We would highly recommend Mark Greene and his team at Homebridge!”
Nicholas H. June-19
“Mark was helpful, friendly and very responsive. He kept in contact regularly even when there wasn't much to update he still checked in to see how things were going. It really felt like he had our best interests in mind.”
John H. June-19
“Mark is very personable and clearly makes a great effort to reach out. He talks about what is going on and is interested in understanding our needs. Clearly very engaged in providing great service.”
DANIEL P. June-19
“Everything was smooth sailing from beginning to end”
Monica S. May-19
“Mark Greene was great; highly responsive, courteous, good sense of humor when I needed it and very knowledgeable - explained his world in my language.”
Elizabeth Z. December 2018
“The service from start to finish was A+.”
Elizabeth M. December 2018
“Everything timely, good service.”
Thalia K. October 2018
“Great service.”
Jessica L. October 2018
“Very helpful, always responsive.”
Larry N. October 2018
“Mark Greene was very professional and responded to all our inquiries.”
Giorgio L. October 2018
“A couple of minor issues, but for the most part, experience was awesome.”
Erick D. Aug-18
“Their professionalism and courtesy.”
Brian M. Aug-18
“Everyone as very responsive, willing to explain and helped us out in every way possible. Whether it was meeting to discuss mortgages and financials or phone calls to clear away issues with documentation.”
Erick D. August 2018
“Their professionalism and courtesy.”
Brian M. August 2018
“Everyone as very responsive, willing to explain and helped us out in every way possible. Whether it was meeting to discuss mortgages and financials or phone calls to clear away issues with documentation.”
Erick D. August 2018
“Their professionalism and courtesy.”
Brian M. August 2018
“Everyone as very responsive, willing to explain and helped us out in every way possible. Whether it was meeting to discuss mortgages and financials or phone calls to clear away issues with documentation.”
Rayner M. May 2018
“Mark was amazing, he helped and was there for everything. ”
Nicholas P. April 2018
“Good communication and knowledge.”
Meghan M. April 2018
“Easy process.”
Matthew T. October 2017
“Excellent service, quick to respond or answer any questions we had throughout the process.”
Anthony D. and Stephanie C. November 2016
“Mark answered all questions quickly and was easy to work with! We are satisfied with the process! ”
Dwin and Karen B. August 2017
“Mark was very prompt, efficient, thorough and attentive! Thank you!”
Anil M. August 2017
“This is my second deal with HomeBridge and it has been another great experience! ”
Carol L. August 2017
“Mark is an excellent Mortgage Broker! He is fast and easily understandable!”
Jillian K. July 2017
“Mark paid great attention to detail and he always returned phone calls promptly! Someone was always available when we needed them! This was a fast mortgage, very easy with no problems!”
Constantin and Ekaterina K. June 2017
“Mark and his team were extremely professional, fast, nice, responsible and responsive! Mark was the best! He was always available makng sure his client gets the best! I am completely satisfied with the service I received at HomeBridge!”
Alexander and Elizabeth G. June 2017
“Mark was extremely helpful and very easy to work with! Thank you HomeBridge!”
John J. June 2017
“Mark and his team were extremely professional, competent and efficient!  Thank you!”
Jeanine S. May 2017
“Mark was great!  He called me every Wednesday to let me know where we were at in the loan process!  It was smooth sailing the entire time!  The process was as seamless and stress free as getting a mortgage can be.  Thank you Janet and Chris too!”
Diana and Michael H. May 2017
“Mark and Janet were extremely responsive and answered our questions fully!  Mark kept in touch and was a pleasure to deal with!  Everyone involved in our mortgage experience was friendly, knowledgeable and made us feel at ease and very comfortable!  We knew we were in good hands!  The secure website with the organization of documents was awesome and so easy!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michael and Sandra T. April 2017
“Mark was very detail oriented and reliable!  He provided us an excellent experience at HomeBridge!”
Vito and Colleen I. April 2017
“Mark Greene was awesome to work with!  He was prompt and always stayed on top of the process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Aaron S. and Jennifer K. March 2017
“Mark Greene is the absolute best there is!  I cannot recommend him highly enough!  He is always available, knows everything and works quickly!  He made sure that all of our needs were met!  We are very satisfied with the service that we received at HomeBridge!”
Osiel and Martta R. January 2017
“Mark Greene and his team were great!  They were very patient and stuck with us from beginning to end!  They also got us a great rate and were always responsive and helpful!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Elyse and Rene P. February 2017
“Mark and his staff were incredibly helpful and professional in guiding us through each phase of the loan process.  They made us feel like their only clients!  We highly recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Gautam and Aditi C. February 2017
“Mark was extremely cooperative and supportive throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Michelle & Devin C. Little Falls, NJ
“Mark was a pleasure to work with. As first time home buyers we were clueless and Mark really made this process easy to understand and get through. He was super personable and very knowledgeable of the industry. His weekly updates were fantastic and we were able to breeze though the whole mortgage process because of Marks help and expertise.”
Joyce and George Cedar Grove, New Jersey
“Mark, I am glad we had a chance to finally meet you yesterday. Thank you for stopping by so we could thank you in person. Thank you for all you and your staff did to make the process as quick and painless as possible. Buying property and moving one's residence (as you well know) can be fraught with anxiety, frustration, high drama and stress. Unbelievably, we did not experience any of those, as a result of your expertise, responsiveness, thoughtfulness and transparency. You are definitely the master of guiding mortgage seekers.”
Joe, Stacy & Dionisio G.
“Mark and Nadine- WOW! You two make the perfect team. This transaction would never had taken place if you two had not taken the time to completely underwrite us before we looked at houses.  Joe and I found you to be personable and thorough in your method- always following up and sincere in thought; never begrudging nor irritated when asked for an explanation. Thank you!”
Haeyoun Montclair, NJ
“I wanted to thank you again for all your hard work and help during this process. It's really been a pleasure working with you, and I hope to see you around town! And thanks again for the champagne!”
Scott and Alexis Montclair, NJ
“We just wanted to say once again thank you for all you help with the mortgage process. Although it was a learning experience for both Alexis and me, in the end we are both extremely happy with the end result. It was a pleasure working with you, and we hope to stay in touch! All the best, and once again, thank you! ”
Elizabeth and Andrew Montclair, NJ
“Just getting a chance now to thank you for making our mortgage happen so quickly, and for the bottle of champagne! We are so happy in our new home and to be starting the next phase of our life. All the best, Elizabeth ”
Patrick and Donna Washington Township, NJ
“did an excellent job finding a refinance loan that fit our objective. He was straight forward, upfront, and excellent to work with!”
Elliot Westfield, NJ
“I am writing to thank you for your truly superlative work for us over many years in our various purchase and refinancing transactions. I greatly appreciate your professionalism, dedication and advocacy. I am always amazed that no matter when I call you return the call within hours if not minutes. Each and every time we have needed assistance with a mortgage you have made the process easy, straight forward and stress free. Most of all, I appreciate your integrity in your work. ”
Ron Verona, NJ
“You are a true professional and made the difference in getting the closing done on time and done right!”
Steve Sparta, NJ
“Everything worked out and Mark beat the best deal I could get from anyone else. He worked hard for me so I will definitely direct people his way. ”

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