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Marion Szarzynski is a Connecticut native who thoroughly understands the area’s growing and diverse real estate market. She has more than 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry, including work in sales, operations and management. At HomeBridge, Marion works to find the right mortgage product to suit each client’s unique situation. Her commitment to providing superior customer service, combined with excellent problem-solving skills, makes the difference in potential borrowers becoming home owners.

Marion’s knows the benefits of making the mortgage process a win-win endeavor for her clients. With this, Marion brings an exceptional knowledge of the mortgage industry and practical hands-on experience to each transaction. Active in the industry, Marion is a member of the Women’s Council of Realtors and Greater Waterbury Board of Realtors. And, Marion is proud to offer the Connecticut Housing Financing Authority Program, as well as FHA 203(k) and Conventional Renovation Mortgage Loan Programs.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Gabriel Y. Jun-20
“Marion is very professional and efficient this is the second time using here and I am very pleased and thankful for her being so thorough and patient”
Teresa P. Jun-20
“Marion was very patient with me and explained everything. Thank you Marion!”
Edison C. Jun-20
“I am very happy working with homebredge”
Talena D. Jun-20
“Marion was very knowledgeable about the homebrige products, she was very resourceful and accessible. Marion was a pleasure to work with!”
“Please see previous comment. Marion was EXCELLENT!”
LISA P. Jan-20
“Marion was great about answering questions and getting back to me quickly.”
PEDRO S. Dec-19
“This was my 2nd home purchase through Marion, and Homebridge Financial Services. This was even easier then the first purchase, and exceeded my expectations. looking forward to a brighter future for my family, and if another home purchase is in my future it will definitely be through Marion & Homebridge.”
“Marion is excellent to work with. If I had any questions she was very quick to respond. She kept us in the loop through the entire process. Marion is very personable and sweet. Will definitely use her again in the future if needed.”
“Marion was very helpful and patient with me throughout the process. Answered very question I had. No complaints! Thank you Marion”
Wahiba M. Jul-19
“Marion- Thank you so much for everything. It was a nice experience working with you. You are the best!”
Amberlyn S. May-19
“Marion is amazing. She supports her clients. Such a stress free experience. Words can't describe how great she is!”
Yosenia A. May-19
“Marion was great from the moment we called her about our plans to buy a house to the day of closing. She was always available when I had questions or just wanted to know where we were in the process. I will definitely recommend Marion and Homebridge to my friends and family looking for a home loan. Thank you so much for all your help Marion! ??”
Leonardo R. December 2018
“Pleasant experience. Everything went smoothly.”
Diomedes H. November 2018
“Because she kept me informed. She never did something without asking me. She always called me and asked what she needed.”
Nicholas F. November 2018
“Marion is incredible. Very kind, responsive and helpful.”
Marisol N. October 2018
“Everyone connected with this loan has been extremely helpful and answered all my questions.”
Steven B. October 2018
“Clear communication and great service.”
Ramsamooj S. October 2018
“I had a good experience.”
Chad L. October 2018
“Very prompt and helpful!”
Supaporn R. October 2018
“Excellent service.”
Prem R. September 2018
“Informative and professional. Worked hard to get us a good rate.”
John H. Aug-18
“Responsive, knowledgeable, timely, accommodating and polite.”
Lionel B. Aug-18
“Marion did a great job and answered all my questions.”
Brittany D. Aug-18
“Timely responses, great customer service.”
Jodi F. Aug-18
“Marion was very hands on and was very helpful.”
John H. August 2018
“Responsive, knowledgeable, timely, accommodating and polite.”
Lionel B. August 2018
“Marion did a great job and answered all my questions.”
Brittany D. August 2018
“Timely responses, great customer service.”
Jodi F. August 2018
“Marion was very hands on and was very helpful.”
Jodi F. August 2018
“Marion was very hands on and was very helpful.”
John H. August 2018
“Responsive, knowledgeable, timely, accommodating and polite.”
Lionel B. August 2018
“Marion did a great job and answered all my questions.”
Brittany D. August 2018
“Timely responses, great customer service.”
Jorge E. May 2018
“Very thorough and very good.”
Alexandria T. March 2018
“Very professional.”
Raul S. December 2017
“Loan Originator was prompt in answering all my questions and or emails.”
Nicholas F. December 2017
“Marion was great; very helpful, very kind. ”
Kerstin F. October 2017
“Very professional, got the job done!”
Kevin M. October 2017
“Marion was extremely helpful every step of the way.”
Heather O. September 2017
“Marion was very responsive, friendly and easy to work with! This entire process was very easy and smooth! I would definitely use HomeBridge again in the future!”
Sandra S. December 2016
“Marion and her staff were very attentive and they explained the process well! This was a smooth process and very timely. I felt very comfortable with Marion! ”
Keron and Alesia F. September 2017
“Marion was very informative and she provided excellent personal service!”
Wendy C. December 2016
“Marion was extremely efficient and knowledgeable! ”
Natalie E. December 2016
“Marion was a huge help since day one and she provided excellent customer service!”
Miriam L. August 2017
“Marion is a real pro! She was awesome to work with!”
Vincent C. August 2017
“Marion was very thorough and she explained the process clearly! ”
Brandon S. August 2017
“Marion was very responsive and she provided great service! Thank you Marion!”
Wilfredo N. July 2017
“Marion provided great communication and service! Thanks so much!”
John E. July 2017
“Marion and her HomeBridge team were always responsive to questions and very accessible via email and phone calls. They were also professional at all times! ”
Dustin and Heather C. July 2017
“Marion is amazing! She went above and beyond in assisting us and she was always available and extremely proactive!”
Eric and Amanda S. June 2017
“Marion was very helpful, always available, prompt and communicative!”
Mark L. June 2017
“Marion was fantastic! She was always available and she provided great service! This was an awesome experience at HomeBridge!”
Andrew and Tatiana D. June 2017
“Marion was very efficient and accommodating.  She got things done quickly and provided quick responses.”
Michael W. December 2016
“Marion  provided great service and she got the job done!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Pedro P. May 2017
“Marion was very professional, communicated promptly and she did a great job!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Samantha J. April 2017
“Marion provided excellent service, availability and honest treatment!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Craig K. April 2017
“Marion and her team provided impeccable customer service!  Thank you!”
Patricia E. March 2017
“Marion was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout this entire process!  Thank you!”
Michael W. December 2016
“Marion and her team got the job done and provided great service!”
Stephen and Renee P. December 2016
“Excellent response time from Marion!  She is wonderful to work with and a true asset to your company!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Raymond G. February 2017
“Marion was great to work with! She is a real pro!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kevin E. February 2017
“Marion and her staff were super to work with! They were very cooperative and a great help!  I just love this company!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Ryan P. January 2017
“Marion and her team provided a quick and problem free experience!  I will use HomeBridge again for my next home purchase because of this positive experience!  Thank you!”
Robert and Denise A. October 2016
“Marion was superior in this process!  I would recommend her to anyone!  She was always available to answer questions at any time of the day!  Everyone at HomeBridge provided excellent customer service and were extremely helpful the entire way through!  Thank you!”
Joshua D. September 2016
“I appreciated the prompt and professional service that Marion and her team provided!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Juan G. September 2016
“Marion was very attentive at all times and she was great support throughout this entire process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Erik and Dawn J. September 2016
“Marion provided great customer service!  She was very helpful and she worked hard to get us the best rate possible!”
Mirnes and Edina J. July 2016
“Marion was so committed, professional and prompt!  Everything was completed on time!  I will definitely call on HomeBridge again for any future needs!”
Alex and Lindsay H. August 2016
“Marion was awesome to work with!  She provided great service!”
Meaghan O. June 2016
“Marion and her team definitely met my expectations and I am very happy!  Everyone at HomeBridge did a wonderful job guiding me on my way to purchasing my first home!  Thank you!”
Michael S. June 2016
“Marion was very helpful, informative and easy to work with!  I had a pleasant experience at HomeBridge and would return again for any future needs!”
Damaris V. October 2015
“Marion and her team were extremely helpful during this process.  Everyone was so easy to work with and offered guidance during the transaction.   Keep up the good work!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Pedro and Silvia N. October 2015
“Marion was very thorough and informative throughout this process!  We are very satisfied with the service that we received from HomeBridge and we will recommend them to others!”
Ruth C. October 2015
“Marion and her team were very helpful and always available for assistance!  I will recommend HomeBridge to friends and family!”
Kevin S. May 2016
“Marion and her team were all very helpful and informative.  Marion returned phone calls and emails almost instantly.  The closing was extremely smooth because of all the hard work she did.  Marion was a pleasure to work with!”
Vidalina B. April 2016
“Marion was so pleasant to work with, she was quick to answer my questions and was very efficient. I've had a great experience working with HomeBridge!”
Alicia M. April 2016
“HomeBridge has been very supportive and their customer service is remarkable!  They made this process very understandable and comfortable!”
Wilfredo N. January 2016
“Marion was always easily accessible and made this process easy and understandable.  We always received great communication and everyone at HomeBridge was very professional!”
Kaydian H. April 2016
“Marion worked very hard throughout this loan process, she was very clear and friendly.  Thanks!”
Dustin and Heather C.
“Marion was always available to answer any questions we had.  This process was simple and quick for us because of Marion!  In the future, we wouldn't go anywhere else but HomeBridge!”
Edwin and Cassidy C.
“Marion is the best!  she was very professional, hands down, she can't be beat!”
Pedro S.
“Marion was very patient and prompt,  she resolved all issues than came up in a timely manner. This has been a great experience!   I would definitely recommend HomeBridge to friends and family!”
Matthew S.
“Communication, service and assistance was excellent.  It was a pleasure working with the HomeBridge team, they made everything easy to understand and assisted me with everything!”
Andrew and Lisa P.
“Marion managed to get us a loan for our house after being stuck looking at mortgages for months.  Everything was quick and efficient!”
Daniel S.
“Marion was awesome! Perfect for a first time buyer!”

Our Latest Thinking

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