About Lisa Arlette

Lisa Arlette is dedicated to assisting Texas families with the purchase, refinance, and construction of their homes. She tailors home financing solutions to meet the specific needs of her clients, while being mindful of their long term goals. Immigrating as a child from Holland and having experienced a client’s perspectives with a background as a Realtor herself, Lisa offers a unique appreciation of the ‘American Dream’. She will guide you throughout each step of the process with the personal belief that communication, integrity, and follow-through are vital to a successful home loan process.
Specializing in Texas Renovation Mortgages
The Perfect Loan for the Almost Perfect Home:
Home Buyers: Sometimes home buyers find a house in a perfect neighborhood, but needs some personalized improvements. They love the home’s layout, the school district, the neighborhood amenities and more, but the appliances may need updating, the heating and cooling systems may need modernizing, the backyard may be in need of an outdoor kitchen, and the kids just might like to have an in-ground pool.  Financing this “almost perfect” home with a traditional mortgage would leave the home buyers on their own for any updates, repairs or improvements, but a renovation mortgage builds the cost of the renovations into the total loan amount and one closing!
Home Owners: This also a great option for clients that are considering a refinance and / or renovation. Improve instead of move, and reap the benefits of a refinance with your newly improved home with one closing!
Loan Programs available: I will recommend either FNMA HomeStyle, FHA 203(k), or 203(k) Streamline depending on many factors to include: 1) Clients’ personal circumstances    2) Plans for improvement of the property   3) Big picture goal of both
The steps and process are easy, so let’s get started!

For your home improvement needs, visit Service Finance Company, LLC to find a trusted local contractor.

Homebridge may receive compensation for referring you to Service Finance Company, LLC.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Anthony T. Aug-18
“Very responsive and helpful.”
Matthew F. Aug-18
“I met with Lisa Arlette. She is very knowledgeable, kept us appraised weekly of the status in the process. She was always accessible and responsive.”
Kelli G. Aug-18
“Smooth transaction and good communication.”
Anthony T. August 2018
“Very responsive and helpful.”
Matthew F. August 2018
“I met with Lisa Arlette. She is very knowledgeable, kept us appraised weekly of the status in the process. She was always accessible and responsive.”
Kelli G. August 2018
“Smooth transaction and good communication.”
Matthew F. August 2018
“I met with Lisa Arlette. She is very knowledgeable, kept us appraised weekly of the status in the process. She was always accessible and responsive.”
Kelli G. August 2018
“Smooth transaction and good communication.”
Anthony T. August 2018
“Very responsive and helpful.”
Justin P. June 2018
“Completely surpassed expectations! The speed and thoroughness of the process and the help from the whole team was excellent!”
Michael Z. May 2018
“The process and details were explained thoroughly and it seemed seamless for me.”
Johnny E. May 2018
“Very helpful, fast and friendly.”
Justin B. May 2018
“They did a good job.”
Jennifer A. March 2018
“Lisa and her team were so helpful and it was a great experience!”
Alfred E. March 2018
“Great job.”
Robert W. January 2018
“Lisa and her team were so wonderful. They were very patient and helped us unravel difficult credit situations.”
Timothy F. December 2017
“Lisa was awesome; direct and upfront on all communications.”
Scott R. November 2017
“They were very thorough and easy to work with.”
Carl H. November 2017
“Friendly, prompt, fast responses.”
Ashley and Jason M. September 2017
“This was a great experience at HomeBridge! Lisa is extremely knowledgeable! She provided great communication and made the process smooth!”
Leonard and Monica N. August 2017
“Lisa was extremely efficient and communicative ! She processed our loan in an extremely short amount of time!”
Brian and Viola E. August 2017
“Lisa was very thorough with this entire process! We felt very confident with her and with HomeBridge in the process of buying our new house!”
Nakia and Sarah P. July 2017
“Lisa provided constant, consistent communication! She was very helpful, transparent and has a friendly attitude!”
Arturo M. and Erica M. June 2017
“Lisa was very informative and she walked us through the process step by step! She was always easy to contact and very patient! She was also helpful and she followed through with all guarantees!”
Chelsea and Brittany L. June 2017
“Lisa provided amazing customer service and communication! As first time home buyers, we appreciated everyone at HomeBridge walking us through this process! The process was so easy and every step was explained. We communicated through email and it was very easy to get in touch with everyone. The process was flawless! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Victor G. June 2017
“Lisa was very professional!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to this positive experience!”
Adrian and Valerie V. June 2017
“Lisa was very thorough and she gave us opportunities to ask questions.  I believe she best advised us throughout the process and set proper expectations.  I appreciated our direct interactions with Lisa.  She took an extra step to reach out to the Seller's agent to support our offer which really exceeded our expectations!”
Jennifer H. December 2016
“Lisa and her team were always available for me!  Awesome teamwork throughout this entire process!  They were amazing!  Thank you!”
Felix and Herlinda E. May 2017
“Lisa was informative and always available to answer questions!  She always made time for us and was pleasant to work with!  Thank you!”
Todd and Amanda I. May 2017
“Lisa and her team were very helpful!  I could call anyone at any time with questions and they answered.  I have already recommended HomeBridge to a few of my friends and co-workers!  Lisa really helped us and pointed us in the right direction on what we needed to do.  The process was informative and professional.  We loved the entire process!  Thank you!”
Jacqueline M. April 2017
“Lisa was friendly, courteous, professional and she provided very fast service!  She was so easy to work with and well organized!  Thank you!”
Thomas S. March 2017
“Lisa was very thorough, timely and had a good sense of urgency throughout this process!  Just keep doing what you do!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jeremy and Brittney B. December 2016
“Lisa made sure that everything was done on time!  She kept the timeline promised.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Lynn W. December 2016
“Lisa provided awesome communication and customer service!  My loan was closed on the date promised!  Thank you!”
Bobby B. February 2017
“Lisa and her team were very efficient and had wonderful communication throughout the process!  They were very official and helpful with the acquisition of our loan!”
Randall and Kimberly F. January 2017
“Lisa provided great communication and friendly service!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Rainee S. October 2016
“The process was very smooth and efficient!  Lisa was a pleasure to work with throughout this process!  She was organized and great with communication and follow up.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Becky F. October 2016
“Lisa was amazing!  She has an exceptional ability to make everything positive and calming!  Marsha was also a champ!  These were the best people to work with and very supportive throughout the process!  Keep everyone that I worked with forever!  This has been an amazing experience at HomeBridge!”
Emma M. October 2016
“Lisa and her team were very efficient, professional and pleasant to work with!  My experience at HomeBridge was excellent!  I will recommend HomeBridge to others and I will return again for any future needs!”
Mario and Shemell C. September 2016
“Lisa and her team were very helpful and awesome throughout this entire process!  They were very friendly, knowledgeable and an overall pleasure to work with!  They made this entire process easy and they eliminated the intimidation associated with buying a new house.  This entire process was a great experience!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jon and Johnna B. September 2016
“Lisa and Lindsey were an absolute delight to work with!  All questions were answered promptly and we never felt lost in the transaction.  This was such an easy, pleasant process!  Everyone was very professional!  When the title company tells you that "your lender was great to work with" it makes the transaction perfect!  We have already referred friends and family to Lisa!  Thank you!”
Fermin and Dana R. September 2016
“Lisa and her team were all very courteous, kind and prompt in responding to all of our questions!  We will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others and we will return again for any future needs!”
Paul B. August 2016
“Lisa was very up front and honest.  She provided great communication throughout the process!”
Robin and Sarah R. August 2016
“Lisa was very prompt, personable and professional!  She made this process as painless as possible!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
David Z. July 2016
“Lisa provided professional service and was pleasant to work with!  She kept us informed throughout the process and worked quickly.  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kirk M. July 2016
“Lisa and her team were the best I have ever worked with!  I would definitely call on HomeBridge again for any future needs and I will recommend them to everyone!  They were great!”
Sheila and Timothy L. September 2015
“Lisa was very professional, helpful and courteous.  She was very responsive at any time day or night!  "The circle of trust!"  We do not plan on buying another home but if we did we would insist on HomeBridge Financial as our partner in the experience!”
Brendon L. September 2015
“Lisa Arlette is awesome!  She treated us like family!  Because of our positive experience, we will recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Scott and Luella D. July 2016
“Lisa was very knowledgeable and helpful at every turn.  We always felt well taken care of!  Because of Lisa, we would like to return to HomeBridge in the future!  Thank you!”
Douglas and Jennifer H. June 2016
“Lisa provided constant communication, checklists, prompt responses and she was very personable!  We are very happy with this transaction!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Derek and Pamela R. June 2016
“We had been looking for a home for 7 months.  Lisa went above and beyond what was required.  Numerous houses, explaining all avenues that we could take of a loan.  I also have 4 children so many of our calls took place with them in the background.  Her willingness at any day or time to answer my questions.  She explained all financial details on each house that we chose she would run all the scenarios.  We had an amazing experience!”
Kevin L. October 2015
“Lisa and her team were all very prompt, friendly, informative, communicative and knowledgeable!  I will recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Patrick and Shelley M. May 2016
“Lisa has been amazing to work with!  She was very organized, knowledgeable and informative throughout the process.  Everyone we worked with at HomeBridge has been awesome!  We will be back!  Thank you Lisa!”
Alexander J. May 2016
“Lisa and her team have been by our side and taken care of us every step of the way!  They stayed in constant communication and completed everything quickly and efficiently!  Constant communication, a smooth transaction and immediate funding, what more can you ask for?!”
Linda and Richard O. April 2016
“Lisa was always quick to reply to all of our questions.  She helped us through the process quickly and actually ahead of schedule.  We liked all the people we worked with, they were all very efficient and professional!”
Diane C. April 2016
“I loved the follow ups, constant communication, the ease of all paperwork and especially working with Lisa Arlette!”
Lisa Kaye Bates: Weichert Realtors/Listing Agent
“Thank you so much for a smooth transaction!”
Ralph Rodriguez, Masterworks Real Estate San Antonio and Boerne, Texas
“Lisa, thanks for everything. The clients were very happy with you throughout the entire process. The Title company even had great things to say about you! I appreciate all your continued support.”
Rick Shumake: Masterworks Real Estate Boerne and San Antonio, Texas
“Lisa, you did a fantastic job. Your perspective and attitude, even when we had to change properties, was a big help with the buyers. You helped make a big difference in the whole transaction in a great way! Thanks for all you did!”
Jefferson and Tonya P. April 2016
“Lisa has been very thorough and efficient, this has been a pleasant experience for us!  Thank you!”
Lane T. April 2016
“Lisa and her team always kept me updated and informed.  I received prompt replies, fast underwriting and processing time!  Everything was very easily executed and easy to work with.  Keep doing what you are doing HomeBridge!”
Daniel Garcia: RE/Max North Realtor
“Lisa, thank you for being thorough with my clients. They were very pleased with the over all mortgage service from start to finish. It is a great relief to know that you inform buyers with all of their options and constant communication. You made sure they understood the mortgage process, loan options, closing costs, down payment, the urgency in getting all documents together, and turned in on time. This is really all I ask for in a lender. Thanks again.”
Daisy Vernoy- RE/MAX North- San Antonio
“Lisa, I was super impressed by your communication that I decided to use you as one of my exclusive lenders. I feel that communication, no matter which party you represent, is crucial in keeping the transaction on target and keeps everyone happy. You are truly amazing!”
Cesar V.
“Lisa provided great service, she was always available and prompt.  I am totally satisfied on every aspect.”
Florentino F.
“Lisa and her team have been very thorough in explaining this process.  This has been a very pleasant experience working with HomeBridge!  you guys were excellent!”
Tino and Joanne New Braunfels
“Lisa, we feel the most positive portion of this lending experience was the relationship. We did not once feel left in the dark. You kept us informed and on track. We went in very anxious, but the way you explained the details and laid out numbers for us, was comforting. At the end, we felt supported and had our trust the whole time. We were definitely happy with the numbers and loan program. You let us know of programs were not aware of. If we meet anyone who is interested in purchasing a home, we will definitely have them contact you... Expertise and professionalism from beginning to end.”
Javier and Victoria R.
“Lisa was very welcoming and took the time to educate us on the process.  Any questions we had Lisa answered with honesty and integrity.  Thank you!”
Jennifer San Antonio
“Lisa, the purchase process was easy and stress free! There were no issues with processing my loan and it was done very quick! You and your staff were very helpful and were always there to answer any questions or concerns I had. Thank you again for making the home buying process a flawless one.”
Dean Aitken- Realtor / Keller Williams Heritage San Antonio, TX
“Lisa, you did a great job. I really appreciated how on top of things you were through the whole process. I rarely get as consistent feedback as you provided and it helped me stay in front on my client with new information. Thanks for a great closing!”
Sandi Merenda- Keller Williams Legacy San Antonio, TX
“I appreciate your enthusiasm as well as your professionalism to my clients that I have sent your way. I also love the fact that you are very matter of fact when it comes to buyers and the urgency on their part that is needed for documentation that is required throughout the process. I thought that the communication process throughout the loan was exemplary. I never was left out of the loop on where the loan was throughout the process. I also knew that if it was Wednesday and I haven't heard from Lisa about a particular point I would be brought up to date on the Thursday update. I also liked the summary and who was responsible for handling any tasks. The support given throughout the process was spot on. I love your communication style, it is very similar to mine. I look forward to sending more of my clients your way for the home/loan mortgage process. Thank you Lisa! Well done!”
Ruth Horace – Keller Williams Legacy San Antonio, TX
“The communication provided during the entire process is excellent! Communication is regular and updates received with any changes. The support during the process makes transactions run very smooth. Yes, my clients receive a true value for their home purchase. Overall, the professionalism, courtesy and communication have been exceptional!”
Drew and Carol San Antonio, TX
“We were very pleased with both the process and the outcome. You did a great job from that first meeting explaining the process to us, setting reasonable expectations with the amount of documentation and steps that were coming, and really shepherding us through that process. We had multiple people tell us, "Don't get too attached to that closing date, no one closes on time." We were very pleased to tell them all we closed right on time! We had a great experience and would definitely work with you again! We loved working with you and with Ruth, and thought you made a great team. We will always be thankful for that day we wandered into a random open house and met the both of you. Thank you so much for everything!”
Connie Riddle – Keller Williams Legacy
“Lisa, working with you was a great experience! You communicated openly and always kept everyone in the loop. Your work was greatly appreciated!”
Rachel Greene, Realtor with Cooper Realty
“Lisa, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you on this transaction. The seller and I really appreciated your timely updates and professionalism. I will definitely keep you in mind when I'm working with my next buyer.”
Kevin and Katie Texas
“You gave so much detailed info at the in-person meeting and it really helped prepare us for each step of the process, including the final closing costs. We are really pleased with how it all worked out, contract price/interest rate/timing and all. I really appreciate how closely you kept in contact throughout the whole process, introducing us to new team members as they came on, but still were available to answer our questions. I also liked that you shared information about higher purchase prices and longer mortgages, but didn't at all push us to go beyond what we were comfortable with. I also can't help but appreciate how sweet you were to the boys when they came to the meeting with us. I worried they would be in the way, but you just went with the flow and we still got all our questions answered while we were there. You were wonderful for us and we will definitely be recommending you to friends. Thanks again!”
Monique Texas
“I would like to thank you and your team for the great service. Communication & explanation of details was very thorough. There were no surprises, which in this case is a good thing! The most positive of the experience was HomeBridge's ability to meet the 30 day escrow. We closed on time & without incident. Overall, the experience/process was very smooth & pleasant. The process was very honest and open. Open communication means a great deal in a transaction. I will make sure to recommend you to anyone who is looking to purchase a home.”
Charles and Sherry Texas
“Thanks for all of your close work with us and your constant communication. We remain very pleased with the services and communication you provided throughout the process. I was very comfortable in calling you at any time throughout. I was also completely confident that you would provide me the answer or direction that was needed. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to anyone that I know.”
Bob Morse – Keller Williams Heritage
“Lisa,the communication and accessibility you provided was the best I've seen. I was very pleased with the frequency of loan updates you provided. It helped me know the status of the loan all the way through closing. The support was fantastic.”
Paul and Lisa Texas
“I loved the sequential checklists, regular status updates, and availability to answer any and all questions. I learned so much about the mortgage process and it really helped to minimize stress. My personality favors more, rather than less, information to feel comfortable with such a large purchase. Lisa explained the true closing and monthly costs which helped us to validate our budget. As a result, we lowered our budget and were able to comfortably afford the house we wanted. The entire team was responsive, answering our calls and emails the same day. They accommodated our concerns about information security being transmitted via email and worked diligently to meet our timeline which was under 30 days. For having met Lisa at an open house, this turned out to be very fortuitous since we found our new home a few weeks after meeting. She was definitely at the right place at the right time. She equipped me with questions to evaluate other lenders which were spot on. She was such a helpful resource all the way around.”
Robert Texas
“Lisa, another mortgage company had a 45 day time period for closing and had poor communication. What I was looking for in a mortgage company was knowledge, communication, and timely closing. You and HomeBridge Financial Services were excellent in all of those areas. You were very professional! The clear communication was the best support. I was fortunate to hear about you from a realtor and Linda Orr was excellent.”
Jay and Vicky Texas
“She and I were very happy with your help and guidance thru the whole process! You really made us feel confident and informed from start to finish and most of all you kept your word in all you said. We felt most passionate about the way we were kept in the loop of every detail and in how you made sure we understood the process as a whole. Also, the way you were patient in answering all of our questions even after I asked the same ones several times. You and your team did a great job of communicating what was needed, why it was needed and how it was to help to streamline the whole process. I really enjoyed the return calls and emails to make sure we were aware of where we were in the process. Just keep doing what you are doing! We will send our friends and family your way if they ever need a home loan.”
Brady and Lesli Conventional Purchase
“Lisa, it was a pleasure working with you and your team. We felt like we were your only client. You made the most complicated parts of the process very easy to understand and we couldn't imagine it going more smoothly. We could have used one of the big mortgage companies, but I had a feeling we would have just been a number to them. I truly feel like you had an interest in making sure we were taken care of. Your team was easy to work with and very professional. I would not hesitate to refer any of my friends or family to you. Thanks again Lisa for taking care of our family and helping us get this great house.”
Jeremy and Carin
“Lisa provided very thorough feedback and kept us updated frequently. Her team is excellent and easy to work with.”
Bill Graves, Realtor with Phyllis Browning Co., responses related to:
“Accessibility and communication: Exceptional. You even gained the business of the Selling Agent for her clients.

Buyer's experience: The buyer felt that they really understood the process and appreciated your flexibility in changing things around at the last minute.

Support provided: You were way above 95% of other lends in communication and extra effort!

Areas for improvement: No, you pretty well hammered everything.  ”
Linda Tobias, Keller Williams Legacy
“I knew I needed an exceptional lender that could get the job done and stay on top of things with constant communication and updates! You exceeded my expectations and I thank you for it. My son looked to me for recommendations of one of my preferred lenders that understood VA Jumbo loans and could bring it to closure without a headache and in a timely manner. You did it and you did it with my son out of state! There were no unpleasant surprises, which was important to him as he is relocating 2 babies, a dog, wife and nanny from the DC area and never saw the house, nor met his lender. I had lots of sleepless nights and pressure to not let him down, and you did not disappoint. Thank you again for making it happen on time.”
Crystal Wyrick, Realtor, Keller Williams Legacy
“Lisa, your follow-up is outstanding; you never leave me hanging on a question or topic, no matter how small. You help me be well-informed so that I can be a better resource for my clients. You are available and always timely in your responses to buyers and myself. You anticipate hurdles and educate us on how to prepare for them. You are so detailed in your communication; tracking where we are, what is needed and from whom, what’s coming next. I appreciate the time it takes for this level of communication! I think of us as a team... you can count on my business and support!”
Pliny Mier, Realtor, Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty
“You did an outstanding job Lisa! Incredible communication and service! Thank you!”
Randy and Vilma
“Lisa performed exceptionally well. She was upfront on all items, completely looked at every aspect of the process, and kept everyone involved in the process, from the the buyer to the seller, to the real estate agents and title company, etc. You could not ask for better service! We felt that the ease of service and ability of all personnel involved throughout the process was outstanding. They were true professionals. Everyone involved was polite, informative and quick with any response or question that arose.”
Matthew Mauldon, Buyer’s Agent, Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty
“Lisa did an incredible job and I feel the transaction went very smooth. I greatly appreciate Lisa's professional and friendly persona with my buyers, as many times in business this type of courtesy is lost. Throughout this transaction, I felt very confident as Lisa maintained continuous communication with my buyers from start to finish. Lisa's attentive care made this a smooth transaction and we will definitely be doing a tremendous amount of business together. Thank you Lisa!!”
Angie Bryant, Realtor, C21 Northside
“Thank you Lisa. You were amazing to work with, and I can appreciate your thoroughness and effective communication skills. This helped the process to go very smoothly.”
Roger and Pat
“You did a fabulous job of handling our account. You were thorough, patient and willing to explain why things had to be done in the manner requested. Due to regulations in place, there were times when the process was intrusive and arduous. Yet we persevered and were able to secure the loan we wanted and at a rate slightly lower than first quoted. Thank you for that. We will certainly recommend you and HomeBridge to others.”

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