About Libby Snipes

Libby Snipes works to find the right mortgage product to suit each client’s unique situation. Her commitment to providing superior customer service, combined with excellent problem-solving skills, makes the difference in potential borrowers becoming home owners. Libby knows the benefits of making the mortgage process a win-win endeavor for her clients. With this, Libby brings an exceptional knowledge of the mortgage industry and practical hands-on experience to each transaction. Let Libby’s professional talent bring your dreams of home ownership to life!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Heather G. December 2018
“Extremely professional and prompt customer service.”
James H. November 2018
“Because Libby is awesome!”
Richard M. November 2018
“Libby worked through all issues in a timely and professional manner.”
Shane B. October 2018
“Extremely helpful people that answered all our questions and walked us through each step.”
Frank A. October 2018
“How I feel about recommending.”
Ashley G. October 2018
“Very easy to work with and the process was very quick.”
Elizabeth F. October 2018
“Prompt, kind, honest and a blessing.”
Curtis E. September 2018
“Easy process and friendly people.”
Ron C. September 2018
“It was all good. They were very efficient.”
Jared R. Aug-18
“Very helpful throughout the whole process. Always returned calls and texts very promptly.”
Timothy M. Aug-18
“We had a great experience throughout our closing process.”
Richard L. Aug-18
“Excellent service!!”
Marlene R. Aug-18
“Very thorough and thinks of the client and the future of the client.”
Jared R. August 2018
“Very helpful throughout the whole process. Always returned calls and texts very promptly.”
Timothy M. August 2018
“We had a great experience throughout our closing process.”
Richard L. August 2018
“Excellent service!!”
Marlene R. August 2018
“Very thorough and thinks of the client and the future of the client.”
Jared R. August 2018
“Very helpful throughout the whole process. Always returned calls and texts very promptly.”
Timothy M. August 2018
“We had a great experience throughout our closing process.”
Richard L. August 2018
“Excellent service!!”
Marlene R. August 2018
“Very thorough and thinks of the client and the future of the client.”
Kevin B. June 2018
“Libby has been extremely helpful and patient along the way! She has walked us through the process and made sure we were getting things done on schedule.”
Darin J. June 2018
“Easy. Always available for questions.”
Roxana C. May 2018
“Reliability, past experience and convenience.”
Jeremy V. May 2018
“Libby and the gang did a great job. They took care of us and got things done quickly. They made sure we knew everything as it happened.”
Jesse W. April 2018
“Very easy and smooth process. Libby was very helpful in all aspects of the process.”
Cason H. March 2018
“HomeBridge was easy to work with!”
Derrick B. March 2018
“This was an excellent experience! Very friendly and fast!”
Adrian M. March 2018
“They do a great job and make it happen.”
Bradley M. March 2018
“Very easy to communicate with.”
Stacy P. December 2017
“Excellent, knowledgeable, experienced, and helped with all parts of the process.”
Elvis J. December 2017
“Appreciate her hard work. Great job!”
Philip N. November 2017
“We love Libby/ She has helped us on several properties.”
Paul R. October 2017
“Very responsive and answered all questions.”
Kevin M. October 2017
“Libby and her team have worked so hard for us to make our new home a reality. We had a very tight deadline and HomeBridge made every efforts to meet it. We look forward to wanting with the team again. ”
Michael and Erin S. September 2017
“Libby has been so helpful, straight forward, knowledgeable, informative and easy to work with! We always understood exactly what was going on and why at every step of this process. It has been a joy to work with Libby! This has been the best mortgage process that we have ever experienced! Thank you HomeBridge!”
Kyle L. August 2017
“Libby is fantastic! This is my second time working with her and she is always very helpful with us being self employed! This was another great, easy experience at HomeBridge!”
Marshall and Elizabeth H. July 2017
“Libby was great to work with and she provided great service too!”
Kevin B. July 2017
“Libby and Debra worked miracles for us and got us closed super fast! They were very knowledgeable, easy to ask questions and get answers! They were very nice, friendly and quick to respond! Thank you!”
Tommy and Leslie H. June 2017
“Libby made this process easy and understandable! She provided great customer service and was terrific to work with!”
Monte and Tammy C. June 2017
“Libby was the best!  She always answered any questions and was really easy to work with!  She was awesome!  We loved Libby!  Don't change a thing, everything was great!”
Jana C. June 2017
“Libby kept me informed regularly on the status of my loan and she made the process easy!”
Armando R. June 2017
“Libby provided awesome communication! I will definitely use HomeBridge again!  Thank you!”
Vivian V. April 2017
“Libby was very patient and always available for questions even after hours!  She went above and beyond what was expected!”
Ronald O. April 2017
“Libby and her staff were always quick and attended to my needs!  I would use HomeBridge again in the future because, I have built a good relationship with them over the past few years!”
Verne and Nancy W. February 2017
“Libby and her team were very helpful and provided excellent communication!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Daryl and Mary V. December 2016
“Libby and her staff came highly recommended. They provided first rate service and efficiency! They made the process simple!”
Raymond and Jill B. December 2016
“Libby was wonderful working with us as different hurdles came up during the process. She spoiled us with great service!”
Raul L. December 2016
“Libby made this a smooth transaction! She kept us up to date on all information and followed up on inquiries in a timely manner!”
Mark R. October 2016
“Libby and her team provided a stream lined process!  They were very friendly and responsive!  They were all great people to work with!  Stay committed to customer service!  Great job HomeBridge!”
Jereme S. July 2016
“Libby and her team always kept us in the loop and answered all of our questions in a timely manner!  We will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to our positive experience!  They did so well with us that I know that anyone else would also have great results!”
Clinton M. July 2016
“Libby and Debra were amazing to work with. They were so very helpful and thorough during the entire process of purchasing my new home!  Keep on doing what your doing!”
Michael and Terry L. July 2016
“Libby and her team have done very well for us and our extended family!  We will recommend HomeBridge to others because of this positive experience!  Thank you!”
James A. June 2016
“Libby has been a joy to work with!  She kept us informed every step of the way!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to everyone!”
Kendra and Clinton B. October 2015
“This was an overall great experience for us!  The process was made as easy as possible by Libby and her team.  We couldn't ask for better!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Guy and Vickie H. October 2015
“Libby was very prompt, informative and knowledgeable throughout this process!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Jose and Brandy V. May 2016
“Libby was amazing!   Any and every question, comment or concern was addressed immediately!  Keep up the good work!”
Holly B. November 2015
“Libby provided excellent service in a comfortable environment and made the closing easy!  Thank you!”
Christopher P. April 2016
“Libby was extremely responsive, friendly and helpful.  The process was very smooth and seamless.   Thank you HomeBridge!”
Dustin and Clarlin C. December 2015
“Libby was very quick to respond and helpful at every turn.  Everything went great!”
Carol and Henry K. December 2015
“Libby was always available when we needed to ask any questions.  She provided me with all the information we needed.  This has been overall an excellent experience for us!”
“HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. is awesome. They provide very personalized service. They are readily available when needed. HomeBridge was completely honest, upfront and very helpful.”
Thomas and Gwendolyn C. April 2016
“Libby and her team were awesome!  They provided very personal service and were always readily available when needed.  We had no problems,  HomeBridge was completely honest, upfront and very helpful at all times!”
Kate and Ron B. February 2016
“Libby has been very responsive to all of our questions, she made the stress of buying a home a breeze!”
Jenifer O.
“I have worked with Libby in the past and trust her expertise, I will continue to do business with her in the future!”
Johnny M.
“Libby is amazing to work with and was very transparent in the process!  Don't change a thing!”
Jose and Juanita Z.
“Libby was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to us in detail.  We had a great experience with HomeBridge!  Thanks!”
Talin and Amanda P. September 2015
“Libby and her team have all been great to work with!  They were so helpful, prompt, available and informative.  All communications were prompt and professional.  Libby made the loan process and the closing smooth and easy!  Keep up the great work!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Don M. Keller, Texas
“I have been through several refinanced mortgages and I would say that this was by far the fastest and smoothest closing ever. I was referred to Libby by a co-worker who had used her in purchasing several homes and had only great things to say about their experience. Well, I concur and would say that she was professional and the rates and fees were much better than most that I had contacted prior to speaking with Libby. It was a great experience and will definitely plan to do continued business with her in the future! Thanks Libby!”
Lonnie and Christine H. Austin, TX
“Libby and her team were available anytime we needed assistance and overall, are wonderful at what they do. We were extremely pleased with the service and will reach out to Libby and HomeBridge in the future. Libby and her team did an excellent job handling our loan. They are professional and timely.”
Tom M. Fort Worth, TX
“I purchased my first home a few years ago, and was referred to Libby. I'll never forget when she told me I was ready to start looking. I was so nervous and completely new to the process. She was there for every question, no matter how big or small, or how often I had one. She walked me through everything. It was so seamless. So much so that a couple of months ago, I decided to sell my home and buy again. With no hesitation I called Libby and said I was ready to go again. This one was different because she was talking me through another first. I was selling mine and buying another. The company I was purchasing my new home from recommended their lender. Without one moment's thought, I said, no thank you, I have my lender! Once again, she was there for me, for every question, every concern, everything. No matter what I needed or when I needed it. If I buy again. Libby is the ONLY one I will use! Thank you, Libby. I am LOVING my brand new home!”
Patty I. Burleson, TX
“I just loved working with Libby. She knows her business and doesn't mind taking the time to make sure you truly understand the process. I appreciated her honesty and integrity and really felt like she cared. She's responsive to calls and emails. Overall, it was a great experience, and we were well taken care of during the entire process.”
Lori N. Fort Worth, TX
“This was my first home purchase experience and I had heard all the nightmares of the process, but a great friend referred me to Libby at HomeBridge and amazing is an understatement! I had so many questions, and she was constantly patient and so prompt with all my inquiries, and she made this process so easy! She most certainly knows her stuff! I will recommend her to everyone I know and will always use her in the future as well. Rest assured, you are in good hands! Thanks for everything Libby; we love or new home!”
Rich G. Fort Worth, TX
“Libby helped us through an incredibly complicated and frustrating loan process. Through it all, she kept a cool head and remained focused on solutions. This professional attitude, in turn, encouraged us. Each time we hit a seemingly insurmountable roadblock, she immediately found a solution. She helped us complete the process, close on our loan, and we're now living in a beautiful new home! Libby Snipes is the BEST!”
Jack F. Fort Worth, TX
“Libby was friendly and extremely helpful. She keep me informed through every step of the process, and made getting a mortgage a breeze. It was reassuring to have someone who was professional and engaging helping me through such an important process. I would recommend Libby to my family!”
Roy B. Burleson, Texas
“First and foremost are honesty and integrity when one seeks out financial wisdom, advice and counsel. Libby defines both. Second: care, concern and positive outlook are essential in being able to deal with the difficulties of any loan or mortgage. Again, Libby defines those qualities. It seems when one is trying to get a loan, they must bare their souls and reveal more about themselves than they would ever normally do. This is not easily done unless the one in whom you are sharing is forthright and honest in all her dealings; Libby is that person. Nothing seems to difficult, and she is always upfront with all information. I can say with confidence that if you need someone to help you get through tough, easy, simple or complex loans, Libby Snipes is the person to contact. She will guide, direct and ensure that everything possible will be done to assist you in obtaining a loan. Not only will she help you get a loan, but she will work to make sure it is a good "fit" for you. When you need a loan, who are you going to call? Ms Libby Snipes!”
Leah and Kevin Fort Worth, Texas
“We have used Libby for two home mortgages now, and we couldn't be happier. This latest one we needed to close very quickly, as per the contract negotiation, and boy did we put Libby to the test! We literally had 8 business days from start to finish, and she was actually able to get approved with a few days to spare. I think we were a record for her :) Libby is gracious and professional and is really on your side as a buyer. She never pushed us into a loan for more than we were comfortable with. Thank you Libby!”
George and Robin A Fort Worth, Texas
“Libby is an exceptional mortgage loan professional. She provided experienced, friendly, and sound advice on the entire mortgage process and an exceptional analysis on mortgage rates and types to ensure we secured our loan and ultimately our property. I strongly recommend her as a great advisor for any home or property purchase.”
Paul H Cottondale, Texas
“Let me first start by saying WOW! Libby is a can do person. When she started helping me with my unique mortgage situation she knew all the ins and outs and helped get our mortgage taken care of in record time. I am truly impressed with her professionalism as well as her personal empathy toward her clients. She is a blessing and I'd be happy to refer her to anyone with the highest stamp of approval. Thank you much for all of your help Libby!!  ”

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