About Leila Martinez

As a licensed Homebridge Mortgage Loan Originator in Texas (NMLS #322835), Leila Martinez can assist you with your home loan needs, including:

  • First-Time Purchase
  • Second-Home Purchase
  • Refinance
  • FHA and VA
  • Conventional
  • 203(k) Renovation
  • Jumbo

Leila welcomes the opportunity to serve your needs with quick and accurate real estate financing advice. Leila has the expertise and knowledge, and will make sure you understand the features associated with the loan program you choose and that it meets your unique financial situation.

Contact Leila Martinez Anytime

Feel free to contact Leila anytime by phone or email for personalized service and expert advice. Leila Martinez will extend the same professional service to your friends, family members, work colleagues or neighbors who need help.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Leonardo M. May-22
“i am a first time buyer and Leila Martinez and her team were very passion with all of my questions and they answered every one of them to the mater that i could understand and that made me feel very comfortable with the proses and that was one of the main reasons i moved forward with the loan. I thank her and the team that helps her to make my dream home a realty. THANKS AGAIN ”
Alfredo G. May-22
“You guys are awesome thanks for everything”
Ernesto H. Apr-22
“I am very grateful to Leyla Martinez and Sylvia Benavidez for attention and help”
Hugo B. Apr-22
“Leila Martinez and her staff were very curtious and attentive to all questions and needs. Would very likely recommend to others.”
Humberto B. Feb-22
“Miss. Leila Martinez was just amazing throughout the entire loan process! I love how she took the entire process as if it was a process being made for her, she was able to help us with a lot of the problems and excuses that the builder came up with. Overall, we loved the experience of dealing with educated people on an extremely intimidating topic "Our First Home". May God bless Miss. Martinez and her team for the wonderful experience that she was able to create for us. ”
Royle W. Feb-22
“Great experience Leila was fantastic along with the staff”
Francisco G. Dec-21
“Very friendly, helpful and very proffessional. They helped me all the way of the process. I would recommend and would request their service again for another mortgage loan. They were able to help me way faster than my own bank.”
Francisco G. Nov-21
“Great experience at home bridge . In all satisfied and pleased . No bad comments no problems.”
Octavio S. Nov-21
“Leila I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful team you have working with you. without you and them I know that my experience would have been much more harder. please keep up you excellent work.”
San Juana R. Nov-21
“Very helpful in getting a home like.Very nice staff to work with.Thanks for your service.”
David F. Nov-21
“I would like to thank Leila Martinez, Sylvia Benavides, Melissa, and Mariela Posas for helping me and family obtain our first home. They have all been very helpful and easy to work with. Great work!”
Thelma M. Oct-21
“Great serivce they made all the process go smoothly. Cesar and Mariela help me a lot.”
Circe F. Oct-21
“Thank you Homebridge Financial Services! keep the good work!”
Rolando G. Oct-21
“Very satisfied with Leila and her team, although the process was long she did everything in her power to make sure we crossed that finish line. We are greatly appreciated”
Alvaro G. Oct-21
“One of the best!”
Adan R. Sep-21
“Thank you so much for your dedication Mrs. Leila with out you this Dream wouldn't be possible my family and I really appreciate all your restless efforts since Day one till closing day always optimistic . Also thanks to your office staff truly committed and passionate to there work with only one goal in mind providing exceptional service God bless you”
Rolando M. Sep-21
“Thank you for everything in the process”
Otto G. Aug-21
“Leila Martínez and the entire Homebridge team exceeded our expectations and were always just a phone call away. They made our first home buying experience a smooth one! Totally recommend them and will keep using them in the future”
ISRAEL C. Jul-21
“excellent service from the beginning of the process, until the closing I highly recommend Mrs. Leila, super friendly and very professional in her work”
Elva C. Jul-21
“Leila stayed on top of our loan process and was patient and informative when we called, which was often.”
Edwin G. Apr-21
“Thank you for helping us reach our goal of buying our dream home!!!”
Betsy D. Apr-21
“I want to thank Leila Martinez for doing a fantastic job. With a lot of time and patience we are finally in our brand new home. This will be our starter home, so we do plan in the future to get in contact with her again to do business. We are very blessed to have worked with Leila.”
Maria C. Apr-21
“Working with Homebridge for a home loan was smooth. Leila was always there to answer any questions I had. Leila was always very cheerful. Her staff at Homebridge, Sylvia and Melissa were also very helpful. They kept me up to date with any of the process. I would recommend Leila and her staff to anyone wanting to purchase a home. As a first time home owner, I was very nervous but Leila made this process very smooth. Thank you Leila and staff!!”
Daniel D. Apr-21
“Thank you Leila and team for making the process run smoothly.”
Ricardo F. Apr-21
“Homebridge Financial Services Inc., and Ms. Leila Martinez, and group were excellent in helping us with our journey to buy our home! Thank you Leila for Christmas in April!! It was worth the wait!!”
Ryan N. Apr-21
“Leila and her team went above and beyond to help my family and I get our new home and for that we will always be thankful. They had everything ready the only reason we did not close was becahse the builder fell behind in construction. Homebridge could not attend closing due to COVID-19. Leila, Melissa, and Sylvia were always there to answer any questions I had. We appreciate you all thank you so much for all the help.”
OSCAR H. Mar-21
“Leila Martinez' customer service was exceptional. She kept me informed throughout the process and gave me reasonable expectations regarding rates and closing date. Above all, Leila Martinez maintained a very positive attitude from the beginning of the loan process until the closing.”
Jorge C. Jan-21
“Leila Martinez at Homebridge did an amazing job at keeping the process fast, easy, and understandable. Highly recommend for any financial service.”
Luis N. Dec-20
“Ms Leila Martinez, Ms. Sylvia Benavides, and the entire team, provided accurate, timely, and professional assistance/ guidance throughout the process. EXTREMELY satisfied!!!”
“Thank you Leila Martinez for all your time and patiences.My family is very happy with the new house.Thank you so much for all the help and all your staff.God bless you all”
“Thank you for everything !”
HILDA G. Oct-20
“I would like to give recognition to these three ladies for working diligently and making my home ownership a success. The fact that they are also bilingual in Spanish/English was great. They are a great asset to Homebridge! I am honored and grateful for having the opportunity to work with them. I listed their names below for recognition!!! Leila Martinez, Mariela Posas, Sylvia Benavides”
Guillermo P. Sep-20
“Thank you very much for making this dream of buying a home. Leila, Thank you so much for everything. Muchas gracias!!”
Rene R. Sep-20
“Leila is excellent at what she does. She answered all my questions and kept me very informed on the process every step of the way.”
Delfino O. Sep-20
“Leila, was a pleasure to work with. Highly skilled and knowledgeable of not just my loan and situation but knowledgeable of the entire process. I would not have used Homebridge if it hadn't been for her. She is a jewel and you are very fortunate to have her on your team. I would use Homebridge again if it meant working with her.”
Adan R. Aug-20
“Thank you Leila for helping me until the end!!”
ERIKA V. Aug-20
“I have recommended Leila to several of my coworkers that were emotionally invested as I was in achieving my goal of home ownership. Leila has a strong business acumen and provides effective follow through on agreed upon measures.”
“I was very satisfied”
Victor J. Aug-20
“Thanks Leila for the time and support in the process for this home purchase”
Librado G. Jul-20
“Thank you for helping me and guiding me to successful process.”
Jason G. Jul-20
“Leila was very professionals and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. In my opinion best in the business very satisfied and will be recommending to friends and family.”
Marta M. Jul-20
“Very satisfied with her service”
Jason G. Jul-20
“Leila was very professionals and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. In my opinion best in the business very satisfied and will be recommending to friends and family.”
“Leila and Sylvia make an excellent teamwork! I definitely recommend them.”
Anthony C. December 2018
“The reason I choose this mark was because they were always answering my calls when I needed help in the process of buying a home.”
Miguel R. December 2018
“Communication within Homebridge Laredo office and us was outstanding. They simplify the process to a point where you feel at ease at every step.”
Oscar M. December 2018
“Really great service! Loan officer, Leila Martinez did a wonderful job!”
Pablo G. December 2018
“I felt very thankful for they made my loan possible.”
Edward S. December 2018
“Leila and everyone involved in making our home purchase possible went above and beyond to help us. We are very satisfied with the attentiveness of Homebridge services.”
Laura M. December 2018
“Helped me get through this process. Was overwhelming but got it done.”
Cecilia L. November 2018
“I felt like I wasn't just another person purchasing a home. Everyone at Homebridge made it personal.”
Nelly L. November 2018
“Great service.”
Selena C. October 2018
“Above and beyond service from all of the staff. Excellent customer service!”
Mauro J. October 2018
“Great customer service. Answered every call, text and email.”
Orlando R. October 2018
“Great customer service and very attentive to our needs.”
Roxana G. October 2018
“Exceeded expectations.”
Eduardo M. October 2018
“Great customer service.”
Luis S. September 2018
“Awesome service.”
Ana M. September 2018
“Amazing customer service from Leila, Cesar and Sylvia.”
Eduardo P. Aug-18
“I had no problems and the service was excellent.”
Alfredo G. Aug-18
“The service was excellent!”
Daniel M. Aug-18
“Good customer service.”
Ricardo R. Aug-18
“Excellent attention.”
Felipe T. Aug-18
“I am very happy with the service and attention given throughout the entire process.”
Eduardo P. August 2018
“I had no problems and the service was excellent.”
Alfredo G. August 2018
“The service was excellent!”
Daniel M. August 2018
“Good customer service.”
Ricardo R. August 2018
“Excellent attention.”
Felipe T. August 2018
“I am very happy with the service and attention given throughout the entire process.”
Ricardo R. August 2018
“Excellent attention.”
Felipe T. August 2018
“I am very happy with the service and attention given throughout the entire process.”
Eduardo P. August 2018
“I had no problems and the service was excellent.”
Alfredo G. August 2018
“The service was excellent!”
Daniel M. August 2018
“Good customer service.”
Alfredo G. June 2018
“Good service.”
Sergio P. June 2018
“Walk in recommended by builders, Icon builders.”
Benjamin D. June 2018
“Very good customer service. Always available for any questions or doubts.”
Adrian M. May 2018
“Ms. Martinez and her team were very polite and they explained everything very well.”
Andres G. May 2018
“Leila and Sylvia are very attentive and answered all of our questions.”
Alvaro G. April 2018
“Great staff, very welcoming and good customer service.”
Joshua S. March 2018
“Very flexible and great customer service.”
Ismael R. March 2018
“Leila was very helpful. I would strongly recommend them.”
Esmeralda H. March 2018
“Excellent service.”
Casimiro G. March 2018
“Experienced, helpful, knowledgeable and working to help customers get the most for all involved.”
Ramses M. March 2018
“All of their work is to help the customers.”
Mario R. December 2017
“For me and my wife this process was new to us, but we had excellent financial guidance. The process was fast and all our questions were answered in the loan process. We felt protected because of the trust of the professional. This is the biggest purchase we have made in our lifetime.”
Ariana B. November 2017
“Very helpful.”
Nora G. November 2017
“He was very helpful. He was very polite all the time. He was also very responsive and always there to help us.”
Vicente C. November 2017
“Very helpful and informative.”
Jesse S. November 2017
“They made sure everything was in order.”
Nora C. October 2017
“Very attentive and answered all of our questions.”
Roman E. October 2017
“They went out of their way for me!”
Ricardo R. Laredo, TX
“Extremely happy.”
Hileana R. Laredo, TX
“Very satisfied.”
Humberto G. Laredo, TX
“They were on top of things and made things easier for us as first time buyers. I will strongly recommend.”
Eloy R. Laredo, TX
“She was very helpful throughout the whole process and helped guide us in everything that was needed.”
Mario S. Laredo, TX
“She was excellent in helping us to reach our dream to get a new house for our family. I would recommend her to my friends and family, she did an excellent job. Thank you Leila Martinez.”
Julio S. Laredo, TX
“She may be loaded with work and under a lot of stress as she tries to attend other community functions all related to the real estate industry, but you won 't know it. She reminds me of the gracefulness of a swan swimming. Her sweet disposition is a big plus to her big job.”
Andres V. Laredo , TX
“She is a very nice person that is willing to help you out and make this experience the best it can be for you. We are so happy that we had the chance to have her be with us through this cause she would give us the courage to keep on with our dream. Thank you.”
Alejandro R. Laredo, TX
“My Loan Officer Leila and her assistant, were the best. They were always on top of my mortgage loan, and always notified me about information needed. I am truly grateful for all of their effort.”
Jose G. Laredo, TX
“Loan Officer was very helpful throughout the process. Very good customer service. Loan Officer is very patient and he guided us throughout the process.”
Gerardo M. Laredo, TX
“Leila and Sylvia went above and beyond to fascilitate the process. They really know how to provide customers with great customer service.”
Gerardo S. Laredo, TX
“Leila Martinez and team were always available to answer our questions and they were always very helpful in helping to navigate us through the whole process.”
Alan R. Laredo, TX
“Leila, and Cesar Martinez were great to work with, they made it simple to put the list of documents together and send to them. Very professional.”
Shirley Y. Whitney, TX
“He made it all happen. Great experience having him helping me all the way.”
Laura O. Laredo, TX
“Excellent service! Leila has a fantastic team!”
Ramiro B. Laredo, TX
“Excellent service and very helpful.”
Ivonne G. Laredo, TX
“Excellent job.”
Gerardo D. Laredo, TX
“Everything was extremely excellent, thank you all for the hard work.”

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