About Laurie Peterson

Laurie Peterson has a wealth of experience in the mortgage industry, including sales, operations and management. As the Branch Manager of HomeBridge’s Carlsbad branch, Laurie works hard to ensure her customers, as well as her employees, receive the highest level of service and professionalism. She enjoys helping families achieve the dream of home ownership, but also takes pride in training new Mortgage Loan Originators to do the same. Laurie’s innovative approach to business and dedication to providing excellent customer service make the mortgage process easy and enjoyable for everyone involved.

What Our Customers Say About Me

Denise F. Oct-19
“Laurie Peterson is AWESOME!”
Cheyenne S. October 2018
“Laurie was a perfect match for my needs and the reason I chose Homebridge!”
Robert S. March 2018
“Ease of communication, knowledgeable and speed of responses to all questions.”
Duncan S. February 2018
“Referred by a navy teammate.”
Kathleen D. December 2017
“Quick escrow, very professional staff made whole process easy! ”
Craig W. October 2017
“Excellent service, follow up and professionalism.”
Shaun H. November 2016
“Laurie was prompt, responsive, knowledgeable and very helpful! I would like to work with HomeBridge again due to this positive experience!”
Taylor and Alexis H. November 2016
“Laurie and her entire team were friendly, prompt and professional! No complaints!”
Sean G. July 2017
“I had been told that the home buying process can be quite painful but, Laurie and her entire team have made it seamless, smooth and quite enjoyable! They are a great team that did a great job! Thank you!”
Antonia A. June 2017
“Laurie and her team were very efficient, helpful and professional!”
Michael and Sarah V. May 2017
“Laurie has worked with us on multiple house purchases and we have been impressed with her every time!  She is incredibly dedicated to making sure that we felt comfortable through every step of the process!  She is very knowledgeable about various loan options and has been exceptional at making sure that we got the best possible rate!  Laurie is amazing!”
Jeanne B. May 2017
“Laurie was very knowledgeable and responsive throughout this entire process!  I will definitely recommend HomeBridge to others due to my positive experience!”
Lance and Sylvia H. May 2017
“Laurie and her team were knowledgeable, supportive, responsive and they provided outstanding service!”
Marjorie J. February 2017
“Laurie was very professional and she provided great service!  Everything was perfect!”
Eric and Laurie H. August 2016
“Laurie and her team provided excellent customer service!  They had a real understanding of a complex transaction.  The process was made easy by the hard work of Laurie Peterson!  She had the ability to personalize the loan to fit our circumstances!”
Archibald and Carola C. July 2016
“Laurie and her team provided great customer service!  They always kept us informed and up to date!  Laurie is amazing!  We had a perfect experience at HomeBridge!”
Kimberly and Jonathan S. July 2016
“Laurie kept us informed with steady communication!  We are very satisfied with the service that we received!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
Thomas and Kelsey L. July 2016
“Laurie and her team were very friendly, flexible and knowledgeable!  Thank you HomeBridge!”
John and Elyse W. January 2016
“We have a longstanding relationship with Laurie, she is trustworthy and competent.  We would use HomeBridge again in the future!”

Our Latest Thinking

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