About Kim Carlson

You must be looking for home financing. I do that! Homebridge has an impressive variety of loan programs to suit many different situations. Whatever type of mortgage you are looking for, I am here to give you the options and guide you through the process. All you have to do is start the conversation and I’ll help with the rest!

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What Our Customers Say About Me

Sarah Y. May-22
“Kim made the process smoothly and answered all my questions, she was easy to talk to.”
Heidi M. May-22
“Kim Carlson was amazing, yet again. I will always reach out to her first without any hesitation. Her team, Heidi and Danielle, are also amazing! They make the process super easy, stress free, and I will happily recommend Kim to anyone who will listen. Thank you ladies!!!”
AUTUMN M. May-22
“Kim has always been very knowledgeable and helpful with answering, probably remedial, questions of mine. The trusting relationship started with my first mortgage with Kim. She's able to break down the basics from the flood of paperwork I get.”
Courtney S. May-22
“Kim was awesome and generous with her time and info.”
Cody C. Apr-22
“Kim was great to work with, thanks for all your help Kim!”
Tessa G. Apr-22
“Y'all are awesome, thank you!”
Jon W. Apr-22
“Kim was a pleasure to do business with. Always went the extra mile to take care of us.”
Chad S. Mar-22
“Thank you, Kim and team for making this process so easy!”
Aaron H. Feb-22
“Kim is great. Prior to beginning and during our refinance with Kim, we were contacted several times by other lenders (including the owner of our current loan) with refi solicitations and promises of "meet or beat" programs. They never returned calls to follow through. Kim is in town, friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy. She always makes herself available for questions. We always start by contacting Kim.”
Christina J. Feb-22
“Kim was very helpful.”
Brooks P. Dec-21
“Excellent experience! Communication was top notch! My sister was buying a house at the same time and our experience versus hers was much, much better. Thank you Kim!”
Kelli G. Dec-21
“Kim was beyond amazing! She went above and beyond to make sure we closed on time. She was available day and night and get back to my questions right away. Highly recommend her and Homebridge!”
Benjamin H. Dec-21
“Kim Carlson was a gem to work with. I started a refinance inquiry with a different company, who was the current lender of my loan. The difference was night and day. Kim gave straight-forward, prompt, and clear information regarding every part of the process. She took extra steps internally to account for impacts the other mortgage inquiries may have had on my credit to give me the lowest rate possible. Kim is also very personable, relatable, and knowledgeable. Will certainly recommend her to others!”
LORIE A. Dec-21
“Kim was very kind, professional, and easy to work with. She explained everything in detail, and answered any questions I had. It was a joy to work with her. I will recommend her to anyone I know looking for a mortgage lender.”
Jessica S. Nov-21
“Kim Carlson answered all of my questions that I asked. She was knowledgeable and organized. I never once felt unsure about her abilities to do her job or to make sure that we got the loan that we needed. Kim was fantastic, proactive, and available any time I had a question. I would be happy to work with Kim Carlson again if we ever needed another loan.”
Benjamin B. Oct-21
“Kim was great to work with. I had made offers on different homes over the past few years and she was always available and ready to help with my approval.”
Kristine T. Oct-21
“Kim was amazing to work with again! The closing escrow amount was lower than we thought it would be. Kim always answered or questions and helped us through the process.”
Christopher P. Sep-21
“Kim is the best! Honest, timely information and on top of the process at all times. My second mortgage done with Kim Carlson, and as long as she is around, I won't go anywhere else!”
Shawn S. Aug-21
“Kim saved the day and took over a horrible experience we were having with a different lender. Kim delivered exactly what she said and then some. She was so personable and an excellent communicator. I will recommend Kim to anyone I'm Idaho!”
JOHN S. Aug-21
“Kim was great to work with. Very responsive whenever we needed questions answered or anything else, even ouside of normal business hours. It was a great experience working with her.”
“Kim provided excellent financial information about the various options. She also provided excellent information about the overall process and Estimated costs. She worked quickly and efficiently to close on a tight schedule and provided updates on the process. She answered all of my questions thoroughly. I have no complaints!”
Lisa M. May-21
“Kim was great, and the process was SO EASY! I have refinanced before, and helped my boss through multiple refinances, and this was far and away the easiest, most stream-lined experience.”
“Kim was knowledgeable about the application process and asked the right questions in order to provide me with the correct loan for my needs.”
Jon P. Apr-21
“Kim was very professional, kind, and worked quickly to answer my questions. She was pleasant to work with and good at her job.”
Christopher S. Apr-21
“Kim was a very good person to work with she made the refinancing goes smoothly with no problems and was patient at answering my questions about the process.”
GARY G. Mar-21
“Kim did a excellent job of keeping me informed throughout the process.”
Josh B. Mar-21
“Kim was amazing the whole time! Whenever we had questions, she was there to help. Wouldn't wanna do this without her or Becky!!”
Melissa H. Feb-21
“Kim Carlson (and Becky P) provided personalized and timely information, needs and expectations throughout the process. They also offered answers and reassurance when I had questions or concerns. A+ customer relations!”
MAGAN S. Jan-21
“Kim is not only diligent in her work but she genuinely cares about her clients and what is best for them. She is extremely responsive and is the best at what she does!”
Taylor R. Dec-20
“Kim and the whole team were exceptional through the whole process. Not once did we feel under-informed on any of it, and all went as smoothly as can be expected/hoped.”
Lori H. Dec-20
“Kim Carlson was excellent to work with as was our realtor. Everything went very smooth.”
Steven H. Dec-20
“Kim was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful throughout the entire process, and a pleasure to work with.”
Erin M. Nov-20
“Everything was very detailed and easy to follow. I feel like Kim got me a very good rate. I got a little confused at the end because our closing date moved around a few times and I didn't get a total of closing costs until the actual time of closing, but I think this may have been mostly due to the title company.”
Ryan M. Nov-20
“My wife and I loved our experience with Kim she was so polite accommodating positive and helpful with our our questions. This was our first home and she was the absolute perfect storm to meet Kim and having her guide us through this amazing experience. Ppl say house buying is a pain in the ass but she made it seamless effortless turn key process would recommend her to any person looking for there first house or tenth house. Can you say repeat customers!!!!!”
William M. Nov-20
“Everything was more or less smooth. The ONE thing I recommend you do for your customers is provide them with the loan training modules up front, i.e., immediately. A person shouldn't even be able to apply for a loan until they've gone through the training. There was SO much useful information in those modules, and we weren't informed of it until almost the last module. It would've been really nice to have the information going into the process. Other than that, financing a home has been the most adult experience I think I've done yet. It was a major process, and like I said it was more less, very smooth.”
DAVE R. Nov-20
“kim exceed my expectations and made me feel like a friend”
Erin P. Oct-20
“This was a first home purchase for me and the process was much less panful than I was anticipating. Communication from Kim was clear and she was always quick to respond to any questions I had. I'll definitely be in contact with her again for future home purchases.”
Kali A. Oct-20
“Thank you Kim for all your hard work and patience through this process!”
Zackery C. Sep-20
“We've worked with Kim Carlson in the past and for this refinance. We will absolutely use her again when needed.”
Brandon S. Sep-20
“Kim did a fantastic job on our loan. We were very pleased”
Richard S. Aug-20
“Kim was very helpful and professional in every aspect of this procedure, I was a first time home buyer and clueless to all of what was going on but she walked me thru the process step by step and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”
“Kim Carlson was very pleasant and helpful through the entire process. It went very smoothly without a glitch. There was a question on the survey asking if she attended the closing. She did not. That was due to CV 19.”
Jay P. Jul-20
“Awesome, she knows her stuff, and is direct and does not beat around the bush, your fortunate to have her.”
Alexander K. Jul-20
“She communicated when necessary and guided me through nicely. Even when we were having issues with some of my documentation she knew how to handle it”
“Kim was knowledgeable, friendly, and prompt. We greatly appreciated her help and guidance through our refinancing process and happily recommend her to anyone looking for a home purchase or refinance. We'll work with her for sure in the future!”
Lorna W. Jul-20
“Kim was outstanding. She was a good sport at running numbers for me during the year that I shopped for real estate options. Once I found a place, the buying process was smooth. I was nervous about applying and she put me at ease. She is very kind and professional and answers all my questions readily. I would highly recommend her to my friends.”
Jay P. Jul-20
“Awesome, she knows her stuff, and is direct and doe's not beat around the bush, your fortunate to have her.”
Bryan F. Jun-20
“Felt the service was great, Kim was on top of things, very available for calls and meetings, well prepared and well equipped to help us.”
ANNE L. May-20
“Kim was knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. All my questions were answered and she was helpful whenever reached our for information or advice.”
“We now have processed several loans through Kim Carlson. Kim Carlson is a real delight to work with. She is extremely dedicated, focused, efficient, reliable, you name it. If it were not for her alerting us about the low interest rates, we would have missed this opportunity for our refinance.”
“We were so pleased to work with Kim for our loan. She answered every question quickly and accurately. She kept us informed every step of the way from application to closing.”
Erin A. – May 2020
“I recommend Kim to my friends and family because she's the best. I purchased my home from Kim (first-time home buyer) and refinanced that home through Kim (first-time refinancer). She is accessible, responsive, knowledgeable, organized, and makes the whole process painless. As a first-time home buyer, she took the time to meet with me multiple times and help me understand what to expect. She maintained that same kindness, accessibility, and informativeness when I refinanced. When I hear of others who've missed locking in low rates or never really quite understand what was happening when, I'm thankful for Kim and her expertise and then send them her business contact!”
Jeremy M. – Apr 2020
“Kim did an excellent job of keep our paperwork on track and in time with closing. She kept us well informed during the entire process of purchasing our home, and we were able to close on our home a week earlier than expected. She was very knowledgeable about the loan process, very good communicator of the loan process and was able to break down and answer questions very easily.”
Aaron H. – Apr 2020
“Kim is really just the best to work with. She is knowledgeable, trustworthy and makes herself available when ever is needed. All of these things were important to us. Professional and friendly. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kim to anyone.”
Ashley B. – Apr 2020
“Kim Carlson is absolutely amazing, both professionally and personally! I purchased my first home through her a little under three years ago, and given that was such an easy experience I, of course, chose to return to her when I refinanced last month. Kim is a complete professional and amazing at what she does. She was on top of everything from the get-go and incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, making it much easier than I had anticipated (both times). I had no doubts at any point that Kim was there for me as my loan officer, but also as a friend. I would 100% recommend her to anyone needing these services!”
Sally A. – Apr 2020
“I was very impressed by how quickly and efficiently our loan application was handled by Kim. She realized that time was of the essence in order for us to close on the purchase in time to apply for the homeowners exemption. Our closing date took place on April 1, a week earlier than estimated, so we had no fear of being too late to apply for the exemption. Our thanks to Kim!”
Jeremy & Lisa M. – Apr 2020
“Kim was great to work with and was quick to answer texts, send a list of to-do's in emails, and kept us informed on the VA process. Thank you Kim, we love our new home!”
Billy and Sally A. – Apr 2020
“Kim did and outstanding job with our loan from application to closing. She kept us informed every step of the way. Would work with her again if the need arose.”
Ruth G. – Apr 2020
“Kim was amazing through the whole process of buying our new home. From pre-approval to after closing. She has been there for every question or concern and takes care of business quickly! Highly recommend working with Kim!”
“This was the first time in 24 years that my husband and I were purchasing a home and Kim walked us through the process from start to finish. She was easy to reach and very clear in the information she provided. In fact, she was amazing. She responded to emails even when she was not in the office. We could not have asked for a better person to work with!!”
CHAD K. Dec-19
“Kim was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. She was always quick to respond to my questions. She was good at reassuring me because I was new to the process.”
Soren L. Sep-19
“Kim Carlson was amazing to work with! She is very knowledgeable, friendly, and respectful.”
Carol C. Sep-19
“Even though the entire process until closing was done via email or phone calls Kim was very personable and caring and easy to understand. I really appreciated this relived extra stress from the process.”
Stephanie - Interior Designer
“We used Kim on our home mortgage for our first home purchase and she not only gave us the best rate, but was great at walking us through the process and helping us speed things along. Even before we started looking for a house I emailed her several times to help us figure out what we could afford. She always got right back to me and answered all my questions. Then, I contacted Kim to see how we could speed the process of dropping our Property Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and she called back with the option of applying for a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). We were able to have our PMI removed through the process because the bank paid for an appraisal which showed that the value of our home had increased significantly. We not only saved the $600 appraisal fee, but now pay $60/month less on our mortgage since we no longer need the PMI. If you want a mortgage broker who listens and looks out for your best interest, you need Kim!”
Aaron H.
“Kim knows what she's doing and very easy to work with. The loan process can be frustrating at times. She'll give you realistic time lines and expectations and work with you to collect all required documentation Kim is great. ”
Stephanie - Interior Designer
“We used Kim on our home mortgage for our first home purchase and she not only gave us the best rate, but was great at walking us through the process and helping us speed things along. Even before we started looking for a house I emailed her several times to help us figure out what we could afford. She always got right back to me and answered all my questions. Then, I contacted Kim to see how we could speed the process of dropping our Property Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and she called back with the option of applying for a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). We were able to have our PMI removed through the process because the bank paid for an appraisal which showed that the value of our home had increased significantly. We not only saved the $600 appraisal fee, but now pay $60/month less on our mortgage since we no longer need the PMI. If you want a mortgage broker who listens and looks out for your best interest, you need Kim!”
Allie Wooderchak - MRI Tech
“Kim was a fantastic resource for all my mortgage needs. she was fast to reply to all my questions. She made the process go quickly. Thank you Kim!”
Mason Molyneaux - Evelopment Program Assistant
“This is my second time working with Kim Carlson on a home loan. I will continue to work with Kim for many years to come. Kim is organized, thorough, and very knowledgeable. She always takes the time to explain the process and is very responsive in getting back with any questions. She stands above the rest! I would recommend anyone seeking mortgage financing to reach out to Kim Carlson!”
Sierra Johnson - Nursing Assistant
“Kim is absolutely amazing. Our entire experience with her was so smooth. She was patient with us as we got prepared to buy and during our house hunting process she was readily available to answer any questions we had about payment scenarios, taxes, etc. and got back to us super quickly. Once we were under contract Kim did everything in a timely way so that we could get everything done in our short 30 day closing window. I would recommend Kim to anyone looking to buy a home.”
Wyatt R Bragg
“Kim is absolutely fantastic! She helped to make our entire loan process easy and stress free. She went through every question we had in great detail and explained each type of loan and what would work best for us. I highly seeing Kim.”
Cynthia Bezard
“Working with Kim has been a delight. As we are relocating from out of state, her attentiveness and professionalism made this a very enjoyable experience. She spent extra time explaining things and always got back to us in a timely manner. She shared the reasons her and her family love living in Idaho which dismissed a lot of fears that come with moving to a new state. We never felt rushed and she always took time to ask how things were going for us. I would highly recommend using the services that Kim Carlson provides!”
Jennifer Kitchener - Manager
“Kim was amazing from start to finish. We had no idea we could even qualify for a home loan and were looking for a starting point. On our first visit we learned that not only could we fulfill our homeownership dream we got prequalified and began our home search. We kept her busy asking frequently to run us numbers to see the monthly estimate and she always responded quickly and eagerly. When our time came to do our loan paperwork we could sign electronically but requested to sign in person, we had lots of questions about closing and fees and she let us know that signing in person is what she preferred so we understood our loan. All the way up to our final closing signing she was right there to help us. I will refer friends to her and return to her when we someday do it again!!! Thank you for a wonderful first time buying exprerience!! ”
Debbie Applegate - Client
“Kim Carlson is a great loan officer. She is friendly and helpful and makes you feel like your business is her most important priority. She is quick and gets things moving fast and efficiently. We had an opportunity to watch her on several transactions with other clients thru real estate, and we hand picked her when it came time for us to need a lender. She is nothing short of a "10" and I would recommend her in all aspects as a loan officer to anyone who is in the market. She will not disappoint. For the first time I can say it was truly an enjoyable process having her in our court. Thanks.... Great job Kim! ”
Ian Fodor-Davis - Wholesale Account Manager
“Kim is simply spectacular. Incredibly fast, helpful, kind and easy to work with. I cannot reccomend her enough, and would not hesitate to do so to anyone.”
Joseph Schoolland - Account Manager
“Kim did a great job. She was easy to work with and very responsive.”
Deborah Mauro-Bender - Nurse Anesthetist
“Kim is very knowledgeable and finds the best option for your loan needs. She has been very patient with my indecisiveness. Her promptness in returning calls and emails is much appreciated. It’s been a pleasure working with her. ”
Chris and Elizabeth Brown - Farmer
“Kim is a rockstar! She got us approved for a loan and into the house of our dreams in less than 4 weeks! It took a lot of hard work from many people and just when it looked like we might miss on our time frame, Kim hit a homerun! We will definitely be using her expertise in the future. ”
Lance Hamma - Home owner
“Kim has helped us buy 2 different houses, and get a Home-Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). All of these things took a great deal of effort and patience, because we are completely unaware of the terms and processes need to do this. She was there every step of the way, explaining what each term was, how it can change to meet our needs, all with a kind, friendly and helpful manner. I would and have recommended her to others for help with different mortgage needs. ”
Maggie Highland - Veterinary Pathologist, Veterinary Medical Officer
“Kim is an amazingly personable and kind person. Knows her stuff and works to serve her clientele, responding promptly and effectively to questions and requests. I went through several mortgage loan officers before a good friend recommended Kim to me. Picky....yes, I am, with expectations that customer service be priority....Kim more than meets expectations.”
Greg Applegate
“I would highly recommend Kim Carlson of Home Street Bank for your home loan needs. Through the years my wife and I, have had several home loans and each time the process has been fraught with issues and problems on the lenders side. Kim made our home loan process so easy and quick without any complications. I am quick to say, that the process is never fun, but Kim's expertise and handling of our loan made all the difference. ”
Matthew Hajos - Forester
“Kim was very helpful during the entire home buying process. She was friendly and always willing to help or answer questions. It made buying our first home a little less stressful and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home loan.”
John Jeffery - Project Manager
“Kim is great!! I would recommend going through her and home street for ANY housing loan. She’s super friendly, great to work with, and communicates very well. She made this process as easy and pain free as possible! ”
The Jefferys - First Time Buyers
“Kim Carlson was outstanding! Going into this process we had endless questions that Kim and her assistant, Becky, were always happy to answer. From accepted offer to keys in hand took about a month and was exactly on schedule! Couldn’t be happier with the process and our new home.”
Mark Schwarzlaender - Research Professor
“Kim is fantastic! I would recommend her wholeheartedly for ANY housing loan need you may have. Kim and her assistant Becky were always super friendly and communicated fast and effectively. The entire loan process was easy and it took less than a month to closing. By far the best housing finance experience we’ve had in the past 20 years. ”
Timothy Baker - Repair Technician
“Kim did an amazing job helping us get our financial documents in order for applying and approval for our home! She was there every step of the way from any questions on our part, updates to where we were at in our process, and anything else thrown her way. Thank you so much for your hard work!”
Shauna Britt - Customer
“Kim Carlson has been the most amazing loan officer I could imagine. She has helped me over the years with 2 mortgages and a HELOC and has been incredibly available, accessible, transparent, honest, direct, and persistent. I can't imagine obtaining a loan with anyone else. What will I do if she retires? :)”
Tyson - Berrett
“Kim Carlson did great job securing our home loan in a fast and efficient manner. She got us a great rate and made sure it was locked in to ensure we got the lowest rate possible. Thanks to Kim and her partners at Homebridge!”
Trevor Miller - Respiratory therapist
“Kim was great answering all the questions I had. She walked me through all of the steps of getting my home loan. It was easy for her to help us modify my loan type when my needs changed. I recommend Kim for any of your loan needs.”
Abby Bayly - Occupational therapist
“Kim is so great to work with. She is prompt at returning calls, answering questions and helping you with just about anything you need! She is friendly, and makes you feel so at ease (and not judged) with whatever financial situation she is helping you with. I would HIGHLY recommend Kim and Homebridge Bank for any banking needs you might have!!”
Ron Jones - Executive Account Specialist
“Kim Carlson was AMAZING!!! Even when she was on vacation, she ensured all of our needs were met. She also had excellent support from her assistant Becky Pfeifer. These two young ladies went the extra mile to ensure and secure our loan. I am so happy with the professionalism and courtesy displayed from their office. Kudos to you two! Keep up the amazing work!”
Lacey Frei - Sonographer
“Kim did an amazing job with my home mortgage. She was easy to communicate with and kept me updated on the process. Even when she left on vacation the progression of my loan never stopped. The best mortgage experience I've ever had. ”
Rick Gay
“Kim did a great job of managing the re-fi process on my home! I will recommend her to friends and associates.”
Dave Haarr
“Kim did a great job with our loan. We had some difficult circumstances to work through to make the loan work for both parties and she made the whole process easy. Thanks Kim for the hard work! We would recommend her for anyone seeking a home loan.”
Dulce Kersting - Home Loan Borrower
“Kim was there for us every step of the way! As first time buyers, we had lots of questions and she was always pleasant and helpful. She made the process as easy as could be. We really appreciated her responsiveness, be it via phone, email, or text. Thank you Kim!”
Deb McCormick
“Working with Kim was wonderful. She fully explained everything and was always very prompt and responsive to my questions. Thank you Kim!”
“ We’ve worked with Kim twice in the past couple years and had an excellent experience each time. She guided us and supporting us every step of the way in buying two homes. She is very friendly and professional in all that she does and would work with her again in a heartbeat. ”
Anne Lannom Hinman
“Kim walked me through each step of the loan process. She continually kept me updated on the progress of the loan. This was by far the easiest home loan that I ever applied for. I would recommend Kim highly because of her courteous, helpful attitude.”
Jon Manning - Central Services Specialist
“Kim was great to work with as my wife and I navigated the home buying process in a very competitive market. She was helpful, responsive, and patient as we bought our first home.”
Mike Jones - Buyer
“Kim knows her stuff, is patient and good at explaining it, and always kept me in the loop with regards to deadlines. She's also easy to get a hold of when you have questions.”
James B Playfair III - First Time Homebuyer
“Kim was absolutely wonderful in helping my fiance and I buy our first house. We were completely new to the process and Kim helped walk us through the steps and was extremely easy to talk to and contact whenever we had questions. Having someone to help us that is that knowledgeable and personable was invaluable.”
Karen & Richard Carbonneau - Buyer of Home
“Kim was recommended by a close friend who is a realtor. At the onset of our very first meeting, Kim was warm, friendly, prompt and extremely knowledgeable about the process of buying a home in Moscow, Idaho using my husband's VA Benefits. Kim made everything very easy for us. She detailed every aspect of what we would need to obtain from our personal records to secure our loan. Kim's expertise was invaluable for this process, and she answered every question we had and then some! She also answered the phone on several occassions as we had additional questions, often on the first ring! Kim is an outstanding representative for Home Street, Moscow Home Loan Center and closed our loan in under one month! I would certainly recommend her to all of my friends, business acquaintances and family. She is a remarkable, young woman!”
Aaron H.
“Kim knows what she's doing and very easy to work with. The loan process can be frustrating at times. She'll give you realistic time lines and expectations and work with you to collect all required documentation Kim is great. ”
Deborah Allen - Retired
“We have bought and sold numerous homes and enlisted the help of many mortgage brokers. Kim Carlson was the best we have worked with. She was efficient and timely with all of our paperwork. Kim handled details that we were not even aware of, we appreciated how she didn't bother us with the little snags that came up - she simply handled them for us. I strongly recommend her to others who are looking to purchase or finance a home. ”
Buck and Katie Lytle
“Kim was great to work with through the whole process of getting our home loan. She is very knowledgeable and explained everything well. We never felt pressured at any point in the process. Even when things went a little south during the whole process of selling our house and simultaneously buying our new house she kept her cool and explained to us that these hiccups are not uncommon and that we would get through it. One great thing about Kim is that she kept constant communication with us so we were never in the dark and weren't surprised by anything which we really appreciated. We would definitely recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for a loan on their new home.”
Thomas Haeder - Area power company rep
“Kim was (is) wonderful. She’s incredibly thorough and accurate. In a time when folks have a fair amount of home purchase anxiety, Kim is the confident, reassuring, dependable part of the process. She told us exactly (and acuurately) what to expect and when... and she was right on each and every time. Kim kept us informed well in advance as to what was going to happen next and when we needed to have submitted well in advance. She was, by far, the most pleasant and comforting factor of the entire process ”
Sharea Moberly - Attorney
“Kim helped us purchase our home and we are so glad she did. She was very easy to work with, knowledgeable, and was always available either in person, text, phone, or email. I would highly recommend working with Kim Carlson if you want an honest, dependable, and hard working loan officer. Working together with our realtor she made sure the whole process went smoothly. ”
Anne Laarman - Professor
“Kim worked hard to explain all the parts of the home-buying process and make sure all the documentation was in order. She was very patient and a pleasure to work with.”
Cassie Williams - Business owner
“Kim Carlson did a fantastic job guiding my husband and I into the appropriate home loan. She was knowledgeable, prepared, honest and such a pleasure to deal with. Kim consistently displayed good communication and helped us understand each step of the process. We highly recommend Kim and will continue to use her in any future endeavors we may have. She truly was the best home loan officer we have ever dealt with!”

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